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Canadians - TNA Impact in HD?

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Are any other Canadians upset over the fact that we cannot legally get TNA Impact in HD in Canada?

I understand the reason has *something* to do with the CRTC, but clueless about the details. For some reason, Canada only gets the regular SD SpikeTV channel. No one carries the SpikeTV HD.

My options to watch TNA in HD:

1) Setup FTA IKS HD recever and point dish to 129 Dish Network. Voila, SpikeHD in Canada!


2) Download the x274 720p rip from favorite torrent/nzb site when it becomes available (usually a few days after it airs)

However, both of these options are illegal.

Why cant we Canadians have a legal options to obtain TNA Impact in HD? I cant be the only one wanting to see Velvets ass in HD! Are the CRTC all **** or something?
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I have an HD and an old school TV in my place and I usually end up watching WWE and TNA on the old school TV anyway. More comfortable lying in bed watching TV than I am in the sitting room. It's not like there's really visual effects that need HD in wrestling anyway. Are you just fussed about not being able to see Velvet's ass in HD or something?

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Iv downloaded 720p episodes before aswell. and to be honest it makes it very clear how small the impact zone is. also makes promos less believable when poorly skilled wrestlers get on the mic.

bassically i think the old style of 4:3 low quality is better in someways. ie made it seem more real

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it has nothing to do with the CRTC spike tv HD is allowed in Canada just like the HD equivalents of all the U.S stations that we get
The cable and satellite operators would just have to reach a agreement with viacom if they wanted to carry it

Also I am a defenitly not a big fan of the CRTC but I find it really annoying how people always seem to to blame them for stuff that they have absolutely nothing to do with
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