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Ccwf 2004


Double X Raptor-Face
Super FlyBoy-Heel
James Hunter-Heel
Greg Hearst-Heel

Heavyweight: Mel
Canadian: Sypher
Tag Team: Mike/Jess
eXtreme: Cadaverous
Cruiserweight: Vacant​

-UPDATE ON STORYLINES: Mel and Juvy are former boyfriend/girlfriend. Mel dumped Juvy and sued him for his money and Heavyweight title, making her the first ever female Heavyweight Champion. Mel has hired a special referee which is Juvy's former long-time rival until Juvy ended his career...Assassin!

-Mike and Jess have been on a roll as tag team champions, Super FlyBoy and Crippler have had great battles throughout the weeks and this rivalry ends tonight in a tag title match.

-Cadaverous, Ace, and Eden have been trying to convince Sypher to become a heel and forget about the Ragnarok group. Sypher almost fell for it a couple times but has come with his friends of the Ragnarok to take on the three evil competitors. It's Sypher/Scorpion/Avalanche Vs. Cadaverous/Ace/Eden

-A Cruiserweight Championship Tournament has been occuring with every match 2/3 Falls. Now it's down to the finals between Gloria and Thrash.

-The Wicked Girls (Brittney, Jenny) have gotten Anarchy fired from his referee duties. Anarchy has returned with revenge on his mind in a handicap ambulance match.

-Plus, it's going to be a royal rumble with 20 competitors that we like to call the Deadly Games Match. The winner will get a heavyweight title shot against the champion in July against whomever the champion will be.

Deadly Games​

Tag Team Championship Match:Mike/Jess Vs. Super FlyBoy/Crippler​
Jess and Crippler start off the match with a tie up. Jess works on Crippler's arm as he continues to stomp his arm into bits. Jess tags in Mike. Jess grabs Crippler in an abdominal stretch as Mike hits some hard kicks to his ribs. Mike irish whips his opponent
and then hits a back bodydrop followed by a pin, 1...2-kickout by Crippler. Mike goes for Crippler and locks in the full Boston crab. Crippler screams in pain as FlyBoy urges for a tag. Crippler inches to the ropes but Mike drags him back to the middle. Crippler tries
again but to no avail. Crippler reverses into a rollup,1...2...kickout by Mike! Crippler hammers away and slaps Mike repeatedly to the corner. Mike gets whipped to the corner and collides hard on the turnbuckle. Mike walks back right into a backdrop. 1...2...kickout again by Mike! Crippler tags in Super FlyBoy who kicks Mike to the
corner. Super FlyBoy picks Mike up and whips him to the ropes, then hits a shoulder block. Super FlyBoy runs to the ropes as Mike begins getting to his feet. Super FlyBoy comes off the ropes and hits a closeline. Super FlyBoy goes up to the top as Jess comes charging in and knocking him off the top and FlyBoy lands on the barricade. Crippler takes down Jess and puches him repeatedly. Mike grabs Crippler and gives him a Full Nelson Slam. Super FlyBoy goes back in the ring and Jess knees him in the head. Mike tosses Crippler out and puts Super FlyBoy on top of the turnbuckle. Mike goes up and hits the superplex! Mike goes to the edge of the ring and jumps on top of the turbuckle
and goes for a neckbreaker off the top but Super FlyBoy catches him in mid-air and hits a suplex. Both competitors are down as Jess and Crippler go to their corner. FlyBoy gets up and climbs the top for a frog splash into a leg drop. Super FlyBoy jumps as Mike reverses into a powerslam. 1...2...kickout again by FlyBoy. Super FlyBoy crawls to the corner as Mike drags him back to middle of the ring and elbows Super’s back repeatedly. Mike
tags in Jess, who picks up Super and whips him to the ropes.On FlyBoy’s way back he is put in a sleeper hold. Super FlyBoy fights back by going to the corner and smashing Jess's back into the turnubkcle. Super then hits the jawbreaker and tags in Crippler. Crippler goes in and smacks Jess repeatedly. Crippler runs to the ropes, Mike steps in and nails him with a crescent kick. Super knocks down Mike and then they slug it out on the outside. Crippler gets up and goes to the outside. He grabs a steel chair! The ref is busy attending to the fight on the outside and then Crippler smacks Jess’s head with a steel chair and then his a crescent kick of his own. Crippler covers Jess as Mike, on the
outside, knocks Mike with a rib smash. Mike quickly runs into the ring and breaks up the count! Mike climbs to the top quickly and then hits a neckbreaker from the top. Mike places Jess on top of Crippler for the cover. The ref gets back in and counts...1...2-kickout by Crippler! Mike cannot believe this and goes back outside to grab the title belts. The ref tries to stop him as Jess gets up and hits a german suplex on Crippler! Super sucker punches Mike and takes the tag titles with him. FlyBoy quickly
goes to his corner with the belts as the ref counts, 1...2...Mike breaks the count! FlyBoy knees Mike in the gut and hits a swinging backbreaker. Crippler gets up and then double teams with the FlyBoy. A whip to the ropes on Mike followed by a double suplex! Super then grabs Mike and whip him to the corner. Crippler places a title belt on Mike’s ribs. Super is standing right behind Mike, holding him back as Crippler runs from the diagonal
turbuckle from where Mike is as Super attempts a spear in the corner. Mike moves out of the way and Crippler gets nailed. The referee is distracted by Jess and Mike nails FlyBoy with the title belt. The belts are thrown to the outside and Crippler is placed on Mike’s shoulders. Jess climbs to the top and nails a neckbreaker followed by the cover...1...2...3!
Winners: Mike/Jess

Backstage with the Ragnarok is Trev Chapman.

Trev: "Hello ladies and gentleman and what a way to kick it off with the tag team championship match. Now, tonight all of you are competing in the Deadly Games match."

Scorpion: "Yes, all of us will work together until the very end. But that's not important right now. We have a different agenda. Tonight, the six man tag match. Ace...Cadaverous...Eden...you've been playing mind games for way too long and now you gotta mess with the best of us. Avalanche, Sypher, and me...Scorpion!"

Sypher: "That's right...you want me to join the darkside? I like it a lot better on this side of the tracks...rather than looking like one of you hideous beasts. Tonight's a night of revenge for us and one of us will be going onto Fantasy IX...we're just hoping that Scorpion can hang on long enough until we get there."

Scorpion: "Don't worry about me. Ever since Juvy has disallowed me from getting Heavyweight title shots...I've been waiting for my next opportunity and this is it. I'm number one...and I plan on coming out as number one then going onto Fantasy IX! But again...we'll work together until the end."

Trev: "There you have it ladies and gentlemen and now down to ringside for an ambulance match which will be a first, here in the CCWF."

Handicap Ambulance Match: Anarchy Vs. Wicked Girls​

Anarchy immediately starts the assault on the girls by separating them and beating the crap out of them with brass knuckles that he brought to the ring. Both girls are busted open and he places them on stretchers from the ambulance. Then, the secretary rolls both girls to the ambulance and places them in. He’s about to shut the doors when all of a sudden, Mike and Jess come out. They begin assaulting Anarchy from behind and throw him into the ambulance head-first. Mel and Assassin come out and shut the doors of the ambulance. Mike and Jess get into the ambulance and take off. Assassin, Anarchy and Mel walk to the back together with a smile on their faces.
Winner: Anarchy

Backstage, Trev Chapman is with Juvy.

Trev: "Juvy, tonight you are facing your former valet. She has emberassed you, sued you, humiliated you..."

Juvy: "Shutup. Everybody knows the story. All that's left is the final chapter. That's right...one of the grandest showdowns in the history of the CCWF. The first female champion...takes on the greatest champion. Mel...just because we used to go out together does not mean that I won't hurt you..."

Mel, Anarchy and Assassin show up.

Mel: "Who is this Mel you speak of? You can start calling me Jade from now on. It just seems more exotic for a President. Look Juvy, do you really stand a chance in this match? Don't think of it as a one on one match...it's going to be you taking on all three of us! And you might be wondering why the grave is out there tonight even though we're not having a buried alive match...well it's because we're going to end your career once and for all!"

Juvy: "Oh yeah...well I guess I have to prove to all three of you...that you're not better than me!"

Juvy walks away.

Trev: "A tense moment there...back to ringside. With the six man tag team match."

Six Man Tag Team Match: Double X Raptor/Sypher/Avalanche Vs. Cadaverous/Eden/Ace​

Avalanche and Eden start off the match with rights and lefts to the face. Eden gains the advantage and whips Avalanche to the ropes only to be hit by a thunderous closeline. Avalanche picks up Eden and is hit in the gut several times with an elbow. The Master of Suggestion runs to the ropes in attempt to take Avalanche down with a closeline but it doesn’t work. Eden tries again but is knocked hard to the ground with a right shoulder.
Avalanche wrenches the arm of his opponent and tags in fellow Ragnarok member, Sypher. Sypher wrenches the arm of Eden and then pulls on it. Sypher stomps away at his rival and then talks trash to him. Sypher whips Eden to the ropes and hits a big dropkick. Sypher goes for the cover...1...kickout! Sypher whips Eden again to the ropes and misses a closeline but Eden hits a flying lariat. Eden drags Sypher to his team’s corner and tags
in Cadaverous. Cadaverous stomps a mudhole in Sypher as Ace yells at Sypher to join the darkside. Cadaverous grabs Sypher by the throat and chokeslams him. Cadaverous goes for the cover...1...2...kickout! Sypher is put in a sleeper hold. After about two minutes, the fans start cheering for Sypher and he is able to break free of the hold with a couple of elbows to the gut. Sypher runs off the ropes and is hit with a back body drop. Cadaverous closelines Sypher over the top and tags in Ace. Ace goes to the outside and hits a couple of knife-edge chops then throws him into the barricade. Ace taunts the crowd in the ring while Sypher slowly crawls to the apron. Ace attempts to suplex his former leader back in but Sypher reverses it into a hangman. Sypher rolls back in the ring and tags in Double X Raptor. The former heavyweight champion spears everybody that isn’t part of the Ragnaroks. Double X Raptor then throws Cadaverous and Eden on the outside and Ace hits the Ace Plant on Raptor. Ace goes for the cover...1...2...kickout! Everybody now brawls in the ring with the ref trying to get everyone on the outside. Double X Raptor is grabbed by the throat by Cadaverous and Ace hits the Ace Plant
again. Ace pins as the Ragnarok members are pulled out of the ring...1...2...3!
Winners: Ace, Cadaverous, Eden

Trev Chapman is once again backstage, this time with the Wicked Girls.

Trev: "You girls were assaulted in that ambulance match and have returned for the Deadly Games Match...are you sure that you two can compete?"

Brittney: "Yeah we're sure. Anarchy didn't get us good enough. A couple of shots with brass knuckles aren't going to keep us down from winning a shot against the Heavyweight Champion."

Trev: "How's about Mike and Jess...what where they doing interfering in your match?"

Jenny: "We're not quite sure about that one...but we're going to go meet them now in the locker room...I'm sure you have something else to do."

Trev: "Indeed I do, now let's head back to ringside for the Cruiserweight Championship Finals!"

Cruiserweight Championship Finals 2/3 Falls Match:
Gloria Vs. Thrash​

Gloria and Thrash tie up. Gloria hits a monkey flip and the American rolls to the outside of the ring. Thrash grabs a biker chain from under the ring and wraps it around his fist then gets back in the ring. The ref takes away the biker chain and Thrash hits Gloria with brass knucks that were hidden in Thrash’s trunks. Thrash goes for the pin...1...2...kickout! Thrash goes back to the outside for the biker chain. The ref takes it away again as Thrash
goes for the brass knucks but Gloria dodges the punch and dropkicks Thrash to the outside. Gloria goes up top and dives onto her opponent. Gloria takes the brass knucks off the American’s hand and puts it under the ring. Gloria throws Thrash in the ring and climbs to the top for the Angel Wings. Thrash pushes the referee into the ropes and then Thrash superplexes Gloria. Thrash goes for the cover...1...2...kickout! Thrash can’t
believe it so he goes outside and gets a steel chair. The ref takes it away as Gloria rolls up the older member of S.I.N...1...2...kickout! Gloria hits a hard martial arts kick to Thrash’s
head and then hits the Angel Wings off the top rope then pins...1...2...3! (Winner of First Fall: Gloria) Thrash can’t believe it and starts arguing with the referee. Gloria rolls up Thrash...1...2...kickout! Gloria attempts a closeline but Thrash ducks and hits a spinebuster. Thrash climbs to the top and hits an elbow drop then pins...1...2...kickout! The member of S.I.N. hits a sprinboard leg drop and pins...1...2...kickout again! Thrash
delivers a swinging neckbreaker and then climbs to the top. Thrash goes for a knee drop but Gloria moves out of the way. Gloria climbs to the top and hits a sunset flip...1...2...kickout! Gloria goes for a martial arts kick but Thrash ducks and delivers the electric chair to the former Cruiserweight Champion. Thrash goes for the cover...1...2...kickout! Thrash pins with a bridge...1...2...kickout! The American becomes very frustrated and climbs to the top. Gloria runs up and hits an inverted Stratusphere
with the hook of Thrash’s legs on the landing...1...2...hand on the rope by Thrash. Gloria catapults her opponent and almost hits the referee. Thrash turns around and is hit with a DDT. Gloria climbs to the top and misses the Angel Wings. Thrash makes the
cover...1...2...3!(Winner of Second Fall: Thrash) Thrash goes for a rollup on Gloria again...1...2...reverse pin by Gloria...1...2...3!
Winner: Gloria

Backstage, Juvy has just assaulted Anarchy and left him bloody and unconscious.

Juvy: "...One down...two to go."

Juvy begins walking to the ring.

Heavyweight Championship Match: Juvy Vs. Jade(champion) Special Referee: Assassin​

Juvy starts trash talking to Assassin. Jade jumps Juvy from behind and proceeds to stomp on him. Jade picks up Juvy and whips him to the ropes and then hits a closeline. Jade locks a sleeper hold on the challenger and holds it for approximately three minutes until Juvy whips Jade to the ropes. Juvy leapfrogs over his former valet and then attempts a superkick but she gets out of the ring. Juvy waits for the President to get back in the ring as it takes her about eight seconds to regroup. They tie up in the center of the ring and Juvy applies a waistlock. Jade elbows Juvy in the head to escape the move and rolls up Juvy...1...kickout! Juvy extends the hand for a shake for her great ring-work but Jade slaps him in the face and throws him to the outside. Juvy holds his cheek as Jade taunts in the ring. Juvy gets in the ring at a count of six and asks for a test of strength. Jade is about to hook up but slaps Juvy in the face again and rolls him up...1...kickout by Juvy! The President closelines the challenger and goes to the top rope. Juvy catches Jade and throws her off the buckle and then closelines her. Juvy pins...1...kickout! The challenger throws Mel to the ropes and gives her a hiptoss. The champion kicks Juvy away and then delivers a big boot. Jade goes for the cover...1...kickout! Jade backs Juvy into a corner and begins the ten punch but the challenger stops her at seven, pushes her off and big boots her then pins...1...2...Jade gets a foot on the rope! Juvy picks up Jade only to be elbowed in the gut continuously, the champion then runs to the ropes and hits a flying forearm. Jade begins stomping away on the challenger and the referee pulls her off and places her on the top rope. Juvy attempts the handspring hurracarana on Jade but she pushes his legs down and flips onto him with a cover...1...kickout! The President picks up her former boyfriend and gives him a DDT then climbs to the top. Jade delivers a elbow drop vintage-Juvy style and pins...1...2...kickout! Jade goes for the cover again...1...kickout! Jade gets in a corner and attempts sweet chin music but Juvy catches the foot and fisherman suplexes her with the hook of the leg...1...kickout! Jade hits a superkick and pins...1...2...kickout! Jade can’t believe and argues with Assassin. Jade takes advantage of the situation and rolls the champion up with a hook of the tights...1...2...kickout! Jade delivers another DDT and goes to the outside. The challegner gets up and pulls Jade onto the apron by the hair only to be dropped throat-first across the top rope. The champion throws the title in the ring, grabs it and then nails Juvy in the face with it. Assassin thinks about disqualifying the champion but decides not to. The President goes for the cover...1...2...kickout! Jade looks on in disbelief as Juvy gets up, covered in blood. Jade superkicks the challenger and makes the cover again...1...2...kickout! The champion whips the challenger to the ropes and both meet with a double closeline. Assassin counts up to eight before both competitors get up on opposite sides of the ring. Juvy runs at his former girlfriend and closelines her over the top. The challenger climbs to the top rope and dives onto her from the turnbuckle. Juvy picks up Jade at the count of six and throws her back in the ring. Juvy pulls a ladder from under the ring and sets it up on the outside. Juvy climbs to the top of the ladder and Jade gets up. Assassin pushes the ladder causing Juvy to land in the aisle. The champion drags Juvy back into the ring and pins...1...kickout by the challenger! The Presidnet grabs the title belt again and swings at Juvy but misses. Juvy kicks Jade in the gut, causing her to relinquish the Heavyewight Championship. The champion hits a low blow and delivers a DDT to Juvy on the title. Jade pins again...1...2...Juvy gets a foot on the rope! Jade hits a superkick and Juvy immediately sits up. Jade can’t believe it as Juvy jumps to his feet. The President attempts a closeline but Juvy ducks and hits a superkick on his former manager. The president is down and out as Assassin turns Juvy around and hits the Click Click Boom on him. Jade is placed on top of Juvy for the cover...1...2...kickout! Assassin doesn’t believe it and picks up Juvy for another Click Click Boom. Juvy fights out of it by
delivering a headscissors takedown to the outside. Juvy climbs back to the apron and Jade grabs him for a suplex. Assassin hits Juvy in the spine with a chair and Jade suplexes him in with a hook of the leg...1...kickout by Juvy again! Assassin is irrate at this point trying to finish Juvy off. Assassin leaves the ring and goes backstage. Jade picks up Juvy and gets hit in the gut. Juvy delivers the Juvy Driver on the president of the CCWF and Assassin’s music hits. Assassin makes his way down to the ring in a car. Juvy goes outside to open the car but Assassin fights back and places Juvy in the trunk. Assassin backs up to the grave that was set up for tonight. Assassin pulls Juvy out of the trunk and Click Click Booms Juvy into the grave. Jade runs down and helps Assassin fill the grave completely. Jade stands on the grave as Assassin makes the cover...1...2...Juvy’s arm comes out of the grave and trips his former valet. Juvy crawls out of the grave slowly and Assassin attempts to nail Juvy in the head with a shovel but he ducks and superkicks it right back into Assassin’s face. Jade begins begging for mercy as Juvy stalks her slowly. Juvy picks up the champion and delivers the Juvy Driver. Juvy goes for the cover and a new official comes out...1...2...3!
Winner: And Now 17 Time Heavyweight Champion...Juvy

Footage shows all the wrestlers preparing for the next match.

