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Can Christian be the face of this brand?

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Christian has shown he can be a legit main eventer in both TNA and ECW, but can he be a credible one on a show like Smackdown too which is a step up from both of those?
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To expand on Starbucks point:

With his charisma, ring skills and mic skills he can go to the ME scene easily, but sadly Vince and his creative dogs just won't let it happen
With his charisma, ring skills and mic skills he can go to the ME scene easily, but sadly Vince and his creative dogs just won't let it happen
There is a difference between going to the main event and being the face of a brand. Just saying.
Well, technically he's actually asking 2 different questions here -

Can he be a legit main eventer on Smackdown? Hell yes!
Can he be the "face" of the brand? No he cant.

He can be a transitional face champion, a legitimate threat to ME players, and a regular in ME storylines. But he cant "carry" the brand like Cena does on Raw, and Mysterio and Taker have on Smackdown in the past. He's just not that over/marketable.
If he was given the ball and given a proper "Finding himself" storyline, he could be the reason people turn in to Smackdown.

I know that I was watching ECW specifically for his matches.

He just needs a little bit of a spark. Right now, Cena's the only one capable of carrying a brand in the public's eye. If he wasn't given a shot, he'd be nowhere.

Someone with a passion for the business and a tremendous work ethic will make themselves shine.
does he have the ability to? absolutely

will he? hell no
Yes. He'll never be Cena, but Smackdown will never be Raw. He's good enough that, if booked right, people would enjoy seeing him at the top. As long as there's good heels to challenge him.

But of course, there's no way Vince will allow it.
Nope, thats why there having the draft, thats gonna be Orton's job.

Look at this fucking guy, absolutely. Christian is the total package and everything a talented superstar should be. He can talk, wrestle, and entertain like few others.
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2005 Christian certainly could have.

The Christian now can still main event in a heartbeat, but as for being the face of SD... well, let's not get ahead of ourselves.
Talent wise, yes he's the total package.

But no, Vince doesn't like him for some reason and it doesn't help that he's getting up there in age.
Even his peeps should understand that he won't be the face of anything. As talented as he is, he just doesn't have that star power that guys like Cena/Orton/Mysterio/Edge possess. I'm happy with him just winning the title and having a decent reign for a couple of months.
he can, but chances are he wont
I think so

He's as talented as Edge...Edge was a bit bigger, but Christian is awesome on the mic (better than Edge? Maybe, really good anyways)...excellent in-ring....he's over right now, getting a main event shot too...

So yeah, definite potential to make it. We'll see if it happens tho
Should have been WWE Champion in 2005, if that had happened, he'd be one of the faces of the company right now. Now though, I can't see it, as much as I want to.
A safe business move would be to have an Established Main eventer head to Smackdown But still have Christian accomplish the main event status.
It's his time to shine. And yes he can carry the Smackdown brand.
He's proved himself time and time again and has earned his way.
It's not a question of if he can, but rather if Vince let's him.
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