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You Are: Calvin's Bike
Your Role: Kill (Unlimited), Commute (Unlimited)
Alignment: Serial Killer
Win Condition: You win when you are the last person (bike) standing.


1. Gambit
2. Retep Klee
3. Lawls
6. Krinkles
7. Phenom
9. Titania
10. JunkheadX
11. TaylorFitz
13. dan the marino
14. CamillePunk
15. FlashFlood
18. LC
19. Mikey
20. Roy
21. TKOK
22. Kenny IMP


4. chr1st0
5. Klee
8. Sweenz
16. RAB
23. Rop3
12. BrutusIsNotMyName
24. Skyfall

Day 2: http://www.wrestlingforum.com/39090474-post533.html
Night 2: http://www.wrestlingforum.com/39106634-post566.html
Day 3: http://www.wrestlingforum.com/mafia-games/1386242-calvin-hobbes-mafia-37.html#post39269249
Night 3: http://www.wrestlingforum.com/39290017-post957.html
Day 4: http://www.wrestlingforum.com/mafia-games/1386242-calvin-hobbes-mafia-43.html#post39347834
Night 4: http://www.wrestlingforum.com/mafia-games/1386242-calvin-hobbes-mafia-44.html#post39375577


1. This game has a SEMI OPEN set up. A list of all roles that will appear in the game will be listed and explained in the OP.
2. Players may have access to multiple roles.
3. There is no restriction on a player of any alignment having any role.
4. Multiple players may have the same role.
5. In addition to roles, players may have perks that they may or may not know about. Any such perks in the game are NOT disclosed prior to the start of the game.
6. Town characters consist of anything from the strip that Calvin views positively, his various imaginations, things he likes, etc. (Calvin Aligned)
They win when only Calvin aligned players are alive.
7. Scum characters consist of the people in Calvin's life that try to stifle his imagination and people he dislikes. (Mafia Aligned)
They win when they control the majority of the vote.
8. Just to be clear, alignments were NOT colored in the PMs that were sent out.
9. To sum up: scumhunting based on roles and flavor is intended to be useless.
10. Don't be a dick.
11. Don't post your role PM or quote it verbatum in the thread.
12. Don't talk outside the thread unless you have been given a place to do so.
13. Day phases will last 36 hours. Night phases will last 12 hours. I ask for your leniency regarding not hitting these strictly due to things like sleeping.
14. There is no 14th rule.


All roles must be used during the night phase. Only one role can be used per night if you have more than one role.

Protect - Prevent a player from being killed at night.
Investigate - Discern a player's alignment at night.
Roleblock - Prevent a player from using their role at night.
Track - Learn who a player visited at night.
Refresh - Refresh one use of a player's role at night. If they have multiple roles it will be chosen randomly. The Investigate and Kill role cannot be refreshed.
Watch - Learn who visited a player at night.
Commute - Hide during the night. No roles at all will affect you.
Kill - Kill a player at night.
Jailkeep - Simultaneously Protect and Roleblock a player at night.
Votestop - Prevent a player's vote from counting during the next Day phase.
Rolecop - Detect what roles a player has at night.
Reduce - Reduces the number of uses (shot) of a player's role at night. If the player has more than one it will be chosen randomly.​

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Pez was lucky to get that PLACEHOLDER post in then. I would have beaten if it wasn't for a sneezing fit.
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