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Post your match/promo here. Has to be a straight 1 vs. 1, normal match, aka no Submission HIAC etc. Cannot be same match as from first round, deadline is January 8th at night in your time.

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Yea, could you please sticky A-Dust.

Deadline has been extended till 11th January seeing there is no sign of any matches yet.

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Referee: Michael Chioda

Chioda calls both men to the centre of the ring and tells both men, "Listen both of you, I want a clean match tonight. No illegal moves at all. Now shake hands and good luck to both of you." Both men move backwards and don't shake hands but keep their eyes on each other. The bell rings to signal the start of the match.

Both men move around in the ring and lock up in the middle. After a hard tangle, Lesnar pushes Angle to the turnbuckle and laughs at him as the crowd boos Lesnar. Kurt looks around at the crowd. Both men lock up again at the centre of the ring and once again Angle gets pushed to the turnbuckle. Lesnar raises his arms arrogantly trying to play a little head game. Angle comes back again for the lock up and this time Kurt pushes Brock to the turnbuckle. The crowd chants "Angle...Angle...Angle" as Lesnar's blood boils and Lesnar is loosing his temper.

Both men are standing at opposite turnbuckles. Angle signals for Lesnar to bring it on. Lesnar, not aware of Angle's tricks, charges at Angle but Angle moves away just in time and Lesnar hits the turnbuckle. Lesnar turns around and Angle gives some right and left punches to Lesnar continuously until Lesnar pushes Angle away and goes out of the ring to buy some time.

Angle does not waste any time and goes to the outside. He gets a hold of Lesnar and kicks him in the gut and tries to irish whip Lesnar to the steel steps but the move is countered and Angle gets whipped into the steel steps. Lesnar picks Angle up and tosses him back into the ring. The momentum is now shifting. Lesnar picks Angle up and drives his knee to the gut of Angle. Angle is irish whipped into the turnbuckle with great force and Lesnar drives his shoulder into the gut of Angle continuously until the referee tells him to stop it.

Lesnar picks Angle in the gorilla press position and throws him to the outside. Angle is lying outside the ring. Lesnar goes for Angle outside the ring. Lesnar picks up Angle and bounces his head off the Spanish announce table. Lesnar holds Angle and drives Angle's back into the barricade. Lesnar is gaining confidence. Lesnar once again tossing Angle into the ring and goes for the cover..1....2....kick out by Angle.

Lesnar picks Angle up and whips him into the turnbuckle and drives his shoulder once again into the gut of Angle for about 3 or 4 times. Lesnar moves backwards as Angle is at the turnbuckle. Lesnar wants to hit the running shoulder charge but Angle moves out of the way and Lesnar hits the steel post, shoulder first. Angle trying to buy some time. Lesnar slowly starting to move and Angle with a hard shoulder block aiming for the shoulder of Lesnar. Angle runs to the ropes and comes off with another shoulder block but Lesnar is still standing. Angle once again going for the shoulder block. He comes off the ropes but Lesnar lays Angle out with a hard spinebuster. Cover...1.....2.....Kick out from Angle.

Both players buying some time here. Angle slowly to his feet but as soon as he stands up, Lesnar lays him out with a vicious clothesline. Lesnar picks Angle up and gives him an overhead belly to belly suplex.Lesnar goes for the cover..1...2...kick out by Angle. Lesnar picking up Angle, shot to the mid-section by Lesnar and Lesnar has Angle up for the F5. But Angle puches Lesnar and Lesnar has to let go of Angle and Angle drops down to the mat. Angle looking to take advantage. Angle comes off the ropes but Lesnar powerslams Angle and goes for the cover ...1...2...kick out by Angle.

Lesnar picks Angle up and gives him a german suplex. Cover..1...2...kick out by Angle. Brock lifts Angle up and drives Angle's gut into his knee for three times consecutively before throwing Angle down. Cover..1.....2.....Kickout by Angle. Angle is still down. Lesnar has that smile on his face again and he grabs Kurt's leg and wants to lock in the Brock Lock but Angle is trying to find his way to the ropes and Angle manages to grab the bottom rope.

Lesnar whips Angle to top turnbuckle and charges at him and once again Angle moves and Brock hits the turnbuckle coming backwards and Angle is right behind him. Angle grabs Lesnar from the back and delivers a german suplex. Angle's hands are still wrapped around Brock's waist. Angle looking to go for another german suplex but Lesnar blocking Angle's feet with his feet and reverses the grapple and Lesnar tries to go for a german suplex of his own but this time Angle blocks it and reverses the grapple and delivers another german suplex to Lesnar. Angle's hands still around Lesnar waist. Angle looking to make it three in a row and delivers a third german suplex to Lesnar. Cover by Angle..1.....2....Kick out by Lesnar.

Lesnar is down and Angle's straps are coming down. Angle is getting ready for angle slam. Lesnar stands up and Angle grabs him and delivers the Angle Slam. Cover..1...2....kick out from Lesnar! Angle not showing his emotions. Angle pulling his straps up again and pulling them down once again. Angle grabs Lesnar foot and locks in the Ankle Lock.
The crowd chanting "You Tapped Out". Chioda is asking Brock whether he wants to give it up but Lesnar is refusing and goes towards the ropes and grabs the bottom rope. Angle pulls Lesnar away to the centre of the ring. Lesnar is in a lot of pain. Lesnar finally counters the Ankle lock and sends Angle into the referee. The referee is down.

Lesnar looking to go for a clothesline on Kurt but Angle counters it into an Ankle lock. The ankle lock is locked in once again but the referee is down. Lesnar using that advantage and gives Angle a low blow using his other leg. Angle is down, Lesnar is down and Chioda is down. Lesnar picking up Angle for the F5 and delivers the F5 on Angle. The referee is getting revived here and Lesnar goes for the cover as the crowd boos heavily..1..........2..........KICK OUT BY ANGLE!!!! The crowd is going wild. Lesnar can't believe it at all. He is in shock.

Brock is heading towards the turnbuckle. Angle is still down. Brock climbing the turnbuckle. Shades of Wrestlemania XIX. Brock is on the top turnbuckle and Angle gets up and runs at Lesnar and grabs him and delivers a belly to belly suplex from the top rope. Cover by Angle..1....2....Kick out.

Angle is up on his feet first while Lesnar is still on his knees, trying to get up slowly. Angle comes off the ropes with a shoulder block but Lesnar did not fall down, he only stumbled. Angle once again coming off the ropes and this time Lesnar counters and lays Angle out with a powerslam.

Angle is still down and Brock goes for the brock lock and locks in the brock lock on Angle, centre of the ring. Angle's body is twisted completely. The submission maneuver is locked in for about 30 seconds but Angle isn't taping out. Angle looking for the foot of Lesnar and grabs it while the brock lock is still locked in. Angle is thinking of something here. Angle grabs Lesnar's foot and somehow turns the Brock Lock into an Ankle Lock on Lesnar. The crowd is roaring heavily here urging for Brock to tap out. Brock wanting to go to the ropes but Angle locks in the Leg Lock too so that Brock can't go anywhere. The Ankle lock is locked in together with the Leg Lock for about a minute. Lesnar doesn't want to tap out. He knows he is going to loose the title. Chioda is still asking brock and after another 30 seconds, Brock has no choice but to tap out. Angle wins the match.


Chioda hands over the belt to Kurt Angle as Kurt climbs the turnbuckle with the belt and chants with the crowd as his music is playing, "You Suck.....You Suck...." Angle leaves the ring and goes backstage.

Backstage, Kurt is stopped by Josh Matthews,
Josh: Congratulations Kurt for winning the WWE Title tonight.
What do you have to say about the match?

Kurt: Well Josh, I'd say it was one of the most hard fought
matches of my life. Brock gave me the fight of my life and I
gave it everything I could and in the end I walked out as the
new WWE Champion.

Josh: Kurt, many people, including me, were amazed when you
kicked out of the F5 and furthermore you did not tap out to
the Brock Lock. How did you manage to hang on to the Brock
Lock without tapping out and eventually turned it into an
Ankle lock and made Brock made tap out?

Kurt: Well Josh, as far as kicking out from the F5 and not
taping out to the brock lock is concerned, I guess it was my
will to win as well as the great support from the fans.
(The fans cheer loudly). It was the very same reason
which made me turn the brock lock into the ankle lock and
make Lesnar tap out and walk out as the new WWE Champion.
And one more thing Josh, since Brock thinks he is the
greatest WWE Champ of all time, well, I just took that title
away from him and I think Brock needs a new name and I
have perfect name for him, the greatest WWE King of tap.
Oh It's True, It's Damn True.

Kurt Angle goes on his way as Josh thanks him and congratulates him once again.

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As said in other thread, about 5 hours left from now.

I will give Dr Thug till 8pm (his time today) to do his match because I accidentaly told him the deadline was the 12th Jan over MSN yesterday.

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Originally posted by zd01
As said in other thread, about 5 hours left from now.

I will give Dr Thug till 8pm (his time today) to do his match because I accidentaly told him the deadline was the 12th Jan over MSN yesterday.
5 hours from the time you posted that, he wouldn't even be awake.

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Here we go heres the match and promo


Coach : Rock tonight you take on The Game Triple H right here at Wrestlemania for the World Heavyweight Championship, what ar.....(cut off by Rock)

Rock : Finally The Rock has come back to Wrestlemania !

Fans cheer

Rock : The past few months, Triple H has backstabbed, he's used hammer, chairs, belts, pipes every other thing possible on his opponents, hes had intereference but tonight none of that can help him. Tonight Triple H goes one on one with the great one............Wether its Ric Flair, Randy Orton, Dave Batista or any other jabroni that interferes in this match, then the Rock guarren- DAMN-tees that i will kick their monkey ass right round this arena.

Fans Cheer

Rock : Triple H says he's the game, that the Rock is going one on one with the game but Triple H tonight you are going one on one with the Jabroni beating, Pie Eating, Not afraid to sweat, not afraid to bleed, gonna beat his candy ass guarrren- DAMN - Teed. Peopllllless Champ The Rock.

Fans Cheer again

Rock : If ya smellllllllll what the Rock is cookin

Fans Cheer as Rock does the peoples eyebrow.

World Heavyweight Championship (referee earl hebner)
Triple H (c) V The Rock

Triple H comes out to huge heat from the crowd. The Rock comes out to a huge crowd pop. Triple H and the Rock walk into the centre of the ring and start talking trash to each other. Triple H slaps The Rock, Rock responds by giving Triple H a right hand, Triple H and Rock exchange several right hands and The Rock gets the better of Triple H. Rock delivers fast paced right hands to Triple H who staggers back to the ropes. Rock lays the Smackdown on Triple H who goes down and out of the ring. Triple H walks around the ring and Rock challenges him to just bring it.

Triple H gets in the ring and then taunts at the Rock. Rock and Triple H tie-up. The Rock backs Triple H into the corner. The referee calls for the break, They break and then Triple H hits a rake to the eyes. Triple H puts Rock in the corner and starts delivering right hands to him followed by several kicks to the mid-section. Rock is down in the corner and Triple H starts to choke him with his boot. The referee starts the count 1.....2.....3......4....Triple H breaks so he dosent get Disqualified. Triple H then starts to choke The Rock again and the ref applies the count, 1......2......3.......4...Triple H breaks. Triple H taunts the crowd and they start to chant asshole, asshole. Triple H picks up the Rock, Triple H Irish whips The Rock, Triple H tries a clothesline but Rock ducks then hits a clothesline of his own. Triple H goes down and rolls over towards the ropes. Triple H holds onto the ropes. Rock goes over to stomp him and the ref tries to pull rock away, Rock shoves the ref and Triple H takes advantage by hitting a low blow before the ref turned back around. Rock goes down, The ref asks Triple H if he low blowed him but Triple H says he got him in the leg.

Triple H goes over and picks up The Rock, Triple H kicks Rock in the mid-section and then delivers a vertical suplex. Triple H covers 1-kickout, Triple H covers again 1-kickout, and does this a third time. Triple H is making The Rock use energy. Triple H delivers an elbow drop to the ribs of The Rock, followed by a knee drop to the face. The Rock rolls around in pain after the knee drop. Triple H goes over to the corner and takes off the turnbuckle pad. Triple H goes back to Rock and goes to pick him up but The Rock rolls him up into a small package 1-2-kickout by Triple H. Rock starts delivering right hands followed by a samoan drop. Rock waits on Triple H to get up then grabs him. Rock goes to throw Triple H head first into the steel bolt but Triple H puts his foot on the middle turnbuckle countering then with a back elbow. Triple H hits Rocks head off the steel bolt. The referee warns Triple H. Triple H whips Rock over to the other corner. Triple H runs at The Rock who hits a back elbow to Triple H. The Rock double leg take downs Triple H then moves his body nearer the steel bolt. The Rock slingshots Triple H into the Steel Bolt then rolls him up 1-2-kickout by Triple H.

The Rock tries to clothesline Triple H who ducks then delivers a chop block to the leg of Rock. Rock goes down and Triple H grabs the foot of The Rock, Triple H delivers an elbow drop to the inside of the leg of the Rock. Triple H delivers a second elbow drop to the inner leg of The Rock. Triple H keeps a hold of Rocks leg and delivers a third elbow drop. Triple H then pulls The Rocks leg over to the ropes. Triple H puts Rock's leg on the bottom rope then delivers a canni-ball. Triple H hits a second canni-ball to the Rock who rolls away in pain holding his leg. Triple H pulls Rock into the middle of the ring and locks in the Figure 4 Leg Lock.

The Rock screams in pain and tries to turn straight away but cannot. The Rock leaves his shoulders down 1-2-he gets his shoulders up in time. Triple H is smiling at The Rock who leaves his shoulders down again 1-2-gets them up a fraction before the 3 count. Fans start chanting Rocky, Rocky, Rocky. The Rock tries to turn but Triple H moves the Figure 4 backwards and starts to hold onto the ropes, the referee is unaware as he is asking the rock if he wants to quit. Rock screams out no and points at Triple H who immediatly lets the ropes go. The ref sees the ropes shaking and warns Triple H. The ref kneels down to ask the rock again. The fans continue to chant Rocky, Rocky, Rocky. The ref turns around to see Triple H holding the ropes and applies the count 1-2-3-4-Triple H lets them go before the DQ. The Rock tries to turn the Figure 4 leg lock and manages to turn it. Triple H screams in pain but he grabs the ropes. They break the hold.

Rock rolls over to the ropes. Triple H tries to go after him, the referee stops him. Triple H shoves the referee who shoves him back. Triple H picks up The Rock. Triple H kicks Rock in the mid-section and goes for the pedigree. Rock double leg takedowns Triple H and then puts him into the Sharpshooter. Triple H screams in pain. Triple H tries to crawl to the ropes. He slowly crawls closer. Rock tightens his grip. Triple H crawls closer and gets to the ropes. Rock breaks. Rock sets Triple H up for the Rock Bottom. Triple H gets up and staggers round, Rock goes for the Rock bottom and Triple H hits a back elbow. Triple H tries a clothesline but Rock ducks and Triple H gets the ref. Triple H turns around and Rock takes him down. Rock locks in the sharpshooter to Triple H. Triple H screams in pain then taps out ! there is no referee.

The Rock breaks the hold then goes over and tries to revive the ref. Rock tries to pull the ref over. Triple H crawls over behind The Rock and hits a low blow. Rock goes down to his knees. Triple H picks up The Rock and hits the Pedigree. Triple H covers, the referee sturs around and counts, 1............2...........kickout by The Rock. Triple H can't believe it and The Rock kicked out. The fans start chanting Rocky, Rocky, Rocky. The referee is trying to get up using the ropes. Triple H elbow drops him, knowing that the ref cant see who done it. Triple H goes outside the ring and grabs a steel chair. Triple H gets in the ring with the chair. The Rock is up to his knees. Triple H taunts The Rock and goes to hit him with a chair but Rock springs up and delivers The Rock Bottom !. Rock covers but there is no referee. Another referee Nick Patrick runs down the ramp and gets in and counts 1................2..........kickout by Triple H.

The Rock can't believe it and gets up and questions the referee. Rock then turns around and signals for another Rock Bottom. Rock goes for the rock bottom, Triple H counters and kicks Rock in the mid-section and goes for the pedigree, Rock trips Triple H up and slingshots him into the corner but he hits the referee who falls to the outside of the ring. The Rock kicks Triple H and nails the DDT. Rock covers as Triple H is out. The fans chant 1-2-3. The Rock goes to revive the referee but he is out. The Rock pulls the referee but he just rolls outside the ring. Triple H gets a hold of the steel chair from the otherside of the ring. Rock turns around and gets nailed with the chair. Triple H covers as Earl Hebner starts to revive again and goes to make the count 1..............2..........kickout by The Rock, the fans cheer. Triple H goes crazy. Triple H picks up The Rock and goes for the pedigree but Rock backdrops Triple H.

Triple H gets up quickly and runs at The Rock who spinebusters him. Rock goes to take off the elbow pad and throws it into the crowd. Rock runs off one rope then the other and hits the peoples elbow. Rock covers 1......2.....kickout by Triple H. Rock sits up looking stunned. The Rock gets up and once again goes for Triple H. Rock picks up Triple H. Triple H hits a shot to the mid-section and Irish Whips The Rock who reverses and Whips Triple H who goes into the referee who goes outside the ring. Rock then tries to clothesline Triple H who was looking at the referee but he ducks and then tries to give the rock a right hand but Rock ducks and then delivers the 2nd Rock Bottom. Rock covers as another referee the 3rd one Mike Chioda runs out. Chioda gets in the ring and makes the cover 1-2-foot on the rope by Triple H. Rock sees the foot and then looks away in disbelief.

The Rock gets up and waits on Triple H to get up Rock turns Triple H around and starts delivering right hands. Rock whips Triple H but he reverses then kicks Triple H in the mid-section and hits the pedigree. Triple H covers 1-2-kickout. Triple H can't believe it and gets in the face of the referee. Triple H argues with the ref in the corner. Triple H goes outside the ring and gets the World Title belt. Triple H gets in the ring, Chioda tries to stop him using the title belt. Ric Flair approaches ringside. Triple H lets the belt go and the ref puts it down in the corner. Flair is up on the apron at the other side of the ring, Flair distracts the ref, Triple H picks the belt back up and then nails The Rock in the forehead with it. