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Nathanm and I have agreed to be partners in this BTB.

We have the following rosters…


(Friday Nights)
Active Roster

1. Randy Orton
2. HBK
3. Undertaker
4. Kane
5. Rock
6. Triple H
7. Kurt Angle
8. Goldberg
9. Brock Lesnar
10. Kevin Nash
11. Rey Mysterio
12. Stone Cold
13. John Cena
14. JBL
15. Batista
16. Muhammad Hassan
17. Daivari
18. Matt Hardy
19. Juventud Guerrera
20. Psicosis
21. Super Crazy
22. Chris Masters
23. Rob Conway
24. Bobby Lashley
25. Sylvan
26. Rikishi
27. Scotty 2 Hotty
28. Big Show
29. Hulk Hogan
30. Tyson Tomko
31. Gene Snitsky
32. Mick Foley
33. Boogeyman
34. Edge
35. Lita
36. Eugene
37. Bubba Ray Dudley
38. D-Von Dudley
39. Spike Dudley
40. Rosey


(Monday Nights)
Active Roster

1. Chris Benoit
2. Chris Jericho
3. Rob Van Dam
4. Shelton Benjamin
5. Ric Flair
6. Ken Kennedy
7. Booker T
8. Carlito Caribbean Cool
9. Christian
10. Chavo Guerrero
11. Sean Morley
12. Spanky
13. Paul London
14. Joey Mercury
15. Johnny Nitro
16. Melina
17. Rene Dupree
18. Matt Striker
19. Nova
20. Kid Kash
21. Steven Richards
22. Victoria
23. Trish Stratus
24. Doug Basham
25. William Regal
26. Paul Burchill
27. Matt Morgan
28. Tajiri
29. Charlie Haas
30. Shannon Moore
31. Akio
32. Sakoda
33. Ultimo Dragon
34. Jamie Noble
35. Billy Kidman
36. Funaki
37. Taka Michinoku
38. Gregory Helms
39. Test
40. Lance Storm

Shane McMahon
Theodore Long
Rowdy Roddy Piper

Wrestlers in Developmental Training Camps:
(Can be called up at any time by any of the brands but they must send one of their current active wrestlers to the camp in exchange.)

Mark Jindrak
Chuck Palumbo
Sean O’ Haire
Johnny Stamboli
Perry Saturn
D’ Lo Brown
Blue Meanie
CM Punk
AJ Styles
Samoa Joe
Christopher Daniels
Austin Aries
Roderick Strong
Alex Shelley
Michael Shane
Frankie Kazarian
Brent Albright
Ken Doane
Chris Sabin
Petey Williams
Ron Killings
Bobby Rude
Eric Young
James Storm
Chris Harris
Chase Stevens
Andy Douglas
Elix Skipper
Colt Cabana
Jay Lethal
Ace Steel
Matt Sydal
Jimmy Rave
Prince Nana
Jerry Lynn
Lance Hoyt
Monty Brown
Sonjay Dutt
John Walters
The Miz
Matt Cappotelli
Chris Bosh
Scott Lost
Scorpio Sky
Super Dragon
El Generico
Human Tornado
Franky the Mobster
Joey Ryan
Nate Webb
Tyler Black
Marek Brave
Kevin Steen
Mikey Tenderfoot
Joey E.
Mikey Whipwreck
Tony Marmaluke
Sal Rinauro
Davey Richards
Nigel McGuinness
Claudio Castagnoli
Jeff Hardy
Jerrel Clark

Any other inactive, free agents, international, indy wrestler we want to use not already listed.

~*~PPV Schedule~*~

January: Save Yourself
(Interpromotional) [Royal Rumble-esque]

Febuary: Fade to Obscurity

March: Starcade

April: Bask in Sublimity
(Interpromotional) [Wrestlemania-esque]

May: Bad Blood

June: Sealed by Submission

July: Nuclear Assault

August: Reign of Roses
(Interpromotional) [King of the Ring-esque]

September: Taboo Tuesday

October: Bloodshed: Prelude to Bravery

November: True Legacies
(Interpromotional) [Survivor Series-esque]

December: Beyond Repair

nathanm and I have agreed to begin at the beginning of May so that we could build up a year worth of shows up to the grandest PPV of CWC, Bask in Sublimity, which is like our Wrestlemania.

Here is nathanm’s first Friday Night Fusion preview:

What will the first ever Fusion have in store for us? Well, the answer is a lot.

Vince McMahon is supposed to be announcing something huge at the show to start off but that is just rumored. It is rumored that he will have a report on all of the titles.

Speaking of titles, we will have a Cruiserweight Title Match when Davari takes on Scotty 2 Hotty! It is for sure, other Cruiserweights will be mad because they didn't get picked to have a shot. What will they have to say?

