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I love my 2 kitties. They are both flawless. Littermate brother and sister that I adopted from the shelter at 9 weeks old.
Mine are all adopted too. High five!
I was a dog person for years.. until I got a Cat (that dunno why I hated them before) and now I find dogs pretty stupid, really wasted my time with them, only advantage you have with dogs are with the guard types like Dobermans can help a bit your house safety, but they can also become a problem if for whatever the reason escape and kill some person, I was lucky I never got any similar issue with my pitbull.
I think that works both ways. I have 2 cats and a dog, they all can be annoying as hell. But with some patience and love, you can manage how to deal with em. If an animal was adopted then it will have some health and psychological issues for sure, especially if that's an old animal. Some might even need special care like this.
Anyway, cats and dogs are like people, they all have different personalities with own traits just as we do.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts