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cancel smackdown....

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and bring all there talent to raw to pack the the 3 hour shows with decent stuff instead of the same old same old and loads of recalls to fill gaps... since smackdown is obv not the show it used to be floating about in scifi...

The Top guys on Smackdown most likely would slide into upper midcard/mainevent on raw... so by bringing smackdowns talent esp the top talent and running with there storylines.... you would have.... realy midcard fueds again with storylines instead of only maineventers on raw getting storys and real fueds.
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The so called 'Smackdown' talent is already on RAW.
Not just cancel SmackDown, but also unify the world titles. You can keep both mid-card titles and maybe make a rule that if the holder successfully defends the title at 2 maybe 3 PPVs, he is automatically the #1 contender at the next PPV
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They shouldn't cancel smackdown. Just cancel Superstars.

The 30 minutes(since 10 seems to be recaps/useless videos) from Superstars that they usually have, just move that to Raw instead.
No way, SD is not as good as Raw IMO, but it is still pretty great sometimes. The extra hour on Raw can be used as time to push things they never had time for before like the midcard titles/Tag belts and Divas title.
I think they should start making actual feuds that's not only main event storylines.

Like have someone feud with Santino Marella over the US title. Miz and Christian are feuding for the IC Championship I think even though Christian got his rematch already. They had one helluva match on SD!, so why not let them wrestle each other for a while, maybe have another match at SummerSlam?

They must keep at least 1 show besides RAW. The brand extension has to continue!

What needs cancelling is recaps, replays!
This isn't going to happen anyway but I'll vote NO - keep it.
I want them to keep Smackdown, Raw has always been the show for story lines and Smackdown is the show for wrestling.
Smackdown is fine because it's idea is to help develop younger stars.
I want them to keep Smackdown, Raw has always been the show for story lines and Smackdown is the show for wrestling.
This. I don't understand why people shit on Smackdown. It consistently has better matches than RAW. The roster isn't as thin as everybody makes it out to be. If there was only one show a lot of talents would be left off of TV. I feel like they should move Smackdown back to Thursdays if anything. Ratings would go up if it was on Thursdays.
They don't need to cancel anything they just need to stop booking garbage and blowing air time on recaps and segments that go nowhere.
Doesn't work out. It's not really a 3 hour Raw when they show 10 FUCKING RECAPS at least during the fiasco. They only had time for two long matches? Disgusting.
Smackdown would mean more if it actually got to main event a few PPVs. But sadly, even the WWE title hasn't main evented a PPV since December.
ah, cancel SD thread #559307...I actually like my Smackdown thank you very much. It has a much different vibe from RAW and for the most part the episodes are solid, with a even mixture of wrestling and segments. Unlike RAW, where (in the famous words of forest gump,) you never know what your gonna get.

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If they need to cancel anything, it should be TOUT...but they won't because of the number of Internet hits from all the jimmies.
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no they shouldn't get rid of smackdown but just give midcard more time instead of the pointless raw recaps and the vault.
No, if they cancel Smackdown, that means all its boring superstars like Sheamus, Alberto, etc. will have more time on RAW.. Thanks, but no thanks.
Cancelling Smackdown means that Sheamus will have more TV time on RAW.

Do you hate me?
If Smackdown was on Fox it would of been canceled long ago,you know Fox cancel everything including great shows like Dollhouse and Firefly so Smackdown would of been canceled an long long time ago.
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