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This is the March event for the CCWF (my fed.) I know I haven't been keeping up with the shows but I'm going to write the monthly big events still with hype up to them. I'm sure everybody will like Fantasy IX in June since everybody here at the CCWF is working hard at making it a success. Here's the preview as the show will be up on Saturday.

Royal Rumble to determine who will face the Canadian Champion at Fantasy IX

For weeks, Scorpion has been injured thanks to Juvy. Now he has returned for this match. It is speculated by some that he’s just there to help the fellow Ragnarok members but if he wins that will earn him two title matches at Fantasy IX. Can it be done? This Royal Rumble contains twenty of the top competitors in the CCWF currently. Sypher and Double X Raptor who are from the Ragnarok. Sypher who is the Canadian Champion and if he wins, then he can choose his opponent for Fantasy IX and Double X Raptor who is the eXtreme Champion. Ace, Eden, Cadaverous, the Tag Team Champions Mike and Jess, the Wicked Girls, S.I.N., Gloria, Malaysia, The Millionaire’s Club (Greg Hearst, Avalanche and Thomas Gunsman), Super FlyBoy and MMM. Who will win and go on to Fantasy IX? Find out as these twenty competitors have been battling it out show after show for a long time now.

Heavyweight Championship Match: Juvy (champion) with Jade Vs. Anarchy

Juvy and Jade were celebrating their honeymoon just after being married on St. Valentine’s Day however this honeymoon was stopped thanks to Anarchy who kidnapped Jade. Juvy retrieved his wife and has been after Anarchy for a long time now. Both competitors are on a roll…who’s momentum will be stopped? Will it be the 17 Time Heavyweight Champion? Or will it be the self-proclaimed most electrifying man in sports entertainment today?

MMM Vs. Crippler

This rivalry has lasted many years along with Super FlyBoy. It was on St. Valentine’s Day at Crestfallen when MMM returned to the CCWF after being fired and attacked Crippler. Crippler and MMM since then have been attacking eachother every chance they’ve gotten. Will MMM make a successful return or will it be spoiled by the man who is considered the number one contender for the Heavyweight Title?

Canadian Championship Match: Sypher (champion) Vs. Super FlyBoy

Whether it’s the rap battles, the backstage battles, or the battles in the ring, these two have been competing with eachother to see who the greatest Canadian Champion of all time. Well we’re gonna figure out at March Madness when these two lock up to see who is the greatest.

Tag Team Championship Match: Mike/Jess (champions) Vs. S.I.N.

Both teams have wins over eachother in the past and we’ll see who gets the pinfall or submission this time. Will it be Mike and Jess who are on a roll and have held the tag titles since September of last year or will their streak be stopped by the Cruiserweight Champion Thrash and his tag team look-alike partner, Skull? We’ll have to see.

Special Notes:

Assassin who has been back in the CCWF, not as an active competitor after his career was ended in November of last year by Juvy. He will be commentating during the entire night. During his time back, he has been at Sniper’s throat after copying his gimmick for almost two years. Will Assassin cross the line and attack Sniper? Or will Sniper have a surprise for Assassin?

Sypher has guaranteed that he will be interviewing a special guest for his talk show before the night is over. Who is he talking about? Will it be somebody from the CCWF or a celebrity from Hollywood maybe? We’ll have to stay tuned.

Greg Hearst and the rest of the Millionaire’s Club have been seeing strange almost paranormal like acts. They have received gifts, parties with clowns, clown dolls…this seems to be the work of James Hunter who was once known as Jingle The Clown. Is it James who will return? Or is it somebody else playing mind games with the scrooges? Will there be any more strange acts at the event? There’s only one place to find out and that is at Headstrong.​

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To start off the show, "Click Click Boom" by Saliva is played as Assasin makes his way down to the ring.

Assassin: "Now, I know I'm no longer an active competitor. I've been lucky enough to be making it to the last couple of shows. First, I was commissioner for a day, then I was Juvy's guest. And then I've been sitting in front row seats just to be close enough to Sniper. Now that idiot has gotten me in jail once but that doesn't matter to me...what matters is that he's been copying my moves, my quotes, he's been copying me! Well tonight, I'm here to commentate...I remember the one day when he said there's a time and a place for everything...well I'm gonna be around until that time...I'm gonna be around until that place...and I'm going to tear Sniper apart...limb from limb until he resembles a puddle of my vomit! Sniper...you're gonna be feeling the Click, Click, Boom!"

Assassin sits down at the announcer's table as the first match begins.

