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So much for the hype. What exactly do you see in them? From Byron Saxton I've heard:

* Mic Skills
* Charisma

Let's break it down:

Byron Saxton:

Mic Skills: Just because he doesn't stutter on the mic, doesn't make him good at mic skills. It seems like now if your mic skills are better than the father who was going to marry Golddust and Aksana then they are considered, "good." Sorry, Byron Saxton is bland in this department.

Charisma: ... I don't see it. I mean, what charisma? He doesn't seem passionate for the business. Everyone talked about how he oozed charisma in the first episode but he was no different than the rest. The only thing he had for him was that he seemed confident and that has gone away.

Johnny Curtis:

Mic Skills: He's meh. He doesn't seem like the type who is able to think on his feet. Need an example? Take last week where he slapped Brodus Clay. Whether it was scripted or not, we know that it was done because there was no way he could top Bateman. Hell, it even came from his mouth.

Charisma: Lol.

Anyway, why were these two so hyped anyway? It seems you guys like to randomly hype NXT rookies and then like sheep you all follow. By no means are these two guys BAD or TERRIBLE (title used to catch your attention)... they're just so generic which makes them terrible when compared to the other two. Also, neither have "the look". Look at both their faces. They're both creepy as hell.

Say goodbye to Saxton next week and then Curtis to be third place. It's between Bateman and Clay clearly.

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Curtis is better than any of the trash that was in Nexus other than Wade Barrett. That's all I know.
I think you're forgetting someone.

Curtis can wrestle to be sure, but he's done anything but live up to his hype from FCW. I expected him to absolutely walk through this season, shich looked exceptionally weak on paper. G-Rilla Brodus Clay and Byron Saxton had a reputation of shiteness in the ring, Novak is shit and O'Connor wasn't exactly a huge improvement on Novak. Bateman was playing second fiddle to Curtis in FCW and there was no reacon to suspect that he'd do anything different on NXT. Easy pickings for Johnny Curtis, right? Wrong. Bateman shown himself to be a charismatic sonofabitch and Clay's been outperforming Curtis on a weekly basis. The other three assessments were on point. Curtis, for his part has failed at any stage to show himself having a personality. He's been bland to the point of being forgetable. And when you're on the Tuesday night open mic show, that's absolutly awful. Every male winner of NXT has taken the ball they were given and ran with it. Wade Barrett improvised "the winds of change" Kaval grew in season two. Curtis has hammed it up once or twise and been the Naomi to Derek Bateman's AJ Lee.

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I was gonna lay some blame on the pros, because part of Bateman's appeal is his rapport with Bryan. But then I pictured Bateman as Truth's rookie, and the rap battles that would result. Or the absurd workout routines he'd have with Masters. And so forth. Bateman stepped up his game to WWE-size, and Curtis and Saxton stayed FCW-size.

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In regards to Saxton I thought he suffered from the same problem Jamie Keys suffered from in Season 3, when he talks it sounds over rehearsed.

Curtis is odd in that he can't get over as a face with the crowd, often when he's speaking he gets booed and hasn't really done anything to derserve it, maybe he's a natural heel?
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