Announcer: "Ladies and gentleman...this match is the Deadly Games Main Event. Two competitors will start out in the ring and every two minutes after that a new competitor chosen at random will enter the ring. The only way to eliminate your opponent is by throwing them over the top rope and both feet touch the floor. The winner of this match will go on to Fantasy IX and compete in the Main Event for the Canadian Championship Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Championship."

Scorpion makes his way down to the ring, followed by Gloria.

Deadly Games Match​

Scorpion and Malaysia stare eachother down and the bell rings. Malaysia gains the advantage and throws Scorpion over the top but Scorpion hangs on and pulls himself back in. Scorpion runs and delivers a flying head-scissors takedown. Malaysia gets back up and is closelined over the top rope but she lands on the apron and rolls back in. Scorpion whips Malaysia to the ropes and attempts a closeline but his opponent ducks. The number two entrant fights back with a dropkick. Malaysia picks up Scorpion and starts trying to dump him to the outside but Scorpion continues to hang onto the rope. The countdown starts...10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0! Greg Hearst runs to the ring and knocks down both Cruiserweights. Greg Hearst whips both of them to the ropes at the same time and misses a closeline, the Cruiserweight double team and double crescent-kick the Millionaire. Scorpion and Malaysia take turns punching Mr. Hearst and then superkick him again. Scorpion and Malaysia begin brawling again. Malaysia is whipped to the ropes and ducks a closeline and then hits a flying cross body block. Greg Hearst hits the Million Dollar Finisher on the second entrant. The countdown starts again...10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0! Eden slowly walks down to the ring. When Eden gets in, he whips Malaysia to the ropes and gives her a spin kick. Scorpion climbs up Eden and sits on his shoulders, Eden flips Scorpion over his back and big boots Greg. Malaysia slaps Eden repeatedly but it doesn’t stun the Master of Suggestion. Eden fights back with a chokeslam. Greg hits a low blow on the mysterious wrestler and stomps on him as Scorpion tries throwing Malaysia on the outside but she lands on the apron. The countdown begins again...10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0! Crippler runs to the ring and german suplexes everybody once. Crippler delivers repeated knife-edge chops to Eden trying to take him down. Eden starts reeling, Crippler runs to the ropes and closelines the Master of Suggestion down. Scorpion dropkicks Malaysia and she lands on the outside. Greg Hearst tries to throw Scorpion to the outside but Crippler throws Greg out instead. Scorpion low blows his opponent and then tries to throw him to the outside. Crippler hangs onto the ropes and pulls himself back in. Eden takes both faces out with a double chokeslam. The countdown starts...10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0! Sypher from the Ragnarok comes down to the ring and immediately pounds on his enemy, Eden. Once Eden is down, Sypher sets up and hits a superkick on the Master of Suggestion and celebrates. Crippler attempts throwing Scorpion to the outside but Sypher stops him and begins chopping at him. Crippler is whipped to the buckle then kicks Sypher in the face as he runs at him. Crippler climbs to the top rope and attempts a flying headbutt but Scorpion superplexes Scorpion off the top rope. Eden gets back up and big boots the number one entrant. Eden waits until Sypher gets up and blows a black mist but Sypher dodges it and superkicks the mysterious competitor. Crippler gets back up and is superkicked as well. The only wrestler left in the ring is Sypher as the others roll to the oustide from the pain. ...10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0...it’s Ace! Both the present and former American leaders battle it out. Sypher is whipped to the ropes but fights back with a closeline. Sypher attempts another superkick but Ace dodges it, lowblows his former best friend and delivers the Ace Plant. Ace celebrates, Eden gets back in the ring and closelines Ace over the top rope. Sypher runs at Eden and is backdropped to the floor. Sypher and Eden argue, Scorpion comes from behind and dropkicks Eden to the outside. Crippler gets back in the ring and locks in a sharpshooter as the countdown starts...10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0! It’s Super FlyBoy! Crippler and Super FlyBoy double powerbomb Scorpion and he rolls to the outisde. Both team mates stare eachother down, shake hands and tie up. FlyBoy suplexes Crippler and closelines him. Crippler fights back with a thumb to the eye and knife-edge chops. Both have a fist fight for a while. Super FlyBoy seems to gain the advantage and closelines Crippler over the top, taking himself out as well. Both men start arguing on the outside as Scorpion lays in the ring out cold. ...10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0! It’s one half of the tag team champions, Mike! Mike immediately stomps on the number one entrant. Scorpion is whipped to the turnbuckle and splashed in the corner by the American. Mike delivers an over-head belly to belly suplex and climbs to the top rope. Mike hits a flying neckbreaker and then picks up Scorpion and tries to throw him over the top. Scorpion hangs onto the ropes, Scorpion lifts up his legs, catches Mike’s head and throws him over the top then rolls back in the ring. Scorpion lays down for a rest as the next competitor awaits to come down...10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0! It’s Double X Raptor from Ragnarok! Both members of Ragnarok stand and wait for the next competitor for a little bit then Raptor grabs the mic.

Double X Raptor: “Give it up for Scorpion, He’s halfway there as I am the number ten entrant. Juvy...the Ragnarok is gonna win this thing and you’re going to be forced to take on one of us for the Heavyweight Title at Fantasy Nine, you just wait and watch...”

Both guys celebrate in the corner until the countdown plays again...10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0! It’s Jess from the Americans. Jess throws the already injured Mike back into the ring as a diversion then closelines Scorpion. The other tag team champion holds Raptor down as Jess superkicks him. Scorpion goes for a DDT but Jess reverses it into a suplex. Raptor dumps Mike over the top rope and then spears Jess. Double X Raptor finishes the set and completes his finisher, Fury! Jess is dazed for a while and Scorpion dropkicks him over the top rope just as the countdown begins...10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0! It’s Skull from S.I.N. and the Americans. Mike and Jess get back in the ring but the members of Ragnarok send them out again. Skull comes from behind and hits both of them with a steel chain. Skull chokes both competitors and the countdown starts again...10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0! James Hunter runs down the aisle as people chant, ‘We Want Jingle!’ James and Skull double closeline Double X Raptor and then stomp on him. Scorpion tries fighting back but James hits the Million Dollar Finisher on him as well. Skull and Mr. Hunter continue their assault on Raptor until the countdown appears...10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0! Jenny from the Wicked Girls! Jenny hammers away at Skull for a while and sends him over the top with a closeline. James Hunter just realized what happened and goes to hit Jenny but Jenny trips him and locks him in the Wicked Submission. James Hunter taps out. Double X Raptor picks up James afterwards, and throws him over the top. Scorpion whips Jenny to the ropes and backdrops her to the floor. The countdown once again...10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0! It’s Avalanche from Ragnarok!

Avalanche: “Juvy, when Mel made this group she said we were going to create a future for the company. Well, this future doesn’t contain you. Our first objective is to win the Deadly Games Match right here then take your title at the Fantasy event in July. I think we are going to win this because there’s three of us in here already and one more is coming out soon. Juvy...the future is...now!”

The members of the Ragnarok celebrate until the countdown starts...10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0! It’s the Cruiserweight Champion, Gloria! Gloria is reluctant to get in the ring and waits on the outside. Scorpion dives through the middle rope and lands on Gloria. Scorpion rolls the Cruiserweight Champion in the ring and Double X Raptor spears her. Avalanche follows with a running powerslam and Scorpion hits a springboard leg drop. The Ragnarok dumps Gloria over the top rope and wait for the countdown...10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0! It’s the final member of the Ragnarok...Sniper who is escorted by police.

Scorpion: “Sniper...why did you rob the bank?”

Sniper: “I did it because it makes me feel good. I’m not a good guy like you. Look at my career, I’ve been a bad guy the whole time. I copied the Assassin’s gimmick just to make him mad, and it worked. But now that he’s gone, it’s my gimmick now. I’m doing my job instead of going to jail and it has showed me who I really am...Sniper! I’m not some crazed lunatic...I’m Sniper! And my first official act, is to win this match!”

Sniper starts pounding on all three members of Ragnarok. The number are too much and Sniper is beaten to a pulp. Scorpion dropkicks Sniper to the outside just as the countdown starts up again...10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0! Thrash walks down the aisle slowly, not wanting to get in the ring. Mike, Jess, Skull and Ace come from behind and beat up all three members of Ragnarok. Sypher comes down but to no avail. The Americans continue the assault and are sent to the back by officials. Thrash picks up Scorpion and throws him over the ropes but he lands on the apron. Scorpion rolls into Thrash’s legs and flips him over causing him to be eliminated. The members of Ragnarok regain their composure until the countdown starts...10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0! It’s Brittney from the Wicked Girls. Brittney runs into the ring, dodges a closeline and eliminates herself, not wanting anything to do with Ragnarok.

Scorpion: “There’s three of us in the ring and only one competitor left Juvy...time is running out...the future is coming for you...your time is fading....it’s our time now!”

Just then, Juvy’s music plays and he walks down the aisle to the front of the ring.

Juvy: “I’m quite impressed with your skills so far. You’ve been able to stay together as a team. But when only three of you are left, who’s going to take the title shot? Will it be Scorpion because he’s not allowed them and this is probably his last chance? Will it be Double X Raptor since he beat me in a steel cage match? Or will it be Avalanche who has never received a title shot before? That’s one problem of yours. When you said time was running out, you were right...but it’s not my time...it’s yours because the countdown is about to start...this countdown is for the death of the Ragnarok...10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0!”

Cadaverous walks down to the ring looking very angry. When he gets in the ring, Ragnarok pounds on him but the eXtreme Champion pushes them all away. Cadaverous eliminates Avalanche with a big boot. Cadaverous chokeslams Double X Raptor to the outside. The monster then picks up Scorpion and delivers the Provirus in the center of the ring. Juvy walks into the ring.

Juvy: “Like I told you, as long as I’m alive...you’ll never be Heavyweight Champion! You’ll never get a title shot! And now, the guy who has burnt your leg, the guy who you upset at last year’s Fantasy...the guy who you insulted and made fun of...is going to ruin your last chance to even be in a main event for the Heavyweight Championship!”

Mel comes out and slaps Juvy then chases him backstage. Cadaverous picks up Scorpion by the throat and attempts the chokeslam but Scorpion hangs onto Cadaverous’s hand and pulls him to the outside as Scorpion lands on the apron.
Winner: Scorpion

The Ragnarok come out and celebrate with Scorpion as he will get his title shot at Fantasy IX!

Order of Entry:
1- Scorpion
2- Malaysia
3- Greg Hearst
4- Eden
5- Crippler
6- Sypher
7- Ace
8- Super FlyBoy
9- Mike
10- Double X Raptor
11- Jess
12- Skull
13- James Hunter
14- Jenny
15- Avalanche
16- Gloria
17- Sniper
18- Thrash
19- Brittney
20- Cadaverous


Preview for This Tuesday's Show...REVØLUTIØN!

1- Now that Jade has lost the Heavyweight Championship, is this rivalry over? What will become of Anarchy and Assassin?

2- Scorpion has finally gained his shot for the Heavyweight Title and has enough time to prepare for it. He's counting down the days until Fantasy IX as we are just 6 months away.

3- Who's next to challenge Mike and Jess for the tag team championships?

4- Gloria has won the tournament to win the title for the second time...who will be her first challenger?

5- The Ragnarok seem to be working well again. What's next for these five faces?

6- What's up with Mike/Jess trying to help out The Wicked Girls?

We'll find out this and much more this coming Tuesday!

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I think you'll get used to the names. A show will be posted every Tuesday and Friday. Our Tuesday shows are entitled REVØLUTIØN and our Friday shows are entitled FLARE. There will be a special event once a month.

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Trev Chapman is waiting in the parking lot.

Trev: "Tonight, ladies and gentleman is Juvy appreciation night as he is now a 17 Time Heavyweight Champion. You may be wondering why I'm waiting outside, well, it's because there are rumors going around that Jade will be here to deliver a huge announcement to Juvy. We are unsure of this is true or not, but I will be backstage all night, waiting for the arrival. To start off the show, we'll have a tag team match."

Millionaire's Club Vs. S.I.N.​

Greg Hearst and Skull start off the match by circling the ring as the crowd begins chanting "We Want Jingle!", referring to James Hunter's former gimmick, Jingle The Clown. Back to the match, Greg and Skull tie up, with the Millionaire being put in a side headlock. Greg goes to push Skull to the ropes but he refuses to let go and is dropped to the mat. Skull continues to apply the headlock and Greg is still down on the mat. The crowd begins clapping their hands to encourage Greg to get to his feet. It seems to work and Greg picks up his opponent then hits an atomic drop. Skull changes it to a front headlock and Greg hits another atomic drop after taking three steps. Greg reaches out for the tag but he is too far away so, he hits another atomic drop on Skull and reaches for the tag again however he is only in the center of the ring. Greg does it again and is only a few inches away from tagging in James Hunter. Greg attempts for a fourth and final time but Skull changes the hold again into a DDT. Skull spits in James's face to bring him in the ring. The referee begins shoving James to get him in his corner as Skull drags Greg to his corner. S.I.N. begins double teaming Greg, illegally, with punches and kicks to him. Thrash gets in his corner just as James gets in his corner. Skull tags in Thrash now and they hit a double DDT. Thrash goes for the cover...1...2-kickout! Thrash locks in a sleeper hold on Greg. After two minutes of being in the hold, Greg appears to be completely asleep. The referee checks to see if Greg is awake by lifting his arm, but it drops. It it drops two more times, The Millionaire's Club loses the match. The ref checks, and once again it drops down. James gets the crowd riled up to see if they can wake up Greg from the sleeper hold. The referee lifts up Greg's arm and it stays up this time. The crowd begins cheering loudly as Greg struggles to his feet and flips Thrash over his back. Both competitors are down as the referee initiates the ten count. 1...2...3...4...both begins crawling on their knees to their partners slowly....7...8...Skull and James Hunter are tagged in as the others roll to the outside. James begins by nailing Skull down several times with right hands. Skull is whipped to the ropes and hit with a big backbody drop! Greg attempts to get in the ring and the ref begins trying to get him out. Thrash comes in with a biker chain that he brought to the ring and nails James in the head with it. Skull pins James...1...2...James gets a foot on the ropes! Gloria and Malaysia come out. Malaysia stands on the apron and distracts the official as Gloria passes the biker chain to Skull for some unknown reason. James goes to pick up Skull and gets nailed in the head with the chain for a second time. Malaysia stops distracting the referee and begins holding Greg down so he can't break up the count. Skull goes for the cover...1...2...3!
Winners: S.I.N.

Gloria, Malaysia, Skull and Thrash all celebrate.

Juvy is backstage in his office, cleaning the Heavyweight Championship.

Juvy: "I can't wait until later. The ring is going to be cleared, I will stand in the ring and the people will chant my name. I am a seventeen time Heavyweight Champion...that's better than Ric Flair! There is nothing that's going to stop me from becoming the greatest wrestler alive."

Trev Chapman walks into Juvy's office.

Trev: "Sir, sir...a limo has just pulled up?"

Juvy: "Who is it?"

Trev: "Not sure, they said they wanted to talk to you."

Juvy: "I'll be right there."

Scorpion, Sypher, Double X Raptor, and Avalanche from the Ragnarok all come down to the ring.

Scorpion: "At Deadly Games, a former member of the Ragnarok...tried to attack us. This shows that unity within this faction is at an all-time low. I wanna know before hand, if anybody here plans on leaving the Ragnarok."

Sypher: "I'm in. Those idiots tried to get me to leave but it didn't work."

Double X Raptor: "I'm still in. I'm never..."

Ace's music hits. Ace, Cadaverous and Eden all come down to the ring.

Ace: "Sypher...who are you calling an idiot? Don't forget...we beat you guys at Deadly Games in the six man tag team match."

Sypher: "So you think you're big because you beat me once?"

Ace: "We beat the crap out of you. That's why we're out here to issue a rematch."

Sypher: "Well, ring the bell and let's go!"

All 7 competitors begin fighting. The Millionaire's Club comes down and backs everybody away from eachother. Afterwards, Cadaverous, Eden, Ace, James Hunter, Greg Hearst, and AVALANCHE begin attacking the Ragnarok!

