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We kicked of the event with the first of a possible 3 matches for the Canadian Championship.
Justine(champion) Vs. Stevie Glory for the Canadian Championship
Stevie Glory brings out an American flag as everybody boos him. Justine brings a Canadian Flag for a big pop from the crowd.

The competitors started with a tie-up followed by a headlock from the challenger. Justine breaks out of it and clotheslines the American grappler. Justine goes for a hurracarana but Stevie Glory changes it into an ankle lock. The Ankle lock was held on for about 2 minutes until finally Justine broke out of it but alot of damage was done as she had trouble walking afterwards. Stevie kicked the leg and locked the champion into a half crab. Throughout the match afterwards, Stevie Glory kept going after her leg injuring it even further.At one point in the match, Stevie Glory held a figure four leg lock on his opponent for two minutes until she reversed it. Stevie Glory went for "Old Glory" (superkick) afterwards but Justine ducked and rolled him up for a 2 count. Justine then goes for a dropkick but the American star grabbed her by the legs and put her in the sharpshooter. Justine tapped out 3 minutes after being in the dreaded move. She needed help walking out of the ring. Could she compete in two more matches to retain her title?
Winner of first match: Stevie Glory

Cruiserweight Championship Match: Malaysia (champion) Vs. Jenny
To kick things off in this wild match, the female athlets started with a tie-up followed by a monkey flip from the champion. Malaysia followed with 4 hiptosses. Jenny answered back with a full nelson slam. Jenny then gave a leg drop off the top and went for a cover but only got a two count. Malaysia got out of the ring but Jenny didn't back off and went for a baseball slide however, Malaysia saw it coming and backed out of the way. Malaysia then gave Jenny a dropkick. Malaysia got back into the ring and used the referee as a springboard for a suicide dive onto Jenny. She throws Jenny back into the ring just to get a two count. Malaysia does a handstand and gives a hurracarana to Jenny then pins for a 2 count. Jenny gives a DDT and sets her up in the corner for her troubles. Jenny does a cartwheel and elbows Malaysia in the head. She follows with a 2 count.Jenny goes up the top and does a flip into a leg drop but misses and hurts her leg. Just as Malaysia was about to regain momentum, Brittney runs to the ring and gives the Brittney Bang (Diamond Cutter off the top) to Mayalsia. The referee sees it and disqualifies Jenny. Jenny and Brittney double team Malaysia and then say, "The Wicked Girls are back! But this time, we're here for payback!" They walk away leaving Malaysia hurt in the ring.
Winner by DQ: Malaysia

Sniper/Raptor Vs. Skylar/Raptor for the Tag Team Championships
Avalanche and Sniper started off the contest. Avalanche wanted to show that he means business so he suplexed Sniper ten times and then body splashed him however, only got a two count out of it. Avalanche delivers a clothesline and Sniper makes the tag. Avalanche squishes Raptor in the corner and the gives a running powerslam to his opponent. When Avalanche went for the pin, Sniper broke it up. Sniper/Raptor double team Avalanche for a little bit until the referee sends Sniper outside. Raptor tags in Sniper and he stomps, kicks, and punches Avalanche. Sniper spits at Skylar. Skylar tries to get in the ring but argues with the referee. Raptor smacks Avalanche with a chair 5 times. Sniper gives the Sniper's Point(Edgecution) and pins Avalanche,1...2...3! Skylar's mad and stars kicking Avalanche in the gut. Avalanche gets up and Skylar slaps him in the face. Avalanche powerslams Skylar and leaves.
Winners and still Tag Team Champions: Sniper/Raptor

Canadian Championship Match
Justine limped her way to the ring showing that she wasn't going to give up easily. Stevie Glory tripped his opponent right aways and continued submission moves for most of the match. Stevie Glory grabbed Justine by the injured leg however he payed for it as Justine went for an incegurry and knocked Stevie Glory out. Justine went for the cover and got the three count sending it into a third fall later.
Winner of second round: Justine

