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Obviously most of us weren't thrilled with last night's showing so I thought it would be both fun and interesting to see if we could do better.

However, I'm gonna throw a twist in. You're not only limited to WWE's current talent pool, but also TNA's. It would make more sense to stick to WWE's roster, but I was thinking about a WM with the best of both rosters and I thought it would make for a better card.

Also, there's a 10 match requirement. I'll kick things off.

*Note* I'm not adding titles to the picture. I'm focusing more on the match.

1. Evan Bourne/Kofi Kingston/John Morrison/Amazing Red/Suicide/Kazarian -- MITB -- Spot Fest, maybe, but a good one.
2. Natalya/Beth Phoenix/Tara -- Triple Threat
3. ShowKane/Beer Money -- Tag Match
4. E&C/Dudleys/MCMG -- TLC -- A WM17 Remake of Sorts
5. ADR/Kurt Angle -- Submission Match
6. Sheamus/Matt Morgan -- Singles Match
7. Daniel Bryan/Chris Daniels -- Singles Match
8. CM Punk/AJ Styles -- Singles Match
9. Cena/HHH/Orton -- Sort of a Backlash 2006 remake but Orton subbing for Edge
10. Sting/Taker -- No explanation necessary
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