Avalanche: "That's right, I'm joining the Millionaire's Club. That's where I belong...not with you losers."

The Millionaire's Club along with Avalanche leave as Ace, Eden, Cadaverous all step on top of Scorpion, Double X Raptor and Sypher.

Wicked Girls Vs. Malaysia/Gloria​

The Wicked Girls come out with Mike and Jess. Super FlyBoy and Crippler come out.

Super FlyBoy: "You might have beaten us at Deadly Games? But we want a rematch to show you the meaning of pain. Why don't we make this thing four on four. That way we can settle the score."

Super FlyBoy/Crippler/Malaysia/Gloria

All eight competitors begin brawling in the ring. Super FlyBoy and Mike closeline eachother to the outside. Crippler and Jess hits eachother with right hands until they land on the outside. Gloria leaps onto Jenny so they both land on the outside. The ref calls for the bell to start off the match as Malaysia and Brittney are the only ones left in the ring for now. They begin hitting eachother with lefts and rights. Skull and Thrash come down to the ring and nail Brittney with the biker chain.
Winners: Brittney/Jenny/Mike/Jess by DQ

Mike, Jess and Jenny attend to Brittney who appears to be out cold. They carry her backstage. The cameras continue to follow them and Brittney gains consciousness.

Mike: "Okay, you're feeling better. How's about we go out and celebrate our win."

Jenny: "Go out?"

Jess: "Sure, it'll be fun."

Jenny: "Like on a date?"

Mike: "Well...I wouldn't call it a date but..."

Jenny: "Alright, it's a double date."

Jess: "...then a double date it is."

All four begin walking away.

Juvy begins walking to the parking lot and gets to the limo. He opens it up and finds Assassin in there.

Assassin: "We need to talk."

Juvy gets into the limo. Cameras go to Trev Chapman who is backstage with Anarchy.

Trev: "Well, as Juvy is talking with Assassin, who was fired a while ago. I am going to get an interview here with Anarchy who is the secretary of Jade. We will see if he knows some answers. Now Anarchy, is it true that Jade is supposed to be showing up here tonight?"

Anarchy: "I just got a phonecall from the president and she said she might show up. She is very upsed right now and she is unsure when she will be back."

Trev: "Alright then, maybe I can get your thoughts on the ambulance match you had at Deadly Games."

Anarchy: "It just goes to show you that nothing can stop me. In fact, when Jade gets back, we'll attempt to give me a title shot so I can take it from Juvy. And this time...he won't win it back!"

Trev: "Alright, that's it for me. Juvy is on his way to the ring."

"Remedy" by Cold plays on the PA system and Juvy walks out with the Heavyweigh Title. He's wearing his usual overcoat and shades. He looks magnificent as always as he struts to the ring in vitage-cocky style. Juvy gets in the ring and flexes then removes the shades and grabs a microphone.

Juvy: "Welcome to Juvy Appreciation Night! Once again, I am back on top of the business. I've got my belt, my pride, and my glory. She is no longer going to distract me. My mind is set on the business and only the business from now on. I am concentrated on being the greatest wrestler of my time and I'm already more than half way there."

Jade's music plays and she walks out. Her makeup seems to be a little smeared, tears are flowing and she looks to be very, very sad. Jade takes the mic from Juvy.

Jade: "Juvy, congratultions on winning the Heavyweight Championship again, but I have something very important to say...I'm sorry...I know I've made mistakes in the past and no words could describe how sorry I am for the pain I've caused you. Everytime you feel pain, a part of me tears up and every time you are sad, a part of me dies. My love for you is stronger than anything and I've learned that I never wanted to lose that, I was born to make you happy and live to love you for all eternity...I guess what I'm really asking is...will you take me back?"

Juvy looks to the crowd, seeming to ask for an answer. Juvy seems a little surprised at first then breaks into a smile.

Juvy: "Let's look at why I shouldn't take you back. You sued me, you took away my title, you suspended me, you brought back Assassin and I got buried alive! I wan an emotional wreck and left you left me in a hole of depression. Why would I take you back? (Tears begin streaming down the face of Jade.) Well, let's take a look at why I should take you back. You helped me win the title on numerous occasions, you made me happier than I've ever been in my life, we went to movies together and had a great time, we'd spend hours just talking to eachother on a park bench, we would walk and talk together until midnight, I'd spend countless hours at your house just to be with you. Hell, why wouldn't I take you back? (Jade gets to her feet and begins to have a smile on her face. She's about to hug Juvy but he stops her.) It's quite simple...you're a back-stabbing, egotistical, self-centered bitch!"

Jade once again drops to her knees and begins crying as Juvy leaves with an angry look on his face. He lifts up the Heavyweight Title for all the people to see and then heads backstage, leaving his former love in the center of the ring in tears.

Preview for this Friday's Flare!​

1- Mike and Jess with the Wicked Girls? Watzupwitdat???!!!

2- S.I.N., Gloria and Malaysia all seem to be working together...is this another stable to be formed in the future?

3- Cadaverous, Sypher, Scorpion, Double X Raptor, Eden, Avalanche, The Millionaire's Club, Ace...they all seem to be in a war that will never end. What will Juvy, Jade or Anarchy do about this fight?

4- What did Assassin talk about with Juvy in the limo?

5- What's going to be Jade's reaction after what has happened?

Find out this and much more this Friday at....Flare!

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Highlights are shown of this past Tuesday's show when Jade asks for Juvy to take her back and Juvy declines.

Juvy arrives at the arena with two lovely ladies by his side just as they get out of the car. They begin walking.

Female #1: "You look so hot with that title and your suit."

Female #2: "Yeah, I can't wait until later tonight."

Juvy: "It's all genetics, ladies. Big legs, big feet...you know what they say about big feet. I got a big company, a big heavyweight title and tonight...we're going to have a big..."

Juvy and the ladies meet up with Jade who is standing in their way with tears in her eyes and her arms crossed.

Juvy: "Excuse me ladies, take the key to my locker room, I'll meet you there. First, I have to take care of some business. (Ladies leave.) Alright Jade, what do you want? You wanna say you're sorry...you love me...you have feelings for me...well guess what, so do I!...Or at least I used to. You sit there acting all sad, but all you're after is more money, more power, more fame, more gifts. While I was growing up I learned something...DTA...Don't Trust Anybody. That's something I learned the hard way. Now, why don't you do what you told me to do about a month or two ago...get out of my life!"

Juvy begins walking away but Jade steps right back into his way.

Jade: "I'm not here to apologize. I'm here to make up for all the wrong things I've done. With all the money I got from suing you, I went out and bought a gift. Now follow me."

Juvy and Jade walks as Juvy begins talking.

Juvy: "Oh, so you think you can buy me back with gifts? After you tried the romantic stuff last time, you're going to try to buy me back. Well let me tell you something, there's not a gift that you can buy me that will make me take you back! Woah! (Juvy sees a brand new red car in the parking lot with a ribbon and bow on it.) You didn't buy me this did you?"

Jade: "Yes...it's just to say I'm sorry."

Juvy: "It's beautiful. It's even got a license plate with my name on it. Thanks Jade."

Jade: "So...do you accept my apology?"

Juvy: "I accept...the car...but not your apology. One beautiful car can't make up for all the horrible things you've done Jade. But I'll tell you what...just as a token of my appreciation, tonight I'll give you a ride to the hotel in the car."

Jade: "Really?"

Juvy: "Yes. But don't think for one second that we're back together!"

Juvy begins walking away as Jade is standing in the parking lot happily.

Malaysia/Gloria Vs. Wicked Girls

A big brawl starts off the match. Brittney is closelined over the top and Malaysia/Gloria hit a double suplex on Jenny. Gloria gets into her corner as Malaysia applies a sleeper hold. S.I.N. runs down to the ring and passes the biker chain to Gloria. Mike and Jess come out and begin brawling with S.I.N. The referee goes on the outside to break up the other fight as Malaysia nails Jenny and Brittney with the biker chain. Gloria hits the Angel Wings off the top rope and goes for the cover as the referee comes back in the ring...1...2...3!
Winners: Malaysia/Gloria

Cameras go to Anarchy's office.
Anarchy: "After what happened on Revolution, I have made the following matches for tonight. Double X Raptor will be taking on Cadaverous in a non-title street fight. Sypher will take on Ace, Avalanche and Sniper will go one on one, Greg Hearst versus Eden, and the main event...Scorpion versus...me! Thank you for your time."

Mike and Jess are backstage holding icepacks on the Wicked Girls' heads.

Mike: "Are you okay?"

Brittney: "I'm feeling a little better."

Jenny: "Me too. Thanks you guys for everything. That date on Tuesday was great too. You guys are really proving yourselves. So how's about tonight you help us out? You take on S.I.N. in a tag team match and show them who's the best tag team around."

Jess: "Sure, anything for you girls."that thing we

Greg Hearst with The Millionaire's Club Vs. Eden​

Both competitors circle the ring and then lock up. Greg Hearst bounces his opponent off the ropes and backbody drops him hard to the mat. Greg's leg seems to buckle after the backbody drop and he drops to a knee. Eden takes advantage of this by delivering a chop block to the leg of his opponent and then throwing him to the outside. Eden repeatedly strikes Greg'ss injured leg with stiff kicks. Once back inside the squared circle, Greg Hearst returns the favor by delivering a right hands to the face and a suplex. Both competitors circle the ring again and tie up. Greg pushes Eden down and then Avalanche trips Eden. Greg takes advantage and puts his opponent in an abdominal stretch. Avalanche pulls on Greg's arm to add extra leverage and the referee does not detect it. James Hunter now begins to distract the referee as Avalanche gets a chair from the outside. Avalanche smacks the chair across the ribs of Eden and then Greg delivers the Million Dollar Finisher to his opponent. Greg goes for the cover...1...2...3!
Winner: Greg Hearst

Juvy is in his office with his arms around the two girls. Juvy picks up his cell phone and begins dialing.

Juvy: "Yeah...you can send it over right now...I'll tell you the rest when you get here. Bye."

Non-Title Street Fight: Cadaverous Vs. Double X Raptor​

Double X Raptor and Cadaverous square off in the center of the ring. They begin with trash-talking and follow with right hands. The referee separates the two and then they tie up. Cadaverous throws Double X Raptor down and then signals that Double X Raptor s time is running out which receives heat. Both tie up again and this time Cadaverous whips his opponent into the buckle. Cadaverous hits some hard elbows to the face and then closelines his opponent to the outside. Cadaverous quicly follows him and finds a chair on the outside. Double X Raptor is nailed with the steel chair and then is whipped head-first into the steel steps. Double X Raptor is bloody now as Cadaverous grabs a trash can and bends it over the skull of his opponent! Double X Raptor is thrown back in the ring and Cadaverous wraps his opponent s legs around the ring post. The monster then continuously smashes Double X Raptor s legs around the ringpost and then smashes it with the steel chair used earlier. Cadaverous gets back in the ring and picks up his opponent for the Provirus (Twisting tombstone). Double X Raptor powers out of the move and falls on him...1...2-kickout! Cadaverous is furious now and locks in an ankle lock on his opponent. After two minutes, Double X Raptor struggles to the ropes and rolls to the outside in pain. Cadaverous grabs a kendo stick from under the ring and is about to use it on Double X Raptor but he gets low blowed. Double X Raptor spears Cadaverous into the guardrail and then delivers a backbody drop right on the floor. Double X Raptor goes for a spear and nails Cadaverous right into the steel steps. Double X Raptor rolls his opponent back in the ring and then grabs the kendo stick. Double X Raptor releases a five minute assault on Cadaverous and then sets up for a spear. Double X Raptor runs right for his opponent but he moves out of the way, resulting in Raptor hitting the turnbuckle shoulder-first. Double X Raptor comes back and is hit with the Provirus. Cadaverous goes for the cover...1...2...3!
Winner: Cadaverous

Avalanche Vs. Sniper​

Both competitors circle the ring and then tie up. Avalanche backs Sniper into the corner and then backs off. They go back at it in the center of the ring. They exchange blows and Sniper whips Avalanche off the ropes and hits the backbody drop, followed by a head-scissors takedown. Sniper loses control of the match and Avalanche hits a sidewalk slam and then backs Sniper into the corner and hits him with repeated knife-edge chops. Avalanche goes for a closeline over the top rope but misses and sails out of the ring. Sniper then hits the elbow drop off the apron and nails Avalanche on the outside. Then in the ring, he lands an elbow drop from the apron again and then rolls him back in the ring. Sniper goes for the cover...1...2-kickout! Sniper whips Avalanche back to the outside. On the outside, Sniper for the attack on Avalanche. He moves and dropps Sniper s face on the steel ring steps. They get back into the ring and Avalanche kicks Sniper in the side and then continues the assault on him while he is trying to get up. He hits a suplex on Sniper and then looked to the crowd and received nothing but boos. Avalanche acts cocky and Sniper hits a rollup...1...2...kickout! Avalanche fires back and gets Sniper in a reverse chinlock on the mat. Sniper gets to his feet and tries to fight off Avalanche but is slammed down on the mat and then goes back on the attack. Avalanche hits some HARD knife-edge chops in the corner and then he misses a spear in the corner and nails the ring post. Sniper bounces back and hit a flying forearm in the middle of the ring. Sniper hits another forearm and goes for a pinfall, Avalanche gets up and hits Sniper with a dropkick and then goes for a pin of his own. Avalanche gets up and sends Sniper into the corner and then hits a bulldog and goes for the Avalanche Slam but Sniper breaks out of it by pushing his opponent away. Sniper then goes for a quick pinfall...1...2...Avalanche kicks out! Sniper then hits a closeline off the top rope and goes for another cover...1...2...kickout by Avalanche! Sniper goes for the Click Click Boom but Greg Hearst gets onto the apron and begins arguing with Sniper. Greg slaps Sniper in the face, causing him to turn around. Avalanche hits the Avalanche Slam and then goes for the cover...1...2...3!
Winner: Avalanche

Sypher Vs. Ace

Ace comes out to major heat from the fans, Sypher comes out to a decent pop. Ace stomps Sypher immediatly as he gets in the ring. Ace starts giving Sypher left and rights to the head knocking Sypher into the corner. Ace then attacks with kicks to the mid-section. Ace starts pounding away at Sypher s head with right hands. Ace then moves away from the corner and taunts the crowd. Ace runs at Sypher but he gets his feet up, kicking his opponent in the face. Sypher starts to give Ace right hands of his own, Sypher then kicks Ace in the mid-section and hits a snap suplex. Sypher stomps away at Ace then picks him up. Sypher then picks up Ace and takes him into the corner. Sypher picks up Ace and puts him onto the turnbuckle. Sypher goes up with Ace. Sypher delivers right hands to Ace and he begins fighting back with shots to the mid-section. Ace knocks Sypher off the turnbuckle. Sypher gets back up and runs at Ace but Ace comes off with a clothesline from the top. Ace goes for the cover...1...2-kickout by Sypher! Ace taunts to the crowd. Ace waits on Sypher to get up then attacks him again. Ace picks up Sypher and delivers a sidewalk slam. Ace covers again 1..2..kickout! Ace stomps away at Sypher who rolls out of the ring. Ace follows him. The referee starts the 10 count. Sypher is up and Ace starts to deliver right hands again. Ace whips Sypher into the steel steps. Sypher is down holding his back in pain. Sypher tries to get up. Ace grabs him and whips him into the barricade as the ref s count is at 8. Ace goes in the ring to break it. Ace goes back out the ring and starts kicking away at Sypher who is at the barricade. Ace scoops up Sypher and drops him ribs-first on the barricade. Ace breaks the ref s count again and then goes back outside. Ace grabs Sypher and puts him back in the ring. Ace gets back in the ring and Sypher uses the ropes to get up. Ace then proceeds to choke Sypher over the middle rope. 1-2-3-4-Ace breaks before the referee disqualifies him. Ace whips Sypher then tries a clothesline but Sypher ducks and comes off the other ropes with a dropkick on his opponent. Sypher signals for the superkick and nails it. Sypher goes for the cover...1...2...Ace gets a foot on the ropes! Sypher goes for another superkick but Ace ducks and the referee is hit barely by the kick. The referee is only down to a knee and just seems a little fazed. Ace hits a low blow followed by an Ace Plant on Sypher. Ace goes for the cover...1...2...3!
Winner: Sypher

Tag Team Championship Match:Mike/Jess Vs. S.I.N.​

Mike and Skull start off with a tie up. Mike whips Skull to the ropes and is hit by a flying headscissors. Skull makes a tag to Thrash who comes in with a dropkick to the head followed by a cover...1...kickout! Thrash attempts a spinning version of the headscissors, but Mike takes him down and Jess comes in after a tag with a quick rollup...1...2-kickout!. Jess goes to the headlock and overpowers Thrash, but Thrash gets a cross body after being whipped to the ropes followed by a cover...1...2..kickout! Jess chokes his opponent out and then tags in Mike. Mike delivers 10 repeated snap suplexes and goes for the cover...1...2...Skull breaks the count! Mike wrenches the arm of Thrash and then tags in Jess. Jess applies ten arm wrenches followed by an armbar submssion. Skull once again comes in to break the hold. Jess performs a snap mare and then kicks Thrash in the head. Mike is tagged back in and he delivers three german suplexes. Mike goes for a fourth but Thrash gets a low blow in since the referee is distracted by Skull who is tagged in afterwards. Skull applies a chinlock on his opponent and as he is about to break out of the hold, Skull hits an inverted DDT. Skull goes for the cover...1...2...kickout! Skull tags in Thrash. S.I.N. performs a double DDT and then Thrash goes for the cover...1...2...kickout! Thrash applies a front headlock. After two minutes, Mike begins getting the crowd hyped up as they begin chanting "Let's go Jess!" Jess gets up to his feet and performs an atomic drop followed by an overhead belly to belly suplex. Both competitors are down and their partners await the tag. After the referee counts up to eight, both competitors make the tag. Mike comes in and hammers away at both members of S.I.N. Thrash is closelined over the top and Thrash receives a crescent kick to the face. Mike goes for the cover...1...2...kickout! Mike sets up Skull on his shoulders as Jess climbs to the top. Jess hits the neckbreaker off the top and Mike makes the cover...1...2...Jess knocks Thrash off the apron...3!
Winners: Mike/Jess

Anarchy gets in the ring and is preparing for his match. He grabs a microphone.

Anarchy:"Now you may be wondering why all these matches are taking place. Well, it's quite simple. Jade has organized a brutal match that has never been seen before. It's an 11 person elimination First Blood Match for the eXtreme Championship. This match will contain Cadaverous, Sypher, Double X Raptor, Avalanche, Eden, Sniper, Ace, Greg Hearst, James Hunter and myself. This match will occur at the huge February extravaganza known as...Crestfallen!"

Scorpion Vs. Anarchy

Scorpion comes down to the ring first, then as Anarchy makes his way out, Scorpion meets him in the aisle way and they start brawling. Anarchy tosses Scorpion into the ring, and the bell is rung to officially begin the match. Scorpion gets the advantage with punches, but Anarchy pokes him in the eyes and starts hitting punches and chops. Scorpion comes back with punches, and hits Anarchy with a lariat. Scorpion hits a cross bodyblock followed by a cover...1...2-kickout! Anarchy closelines Scorpion from behind HARD! Anarchy starts yanking on Scorpion's left leg, and drops his weight on it from the ropes. Anarchy grapevines the leg and dropps down. Anarchy applies a toehold and wrenches the leg, but Scorpion reverses into an ankle lock, but Anarchy makes the ropes. Anarchy rolls to the floor for a breather. Scorpion goes outside to continue the assault and Anarchy decks him with a punch, then tosses him back in. Scorpion hits a series of punches, but Anarchy backdrops him to the floor after running at Anarchy. Anarchy goes outside and throws Scorpion back in. Anarchy hits a vertical suplex twice then slaps Scorpion in the back of his head and trash talks him. Anarchy knees Scorpion in the head and hits another vertical suplex followed by a cover...1...2-kickout! Scorpion is locked into another waistlock but he reverses it into a waistlock of his own Anarchy elbows free, but Scorpion grabbed him again but Anarchy reverses it with two more german suplexes. Anarchy pounds Scorpion in the back, then hits two more. Anarchy attempts for another one but Scorpion reverses it with a tornado DDT. Scorpion gpes for the Scorpion Sting, but Anarchy gets away, pokes Scorpion in the eyes, then hits a high knee, sending Scorpion into the ropes. Anarchy puts Scorpion on the top rope, but Scorpion fights off the superplex attempt. Anarchy gets back on him, and hits the superplex. Both competitors slowly get up, and Anarchy hits the fallaway slam with a cover...1...2...Scorpion kicks out! Anarchy complains towards the referee, then gives Scorpion a second fallaway slam, but Scorpion falls through the ropes to the floor. Anarchy goes outside and rams Scorpion into the ringpost. Anarchy ramms Scorpion into the ringpost again, and Scorpion is now bleeding. Anarchy rams him into the post a third time. Anarchy goes to use the ring bell as a weapon, but the referee takes it away. Two more shots into the post, then Anarchy pounds Scorpion on the floor. Anarchy just measures Scorpion with left and right hands on the floor. Anarchy tosses Scorpion into the ring, and goes for the cover...1...2...kickout!. Anarchy sends Scorpion back to the floor, and tosses him into the same ringpost again. Anarchy rams Scorpion into the announcer s table. Anarchy lifts Scorpion, but he floats over and shoves Anarchy over the barricade into the crowd. Anarchy gets back up, and suplexes Scorpion over the wall onto the concrete. They stay in the crowd for a moment, then Anarchy throws Scorpion back over the wall to ringside. As Anarchy climbs back over the wall, Scorpion grabs the leg of his opponent for an ankle lock. Scorpion takes Anarchy by the ankle and drags him up the steps and into the ring. Scorpion, a bloody mess, locks in the ankle lock, but Anarchy makes it to the ropes. Anarchy goes to the floor, and Scorpion eventually goes after him and hits a cross body block from the ring to the floor. Anarchy fires off some punches, but Scorpion gives him a crescent kick. Scorpion rams Anarchy into the announcer s table, then puts him back in the ring. Scorpion hits the moonsault followed by a cover...1...2...kickout!. Scorpion starts throwing punches, and the two traded right hand attempts, but Anarchy ends up applying a sleeper hold and sweeps Scorpion's legs so they fall to the mat. Scorpion fights up, and kicks off the corner to put Anarchy in a pinning position, but Anarchy rolls over and holds on to the sleeper hold. The referee checks his arm, but Scorpion keeps it up on the third time. Scorpion uses the ropes to shrug Anarchy off to the outside. Anarchy gets back in and measures Scorpion for a rock bottom! He hits it and goes for the cover...1...2...kickout! Anarchy is irrate. Scorpion slowly gets up, holding on to Anarchy. Anarchy slapps Scorpion, and goes for another rock bottom but Scorpion grabs him and hits the the Scorpion Sting. Scorpion goes for the cover...1...2...3!
Winner: Scorpion

Jade and Juvy are walking in the parking lot.

Jade: "So...let's go for a cruise."

Juvy: "Alright, hop in the passenger's seat and don't forget to buckle up. The laws for seatbelts suck in this province. I don't want to lose more money from you, haha. Here, I'll put the roof up, it looks like it's gonna snow."

The roof goes up on the car and Juvy puts his bags in the trunk. Juvy pulls a sledgehammer out of the trunk and locks the doors to the car.

Juvy: "You think it hurt when I called you a bitch? (Juvy breaks the sideview mirror off the car.) Well, this is going to hurt a lot more.(Juvy breaks the driver side's window.) But it's not going to hurt as much as you hurt me!"

Jade screams for help as Juvy continues to smash up the vehicle. Juvy brabs a can of spraypaint and writes 'Get Over It' on the hood of the car. Juvy then chokes Jade out in the car and she is unconscious. Juvy picks up his cell phone and calls somebody.

Juvy: "Yeah...you can go for it now."

Lights from the other end of the parking lot are turned on. It's a big pick-up truck which begins spinning out then picks up speed through the parking lot. The truck speeds forward and runs straight over the car, completely damaging it. Cameras go to the side where Juvy has Jade pinned to the ground.

Juvy: "Now...stay out of my life and get over it! You hurt me once already...and I saved your life. If you hurt me again...maybe next time you won't be so lucky!"

Juvy leaves as the show draws to a close.

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"Remedy" by Cold blares through the PA System and everybody begins booing, showing they no longer like Juvy after his actions this past Friday.

Juvy: "Alright, so I beat up my former girlfriend and take back my title...you all cheer me. I threaten to run her over and you all boo me? Make up your minds you humanoids! But I'm not here to debate whether I'm popular or not. I am here to show you exactly what I did at Flare."

Highlights are shown of Juvy smashing up the vehicle with a sledgehammer and then almost running over her.

Juvy: "You see what I'm capable of? She wouldn't leave me alone and that's what she got for it. But now that Jade seems to be out of the way, I can now carry on with my wrestling career. That's why tonight I will be competing for the first time since winning my title back at Deadly Games. You know, speaking of Deadly Games...Scorpion won that match didn't he? That's something that I'm very angry about. He wasn't even supposed to be put in the match, but he was and he won the match! Fantasy Nine is a while away still, so I am going to make sure Scorpion doesn't make it to Fantasy Nine!"

The Ragnarok's Theme Song starts and Sypher makes his way down to the ring.

Sypher: "It looks like we got a problem here. If you want to take out Scorpion you're gonna have to take down the whole Ragnarok with him. So I'll tell you what, you're saying you're gonna compete tonight...then why not go against me? That way I can put you out of your misery and you won't have to defend the title against Scorpion. I'll do it for you."

Juvy: "...You're on! But don't think it'll be a walk in the park Sypher...by the end of tonight...I'm going to prove that you're not better than me!"

Juvy leaves as Sypher stares him down from the ring.

Backstage, Crippler and Super FlyBoy are getting ready for their match.

Super FlyBoy: "Alright, we have tonight's going to be different. Tonight, we're going to win our matches. Ever since you cost us that tag match at Deadly Games, we've been on a losing streak."

Crippler: "What do you mean I cost us the tag match?"

Super FlyBoy: "You heard me. You cost us the tag match, you cost me me shot at winning the Deadly Games Match and going onto Fantasy IX and win the Heavyweight Title, it's all your fault."

Crippler: "My fault? If it wasn't for your cocky attitude we would have won both of those matches!"

Super FlyBoy: "My cocky attitude? Listen, you just stay out of my way before I lose again."

Super FlyBoy leaves as Crippler gives him an evil look.

Cadaverous/Eden/Ace Vs. Millionaire's Club

Ace and Greg Hearst start off the match as the crowd chants "We Want Jingle!", referring to James Hunter's past character, Jingle The Clown. Ace and Greg tie up in the center of the ring. Ace gets an armwrench on his opponent and tags in Cadaverous. Cadaverous unleashes an assault of rights and lefts in the corner and then whips Greg to the opposite corner. Avalanche tags himself in and runs at Cadaverous only to be hit with a powerful big boot. Cadaverous picks up Avalanche and chokeslams him. Cadaverous picks his opponent up and once again delivers a chokeslam. Cadaverous does it one more time but with more force on the last one. Cadaverous goes for the cover...1...2...Greg breaks the cover! Cadaverous drags Avalanche into his corner and then tags in Eden. Eden unleashes an assault of martial arts kicks and whips Avalanche to the ropes. Avalanche comes back and is knocked down with a powerful dropkick. Eden goes for the cover...1...2...Avalanche kicks out! Eden locks in a sleeper hold on his opponent. Avalanche seems to fade after being in the hold for three minutes and the referee checks on him. Avalanche's arm is lifted once...and it falls down. The referee lifts his arm up for a second time and it drops quickly, one more time and it's over...Avalanche's arm is lifted up for the third and final time. It stays up! Avalanche begins fighting to his feet and elbows his way out of the sleeper. Avalanche comes off the ropes and is hit with a big boot. Eden tags in Ace who flies off the top and hits an elbow drop. Ace goes for the cover...1...2...kickout! Ace locks in another sleeper hold but Avalanche fights out of it immediately by backing Ace into a corner. Both competitors are down as the referee begins the ten count...1...2...3...Ace makes the tag to Cadaverous...4...5...6...7...Avalanche makes the tag to Greg. Greg runs in and ducks a closeline from Cadaverous. Greg starts hitting some right hands, comes off the ropes and hits a closeline but Cadaverous doesn't go down. Greg tries another closeline and his opponent still doesn't go down. Greg tries one more time and this time he gets caught by the throat. Greg is hit with a thunderous chokeslam! Avalanche comes in and is hit with a chokeslam of his own. Cadaverous picks up Avalanche and goes for the Provirus as Greg goes for the tag. Greg is within an inch distance between him and James Hunter when James drops from the apron. James is booed at and he walks up the aisleway. Greg gets to his feet and wonders why James is doing this. Greg turns around and is hit with the Provirus. Cadaverous goes for the cover...1...2...3!
Winners: Cadaverous, Eden and Ace

Crippler Vs. Jenny

Crippler and Jenny stare eachother down. Crippler ducks a closeline and hits three german suplexes on his opponent. Crippler goes for the cover...1...2...kickout! Crippler hits a snap suplex and then climbs to the top rope. Jenny shakes the ropes and then climbs to the top with Crippler. Jenny hits a hurracarana from the top and goes for the cover...1...2...kickout! Jenny locks in the Wicked Submission Hold (Sharpshooter with extra force applied by laying down) and Crippler screams in pain. Crippler gets out of the hold by poking Jenny in the eyes. Jenny hits some knife-edge chops and Crippler blocks a fourth, followed by some chops of his own. Crippler hits a northern lights suplex and then climbs to the top. Crippler hits a diving headbutt and then goes for the cover...1...2...3!
Winner: Crippler

Super FlyBoy comes down to the ring afterwards and congratulates Crippler. Super FlyBoy hits Crippler out of nowhere with a spinebuster afterwards and throws him over the top rope.

Super FlyBoy Vs. Brittney

Brittney runs to the ring and is hit with a gold chain that Super FlyBoy was wearing around his neck. Super FlyBoy hits the Superfly and then pins Brittney as the crowd booes loudly...1...2...3!
Winner: Super FlyBoy

Super FlyBoy begins celebrating but is quickly stopped when Crippler comes from behind and locks in a dragon sleeper. Super FlyBoy begins tapping out and Crippler leaves.

Backstage, Gloria and Malaysia are giving gifts to S.I.N.

Skull: "What is it?"

Gloria: "Go ahead and open it up, it's a surprise."

S.I.N. opens up their gifts, they are matching sweaters.

Malaysia: "Go ahead and put them on."

S.I.N. puts on the sweaters and they look very stupid. They also realize this as they faces have a disgusted look on them."

Gloria: "So what do you think?"

Thrash: "They're...great..."

Malaysia: "We knew you'd like them."

Gloria and Malaysia hug S.I.N. who have a disgusted look on their face.

Trev Chapman is backstage with Scorpion.

Trev: "Scorpion, you heard Juvy's comments about you not making it to Fantasy Nine...what are your thoughts?"

Scorpion: "My thoughts? I beat Juvy in a ladder match to win the title in the first place. There's no doubt that I'm going to Fantasy because I'm the number one contender...no matter who the champion is. And that's the question right there...who's the champion going to be? I'm not sure if Juvy's going to be able to hang onto the title especially tonight when he has to take on my friend from the Ragnarok...Sypher!"

Trev: "That's another thing, the Ragnarok seems to be having some difficulties. At Deadly Games, Sniper left the group and then Avalanche left and joined the Millionaire's Club. Can you really trust Double X Raptor or Sypher?"

Scorpion: "Of course I can trust them...there's not a tighter unit than the Ragnarok right now."

Trev: "Alright, there you have it from Scorpion, now let's head down to ringside for a tables match!"

Table Match: Anarchy Vs. Double X Raptor

Anarchy and Double X Raptor begin hitting eachother with lefts and rights which leads them to the outside of the ring. Double X Raptor gains the advantage and whips his opponent into the barricade. Double X Raptor pulls a garbage can out from under the ring and nails Anarchy with it right over the head. Double X Raptor then places Anarchy in the garbage can and grabs a steel chair. Raptor nails Anarchy several times with the chair while he's in the garbage can. Double X Raptor gets a table from under the ring and sets it up in the ring. Anarchy gets the garbage can off of his head and goes back in the ring. Raptor attempts to suplex Anarchy through the table but to no avail. Anarchy reverses the suplex into a fallaway slam right through the table.
Winner: Anarchy

Juvy is walking backstage and goes to the table that supplies water bottles. A person in a baseball cap hands Juvy a bottle of water. Juvy begins to drink it then spits it out all over the floor.

Juvy: "Damnit! This water is warm!"

Juvy grabs the hat off the person, revealing it to be Jade.

Jade: "So is my love for you."

Juvy: "Don't give me that crap!"

Jade: "I'll offer you a deal. YOu hear what I have to say, if you care about me...we get back together...if you don't care about me...I'll leave right now and never come back."

Juvy looks at his watch.

Juvy: "Alright, but make it quick, I've got a match coming up."

Jade: "Inside of me, there is a growing feeling. I'm in love with you, with every ounce of my being, I will always love you. I don't care if you call me hurtful names, I don't care if you destroy my gift, I don't care if you threaten to run me over...as long as I get to see you, I am happy. When I let go of you, I let go, I couldn't let go of your love because it was the only thing keeping me breathing and my heart beating. I made the biggest mistake of my life and I can't go another day with you. So...from the bottom of my heart...please, please forgive me."

Jade begins acting sad as Juvy sits down beside here with that angry look he usually has on his face.

Juvy: "I forgive you. Now stop crying, if you still want to be with me we're going to have to work hard at this. If it doesn't work, there'll be no lawsuits, no attacking eachother...it's done...it's over with, never more!"

Jade has a smile on her face as Juvy begins walking towards the entrance to the aisleway, then Juvy pauses.

Juvy: "What are you waiting for...aren't you going to walk out with me?"

Jade: "Y,y,yes."

Jade runs up to Juvy and hugs him. They both leave together, arm in arm.