Crippler Vs. MMM

As Crippler is making his way to the ring, he is attacked from behind by MMM. MMM continues to hit his opponent with right hands as the crowd boos him. Afterwards, MMM whips Crippler into the barricade and then bashes his head into it. MMM taunts the crowd and their boos get louder. MMM drags Crippler to ringside and then bashes his head into a ringpost. Crippler, who hasn't had any offence yet is whipped hard into the steel steps. Myles throws Crippler into the ring and starts the match officially now. Crippler struggles to his feet and already MMM takes him down with a kick to the face. Myles picks up his opponent and quickly whips him to the buckle followed by a body splash in the corner. Crippler is out on his feet. MMM attempts to kick Crippler in the mid-section but Crippler catches the foot. MMM however, counters with an enziguri that echoes through the building. Myles goes for the cover...1...2...kickout bry Crippler! MMM is now becoming frustrated as he picks up Crippler and takes him down with a thunderous DDT. Myles again goes for the cover...1...2...Crippler kicks out! MMM whips Crippler back into the tunbuckle and hits some shoulder tackles before sending him over the top rope and out to the floor. Myles sits on the top turnbuckle and waits for Crippler to get up as the referee initiates the ten count...1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...Myles dives onto Crippler from the top rope and both are down as the ten count is restarted. Myles gets up at 6 and throws Crippler back in the ring. MMM climbs to the top slowly and taunts the crowd again. Myles goes for the frog splash but Crippler moves out of the way. The ref begins counting both competitors out...1...2...3...4...5...Crippler is the first one to his feet and he slaps MMM with authority in the face! Crippler hits some HARD knife-edge chops and then whips MMM to the ropes followed by a backbody drop. The crowd cheers on Crippler now as he hits three consecutive suplexes and a cover...1...2-kickout by Myles! Crippler backs MMM into the corner and hits some more knife-edge chops. Crippler goes for the ten punch as the crowd chants along 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! Myles is reeling as Crippler hits an overhead belly to belly suplex. Crippler signals for the end as he climbs to the top rope. Crippler hits the diving headbutt and goes for the cover...1...2...kickout! Crippler is shocked now as Myles begins fighting to his feet. Both competitors exchange right hands now in the center of the ring. Myles gains the advantage and goes to the ropes, but on his way back, Crippler hits a knee to the mid-section of MMM. Myles gets back to his feet and is taken down with a hiptoss. This happens three more times before Myles rolls out of the ring. Myles begins going up the aisleway as the referee's count reaches four. Crippler has had enough of this as he begins chasing after MMM. They start running through the crowd and they get back to the ring at the count of 9. MMM pleads for Crippler not to attack but Crippler can't refuse as he kicks MMM in the throat. Myles struggles for air as Crippler locks in the Cripppler's Effect. Crippler's opponent is stuck in the move for five minutes before it appears that he is unconscious. The referee checks the arm of MMM. The first attempt, and it drops limply. The second time, it drops again. The third and last time, it surprisingly stays up! MMM atempts to regain his composure but nobody has been able to escape the Crippler's Effect yet. After another two minutes, Myles has no alternative but to tap out!

Winner: Crippler

The Canadian Champion, Sypher is making his way towards the ring where there are lounge chairs and a red carpet in the ring.

Sypher: "Now, I promised everyone I would have a special guest before this match got underway between Super FlyBoy and I. Well here he is...one time Heavyweight Champion...the first ever eXtreme Champion...three time tag team champion...the legendary...Great Milenko!"

Great Milenko makes his way to the ring as the crowd cheers him on.

Sypher: "Thanks for showing up here. Now the last time we saw you was when your career was ended by the Heavyweight Champion, Juvy."

Great Milenko: "Yeah. But that time has passed and I'm happy with how I left the business. I'm glad it ended like it did. Me and Juvy for the Heavyweight Championship. Just like my buddy Assassin who is sitting right there at that announcer's table."

Sypher: "Yes indeed. Now, if you were to ever come back...who do you think you would face?"

Great Milenko: "That would have to be my best friend..."

Assassin: "Oh, don't flatter me."

Great Milenko: "One of the greatest wrestlers of all time in the CCWF."

Assassin stands up and takes off the headphones.

Great Milenko: "A former Heavyweight Champion..."

Assassin gets in the ring now and begins waving to the fans.

Great Milenko: "Scorpion!"

Assassin is puzzled before he grabs the mic.

Assassin: "What about us? We were best friends coming into this business. We were partners in the past. I am one of the greatest wrestlers in the CCWF. Remember our debut? We were very close to winning the Heavyweight Title. Both of us in that Triple Threat Match. You remember that? Or has your time being away completely erased your memory?"

Great Milenko: "That's the thing...we were best friend. And then you backstabbed me...you cost me Title Match after Title Match just so you could get the shot. We're barely even friend anymore because of your stupid mistakes!"

Assassin: "That was stricly business though. And you know what, my business skills have paid off because look who's still here...while you are gone. You are finished. You are nothing! Now I'm gonna go and sit in my chair...I'm gonna call the matches...while you get in your station wagon...and you drive off into the night wishing you were still here."

