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* No flaming
* Character/role revealing is allowed after you have 50% of the vote against you
* If you break your post-restriction (if there are any) you will first be warned, then modkilled.
* Phases will usually last 12-24 hours
* All roles are to be PM'd to me
* Bold your votes and unvotes - easier for me to see that way
* Have fun :D

Cartoonville is a crazy, wacky place with the most amazing variety of characters co-existing in a crazy and wacky way. However, like most civilisations, there are a certain few cartoon characters who, for one reason or another, are ridiculed and overshone by the more appealing cartoons, or are just plain evil. During the elections for King of Cartoonville, 23 cartoon characters were located in the voting arena, and the call went out for the winner, Stone Cold sXe. He did not appear. The call went out louder this time, and still, no sign of Fry. Suddenly, a body dropped from the ceiling of the arena - the body of Stone Cold sXe. A cat crawled over and retrieved two cards that were poking out of his pocket.

The first card:

Stone Cold sXe said:
Congratulations, you are Phillip J. Fry, Innocent Aligned
The second card:

Beware citizens of Cartoonville for you are all in morbid danger. Amongst you lie a group of us who have been subjected to humiliation, slander and ridicule for too long, and now we are making a stand. We are going to kill you off one by one until we, the true cartoon characters, are the only ones remaining.
Panic broke out in the arena, and the characters all returned to their homes. Simultaneously their television sets turned on to the news, where it stated that the town would be working together in order to find the fiends responsible for the death of Phillip J Fry.

And so the game begins...


1. Stone Cold 4life (Satan, Individual Aligned ~ Serial Killer)
2. RetepAdam. (Dick Dastardly, Mafia Aligned ~ Framer)
3. Nov (Johnny Bravo, Mafia Aligned ~ Silencer)
4. Lostfap (Dexter, Innocent Aligned ~ Reviver)
5. Alcoholic
6. Rising (Mojo Jojo, Mafia Aligned ~ Bodyguard)
7. HoMiCiDaL26 (Daffy Duck, Mafia Aligned ~ Rolecop)
8. iMac (Road Runner, Innocent Aligned ~ Night Immune)
9. DH Claus (Velma, Innocent Aligned ~ Investigator)
10. Wesson ()Wile E. Coyote, Innocent Aligned ~ Bodyguard
11. HeAT (Homer Simpson, Innocent Aligned ~ Lie Detector)
12. NaFFan (Sylvester, Innocent Aligned ~ Townie)
13. Duke
14. Mr. Lawls (Bugs Bunny, Innocent Aligned ~ JOAT)
15. Doddsy (Rocko, Innocent Aligned ~ Hider)
16. Postage (Elmer Fudd, Innocent Aligned ~ Vigilante)
17. CM Dealer (Tweety Bird, Innocent Aligned ~ Vanilla)
18. RKO920 (Mr. Burns, Mafia Aligned ~ Godfather)
19. Richie (Edna Krabappel, Innocent Aligned ~ Prostitute)
20. TheHitmanHart (CatDog, Innocent Aligned ~ President)
21. HellFire8899
22. Mr Styles
23. dan_marino (Shaggy, Innocent Aligned ~ Namecop)

Day 1
Night 1
Day 2
Night 2
Day 3
Night 3
Day 4
Night 4
Day 5
Night 5
Day 6
Night 6
Night 7
Day 8
Night 8


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Roles have been sent out.

Let's see how the votes are going in, mmm, 14 hours

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I hope I don't have to explain this. Also, I twat I taw a puddy tat...I did, I did taw a puddy tat. You suck sXe

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Glad that this game is underway. Was looking forward to this before the delay. :D
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