Heavyweight Championship Match: Juvy with Jade Vs. Sypher

"Cold" by Remedy plays and the Heavyweight Champion makes his way to the ring, alongside his long time valet, Jade. Juvy holds the ropes for Jade and then afterwards poses for the fans. Juvy removes his entrance attire as "St. Anger" by Metallica blares over the PA system and Sypher makes hi way to the ring. When Sypher slides into the ring, Juvy bails and his opponent taunts to the crowd on the top turnbuckles. After the entrances, both competitors begin circling the ring and then tie up. Juvy gets a headlock on his opponent and holds onto it with all his strength. Sypher pulls on the champion's hair and shoves him to the ropes. Juvy comes back and is placed in a sleeper hold. Juvy counters the hold by backing Sypher into the corner. The Heavyweight Champion hits three HARD knife-edge chops and then attempts to irish whip him to the opposite corner but it is reversed. Sypher goes for the ten punch but only gets up to seven before he is hit with an atomic drop followed by a leg sweep. Juvy locks in the figure four leglock on his opponent and uses Jade for more leverage. The referee looks to see if Juvy is cheating but they have already let go. The referee goes back to checking on Sypher as Juvy uses the ropes for leverage this time. The referee catches the champion and kicks his arm off the ropes. Juvy releases the hold and begins arguing with the referee. Jade rakes the eyes of Sypher and then acts as if nothing happened. Sypher is dragged to the center of the ring and then put in a sharpshooter. Sypher screams in pain and desperately attempts to reach to the ropes. After three minutes of being in the painful maneuver, Sypher reaches the ropes however, Juvy drags him right back to the center of the ring, still applying the submission hold. After two minutes, Sypher hooks the leg of Juvy and reverses the hold into an ankle lock. Juvy quickly bails from the ring to take a breather. Sypher uses the ropes and pulls himself back to his feet and begins limping. Jade hooks the bad leg of Sypher and trips him. The referee begins arguing with Jade and Juvy comes in the ring with a steel chair. Juvy smashes the leg of Sypher about ten times and then throws the chair away. The referee stops arguing with Jade and the champion locks in a figure four. Double X Raptor comes down and distracts the referee as Scorpion comes through the crowd. Scorpion grabs a steel chair and smashes Juvy in the head with it. Scorpion and Double X Raptor leaves as both competitors are down and out. The referee begins the ten count...1...2...3...there are no signs of them getting up..4...5...6...7...8...both opponents struggle to their feet. Juvy attempts a right hand but Sypher blocks it and hits a right hand of his own. Sypher hits him with three more and then whips Juvy to the ropes. Sypher hits a flying forearm and jumps to his feet, receiving a huge pop from the crowd. Sypher signals for a superkick and then attempts the cover...1...2...kickout! The challenger hits a superkick and pins again...1...2..kickout! Sypher is shocked and climbs to the top rope. Jade gets on the apron and holds Sypher down. Juvy quickly climbs to the top rope and hits a superplex. Juvy jumps to his feet and signals for a superkick, receiving huge heat. Juvy goes for the superkick but Sypher catches the foot, spins the champion around and hits a deadly DDT. Sypher climbs up top and Jade gets to the apron again. Sypher kicks Jade away and goes for a frog splash followed by a cover...1...2...kickout again! Sypher goes for another superkick and nails it then drops onto Juvy for the cover...1...2...kickout by Juvy! Sypher picks up Juvy into an attempt of the Juvy Driver but the champion slides off his opponent's shoulders and shoves him to the ropes. Juvy hits a crescent kick and then climbs to the top turnbuckle. Juvy hits his patented elbow drop and goes for the cover...1...2...Juvy gets off. Juvy looks at the crowd and places Sypher in a sharpshooter. Sypher screams in pain for almost seven minutes before he finally taps out.
Winner: Juvy

Juvy and Jade leave celebrating as Scorpion and Double X Raptor run to the ring to check on Sypher.

End of Show

Preview of this Friday's Flare​

1- Juvy and Jade are back together it seems. What kind of plans are they going to scheme?

2- Will Sypher be able to compete?

3- Why did James Hunter just leave in the middle of a match?

4- Crippler and Super FlyBoy don't seem to be working as a team anymore...will they face eachother in the near future?

5- This and more this on this Friday's Flare!

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Crippler comes out to the ring.

Crippler: "Last week, Super FlyBoy and I got into a little fight so I'm saying that we open up the night by resolving this fight. Super FlyBoy, get out here right now!"

Super FlyBoy comes down to the ring with a microphone.

Super FlyBoy: "You issue a challenge hoping I would accept, why should I? You don't even deserve my respect. Me and you one on one? What happened to competition, this is gonna be fun!"

Both competitors hit eachother with everything they've got for about ten minutes before Juvy makes his way down to the ring.

Juvy "What the hell is going on here? We got possibly the greatest tag team in the history of the CCWF fighting eachother. You guys want to solve this problem well I have come up with a magnificent idea...at the Crestfallen Event on Valentine's day...it's going to be Crippler...against Super FlyBoy...in an iron man match! Now have a great day!"

Backstage, Gloria and Malaysia are with S.I.N., who give them matching biker jackets.

Gloria: "Thanks you guys."

Skull: "No problem."

Jade walks into the room.

Jade: "I have been informed that at Crestfallen, it's going to ber a Chains of Love Match...S.I.N. will take on Gloria and Malaysia...ah...and you made such cute couples."

Gloria, Malaysia and S.I.N. are mad as Jade leaves.

Greg Hearst is in an office, counting money after footage of James Hunter leaving the ring during their match this past week on Revolution.

Greg: "That's right...James Hunter left. Like a coward, he left during the match. The people continued chanting we want Jingle...well, so do I! Since that match, we haven't found James. Now, am I puttig a bounty on James Hunter. The first one to find him receives a cash reward. James...you brought this on yourself and now...you must pay the consequences."

Anarchy makes his way to the ring.

Anarchy: "At Crestfallen, the eXtreme title is on the line in a ten man elimination first blood match. There's not one match more vicious than this! So I say let's get things started early...everybody come on out so I can bust you all up!"

Cadaverous, Eden, Double X Raptor, Sypher, Scorpion, Ace, Avalanche, Sniper and Greg Hearst all come down to the ring in a big fight. The fight goes on for about 20 minutes all over the ring area. Eventually, Anarchy hits a fallaway slam on all the other competitors and walks away with his hands in the air.

Backstage, Juvy is hiding a gift as Jade walks in the room. Jade gives her own gift to Juvy. Juvy opens the gift and it is an expensive watch.

Juvy: "Thanks. I got something for you too. Here." Juvy gives the gift that he was hiding earlier to Jade, it's a new outfit.

Juvy: "I knew you'd like it. See, since I'm not wrestling how's about you put on that outfit and we'll go out tonight."

Jade: "Sounds great."

Back at ringside, we are ready for the final match.

Tag Team Championship Match: Mike/Jess Vs. Millionaire's Club

Mike and Avalanche start off the match with a tie up. Avalanche gains the advantage and backs his opponent into a corner. Avalanche clubs Mike with right hands until he falls to the mat. Avalanche bodyslams the tag champ and then makes the tag. Greg Hearst enters and stomps on Mike then trash talks him as well. Greg begins choking his opponent...1...2...3...4...Greg lets go before he is disqualified. Greg chokes him again..1...2...3...4...Greg lets go. Gret puts Mike in an abdominal stretch and uses Avalanche's help for extra leverage. Jess gets in the ring after his partner's been in the hold for several minutes and the ref goes after him so he doesn't interfere. Meanwhile, The Millionaire's Club switches places without tagging and now Avalanche starts an assault. After several right hands and bodyslams, Avalanche goes for the cover...1...2...kickout by Mike! Avalanche whips Mike to the ropes and gets closelined. Avalanche doesn't fall and gets closelined again. Avalanche is reeling but is finally taken down with a third closeline. Both competitors are down as the ref begins the ten count...1....2..3...4...5...6...7...8...both competitors make the tag. Jess comes in and takes Greg down three times with right hands, followed by several hiptosses and three german suplexes. Jess goes for the cover...1...Avalanche breaks the count! Mike comes in and closelines Avalanche over the top rope. The ref is occupied with the action on the outside. Greg low blows Jess and the Wicked Girls come down to the ring and nail Greg with a steel chair. Jess pins Greg...1...2...3!
Winners: Mike/Jess

Preview for next week's Revolution...

1- What will happen next in the Juvy-Jade relationship?

2- What will happen next in the Wicked Girls-Mike/Jess relationship?

3- What will happen next in the S.I.N.-Gloria/Malaysia relationship?

4- The 10 Man Elimination First Blood Match for the eXtreme Title seems to be a very painful match. All 10 competitors have been at eachother for a long time now.

5- What will happen with Super FlyBoy and Crippler?

6- An Iron Man Match between Super FlyBoy and Crippler, A chains of love match between S.I.N. and Gloria/Malaysia, The Ten Man Elimination First Blood Match for the eXtreme Title...what else will be announced for the Cresfallen Event on February 14?

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Crestfallen means heartbroken which is quite an appropriate name for an event on Valentine's Day. The explanation for the chains of love match is coming up on the next show. The reason for the low amount of matches was because of the ten minute brawl between FlyBoy and Crippler and the twenty minute brawl between all 10 of the other guys.

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Juvy is leaning in his office chair. He tilts forward and begins talking.

Juvy: "Alright, Jade right now I sent you to your own personal office for tonight because it's a special occasion. I have a surprise tonight. I've never told anyone about this before. But how I feel right now for you, is something I've never felt before. I get this weird feeling in my stomach when I see you looking at me. Whether it's your long hair, beatiful eyes...it makes me wonder why I'm so lucky. Ever since we got back together, my feelings have become stronger and stronger. Without you, I would probably wither down into an empty pit full of guilt and sadness. Even with all the gold and glory, it still felt like something was missing, it still felt like I needed one more thing...and it was the most important thing of all...you. And that's why I'm inviting you into the ring at the end of the show. I'll see you there, first I have some business to take care of.

Juvy begins working on a laptop on his desk. Ifrit and Tommy Gunn walk in.

Ifrit: "Hey, you signed us saying you were going to make us top stars in this business. Ever since the Cruiserweight Tournament, we haven't been in matches. We want a chance to prove ourselves tonight!"

Juvy: "Oh really. Well let me tell you something Ifrit, how's about you go against your little buddy Tommy Gunn in an Over The Top Rope Challenge. You must throw your opponent over the top rope and both feet must touch the floor to win the match. Sound good? Well that match is right now!"

Tommy Gunn Vs. Ifrit​

Both competitors start off by circling the ring and tie up. Tommy Gunn gets a headlock on his opponent and is shoved to the ropes. Ifrit ducks for a backbody drop but gets hit with a swinging neckbreaker. Both get to their feet. Ifrit dodges a right hand and then hits a martial arts kick to the head. Ifrit picks up Tommy Gunn and attempts to throw him over the top by getting under him. Tommy Gunn becomes vertical and elbows his way out of the predicament. Tommy hits a right hand and then throws his opponent over the top. Ifrit lands on the apron and Tommy Gunn stomps on him. Gunn picks up Ifrit and throws him over the top once again. Ifrit "skins the cat" as Tommy Gunn comes towards him. Ifrit locks in a headscissors and flips Gunn over the top but he lands on the apron. Both athletes roll back in and hit eachother with right hands. Tommy Gunn gains the advantage and goes to the ropes. Gunn attempts a flying forearm but Ifrit ducks, causing Tommy to fall to the outside but under the bottom rope. Ifrit goes through the middle ropes and delivers knife-edge chops. Ifrit limbs to the apron and hits an Asai Moonsault on his opponent. After a little while, Ifrit throws Gunn back in and follows. Ifrit hits the Fire Driver (pulldown piledriver)in the center of the ring. Ifrit now taunts the crowd and attempts to throw his opponent over the top. Gunn lands on the apron and attempts to suplex his opponent to the outside, Ifrit lands on the apron and hits a right hand. Ifrit charges at Tommy Gunn, but the move is evaded when Tommy jumps to the ring steps, causing Ifrit to nail the ringpost. Tommy Gunn kicks his opponent in the mid-section and goes for a powerbomb. Ifrit immediately slides off and gets back in the ring. Tommy Gunn follows him and they both hit right hands. Ifrit gains the advantage and sets up for another Fire Driver but Gunn reverses it into a backbody drop over the top. Ifrit lands on the apron and then hops on one foot on the outside. Ifrit sits down at the announcer's table with the one foot that hasn't touched the floor, laying on the table. Tommy Gunn slides to the outside and grabs a steel chair. Anarchy comes through the crowd and steals the chair. Anarchy throws Tommy back in the ring. Cadaverous comes out and throws Ifrit back in the ring. Anarchy hits a fallaway slam as Cadaverous hits a Provirus. Anarchy grabs the chair and smacks it over the head of Tommy Gunn. Cadaverous takes the chair and smacks it over the head of Ifrit. Anarchy steals the chair back and bends it over the head of Cadaverous with a vicious chair shot. Anarchy throws Tommy Gunn and Ifrit over the top at the same time and then celebrates with the eXtreme title.
Winner: Draw

After the ring clears, Jade makes her way to the ring.

Jade: "No it's not the end of the show yet. And I have no clue what this surprise is, it better be good. Anyway, I'm sure all of you are wondering what a Chains of Love Match is. Two people are chained to opposite corners. Two people will start out fighting in the ring. Now, to get someone free, you must use any way you can to get a key which will be hanging from above. Now, which person will you choose to free? Will you chooes your friend or your boyfriend slash girlfriend or maybe even their friend. It is randomly choes to determine who starts the match and the only way to win is by pinfall. Now, to show us how this match works, I think it would be appropriate if we got Mike and Jess along with the Wicked Girls."

Chains of Love Match: Mike, Jess, Brittney, Jenny​

Mike and Brittney are chosen to starty the match as jess and Jenny are chained to opposite corner. Both competitors shake hands, circle the ring and then tie up. Mike gets his opponent in a headlock followed by the takedown. Brittney uses a headscissors to counter the hold and both are left in a stalemate. Again, both competitors circle the ring then tie up. This time, Brittney gets a headlock on Mike and takes him down with a bulldog. Mike begins getting upset and slaps Brittney in the face. Now, Brittney slaps Mike in the face and he shows he didn't like it one bit. Mike runs at his opponent and closelines her over the top. Mike quickly follows and whips Brittney into the steel steps with authority. Jess and Mike begin arguing as Brittney regains her composure. Mike goes to Brittney and gets low blowed for it. Brittney throws Mike over the guard rail and then gets a ladder from under the ring. Mike comes from behind with a clubbing blow then throws Brittney in the ring. Mike picks up the ladder and gets it kicked right in his face by Brittney. The Wicked Girl now climbs to the top and leaps onto Mike on the outside. Brittney gets up and brings the ladder in the ring after laying on the outside for a bit. Brittney only has enough time to set up the ladder before she is on the receiving end of three german suplexes. Mike gets up and climbs to the top of the ladder before Brittney shakes the ladder, causing him to land crotch-first on the top rope. Jenny begins yelling at Brittney and the Wicked Girls argue as Mike climbs to the top of the ladder and gets the key. Mike stands puzzled, not knowing who to let in the match. Mike eventually chooses Jess and he is unlocked from the corner, forcing Jenny to sit and watch the rest of the match. Mike sets up Brittney on his shoulders and Jess climbs to the top. Jess hesitates at first but eventually hits Brittney with the neckbreaker. Mike begins bragging and Jess grabs the ladder. He nails his own partner purposely and then pins Brittney...1...2...3!
Winner: Jess

In an office somewhere, Greg Hearst is counting money as he turns around in his chair.

Greg: "This past Tuesday, James decided to walk out, he decided to leave, he decided to run away. Much like the fans I want to know why. I've left phone calls, e-mails, text messages but I got no answer. James Hunter, you better be watching this. You let me know, you let the fans down, you let the Millionaire's Club down. You cost us the match and that's just something you don't do. So I'm offering money now, a bounty I guess you could call it on James. Whoever finds James Hunter and brings him to me, will receive a cash reward. James...you brought this on yourself...just get ready to pay the consequences."

The camera zooms in one his face as the promo video stops. (To view this promo, I can send it to you guys through MSN Messenger.)

Backstage, Avalanche is out cold and "Haha!" is spraypainted in green on his back. Greg Hearst is along with paramedics.

Greg Hearst: "Is this some kind of joke?"

Juvy shows up.

Juvy: "Don't worry, you get ready for your match."

Greg leaves and Super FlyBoy comes from around the corner then begins laughing.

Juvy: "You think it's funny?"

FlyBoy: "I didn't do this. I was looking forward to my match."

Juvy: "Well, you got the night off now. I don't think Avalanche is going to be wrestling tonight. This is one of these nights where I can't afford things like this to happen!"

Cameras zoom in on Avalanche before going back to the ring.

10 Minute Iron Man Match: Crippler Vs. Greg Hearst​

Both competitors circle the ring and tie up. Greg gets an arm wrench on his opponent followed by a headlock. Crippler counters by shoving his opponent to the ropes and then gives him a closeline. Crippler drops to the mat and attempts a dragon sleeper but Greg hangs onto the ropes, forcing Crippler to release the hold. Greg gets to his feet but is quickly taken down with a german suplex with a cover...1...2...kickout by Greg! Crippler holds the waistlock on and brings Greg to his feet. Greg reverses the waistlock and attempts the Million Dollar Finisher but Crippler reverses it into a dragon sleeper. After being in the hold for two minutes, Greg taps out. Crippler shows no remorse as he picks up Greg and delivers three german suplexes with a cover...1...2...3! Crippler climbs to the top and hits a diving headbutt followed by a cover...1...2...kickout! Crippler locks in a dragon sleeper. With thirty seconds left on the clock, Greg taps out again. Crippler just stomps away at his opponent until the time limit expires.
Winner: Crippler (3-0)

Super FlyBoy comes out.

Super FlyBoy: "Dawg, you made that look easy. But your performance made me a little queasy. Three to zero...that's all? I could score more in a one minute brawl! Well me and you isn't going to be ten minutes, we're fighting for an hour, ya feel me? It'll be like the Superbowl halftime show that was quite revealing. But we're not gonna be seeing Jackson's tit, we're gonna see that you suck more than just a bit. Word!"