Finals of eXtreme Championship Tournament: Great Milenko Vs. Matt Labossiere in a Street Fight
The wheel was spun and it was decided that it would be a street fight. Matt was happy as he had already defeated Great Milenko in a street fight two weeks ago. This was a brutal match that started out in a fist fight. Matt got a baseball bat and Great Milenko got a chair as they started to thrash eachother with the weapons that were found. Then stared eachother down and dropped the weapons as they continued the fist fight. They fought their way up to the entrance ramp.They proceeded to climb the ladder that was gonna be used for the main event later. Then some circus music started to play. Newly recruited star, Jingle The Clown made an appearance with a huge box with a question mark on all sides. Jingle then pushed the ladder as Matt and Great Milenko fell through the box cover. Jingle laughed as he took off the sides revealing a dumpster that was now filled with broken tables, thumbtacks and confetti. Jingle then left saying, "This Jokes on you!" as he laughed his way backstage. Matt sat up after a few minutes after the crowd stopped their "Holy sh*t!" chants. Matt tied up Great Milenko and dragged hin to the ring. Matt chokeslamed Great Milenko five times. Scorpion's music played as Matt looked very angry. Matt went to the entrance to wait for Scorpion to come out. Scorpion is in the ring and unties Great Milenko. Great Milenko makes his way up to the entrance and fight their way up the ladder once again. This time they landed straight on the floor. Neither athlete was getting up so EMT's brought ou tht stretchers. Matt was strapped to the stretcher, however he was trying to get out. Great Milenko was placed on the stretcher, not tied up yet. One of the EMT's put Great Milenko on top of Matt for the cover and got the 3 count! Matt was furious. Great Milenko was unconscious as he was crowned the first eXtreme Champion. The EMT took off his mask to reveal--Jingle The Clown! Matt was enraged as he was wheeled from his stretcher to Jingle's Fun Car. Jingle sped out with Matt in the back seat. Once Great Milenko awoke, he stood with his new title as everyone cheered him on.
Winner and new eXtreme Champion: Great Milenko

Canadian Championship Match: Justine (champion) Vs. Stevie Glory
Justine keeps punching and kicking Stevie Glory in the head trying to get him knocked out again. The referee checks to see if Stevie is unconscious as Ace makes his return with a chair to Justine's face. Stevie gets up after distracting the referee and takes a mic.
Stevie Glory: "There, it's my turn to completely humiliate you!"
Stevie takes off her shirt. As he's about to take off her bra, Juvy races down to the ring and smacks Stevie Glory in the head with a chair. The referee didn't see this as Ace was yelling at the ref. Justine rolled on top of Stevie Glory for the cover...1...2...3! Justine retains her title as she's helped to the back.
Winner and still Canadian Champion: Justine

