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Hi i was wondering if i can have a banner, since i have got over 100 posts, thanks.

Banner -

Wrestler's: Can i have Kurt Angle on the left with the raw logo on it, then on the right hand side can i please have Chris Benoit with the Smackdown logo on it. And if at all possible can i have my user name on the banner as well.

Colour: I don't mind what colours you use, apart from black, white or grey.

Size: 400 x 200

Please say if you can't do it, if you can't fit all that in on the banner, and i will change it A.S.A.P, Thanks

Avater -

Wrestler's: Can i have benoit on the avater, with my user name on it also?!

Colour: What ever you choose apart from black, white or grey.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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