Super FlyBoy leaves as Crippler stands in the ring.

Backstage, Double X Raptor and Eden get into a fight. Scorpion pulls Double X Raptor away as Sniper pulls Eden away.

Double X Raptor: "That title's gonna be mine. You're gonna be busted open."

Eden: "Oh yeah, I bet that little midget of a friend will take you out."

Scorpion: "Who are you calling a midget? How can you trust Sniper? He was accused of robbing the bank. He's probably pick-pocketing you right now."

Sniper: "Hey shutup! I was just paid to pretend I did it so the others could get away. You're just jealous because I got publicity on T.V. and now I'm famous!"

Double X Raptor: "How's about next week we make you famous. Scorpion and I against you two losers."

Eden: "Fine, you're one!"

Canadian Championship Match: Sypher Vs. Ace

Both competitors circle the ring to start off the match. A tie up occurs and they continue to reverse positions by backing eachother into the corners. Both stand nose to nose in the ring and Ace slaps his former friend. Sypher gets a drop toe hold followed by a chin lock. Ace gets to his feet, back Sypher into a corner and delivers a knife-edge chop. Sypher turns Ace in the corner and gives him a chop. Ace is whipped to the ropes and he hits a shoulder block. Ace goes back to the ropes and is elbowed in the head for it. Sypher goes for the cover...1...2-kickout! Sypher gets a single leg takedown on his opponent and gets a headlock on him. Ace eventually counters it by getting to his feet and hits a backdrop. Ace goes for the cover...1...2-kickout! Sypher goes for a closeline and both hit a closeline on eachother...1...2...3...4...5...6...both competitors get to their feet. Sypher gets a double leg takedown followed by right hands. Ace counters with right hands and the fist fight continues for several minutes. Sypher gains the advantage so Ace bails from the ring. The challenger begins arguing with a fan so the champion climbs to the top rope and leaps onto him. Ace is thrown back in the ring and Sypher climbs to the top again. Ace throws his opponent off the turnbuckle and then goes for a superkick but the champion catches the foot and hits a leg sweep. The Canadian Champion flips onto Ace for the cover...1...2...Ace uses his back strength to get up and turn Sypher over with a backslide...1...2...Sypher kicks out! Ace goes for a running bulldog but Sypher ducks to evade it. Ace turns around and gets superkicked right in the jaw. Sypher goes for the cover...1...2...3!
Winner: Sypher

Jade walks to the ring wondering what's going on. The lights go out and the arena is completely dark. A spotlight goes on as footage goes to a video that is shown playing to the song, Tell Me A Lie.

I've known you all my life, at least that's how it seems.

(Shows good times between Juvy and Jade.)
Never known to run away, living out a dream.

(Shows both Juvy and Jade winning title.)
Now I know you're leaving me, and I'll never understand.

(Shows Jade sad.)
For I let you walk away, I have one last amen.

(Shows Juvy sad.)
Tell me a lie, and say that you won't go.

(Shows both happy together.)
Look in my eyes, and hold me even though.

(Shows both hugging eachother.)
I realize you had to walk away, no more yesterday.

(Shows Juvy walking with Jade.)
Music with no words-----------------------

(Shows Juvy and Jade celebrating together.)
You always were my angel, flying high above.

(Shows Juvy flying off the top rope with an elbow drop.)
Always looking out for me, an angel that I love.

(Shows Juvy taking a spear for Jade.)
Now my dreams are fading, like age-old photographs.

(Shows Juvy and Jade sad.)
Afraid to much to look at now, remind us of our past.

(Shows both sad then cuts to both happy.)
Tell me a lie, and say that you won't go.

(Shows Juvy and Jade getting back together.)
Look in my eyes and hold me even though.

(Shows both hugging.)
I realize you had to walk away, no more yesterday.

(Shows Jade walking away from Juvy.)
Maybe we can stay together, maybe we can last forever.

(Shows both liking eachother's gifts.)
Maybe if you just tell me a lie, maybe then we'll never say...goodbye.
(Cameras go back to the ring.)

The lights go back on and Jade is in tears after watching the video. Juvy's song plays and the 17 Time Heavyweight Champion walks out. Both stand face to face in the ring and hug eachother. Juvy pulls something out of his overcoat and pulls off his shades. Juvy drops to one knee and shows a ring.

Juvy: "Jade...we've been through a lot together. We've been through rough times and good times just like you saw in that video I spent all day putting together. I care about you more than anything in the world. I think we can get it planned for next year. And I would like to know...will you marry me?"

Jade is in tears and shocked as she looks to the crowd who is cheering loudly and telling her to say yes.

Jade: "No! No way am I going to sit and wait a year before a wedding, let's have it at the Crestfallen event on Valentine's day event. So yes, I will marry you!"

Both embrace in the ring as the crowd goes wild, ending the show.

Preview for this Friday's Flare​

1. Scorpion/Double X Raptor Vs. Eden/Sniper, all four competitors are competing in the ten man elimination first blood match for the eXtreme title.

2. Anarchy knocked out Cadaverous with a steel chair, now it's Anarchy Vs. Cadaverous for the eXtreme title...wonder what kind of match it will be?

3. The Millionaire's Club has been through a lot lately. Greg Hearst has put a bounty on James Hunter who has yet to be seen. Plus, Avalanche was taken out along with tagged with the words "Haha!"...what's that supposed to be about?

4. The rivalry between Super FlyBoy and Crippler heats up as we head for the Cresfallen Event.

5. Skull/Thrash/Gloria and Malaysia all now see what a Chain's of Love Match is...what are their thoughts?

6. Mike and Jess seemed to have problems. Are the tag team champs gonna split? The Wicked Girls also seemed to have problems. What is more important to them...friendship or love?

7. Juvy and Jade are surprisingly tying the knot and are going to get married at the Crestfallen Event. We will see this relationship unfold even more as the wedding date draw nearer.

All this and more this Friday on Flare!

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Backstage, Greg Hearst is sitting in an office chair.

Greg: “Alright, ever since I put this bounty on James up we’ve been having some problems. Avalanche was attacked in the back and was marked with the words haha. Somebody think there’s a joke going on and we’re not going to stand for it. James, if I found out this is you, you are going to live to regret this.”

Somebody knocks on the door. Greg Hearst goes to open the door and it is a clown.

Clown: “Happy, happy birthday. It’s your birthday today. So turn that frown upside down and smile just for me. You’ll be more happy on your big birthday. I’m very happy and you should be too, you get cake and presents and joy because it’s your birthday.”

Greg: “Shutup! It’s not my birthday! Why are you here?”

Clown: “I’ve been sent here from a good friend.”

Greg: “Who?”

Clown: “I’m not allowed to give out that information.”

Greg: “Oh yeah? Well…”

Greg assaults the clown.

Greg: “I never did like clowns.”

Greg sits in his chair counting money as the clown is out cold on the floor.

The Wicked Girls are about to change when Mike and Jess walk in.

Brittney: “Hi guys, what are you up to?”

Mike: “Nothing. But there’s something we have to let you know.”

Jenny: “What is it?”

Mike: “Jess and I were discussing and we thought it would be better if we were just friends. It’s really ruining our reputation as athletes. We’re barely wrestling anymore because we pay too much attention to you. Isn’t that right Jess?”

Jess doesn’t look to pleased.

Jess: “Uh…whatever…”

Jenny: “You’re breaking up with us?”

Mike: “I think it’s a smart thing to do. We should concentrate on wrestling because we are the tag team champions. Who knows, maybe we’ll face eachother down the road. I think it’ll be fun.”

Jenny: “So you come here and act all nice to break up with us? Why don’t you just tell the truth. Tell us the real reason. Don’t give us the excuse that you just want to work. That’s a poor excuse. You know what, since you treated us like garbage, I’m gonna treat you like garbage. I’m going to get us a match for the tag team titles. You stole our hearts and crushed them, well we’re gonna still your gold and crush you!”

The Wicked Girls leave. Mike seems pissed off and Jess looks a little sad.

eXtreme Championship Table Match: Cadaverous Vs. Anarchy

The match starts out with both competitors hitting eachother with right hands back and forth. Anarchy gets the upperhand and irishi whips him into the buckle. Anarchy runs and gets a boot in the face then is quickly thrown out of the ring. Anarchy is irish whipped HARD into the steel steps and then gets his head thrown into the ringpost. Cadaverous gets a table and sets it up but is low blowed by the challenger. Anarchy gets ready to hit the fallaway slam but the champion elbows his way out of it. Cadaverous goes to smash Anarchy’s head into the steel steps but it is reversed. Anarchy gets in the ring and taunts the crowd. Cadaverous eventually gets up on the apron and Anarchy nails him with a right hand. Anarchy then hits a running shoulder block on his opponent and Cadaverous’s head hits the guardrail as he falls to the floor. Anarchy gets another table on the opposite side of the ring and throws it into the squared-circle. Anarchy sets it up as Cadaverous gets to the apron. Anarchy goes to the champion and gets grabbed by the throat. Cadaverous steps back in the ring and hits a chokeslam on the challenger. The eXtreme Champion rolls to the outside and picks up a steel chair then brings it in the ring. Anarchy ducks a shot with the chair and then fights back with some right hands. Anarchy gains the advantage and hits a DDT. Both competitors are down for a while until Anarchy gets to his feet. He sets up the table on the outside to lean against the apron and the guardrail. Anarchy gets back in the ring and gets another table which he sets up on top of the table on the outside as it is now level with the top rope. Cadaverous gets to his feet and takes down the challenger with yet another chokeslam. Cadaverous picks up the steel chair and cracks it over the head of Anarchy which busts him wide open. Cadaverous now goes for the Provirus but Anarchy fights out of it and hits a tombstone piledriver of his own. Anarchy picks up Cadaverous and starts to nail him hard with the steel chair but he doesn’t go down. It takes four shots and then Anarchy backs up with the champion reeling. Anarchy takes a run at the champion and gets backdropped over the top and through two tables.
Winner: Cadaverous

The ref begins checking on Anarchy who seems to be injured. Anarchy gets wheeled out on a stretcher.

Backstage, Super FlyBoy is listening to some music on a walkman. Crippler approaches him and rips the headphones off his head.

Super FlyBoy: “What’s your problem?”

Crippler: “I went ten minutes with Greg Hearst and I proved that I am the absolute best. Now, with me and you it’s gonna be an hour long. The greatest tag team in history. It’s gonna come down to the last second, whoever has the advantage will take the win. Now you look into my eyes, I am more determined than ever and I will do whatever it takes to finish you off.”

Super FlyBoy: “One second…it’s gonna take more than that. I’ll beat you so many times it’s not even funny. I’m going to guarantee something…I’m going to guarantee that I will have a three point lead in the match at some time. Let’s see you top that.”

Crippler: “Fine, I guarantee that I’m going to walk out as the winner of that match. Which should earn me some sort of title shot in the future while you stay back and watch me become what you never were…a main eventer!”

Super FlyBoy: “Oh so we playing the burn game now? You better watch your back…I’ve got something planned that’ll rip off your socks…and your neck!”

Super FlyBoy puts the walkman back on and walks away as Crippler is worried about what’s in store for him.

Backstage, Gloria and Malaysia are fighting.

Gloria: “Look what you got us into, now we’re stuck against S.I.N. in a Chains of Love Match. How fair is that?”

Malaysia: “You’re blaming this on me? We all know this is your fault. You thinking you’re the best just because you have the Cruiserweight Championship. The only reason we’re in this match is because you’re not defending that title.”

S.I.N. shows up.

Skull: “Girls, girls, what’s the problem here?”

Gloria: “We’re forced to fight eachother in that match!”

Skull: “Who cares? It doesn’t matter who wins or loses. We’ll still be together right?”

Gloria: “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

Skull: “Now, let’s take out the trash Thrash.”

S.I.N. assaults Gloria/Malaysia with biker chains then walk away.

Juvy is sitting down in some sort of store. Jade walks out with a beautiful white wedding dress on.

Jade: “What do you think?”

Juvy: “You look great, that might be the one. Let’s look at the others first.”

Juvy’s cell phone rings. Juvy picks it up.

Juvy: “Yeah, really? That’s great news. We’ll be there to pick it up in about an hour.”

Jade: “Who was that?”

Juvy: “The cake’s ready. I can’t wait until we get married. This is going to be great.”

Jade: “It’ll be the happiest days of our lives.”

Juvy: “And there’s still many more to come.”

Jade walks back in as cameras go back to ringside.

Scorpion/Double X Raptor Vs. Eden/Sniper

The Ragnarok run hide behind the set. Eden and Sniper walk out and the Ragnarok run at them. Eden and Sniper duck the attack and then low blow them and throw punches at them as they go down the aisle. Eden and Sniper throw them into the ring and enter themselves. Eden throws Scorpion out of the ring and irish whips Double X Raptor into the corner. Eden and Sniper walk over and start kicking Raptor in the mid-section. Double X Raptor falls down and Sniper leaves the ring. Eden uses his foot to choke out Raptor. Scorpion gets back up on the apron but Eden knocks him back down. Eden runs up to Raptor and uses his knees to squash his head. Eden picks his opponent up and hits a DDT and then locks in a reverse chinlock. Eden holds the reverse chinlock for about a minute and then lets go. Eden then drags Raptor over to his corner and stomps on him five times then tags in Sniper. They hit a double suplex and Eden goes to the apron. Sniper hits a punch, which knocks down Raptor. Sniper hits a leg drop on Double X Raptor and then hits a snap suplex. Sniper gets up and hits an elbow drop followed by a leg drop. Sniper irish whips Raptor into the corner and tags in Eden. Ragnarok’s opponents walk over and hit a double suplex. Eden picks Double X Raptor up and hits a DDT, and then stomps on him more. Eden backs Sniper into the corner and goes for a suplex but Double X Raptor reverses it into a roll up…1…2…Eden kicks out as he pushes him over to Scorpion who gets tagged in. Scorpion gets into the ring and punches Eden into the corner and turns round, with a spinkick and takes him down again. Scorpion runs over to Sniper in the corner and starts kicking him in the mid-section before hitting the headscissors takedown out of the corner. Scorpion runs over to Eden and hits a dropkick, landing Eden on Sniper. Scorpion picks Eden up and throws him out of the ring. Sniper gets up and is dropkicked by Scorpion. The referee counts…1…2…kickout! Eden goes for a big boot once he gets in the ring but Scorpion ducks so Sniper takes the blow. Eden is frustrated as Double X Raptor enters the ring and spears his opponent right onto Sniper. Double X Raptor hits both competitors with a body splash and then Scorpion climbs to the top and hits a senton splash with the cover…1…2…kickout! Double X Raptor gets out of the ring by referees orders and Scorpion climbs to the top again All of a sudden the lights go out and Cadaverous’s music begins to play. Cadaverous walks to the ring with a steel chair as Scorpion and Double X Raptor get out of the way. The eXtreme Champion walks right into the ring and picks up Eden. Cadaverous delivers the Provirus to Eden right on the steel chair and then does the same to Sniper as the referee calls for the bell.
Winners: Eden and Sniper by DQ

Cadaverous leaves the ring as Eden and Sniper must be carried out by stretchers.

Preview for this Tuesday's Revolution!

1-Cadaverous has just taken out Eden, Sniper and Anarchy who are all supposed to be in the 10 man elimination first blood match. Will they be able to compete?

2-Greg Hearst is once again emberassed by actions of a mystery person. Will this happen again?

3-Gloria/Malaysia + S.I.N. is no more as we just saw. This Chains Of Love Match has made the couples fall apart. What will Gloria/Malaysia do to get revenge?

4-Mike/Jess dumped the Wicked Girls. Will the Wicked Girls get their tag team title shot?

5-Super FlyBoy and Crippler's rivalry is heating up. Crippler has guaranteed to win the ironman match while Super FlyBoy guaranteed that he will surprise Crippler. What is the surprise?

6- Juvy and Jade seem to be getting ready for the big wedding celebration. What's next?

All this and more this Tuesday on Revolution!

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The show opens up with Juvy and Jade in their office.

Juvy: “Tonight, we will begin with a draw that we have come up with. At the beginning of each show, we will do this draw to determine who will be commissioner for the day. These people can make decisions all night long.”

Jade: “I will choose for tonight.”

Juvy holds up a hat and Jade picks a little piece of paper out of it and reads it.

Jade: “Ace!”

Juvy: “Now if you’ll excuse us, we have some more wedding plans to attend to.”

Juvy and Jade leave the office.

Backstage, the Wicked Girls are talking.

Brittney: “I can’t wait. We’re gonna beat Mike and Jess at Crestfallen then take their titles. It’s gonna be sweet revenge.”

Jenny: “I know, I can’t wait for it. You wait in the locker room, I’ll get us a couple of drinks.”

Brittney walks into the locker room and Jenny continues to walk as the cameras go to the ring.

Ace makes his way out.

Ace: “I was promised to be commissioner today so I have several announcements I want to get to. First of all regarding Crestfallen, I will not be competing in the eXtreme Championship match because I do not like to taste my own blood thank you very much. However, I want a match against the Canadian Champion, Sypher…the following week. But that’s not important right now, for tonight, I am making several matches. First it will be Scorpion against Super FlyBoy. Crippler against Sypher and both of these matches are submission matches. But that’s not all. The main event will be Double X Raptor taking on Cadaverous for the eXtreme Championship…and the loser of this match will not be going on to Crestfallen! Now have a good day as I will be backstage, in my office.”