Ladder Match for the Heavyweight Championship:Juvy(champion) vs. Scorpion
Scorpion comes out and climbs the ladder by the entrance. Juvy walks out, Scorpion jumps off the ladder and lands on Juvy. Scorpion brings the ladder in the ring and starts to climb but Juvy chokeslams him off. Juvy grabs the ladder and smacks Scorpion in the head. Juvy climbs the ladder. Scorpion dropkicks the ladder and Juvy falls off. Both competitors climb the ladder. The challenger bulldogs the champion off the ladder. Scorpion then catapults the ladder into his opponent then monkey flips him on it. The challenger climbs the ladder, Juvy closes it and pushes Scorpion down. Juvy gives Scorpion 3 suplexes and then a big boot. The chamion climbs the ladder but is powerbombed by Scorpion. Scorpion climbs the ladder and does a moonsault onto Juvy to make sure he stays down. Both are down on the ground for a little bit trying to regain their composure. Scorpion DDT's Juvy then climbs the ladder once again. The champ grabs the bottom step of the ladder and tips it over. Juvy drives the ladder into his foe. Juvy sets Scorpion in the middle of the ladder hanging off some steps. Juvy then gives a leg drop fromthe top of the ladder and hitting Scorpion right out of the ladder. Juvy throws the ladder away. Scorpion gets suplexed a couple of times until he and his foe continue to hip toss eachother. Scorpion does a cross body block to Juvy. Juvy back drops Scorpion. Juvy holds onto a sharpshooter for 5 minutes on his enemy, trying to make sure that he can't climb the ladder. Great Milenko breaks it up and is sent to the back. Elbow drops, flying forearms, moonsaults and dropkicks were exchanged between both adversaires however Scorpion had trouble walking. Juvy took the ladder again and swings it into Scorpion's legs. Juvy lays Scorpion on the ladder and picks the ladder up onto his shoulders. Juvy gives Scorpion the Juvy driver(F5 but backwards). Assassin's music plays as a car comes out. Juvy opens the car but nobody's in there. Assassin helps Scorpion up the ladder. Juvy and Assassin fight in the ring. Juvy pushes Assassin into the ladder and Scorpion falls. Assassin gives a stunner to Juvy and leaves as everybody cheers. Scorpion climbs the ladder, Juvy picks Scorpion up for a powerbomb. he lifts him higher for a Last Ride. Scorpion grabs the belt and gets powerbombed. Juvy is shocked when he sees Scorpion with the belt. He picks up Scorpion and congragultates him as the new champion. Everybody cheers on to the greatest ladder match of all time.
Winner and New Heavyweight Champion: Scorpion!

It started off with Scorpion and Great Milenko entering the ring.
Scorpion: “I am the NEW HEAVYWEIGHT champion!”
Great Milenko: “I am the FIRST EXTREME champion!”
Scorpion/Great Milenko: “Together we are gonna party!”
Juvy walks out.
Juvy: “I’m not here to complain. I’m here to congratulate the both of you. I’m also here to declare a number one contender’s match for the heavyweight championship. It will be…Assassin Vs. Stevie Glory!”

Everybody leaves. We go back stage to see Matt Labossiere in a dark corner. Jingle The Clown comes in.

Jingle: “I’m here to turn that frown upside down!”
Matt: “Get out!”
Jingle: “What’s the matter? Is somebody sad?”
Matt: “Don’t make fun of me!”
Jingle: “How’s about I juggle will that make you feel better?”
Matt: “Leave me alone!”
Jingle: “How’s about I tell some jokes?”
Matt grabs Jingle The Clown by the throat.
Matt: “Listen you stupid clown, I hate clowns! You costed me the eXtreme Championship at Bash At The Beach! I don’t like you, I don’t like jokes so get out before I kick the crap out of you!”
Jingle: “Come on, just give me one chance…”
Matt pins Jingle against the wall.
Matt: “You don’t get it! I hate you! I am gonna destroy you if you don’t leave!”
Jingle: “My, my somebody has a temper problem.”
Matt: “GET OUT!”
Matt throws Jingle threw the wall as he lands in Juvy’s office.
Juvy: “What the hell?”
Matt: “He wouldn’t stop!”
Juvy: “Fine, you can have him in a match but one more thing like that and you’re suspended for a month!”
Matt: “Fine!”

Sniper/Raptor come out claiming they are the greatest tag team since they still haven’t lost since April.

Sniper/Raptor defeat CardMaster/Sean

In the back, they party has started. Great Milenko and Scorpion are eating cake with birthday hats on.
Jingle The Clown walks in.
Jingle: “I hear you guys are having a party, and who knows more about parties than me?”
Jingle throws confetti then starts juggling.
Great Milenko: “Hey, you helped me win on Saturday. Sit down and have some cake, you deserve it.”
Jingle: “Gee thanks!”
Juvy opens the door.
Juvy: “Jingle, you’re on now. Good luck ‘cause you’re gonna need it.”

