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BUILD THE BEST STABLE using 6 or less people to help ratings.

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Please let me know if you like mine, any tweaks, what would yours be?

We all know ratings are down, moral is down.

What better to help ratings and help establish some lesser used talent than a NEW STABLE.

Remember those? Remember when a large group would walk down to the ring, spout some jargon, look badass, and rule the story-lines?

Well, you're the booker, your job is to get the ratings back and make the most MUST WATCH stable in WWE.


1. One clear leader.
2. 6 OR LESS.
3. Must choose at least 1 girl. Can be more if you like.
4. Must be full time...no Undertaker leading the revolution from his couch.
5. Cannot be used already...i.e. extensions of the Wyatt Family, New Day, etc.
6. Face or Heel....it doesn't matter. NXT or WWE.
7. Dont use up all the stars on one team.

You can include, managers, muscle, jobbers, whoever you think would make sense. What would make RAW must watch every week?

Could your faction, take RAW's closer to 4.0's? Lets see.

Heres what my ideal faction would look like.

1. Dean Ambrose...clear leader. A manipulator, a Henry Rollins LIAR type who will tell you everything you want to hear. Think The Joker meets young bad-ass Marlon Brando. He wants to upset the established order...The Authority. He wants to replace Michael Cole with a fish-tank. Also he would never leave his faction out to dry. Hes not a coward, hes a manipulator.

2. Roman Reigns. The muscle, the prodigy, protects Ambrose like hes his real brother. Still wins all his matches, and you get the sense hes the main project of the faction. Ambrose would be Romans mouthpiece like Heyman is Lesnar's. He would get Roman over in record time. The bromance lives on...

3. Becky Lynch as Dean Ambrose's girlfriend. Becky would be obsessed with Dean so much that a future story-line would be money if he ever dumps her. Shes the type that if Dean was about to be speared, she would stand in and take the spear. Shed be crazier, funnier, and full of energy. She would have funkier hair, crazy makeup, like a punk rock vintage 1985 era Cyndi Lauper. She would be madly in love with Dean. I know everyone would think Paige here, but I think Becky could play this role better.

4. Braun Stroman. SUPER MUSCLE. The Enforcer, Ambrose's main bodyguard. Hes green and cant really wrestle, but he would look good just standing there while Amborse gives good promo.

5. The jobber. R-TRUTH. Remember PRETTY RICKY? R-Truth is more punk rock than just about everyone. Hes be the jobber, comedic relief, etc. If Dean told him to go steal someones car, he would. He would be the " I GOT THIS BOSS" guy, always volunteering for the crap jobs. Every faction needs a jobber. Really hard to take Truth over Sandow and Heath Slater here, but I feel Truth could commit the dirty acts more convincingly and be bad-ass when he needs to be also.

6. The wrestler. Im going to go one more so they can always play the numbers game with 6 members. You have to have a guy that can wrestle, win, and lose, when needed. This one is tough and its between CESARO, Samoa Joe, Swagger, Ryder, and Slater. It comes down to Samoa Joe and Cesaro.......and I take JOE. I think Joe can go on the mic, can win or lose and his look is different from the other members. Also JOE would tag well with anyone of the 6. Cesaro would get lost in the shuffle, but at least hed be part of something.

So The AMBROSE ASYLUM. THE SINISTER 6. Anarchy, anything can happen. What a cast of characters. The poster and t-shirts would sell out on day 1. You could stretch this months before all members are found out.


PLEASE NOTE....I didn't even take from other factions mostly, and still left Wyatts, New Day, Authority, etc in tact....save for Braun.
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Damien Sandow
Cody Rhodes
Sami Zayn

Not sure who the leader would be. I feel like it'd work best if nobody was the clear leader, although Sandow & Zayn would be the primary "talkers", Though Cesaro & Cody would be the implied possible leaders.

Would be another Nexus/Shield/Disgruntled/antihero type of faction.
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