Ace leaves the ring.

Backstage, Jenny is out cold surrounded by paramedics and Brittney. The load her into an ambulance and leave. Meanwhile, Malaysia and Gloria are watching this on a TV.

Malaysia: “I bet you Mike and Jess did it.”

Gloria: “No kidding. We should start watching our backs to see if S.I.N. will attack us.”

As Gloria begins saying this S.I.N. nails both girls from behind and continue to hit them with the biker chains as cameras go back to the ring.

Crippler Vs. Sypher

Both competitors circle the ring and then tie up. Crippler gets a waistlock and hits a german suplex. Sypher elbows his way out of the second one and hits an overhead belly to belly suplex. Sypher now begins the assault with stomps to the head and then locks in a boston crab. Crippler screams in pain as he attempts to get to the ropes. Crippler eventually gets to the ropes to break the hold. Crippler uses the ropes to get back to his feet and Sypher decides to attempt a closeline however, Crippler reverses it into a back bodydrop to the outside. Crippler rolls to the outside and begins hammering away at Sypher followed by an irish whip into the steel steps. Sypher seems to be unconscious as Crippler rolls back in the ring…1…2…3…4….5…6…7…8…Sypher gets to the apron. Crippler suplexes him right back in the ring and then goes for the cover…1…2…kickout! Crippler picks up his opponent with a waistlock and Sypher elbows his way out of the hold. Sypher now begins to fight with right hands and a closeline. Crippler gets up and is taken down with an armdrag. Sypher climbs up top and hits an axe-handle smash on his opponent followed by a cover…1…2…kickout! Sypher slaps the taste out of Crippler’s mouth and then hits a double leg takedown. Sypher catapults Crippler into the top turnbuckle and then hits an inverted DDT. Sypher goes for the cover…1…2…Crippler gets a foot on the ropes! Crippler rolls to the outside to take a breather as the lights go out. When the lights are on, Cadaverous is in the ring behind Sypher. The lights go out again with some loud noises being heard. When the lights go back on Sypher is busted wide open and unconscious. Crippler gets back to the apron and delivers a diving headbutt followed by a cover…1…2…3!
Winner: Crippler

Super FlyBoy Vs. Scorpion

Both competitors begin by circling the ring. They tie up and Scorpion quickly is shoved to the mat showing that he is the smaller athlete. They tie up and Scorpion is shoved to the mat again. This time when Scorpion gets to his feet and quickly hammers away at Super FlyBoy. Scorpion hits a dropkick and Super FlyBoy begins reeling. Scorpion hits a running dropkick and FlyBoy quickly falls to the outside. FlyBoy is frustrated and he kicks the stairs before getting back in the ring. They circle the ring again and tie up. Super FlyBoy puts a headlock on his opponent and then takes him down. Super FlyBoy puts Scorpion in a sleeper hold for two minutes before he seems to pass out. The ref checks his arm once…it drops. He lifts it again…drops! One more time and…it’s up! Scorpion uses the cheers he gets from the crowd to energize himself. He gets to his feet and fights out of the hold with elbows to the gut. Scorpion runs to the ropes and gets taken down with a shoulder tackle. FlyBoy goes for the cover…1…2….kickout! Scorpion gets to his feet and is thrown over the top ropes. Super FlyBoy taunts in the ring, receiving huge heat. The lights go out. When the lights go back on Cadaverous is behind Scorpion and then the lights go back off again. More loud noises are heard until the lights go back on. Cadaverous has once again disappeared and Scorpion is out cold, having gone through the announcer’s table. The referee counts Scorpion out and then calls for the bell.
Winner: Super FlyBoy

Cadaverous Vs. Double X Raptor

Both competitors are in the ring and exchange some choice words. They then begin hammering away at eachother with right hands. Double X Raptor gains the advantage and sends Cadaverous to the outside. Raptor grabs a steel chair from ringside and smashes it over the skull of his opponent. Raptor continues to hit the eXtreme Champion with a steel chair and then leaves the ring, heading backstage. Cadaverous crawls back into the ring and struggles to his feet. The lights go out. When the lights go back on Double X Raptor is standing behind Cadaverous and then the lights are shut right back off. When the lights go back on, Cadaverous has the cover on Cadaverous…1…2…3!
Winner: Double X Raptor

Ace comes out.

Ace: “Alright, that’s enough of this crap. The lights keep going off because of you two morons. Well let me tell you something Double X Raptor…(Ace gets in the ring)…the only reason you won that eXtreme title was because you hid in the dark like a coward! So, by the power invested in me by Juvy and Jade, I now declare myself the new eXtr…”

Double X Raptor spears Ace down and then towers over him with the eXtreme title he has just won to end the show.

Preview for this Friday's Flare

1- Just one day away from Crestfallen, what else will happen to change the events?

2- People continue to get injured right before the event. Double X Raptor and Greg Hearst look to be the only two left in the First Blood Match for Crestfallen.

3- Juvy and Jade are going to be tying the knot soon.

4- It's Friday the 13th...what will happen there?

5-This and much more this Friday on Flare!

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Sorry for the late posts, my computer is having some very bad problems. I'm lucky enough to have posted this. Crestfallen should be up soon. Thanks for reading.


The show starts off by the lights shutting off. When they go back on, Cadaverous is in the center of the ring.

Cadaverous: "Tonight...is Friday the 13th! Tonight...I am running the show! Tonight...I get to do what I want! I've made it so that it will not be an elimination First Blood Match at Crestfallen...it will be one on one! Because of Ace...I am no longer in that match so I am going to beat Ace in a hardcore match! Also, to see who goes on to face Double X Raptor at Crestfallen, we will have an open invitational locker room brawl! We will also have an over the top battle royale with ten people! Also...the Ragnarok will be ejected from the building immediately!

The Ragnarok run down the aisle but are quickly stopped by security. They are held back and carried backstage to the parking lot. When they arrive in the parking lot, Juvy comes out of a limo and smacks Scorpion over the head with a steel chair. Juvy gets back in the limo and leaves as the Ragnarok continue to struggle with security.

10 Man Over The Top Battle Royale: Skull, Thrash, Gloria, Malaysia, Mike, Jess, Jenny, Brittney, Super FlyBoy, Crippler

Skull and Gloria are at eachother in one corner. In another corner, Malaysia and Thrash are exchanging right hands. In a third corner, Mike and Brittney are hitting eachother with everything they've got. Jenny and Jess are going against eachother in the other corner. However, in the center of the ring, Super FlyBoy and Crippler tie up. Crippler gets a waistlock and then two german suplexes follow before Super FlyBoy elbows his way out of it. Super FlyBoy whips Crippler to the ropes and hits a backbody drop. Super FlyBoy goes over and helps Thrash get Malaysia on the top rope. FlyBoy hoists her up and flips her over the top rope to the floor. Thrash asks to shake hands with FlyBoy and gets thrown over the top rope for it. Crippler charges at Super FlyBoy in the corner and hits him with hard knife-edge chops. Brittney is thrown through the middle ropes so Mike and Jess double team Jenny. They pound on her for a while and then Mike lifts her up onto his shoulders. Jess climbs to the top and Jenny delivers a headscissors over the top rope to Mike. However, both are able to stay on the apron. Crippler closelines Super FlyBoy over the top rope but he lands on the apron and then shoves Mike and Jenny off the apron, eliminating them. Crippler then pushes Jess off the turnbuckle, eliminating him. Super FlyBoy comes from behind and hits an axe-handle smash on Crippler. Skull and Gloria contine to battle it out in the corner as Brittney gets back in the ring. Brittney hits a low blow on Super FlyBoy and then gets thrown over the top by Crippler. Super FlyBoy charges at Skull and Gloria in the corner and then eliminating them both with huge closelines. Super FlyBoy and Crippler are the only two left in the ring and they stare eachother down. They start off by talking trash to eachother and then hit the right hands. Crippler gains the advantage at first but Super FlyBoy delivers a knee to the mid-section and takes over with more right hands. Crippler is whipped to the ropes and hits with a reverse elbow to the face. FlyBoy stomps on Crippler until he rolls out of the ring. The rapper asks "Who's your daddy?" and the crowd boos very loudly. Crippler gets back in the ring and comes from behind, throwing his opponent over the top. The crowd cheers with excitement but Super FlyBoy lands on the apron and rolls back in. Crippler picks his opponent up and hits hard knife-edge chops. FlyBoy is whipped to the ropes and hit with a closeline. He gets up and is hit by another one. Crippler picks up his opponent and attempts an irish whip to the buckle but Super FlyBoy reverses it. FlyBoy goes for the Superfly but Crippler reverses it with a knee to the face and a waistlock. Crippler changes the waistlock into a german suplex. Crippler goes for another one and hits it! Crippler hits another one as Super FlyBoy now seems dazed however he elbows his way out of the waistlock and comes off the ropes with his arm extended for a closeline. Crippler ducks, turns around and applies a waistlock followed by another german suplex! Crippler picks up Super FlyBoy for another one but Super FlyBoy reverses the waistlock and hits a german suplex of his own. Super FlyBoy goes for a release german suplex but Crippler lands on his feet and hits another german suplex! Crippler signifies that he's going to the top and does so. He attempts the flying headbutt and nails it! Crippler picks up Super FlyBoy and brings him to the ropes. He hoists him up to a vertical base and then attempts to throw him over but his opponent continues to hang onto the ropes. Crippler locks in a dragon sleeper which he calls the Crippling Effect while FlyBoy is caught in the ropes. Super FlyBoy gets out of it by crawling through the middle ropes and falling to the outside. Crippler follows him by sliding under the bottom ropes and spearing him into the guardrail. Crippler whips his opponent into the steel steps and then runs at him, only to be backdropped on the concrete floor. Super FlyBoy has trouble walking but manages to grab a steel chair and get into the ring. Crippler gets back in the ring, not realizing what's waiting for him. Super FLyBoy runs and takes a swing at Crippler but he ducks and hits another german suplex out of nowhere! Crippler hits two more after that! Crippler goes for antoher one and this time. FlyBoy's head bounces off the steel chair. Crippler goes for a tenth german suplex but Super FlyBoy tries to fight out of it anyway he can. Super FlyBoy begins climbing to the top turnbuckle, with Crippler still hanging on. Crippler goes for a german suplex off the top rope and hits it! Both competitors down and seem to be very injured and exhausted. After a while, Crippler gets to his feet and brings Super FlyBoy to the ropes. He hits a right hand and Super FlyBoy falls into the ropes. He goes for another one and FlyBoy begins reeling. Crippler takes a run at him and hits a closeline. Super FlyBoy falls over the top rope and lands on one foot. Crippler's opponent slides back into the ring and hits a low blow. Crippler gets whipped over the top rope but lands on the apron. Crippler gets to his feet on the apron. Crippler gets to his feet on the apron and his opponent comes to hit him off. Crippler catches the hand of FlyBoy and attempts a suplex to the outside but FlyBoy slides off, onto the apron. FlyBoy hits a thumb to the eyes and then goes for a side kick but Crippler catches the foot, spins him around and puts him in the Crippler's Effect. Super FlyBoy screams in pain and then flips Crippler over him to the outside. Super FlyBoy walks up the aisle as Crippler is frustrated with his loss.
Winner: Super FlyBoy

Backstage, Crippler kicks over something as Trev Chapman comes by with a microphone.

Trev: "Crippler....Crippler. May I have a word with you? You just lost to Super FlyBoy in the ten man battle royale. What are your thoughts?"

Crippler seems very upset.

Crippler: "My thoughts?! You wanna know my thoughts?! I'll tell you my thoughts! Come tomorrow in that Iron Man Match...I am going to destroy Super FlyBoy! It's going to be an hour of hell! He thinks he's going to surprise me?! Well bring it on because nothing's going to stop me from being the winner! I've been waiting for this moment for a long time and come St. Valentine's Day...at Crestfallen...Super FlyBoy...I will make you cry like a little baby and prove that I am the best damn wrestler in that team!"

Crippler pushes Trev Chapman away and then leaves.

Open Invitational Locker Room Brawl

Eden and Sniper who have just returned from injuries, show up. Greg Hearst and Avalanche from the Millionaire's Club show up. Ifrit shows up. Tommy Gunn shows up. The Ragnarok show up. Cadaverous enters the room.

Cadaverous: "I don't know how you got by security, but we might as well have fun doing this Ragnarok. I know I'm not allowed to face Double X Raptor at Crestfallen...but I can help other people!"

Cadaverous, Eden, Sniper and the Millionaire's Club all attack the Ragnarok as Ifrit and Tommy Gunn seem to work together and leave the locker room. Ifrit and Tommy Gunn are running down the hall. Both split up, one goes down the right hall, one goes down the left hall and they both come back to argue which way to go. They both argue as Greg Hearst comes by with Avalanche in front of him. Avalanche closelines both Ifrit and Tommy Gunn, then continues to go straight ahead. Eden begins running down the hall and then picks up both Ifrit and Tommy Gunn. He launches them both down the left hall and then continues to go straight. Sniper runs and takes down Eden with a wooden two by four. He then delivers a DDT to the Master of Suggestion, then continues to run. Meanwhile, the Millionaire's Club begins walking down the aisle. The lights go out and a green spotlight is put ont he team. An awkward laugh echoes through the arena as the lights go off. Multicolored lights flash throughout the arena as the Millionaire's Club is wondering what is going on. The lights go back off and when the go back on, Greg Hearst and Avalanche are trapped in boxes that magician's use for tricks. Sniper now begins walking down the aisle, he sees the Millionaire's Club and gives them each a slap in the face before getting to ringside. Just as he's about to climb into the ring, Ifrit and Tommy Gunn come from the crowd and attack Sniper. Eden makes his way down as Sniper and attempts to fight off the two rookies. Eden ckeslams Tommy Gunn, then chokeslams Ifrit. Then he attempts to chokeslam Sniper but Sniper hits a low blow followed by the Click Click Boom. The Ragnarok race their way down to the ring and hammer Sniper down. Cadaverous is shown out cold in the locker room. Juvy comes out from the crowd and cracks a steel chair over the head of Scorpion and then leaves through the crowd, with the other Ragnarok members chasing after him. Sniper rolls into the ring and is declared the winner.
Winner: Sniper

Backstage, Ace is being interviewed.

Trev: "Ace...you're facing Cadaverous next in a hardcore match..."

Ace: "Yes I am. Now what's the matter with this picture? Absolutely nothing. I'm going to show that Cadaverous that I'm not some weak mid-carder. I'm going to prove to the world...that America is the main event, no matter what! Cadaverous...you've met your match...the real American hero!"

Ace walks away.

Hardcore Match: Cadaverous Vs. Ace

Both competitors begin circling the ring and then Cadaverous rolls to the outside. Cadaverous begins looking under the apron for weapons when Ace baseball slides right into his opponent. Ace picks up some cables off the floor and begins choking Cadaverous until he is nearly unconscious. Ace grabs a chair from one of the announcers and smashes it over the skull of his opponent. The American looks under the apron and grabs a table from under the ring. He sets that table up on the announcer's table before he gets a thrust to the throat from his opponent. Cadaverous throws Ace in the ring and then grabs a steel chair that was used on him earlier. Cadaverous slides back in the ring and stalks Ace with the chair. Ace stumbles to his feet, turnst around and ducks the chair shot. Ace counters with a dropkick to the chair, which causes it to smash right into Cadaverous's face. Ace goes to pick up Cadaverous but is grabbed by the throat. Cadaverous chokeslams Ace HARD on the ground and then slowly climbs to the top turnbuckle. Cadaverous waits until Ace gets up and then hits him with a closeline off the top. Ace's opponent goes for the cover...1...2...kickout by Ace! Cadaverous is frustrated and sets up for the Provirus. Ace squirms out of the move and shoves Cadaverous to the ropes, only to be closelined. Cadaverous goes to the outsnde and finds a trash can, he places it on the apron and attempts to get in the ring but Ace kicks it right into his opponent's chest. Ace picks up the garbage can and places it over the head of his opponent. Ace dropkicks the trashcan, causing Cadaverous to fall into the fans. Cadaverous struggles and gets the trash can off his head but by then Ace had already mounted the guardrail and closelines Cadaverous in the fans. Ace throws a fan off his chair and then steals it from him. Ace attempts to nail Cadaverous with the chair but is grabbed by the throat. Cadaverous chokeslams his opponent and then begins walking through the crowd, making his way backstage. Ace makes his way to his feet and follows his opponent. Cameras go backstage where Cadaverous is hiding behind a corner with a steel chair. Cadaverous turns the corner and nails Ace with the chair. Cadaverous goes for the cover...1...2...kickout! Cadaverous brings Ace to his feet and pins him against a wall. Cadaverous nails several right hands and then whips him into the wall on the other side. Cadaverous runs to Ace and is hit with a boot to the face. Ace deliversa flatliner onto the steel chair. Ace grabs a laundry basket and rolls it into Cadaverous then places him in it. Ace wheels Cadaverous through the backstage area. Whenever, Cadaverous began sitting up, Ace would hammer on him until he stayed down. Ace eventually makes his way to ringside and wheels the basket right into the ring and it tips over. Ace picks up Cadaverous and throws him in the ring. Ace clims to the top and gets ready for the Ace Plant but Cadaverous throws the referee into the ropes. Cadaverous chokeslams Ace off the top rope and then goes for the cover...1...2...kickout by Ace! Cadaverous can't believe it so he whips Ace into the opposite buckle and sets him up on it. Cadaverous goes for another chokeslam off the top but Ace counters it with right hands. Ace suplexes Cadaverous to the outside through the announcer's table and then extra table. The crowd begins chanting "Holy Shit!" as Ace is on top of Cadaverous for the cover...1...2...3!
Winner: Ace

Preview for Saturday, February 14th...Crestfallen!