Also, what does Vince have in store GM wise??? We are sure that a new GM will be announced.

Also, we will be beginning the Fusion Heavyweight Title Tournament! An 8 man tournament and the winner will win the main Fusion Championship! The finals will take place at the next Fusion PPV Bad Blood!

The new GM is going to be left to decide what the tournament matches are too!

All of this and more, this week on the first ever WWE Friday Night Fusion!

I will have my preview up for Instability soon.

I hope to have fun with this and it should be an extravagant experience. We already went head to head in the Newbie Tournament, in which nathanm beat me in the finals.

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Wow, this looks great. I am very anxious to see what you guys have in store. I like the rosters and the ppv names looks awesome. Fusion preview it really got me hyped up for the show. Good luck with this I will be reading and reviewing.

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www.cwc.com presents to you

The Instability Preview

Crooked Wrestling Confederation is proud to announce the commencement of a groundbreaking federation. Instabilty will debut Monday, May 1st, live at Madison Square Garden in New York City. It will be an extraordinary 3 hour; commercial free spectacular sponsored and brought to you in part by the DVD release of the 40 Year Old Virgin. Don’t forget to set your TV screens to your local NBC channel on Monday, May 1st at 8:00 PM or buy tickets to this magnificent event because it is guaranteed not to disappoint.

Announced Matches:

Test .vs. Paul London
-Test has arrived to the CWC scene with an undeviating ambition... payback. When Test was released from the WWE while he was still out with an injury, he became a silent bitter enemy to the WWE. Test views the experience of being released as an unforgivable blunder. Test is looking for retribution. What better way to do it then to fight those who got to keep their jobs? Paul London was lucky enough to evade those unlucky roster cuts which included Test amongst them and he got to continue wrestling with the WWE. For that fact alone, Test is looking for revenge. Will Test be able to accomplish this feat? Will London prove that he deserved his roster spot by defeating Test? Whose future will be the most illustrious: London’s or Test’s? Find out when London and Test go head to head on the inaugural edition of Instability.

Ken Kennedy .vs. Jamie Noble
-When Mr. Kennedy ………… Kennedy first stepped into a CWC locker room, he was able to immediately attain heat from the other wrestlers. One of the wrestlers he made a bad first impression with was none other than the Messiah of the Trailer Park’ Jamie Noble. When Noble first set up his belongings in his locker he hanged up some of his photo album photos displaying his loving family which included his wife and children, Mr. Kennedy made a horrible mistake with his big mouth. Kennedy was attracted to the picture of the lady which Noble put up. The problem was that Kennedy was unaware of Noble having a wife and believed that the picture was of some random model who Noble fantasized about. The pictures of the children, Kennedy believed were just his nephews. Kennedy made up a vulgar, sex-related joke involving Noble’s wife and a Jacuzzi filled with pop rocks. As you would expect this extremely irritated and pissed off Noble. Noble hot-temperedly told Kennedy that she was his wife. Mr. Kennedy made another ill-advised move and made another joke in bad taste, telling Noble that she must be his sister then. Soon after there was a locker room brawl between the two men which escalated rapidly and almost became out of hand. Sean Morley actually received a black eye from a back elbow as the two men were brawling and he tried to separate them. Ken Kennedy and Jamie Noble were fined $1,000 bucks each and were warned that if any other backstage struggle occurs that they would be suspended indefinitely.

Joey Mercury w/Nitro/Melina .vs. Rene Dupree
-The story involving these two is as theatrical as the Kennedy/Noble story. While MNM were being photographed and interviewed by their ‘paparazzi’, Rene Dupree got a little jealous of MNM’s star appeal. Rene Dupree fizzled in his attempt to attract the paparazzi over to him and was left alone doing the French Tickler in the empty corner of the conference room, while MNM were acting as the main attraction. Dupree got so distressed over being paid no heed to that he disrupted the MNM press conference and began spitting out expletives and insulting everybody. Dupree was taken out of the room by security and the press conference continued without him. Dupree has demanded that he have this match against one third of MNM as retaliation and has set forth a goal to knock out the entire group out of the wrestling business and back to the Hollywood b-movies where they belong.

Paul Birchall .vs. Matt Morgan
-These two behemoths have agreed to have their first encounter at the first inaugural Instability show. Although there is not as much animosity between these two as the other matches, they both want to prove that they are the better heavyweight wrestler. Will this be the beginning of what’s to come out of the heavyweight division? Is either man a possible main event contender? Will these two giants wreck the ring like two monster trucks? Who is the most agile, stronger, and smarter of the two?