Back to the ring, Matt walks out and looks like he’s furious.

Matt defeats Jingle The Clown.

Matt continues to beat up Jingle and just before he chokeslams Jingle outside of the ring Juvy comes out.
Juvy: “Matt, I warned you, you’re suspended from action! You’re gonna have to stay chained up in your locker room taking a break. Once you’re cooled down, then you may continue to wrestle but until then, you’re out!”

Back at the party…

Scorpion: “Haha, that’s great…Matt’s gone. Now, when are ‘they’ gonna be here?”
Great Milenko: “They should be here any…”
The door opens and two girls come in.
Great Milenko: “You must be the…”
Girl #1: “Yeah, we’re the dancers you asked for.”
Girl #2: “Are you ready?”
Great Milenko: “Hell yeah!”

Back to the ring…

Justine challenges Ace to come to the ring for interfering in her title match at Bash At The Beach.
Ace comes out and says he’ll only fight her if the title’s on the line.
Justine accepts.
Ace defeats Justine thanks to Sniper/Raptor/Stevie Glory and is the new Canadian Champion.

Back at the party…

The girls leave with only towels covering them as their clothes are still all over the floor.
Great Milenko: “This is the best party I’ve ever been to.”
Scorpion stays in shock.
Great Milenko: “I know exactly what you mean…Let’s have some more cake.”
Jingle The Clown walks in.
Jingle: “You guys follow me, you have to see this!”
They follow Jingle to Matt’s locker room. Matt is chained up against the wall as the lights are off except for a spotlight on Matt.
Scorpion: “Haha! You really are stupid aren’t you!”
Great Milenko: “You keep getting second place. What’s wrong with you, can’t be number one?”
Matt: “Don’t make fun of me!”
Scorpion: “We don’t need to, you’re doing it yourself. Well we gotta go finish our party.”

Back in the ring…

Jenny/Brittney come out.
Brittney: “That’s right. The Wicked Girls are back! This time we’re not the happy-go-lucky losers…this time we’re the beautiful, talented women that are going to dominate the Cruiserweight division!”
Malaysia comes out.
Malaysia: “No, I’m not here to open a challenge tonight, that’s for next week. I have an opponent for you though, I guess you could call it a warm up match…The Assassin!”

Assassin defeats Brittney/Jenny.

Malaysia: “By the way, it’s going to be you girls against me and a mystery partner in a tag match!”

Stevie Glory defeats Assassin in the number one contender match for the heavyweight championship.

Back at the party…

Scorpion: “I’ve got to defend my championship against him? No problem, Americans have nothing on me!”
Great Milenko: “Ya, ain’t that right Jingle?”
Jingle: “Alright you guys, I have the perfect trick here. Milenko, I need you to get into this mystery box.”
Great Milenko: “Alright, this better be good though.”
Jingle: “Oh, it will!”

Great Milenko goes into the box. Jingle locks the box. Stevie Glory comes in and puts Scorpion through the table with all the snacks on it and then dumps the TV onto him. Stevie Glory blindfolds Scorpion with a Canadian Flag and handcuffs him. Ace comes and and helps Jingle and Stevie Glory load Scorpion and Great Milenko into a car. The driver is wearing a mask. They drive off to a river located not too far away from the building. They throw the box and Scorpion into the swamp and the key too.
Stevie Glory: “I just trashed the party. Scorpion, you think you can beat me? Good luck! I am a true american hero that cannot lose. Once I become the heavyweight championship that will give me power. I will become a true hero. President Bush and I will have a parade for the occasion because it will mark the day that Canada becomes ‘Little America’. I will take over the championship and then with the help of other Americans…I will take over Canada!”

The four leave with the car as Scorpion and Great Milenko are left in the river.

If you want to be a writer e-mail me at [email protected] . I need an example of a storyline that you would use but I don't want it to be run-in attacks week after week like most of the posts here. Let's have some mind games or something please...
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