Assassin leaves the ring and sits back at the announcer's table.

Sypher: "What? You're not gonna go over there and hit him? The Great Milenko I knew would go over there and kick some ass! I think the Great Milenko we all knew would go over there and finish the job. Where is this Great Milenko? Have you lost your ways? What happened? Hey...Milenko...I'm talking to you."

Great Milenko: "I just don't have it in me anymore...I'm done here. I guess I just wanted to come out here...to thank the guys in the back...it was one hell of a trip...I'd also like to thank the fans who have supported me during the good times...and the bad times. Goodbye everybody!"

Sypher: "There you have it folks. He's a has been. He's washed up. He is done...it's the Great Milenko."

Great Milenko looks at Sypher angrily before being superkicked in the jaw.

Sypher: "Now I have taken your place...now I will climb to the mountain. And now...you're nothing!"

Sypher spits in Great Milenko's face before walking away with the Canadian Championship. Great Milenko is carried out by officials before the next match starts.

Tag Team Championship Match: Mike/Jess (champions) Vs. Skull/Thrash​

Skull and Thrash begin arguing who should start the match. The tag team champions take advantage of the situation by blind-sighting both their opponents. Mike begins stomping a mudhole on the Cruiserweight Champion, Thrash while Jess whips Skull into the steel steps. After the assault, Mike and Jess get in the ring and taunt towards the crowd. Thrash is the first one to get in the ring and he is taken down with a headlock by Mike. Thrash's shoulders drop to the canvas...1...kickout! Thrash counters with a headscissors on Mike and he can't escape! Mike gets to his feet and flips onto Thrash for the cover...1...2-kickout! Thrash takes down Mike with a headlock of his own. Mike pulls on the ahir of Thrash to bring him over for a pinfall...1...2-kickout! Mike pulls on the hair of Thrash to bring him over for a pinfall...1...2-kickout! Both competitors are in a stalemate before tying up. Mike easily gains the advantage, backing his opponent into his corner for the tag to Jess. Jess gets in and hits some hard shoulder tackles before setting Thrash on the top rope. Jess waits too long, attempting for the superplex so Thrash counters by pushing Jess on his back, knocking Mike off the apron and dropping a fist on Jess's face. Thrash goes for the cover...1...2-kickout! Thrash drags Jess to the corner and is about to tag in Skull but Jess rolls up the challenger...1...2-kickout! Thrash nails Jess with a right hand and finally tags in Skull. Skull attempts a DDT on Jess but it's countered with an underhook suplex with a bridge and then the cover...1...2...kickout! Jess hits three consecutive german suplexes and tags in Mike. Jess sets up Skull on his shoulders as Miek climbs to the top rope. Thrash comes in and dropkicks Jess, causing him to hit the ropes and Skull to fall to the outside and Mike falling crotch-first on the turnbuckle. Thrash hits a Stratusphere on Mike and then is hit with a neckbreaker by Jess. Skull comes back in the ring with a biker chain wrapped around his fist and nails Jess, causing a disqualification.

Winners: Mike and Jess by DQ

Thrash begins arguing with Skull about why he hit him with the steel chain. They begins pushing and shoving before Mike and Jess get up and begin assaulting S.I.N. Now the Wicked Girls come out and begin assaulting the other teams until it's a huge fight between everybody. Officials make their way to the ring pulling everybody away from eachother as cameras go backstage to Greg Hearst who is playing with a clown doll that he received a week ago from an anonymous person.

Greg: "I've tried to get rid of you...I gave you to a kid, I threw you in the trash can...nothing has worked...I'll hang onto you now. What's that? (Greg listens to the doll as if it was talking.) I know...I am going to win that royal rumble tonight..."

Cameras go back to ringside.

To Be Continued...

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Sorry for not finishing writing the results for this. Just haven't really found the time. Here's the quick results

Royal Rumble to determine who will face the Canadian Champion at Fantasy IX
Scorpion, Sypher, Double X Raptor, Ace, Eden, Cadaverous, Mike, Jess, Jenny, Brittney, Skull, Thrash Gloria, Malaysia, Greg Hearst, Avalanche, Thomas Gunsman, Super FlyBoy and MMM

Winner: Double X Raptor after eliminating his friend/team mate, The Canadian Champion, Sypher.

Juvy eliminated Scorpion and James Hunter returned (formerly from the Millionaire's Club but left in the middle of a match.) and eliminated all the Millionaire's Club members. Those are the only really shocking eliminations.

Heavyweight Championship Match: Juvy (champion) with Jade Vs. Anarchy

Juvy wins and retains the title in 66:03

Canadian Championship Match: Sypher (champion) Vs. Super FlyBoy

Winner: Sypher retains the title in 23:55.

I promise to have the FULL April Big Show up at the end of the month.
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