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Whats the minimum rep to change from one title to anoter?

For example, 0 - 9 rep is Newbie i suppose, and theres somemore like jewel in the rough, better than your mum, glarious beacon of light etc.

Can someone tell me whats the lowest to the highest? ( negative rep too )

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[user] enjoys being a ****: -10000

[user] is a fucking loser: -1500

[user] is being a bitch: -100

[user] is a newbie: 0

[user] is on a distinguished road: 10

[user] will become famous soon enough: 100

[user] has a spectacular aura about: 150

[user] is a jewel in the rough: 200

[user] is super nice: 350

[user] is a glorious beacon of light: 450

[user] is a name known to all: 650

[user] is a splendid one to behold: 800

[user] has much to be proud of: 1000

[user] has a brilliant future: 1500

[user] has a reputation beyond repute: 2000

[user] is better than you: 5000

[user] is better than your mom: 15000

Some of them aren't too friendly. :(
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