Chavo Guerrero .vs. Tajiri .vs. Spanky .vs. Booker T
-This fatal four way match-up pits four men wanting to establish their wrestling prestige. Tajiri had been diminished in the WWE to a jobber, will he breakout of this role in CWC? Booker T has been wavering in and out of the wrestling ring with everyday passing by making him older. His career status has been dissipating and he has never regained his hands on a world championship since his days in WCW. Will he be ready to surpass his previous disappointments and regain his spot in superstardom? Chavo Guerrero looks to continue the great Guerrero legacy and wants to honor his uncle by earning respect out of the wrestling business just as Eddie was able to. Will he thrive under Eddie’s eyes from heaven, and have a blossoming career starting with his stint in the CWC? For Spanky, it’s all about making a name for yourself, and that is exactly what the captivating, charming little fellow with spunk has in store for the CWC audience.

Akio/Sakoda .vs. Shelton Benjamin/Charlie Haas
-This tag match involves the reunion of two former sensational tag teams. Who will regain their chemistry as a tag team quicker than the other? Is there any hostility between Haas and Benjamin after Haas was released and Shelton was kept and utilized on the WWE roster? Or has that complication already been talked about and pacified.

Victoria w/partner of choosing .vs. Trish Stratus w/ partner of choosing
-This feud stems from Victoria and Trish’s days as top women wrestlers and the battle for the Women’s Championship. The added stipulation that Victoria and Trish will have a partner of their choosing with them in the match makes for an even more compelling and riveting match. Does Trish and Victoria have their minds set on who they will choose, or do they not even have a clue as to who they will be tagging with? I’m sure it won’t be too much of a challenging task seeing as how voluptuous and seductive these two beautiful, dazzling girls can be.

Ric Flair .vs. Rowdy Roddy Piper
-This will be a clash of two legends. Although Piper is listed as part of the management of Instability, he is being granted the chance to display his skills in one last match before being assigned to an administration position. Could he possibly be Instability’s General Manager or Commissioner? What are Ric Flair’s future endeavors in Instability after this epic encounter between gifted oldies?

Roster Melee Battle Royale (winner will receive an unidentified reward)
-There has already been lots of speculation between people backstage when news first broke out to them that the main event at CWC’s first Instability would be a battle royale. The prize still has yet to be disclosed and one could only imagine what the reward will be after this grueling over-the-top-rope battle royale involving everybody on the Instability roster. Most believe that the winner will be crowned Instability’s most valuable championship, although some are unsure. Some share the idea that winning the battle royale will only guarantee them a spot in the final match to crown the champion so it would be some type of contendership deal. Nevertheless, the prize should be precious seeing the stakes and the hype surrounding the match. In a surprising twist, the women of CWC including Victoria, Trish, and Melina have been invited to participate in the battle royale. What could the accolade possibly be seeing as how there are know gender barriers? How would the men react with the women in the ring, what if a woman wins? Some wrestlers already have matches on the same night of the battle royale, can it be possible for any of them to win having to undergo such a taxing night of wrestling. If one of them does win, wouldn’t that set them apart from everybody else and possibly elevate them to stardom? Who are the favorites? Men and women of all sizes and abilities will compete in this match. Who will win and most fascinating of all, what exactly will they win?

Buy your tickets now before the run out so that you could watch (read) this spectacular 3-hour, commercial free extravaganza.

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2 Matches revealed for Bad Blood

Some posters have been released that confirms John Cena vs. Triple H and Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker. One of them is expected to be for the Fusion Heavyweight Title. The posters should be up in the next couple of days.

Possible ***Spoilers*** for Friday Night Fusion

Davari is planned to take the Cruiserweight Championship, as CWC want a heel as champion because most Cruiserweights are faces.

The Gold Rush matches are planned to be Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker, John Cena vs. Randy Orton, Kurt Angle vs. Batista, and JBL vs. HHH.

We still have no idea who the GM might be. Backstage people have seen The Rock, Mick Foley, Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold, and Eric Bischoff. Those are the five best bets for GM altogether.

Fusion switches Superstars

This comes to bit of a shock to most people, but for some reason, Fusion has placed Stone Cold in the Training Department and took out Viscera. It is known that Stone Cold doesn't have a part for Bad Blood and it gives it away for him not being GM. The rumor is Viscera has been brought up for a US Title push. We still wonder why they didn't take out Rhino or Jeff Hardy though.

Ok, this will be the longest show I have ever written probably. It is 16 pages so far. I still have to write 2 main event matches, and one promo. The promo's are really good and long, unlike the last thread I did. I should finish it up today. Then I will start on Bad Blood. Just a little something, Bad Blood will have only ONE Gimmick Match. Since no feud is worthy of a Gimmick Match yet.​

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Nathanm when you post your show I will review it in return for reviewing my show.

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Hey nice posters. Can't wait till Fusion.

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Good job CC. Great posters. You've already made m want to see Badd Blodd and I'm not 100% sure what to expect.
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