Battle of the Sexes Tag Team Championship Match: Mike/Jess (champions) Vs. The Wicked Girls

Chains of Love Match: Gloria Vs. Malaysia Vs. Skull Vs. Thrash

Iron Man Match: Crippler Vs. Super FlyBoy

First Blood Match for eXtreme Championship: Double X Raptor (champion) Vs. Sniper

And of Course...the wedding of Juvy and Jade!

It goes down this Valentine's Day!​

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A video package is shown to start off the show. It shows footage of what has happened over the past 4 weeks leading up to this event and then finishes with showing Juvy and Jade kissing eachother.

Chains of Love Match: Skull Vs. Thrash Vs. Gloria Vs. Malaysia

Skull and Thrash start off the match as Gloria and Malaysia are chained to opposite corners. Skull and Thrash say they don't want to fight eachother. Skull goes to the outside and retrieves the ladder and then sets it up. Skull begins climbing to the top of the ladder and then Thrash pushes it over, causing his partner to fall to the outside. Thrash sets up the ladder once again and climbs quickly to the top of the ladder. Thrash gets the key and climbs down. Thrash goes to Malaysia's corner and unlocks the chain. Skull comes back in the ring and starts nailing Thrash with right hands. Malaysia takes the chain that tied her to the ring and nails both members of S.I.N. Malaysia grabs the key and unlocks Gloria from the corner. Gloria and Malaysia both take chains and beat the crap out of S.I.N. with them. Gloria goes for the cover on Thrash...1...2...Malaysia pulls Gloria off! Malaysia pins Skull...1...2...Gloria breaks the count! Both Malaysia and Gloria now begin hitting eachother and then take eachother out of the ring. Skull gets up first and grabs one of the chains. Skull whips it over his head and is low blowed by Thrash. Thrash wraps another chain around his fist and punches Skull with it. Thrash goes for the cover...1...2...3!
Winner: Thrash

Battle of The Sexes Tag Team Championship Match: Mike/Jess Vs. Wicked Girls

Mike and Brittney start off the match by circling the ring and then tie up. Mike applies a waistlock and then drops Brittney to the ground. Mike applies a front face lock now. Brittney gets to her feet and flips her opponent over her head. Brittney lays on Mike...1...Mike uses his back strength to pick Brittney up and gets a backslide on her with the cover...1...2...kickout! Both get to their feet and Brittney dodges a closeline but Mike ducks. Mike comes off the ropes for the second time and hits a flying lariat. Mike wrenches Brittney's arm and tags in Jess. This time, Jess wrenches the arm of Brittney and locks in an armbar. Brittney gets to the ropes to break the hold and gets to her feet. Mike closelines her from the apron and Jess drags her to the center of the ring. Jess goes for another armbar but Brittney shoves him away. Brittney makes the tag to Jenny, but the referee doesn't notice it because he was pre-occupied with Mike. The referee now argues with Jenny as the tag champs double team Brittney in their corner. Jess tags Mike back in and he chokes Brittney in the corner...1...2...3...4...Mike lets go before he is disqualified. Mike hits the ten punch and thenw hips Brittney to the ropes. Mike attempts a backbody drop but Jenny comes in and hammers away at both tag champs. Mike gets closelined over the top and Jess is hit with a chick kick in the center of the ring. Jenny locks in the Wicked Submission and Jess begins screaming in pain. After three minutes, Mike is able to get in the ring and break the hold. Jenny tags in Brittney and they hit a double suplex. Brittney goes for the cover...1...2...kickout! Jenny locks a sleeper hold on Jess. Eventually, Jess is able to break the hold with elbows to the face. Jess applies a waistlock and hits a german suplex. Jess holds on and picks up Jenny for another and hits it. Jess goes for another and nails it again. A fourth attempts and again, Brittney is slammed down. Jess continues the assault with a fifth! Jess hits suplex number six! Brittney seems to be completely out of it and is still hit with another. On suplex number eight, Brittney appears to land on her neck. Jess shows no remorse and hits a ninth suplex. Jess finally ends the suffering after a tenth german suplex. Jess goes for the cover...1...2...Jenny breaks the cover! Jess locks in a sleeper hold on the challenger and hangs onto it for three minutes before Brittney raises to her feet. Brittney elbows her way out of the hold and hits Jess with a suplex. Both competitors are down as the ref begins the count...1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...both partners are tagged in. Jenny ducks a closeline and hits a bulldog. Jenny climbs to the top rope and Mike climbs up as well to take her down but he gets pushed off. Jenny hits a senton splash and goes for the cover...1...2...Jess breaks the pinfall! Jess superkicks Brittney off the apron and then picks up Jenny onto his shoulders. Jenny gets out of it by delivering a headscissors to Jess over the top ropes and hangs onto the ropes. Jenny gets up to the apron and is suplexed back in. Mike climbs to the top rope and hits a neckbreaker. Miek goes for the cover...1...2...Brittney breaks the count! Mike lifts Brittney onto his shoulders and Jenny gets under Mike. Jess climbs to the top rope and hits a neckbreaker on Brittney who is on top of Mike, who is on top of Jenny. Mike pins Brittney...1...2...3!
Winners: Mike/Jess

Backstage, Sniper is being interviewed by Trev Chapman.

Trev: "Tonight Sniper is your opportunity to become the eXtreme Champion."

Sniper: "Yes...and by winning the eXtreme Championship...it will prove that I am more superior than Assassin. Tonight Double X Raptor...you're gonna feel the Click Click Boom!"

Sniper walks away.

eXtreme Championship First Blood Match: Double X Raptor Vs. Sniper

Both competitors start off with a few choice words for eachother and then exchange right hands in the center of the ring. Raptor gains the advantage and nails Sniper hard, knocking him to the outside. The champion continues the assault with a baseball slide. Double X Raptor takes the stairs and attempts to hit Sniper who counters the attack with a low blow. Sniper rams Raptor's head into the ringpost. The challenger hits his opponent in the face with right hands and then does the Click Click Boom signal. Sniper takes some chairs from under the ring and throws them inside. Raptor struggles to his feet and then is whipped into the guardrail. Sniper taunts the crowd and then takes a run at the champion, then smashes Raptor's face with his knees. Sniper locks in a sleeper hold and then demands the champion to bleed. The challenger lets go when it seems his opponent is unconscious. Sniper rolls back into the ring and taunts the crowd. The sound of wind blowing echoes through the arena. The screen by the entrance shows a shadowy figure walking in the light. Sniper wonders what's going on. The lights go out, the words "Click, Click, Boom!" are played over the PA system and evertying turns to normal. Sniper wonders what's going on as the champion has returned to the ring and picked up a steel chair. Sniper turns around and gets a chair right in the head. Raptor picks up the challenger and attempts a DDT on the steel chair but Sniper backs him into a corner folllowed by vicious shoulder tackles. Sniper backs away, then attempts a spear in the corner but Double X Raptor moves out of the way and hits a powerful spear. The champion goes for another spear but Sniper counters with a kick to the mid-section. Sniper goes for his Click Click Boom finisher but Double X Raptor shoves him into the ropes. Sniper comes off the ropes and is hit with a kick to the mid-section followed by a DDT on a steel chair. Double X Raptor gets to his feet then retrieves his title. Sniper is still not busted open so the eXtreme champion hits four vicious shots to the head of the challenger with the eXtreme title and Sniper is busted open from it.
Winner: Double X Raptor

Backstage, Juvy is trying on his tuxedo.

Juvy: "This is the greatest day in my life. This is better than anytime I've ever won the title. I can't wait until tonight...it's gonna be memorable. And then there's the honeymoon. I've even made sure nothing bad will happen because everyone will be in a lockdown, backstage. Anyway, I guess I can sit down and enjoy the iron man match for now..."

A video package is shown of the title wins between Crippler and Super FlyBoy together and alone in singles action. It involves highlights of them two as friends and then eliminating eachother in the Deadly Games match. It finishes off with highlights of the two's rivalry over the last four weeks.

Iron Man Match: Super FlyBoy Vs. Crippler

Both competitors circle the ring after a staredown. Both former friends tie up and Crippler applies a waistlock. Super FlyBoy is taken down with a german suplex and then Crippler taunts the crowd. Both are back up and tie up again. The FlyBoy hits an overhead belly to belly suplex, taunts the crowd and receives huge heat. For the third time, these rivals circle the ring and tie up. Cripler is backed into the corner and whipped to the buckle. The rapper goes for the Superfly quickly but Crippler reverses it into a tornado DDT. Super FlyBoy goes to the outside to regroup and gets back in the ring at the count of seven. Crippler asks for a test of strength. When they lock up with the first hand, Super FlyBoy kicks his former friend in the mid-section until he drops to his knees. FlyBoy comes off the ropes and hits the throwback. Crippler is pinned...1-kickout! The rapper locks in a sleeper hold and is able to hang onto it for two minutes before Crippler reveres it with elbows and a backdrop.Crippler wrenches the arm, pulls on it and then wrenches it even more. FlyBoy delivers a thumb to the eye and then puts Crippler in a headlock. Crippler gets to his feet from the hold and is quickly taken back down. Crippler reverses it into a pinfall...1...kickout! FlyBoy puts the headlock back on. Crippler eventually gets the hold released by getting his feet on the ropes. Crippler dodges a closeline and hits a gutbuster. Afterwards, Crippler puts a leglock around the waist of FlyBoy. After two minutes, FlyBoy reverses it into a cover...1...Crippler gets the leglock back on. After a minute, FlyBoy reverses it into an awkward boston crab where he's facing the other way. After about a minute, Crippler reverses it into a backslide...1...2-Super FlyBoy kicks out and Crippler puts the leglock back on. FlyBoy eventually gets to the ropes. FlyBoy dodges a knife-edge chop and gets a waistlock on Crippler followed by an atomic drop. Crippler is out on his feet and FlyBoy locks in a sleeper. Crippler counters it by backing his opponent into the corner and then hitting a waistlock. After a minute, FlyBoy gets to his feet and is taken down with a belly to back side suplex with the pressure of the waistlock still being applied. FlyBoy gets back up and attempts a huge elbow but Crippler ducks it and locks in a bearhug. After two minutes, FlyBoy breaks out of it with an earslap followed by an atomic drop and a powerful closeline. Crippler is picked up and irish whipped to the ropes then hit with an elbow to his face. FlyBoy gets a headlock on his former friend and is able to hold it for five minutes before Crippler counters it with a backbody drop. Both athletes come off the ropes and hit eachother with closelines. The referee begins counting but only gets up to eight. Both competitors have a little trouble getting to their feet and then start hitting eachother with right and left hands. Crippler gains the advantage, much to the pleasure of the crowd, and whips FlyBoy to the ropes. Crippler hits a huge backbody drop followed by several hiptosses and a standing dropkick. Crippler goes for the cover...1...2-kickout! Crippler goes for the diving headbutt but Super FlyBoy moves out of the way. Super FlyBoy stalks Crippler as he struggles to his feet then nails the Superfly. FlyBoy goes for the cover...1...2...Crippler gets a foot on the ropes! Super FlyBoy drags his former friend to the center of the ring and Crippler gets a rollup...1...2...3! (Crippler scores a fall.) Crippler slowly gets to his feet but his opponent gets up very quickly and is irrate. FlyBoy takes Crippler down with an explosive closeline over the top rope. Super FlyBoy continues his assault with right hands. Crippler is then whipped into the steps followed by another irish whip, this time into the barricade. Super FlyBoy gets back in the ring and the referee begins counting Crippler out...1...2...3...there's no signs of Crippler moving....4...5...6...Crippler slowly gets to his feet...7...8...9...Crippler gets on the apron. Super FlyBoy attempts to suplex Crippler back in the ring, but he lands right on top of the rapper...1...2...FlyBoy gets a foot on the ropes! Super FlyBoy deliversa chop block to the leg of Crippler and then leans it on the middle rope. The rapper begins jumping on the leg with all his weight. After jumping on the bad leg five times, FlyBoy drags his opponent to the center of the ring and drops TWENTY elbows on the bad leg. Crippler's leg is pulled on as his opponent attempts to rip it right off. Crippler is almost put in the figure four leg lock but he counters it with a rollup...1...2...3!(Crippler scores a fall.) FlyBoy gets up and locks a figure four leg lock on his former friend. Crippler immediately taps out from the pain. (Super FlyBoy scores a fall.) The rapper picks up his opponent, who's leg appears to be limp and whips him hard to the buckle then nails the Superfly. Crippler is pinned...1...2...3! (Super FlyBoy scores a fall.) Crippler is almost hit with another Superfly but he counters it with a Lou Thesz Press. FlyBoy rolls to the outside and Crippler attempts to regain some strength in his bad leg. FlyBoy comes from behind and attempts another chop block but Crippler leaps over his opponent and hits a german suplex. Both are down for a count of seven before they get back up with the help of the ropes. FlyBoy runs at Crippler and is backdropped to the outside. Crippler climbs to the top buckle and leaps onto his former friend. It takes up to a count of nine from the referee before Crippler gets in the ring with FlyBoy. Crippler delivers a neckbreaker and then climbs to the top rope, hitting a diving headbutt. Crippler goes for the cover...1...2...FlyBoy gets a foot on the ropes! Crippler picks up FlyBoy and applies a waistlock but Super FlyBoy elbows his way out of it. Cripler is whipped to the ropes and attempts a flying foremarm but accidentally hits the ref after his former friend ducks. Crippler is then hit with the Superfly and is pinned but there's no ref to count. Super FlyBoy goes to check on the ref and Crippler gets up. Crippler locks in the dragon sleeper and Super FlyBoy taps out but there is still no referee. A fan comes from over the barricade and throws powder into the eyes of Crippler. He then climbs to the top and delivers a five star frogsplash as the crowd begins booing. The fan takes off the baseball cap, revealing it to be MMM (Madman Myles) who was fired last July for assaulting a fan. He places FlyBoy on top of Crippler and revives the official. The ref begins counting...1...2...kickout! The fans erupt with excitement and MMM is furious. Both combattants are up and Crippler ducks a closeline. Crippler hits another neckbreaker and climbs to the top rope. MMM gets on the apron and is kicked off by Crippler. Crippler hits the diving headbutt and goes for the cover...1...2...MMM pulls Crippler out of the ring. MMM attempts to whip Crippler but Crippler counters it with a whip into the barricade. Crippler gets back in the ring and Super FlyBoy runs at him. Crippler dodges the closeline and locks in a dragon sleeper. One minute before the time limit expires, Super FlyBoy taps out. Both competitors duke it out with punches until the time limit expires.
Winner: With a score of 3-2...Crippler!

Crippler celebrates his victory with many superstars int he back as the wedding decorations are set up and the minister gets in the ring. "Remedy" by Cold plays and Juvy makes his way to the ring in his suit. The classical bride's song plays and Jade makes her way to the ring in a long, white wedding gown.

Minister: "We are gather here today to witness the marriage of Juvy and Jade. Would Juvy and Jade please stand towards the podium. (Juvy and Jade step towards the podium and then face eachother, hand in hand.) This is the time you have chosen to become husband and wife. We are here, not only to witness your commitment to each other, but also to wish you both every happiness in your future life together. Within its framework of commitment and loyalty, marriage enables the establishment of a home, where through trust, patience and respect, the love and affection which you have for eachother may develop into a deep and lasting relationship. We who are witnessing your marriage, hope that despite the stresses inevitable in life. Your love, respect for eachother, your trust and understanding of eachother will increase your contentment and heighten your joy in living. And now, I will read from the poem entitled, two lives. Two lives, two people, so very different, yet so similar. Together we stand as one, sharing our future as it comes. The past is that, past. Buds are yet to blossom, with care and trust, the best is yet to be revealed. Honesty and kindness, are the fruits of love. Lord bless this day and always to enrich us so our love will never end. Now you may say your vows, Juvy."

Juvy: "Jade, from the bottom of my heart, I have always loved you. It didn't matter when we started going out, it matters when I first noticed you. I will never forget the day where we became more than friends or co-workers. I will never forget our first kiss. I will never forget those cold nights where we kept eachother warm. I will never forget our longs walks throughout this town. I will never forget those night where we sat down and talked and laughed together. But most importantly, I will never forget you. You are the person I cherish most and that's why we are here today."

Minister: "And now you, Jade."

Jade: "Juvy, it has never been about the fame, the glory, the brutality. It's always been about the love, the love that drives us, day after day, to keep breathing, to keep our hearts beating, to work harder, to love eachother even more. This day is just to signify our love for one another. We know how much we love eachother, it stretches beyond any unimaginable limit. Juvy, I love you more than words can describe and I forever will."

Minister: "Juvy, do you take Jade to be your wedded wife. To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and cherish 'till death do you part. And hereto pledge your faithfulness?"

Juvy: "...I do."

Minister: "And Jade, do you take Juvy to be your wedded husband. To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, 'till death do you part. And herto pledge your faithfulness?"

Jade: "...I do."

Minister: "By the power invested in me...I know pronounce you...husband and wife. Juvy, you may now kiss the bride."

Juvy holds Jade by the face and then brings her closer. They begin to kiss for a little while and then they leave the ring together as the crowd cheers, ending the show.

What will happen this Tuesday after what has all just transpired at Crestfallen...find out at Revolution!
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