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How will 21-1 be perceived in the future?

  • Genius move

    Votes: 17 39.5%
  • A horrible mistake

    Votes: 26 60.5%

Can you predict how 21-1 will be remembered in the future?

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A touch of genius (ala Hogan's heel turn at the Bash that gave birth to NWO or Montreal Screwjob that gave birth to Mr. McMahon)


A horrible mistake (Fingerpoke of Doom that ended WCW or Invasion Storyline that could have been the greatest angle ever)?

And why?
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I think it will be remembered as a shocking moment in WWE history and regardless of where it goes from here it will be remembered as a moment. Does not matter who broke the streak, just that it was broken.

Think about it this way. Ric Flair defeated Harley Race at Starcade 1983 for the title, but it was not like that was Flair's first title reign. He held it from like 1981 to 1983 and then won it back vs Race, but people remember this match. Do people say, but he was already champions so this match doesn't matter? Nope.

People remember Hogan slamming Andre in a match that had never been seen before, well except for 7 years earlier, but people don't say that. They remember Hogan winning at the silverdome.

Do people remember Warrior defeating Hogan and say, "but his title reign stunk, so that was a wasted moment." Nope. (well except maybe for Hulk)

Even though the fingerpoke of doom was awful, people still remember it.

This is what I think will happen with the streak being broken. People will remember just that and not what happened afterwards or before.
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