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Just threw this together out of nothing. As many people have noticed I prefer the not overdone style of graphics. Still can't do text though. :(

Give us you views.

And I decided to thrown in a crappy avatar to match for the sake of it.

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Hey not bad not bad at all. Yea the avatar is crapy but the banner looks nice. The blending is looking nice and the cuts and colors and background is also looking cool. But the text spoils some part of it. I would rate it a ummm... 8.5/10. Work On It To Make It A 9.5/10.

P.S. Thats just my opinion.

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Honestly theres not much there to blend with. There's close to no background, which doesnt help it. Cuts are ok, think u got a bit carried away with the eraser on one of them.

The effects on the cuts doesnt really suit it, prolly cus of the background.

and the text is bad, effects and the font.

Its ok, just the effects dont really go with the background.

Effects are ok though.

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