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A COUNCIL was yesterday accused of bamboozling motorists to rake in £20,000 a day from a new traffic camera.
The grasping gizmo — installed a month ago — has become Britain's most lucrative after already nabbing 10,000 motorists. Their fines total an eyepopping £600,000.

Fuming victims claim the bus lane it monitors in Hemel Hempstead, Herts, is so poorly marked and the signs for it so badly placed they are tricked into unwittingly using it.

Yesterday the backlash against the money-spinning sting was even supported by a transport minister.

Under-secretary of State Mike Penning demanded a switch-off of the camera.

The Tory MP stormed in a letter to Hertfordshire County Council: "Ignorance in the eyes of the law has never been a defence but some of the signage is clearly wrong.

"The thing to do surely is suspend any enforcement against people while they sort this out." His plea fell on deaf ears. Council executive member for highways and transport Stuart Pile insisted the bus lane signs were adequate.

He added: "The county council has no plans to suspend enforcement."

A temporary camera on the M6 at Carlisle last year that netted £500,000 in two months was previously the most lucrative.


Money grabbing bastards.

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its obvious that its not that well marked out or straightforward, its a ploy. we have a dual carriageway near us that is actually 30 miles an hour which is different and this is marked by very small, not very visible signs followed by a strict speed camera and everyone has been caught by it at least once it seems. the idea being to rake in money like that i'm sure.
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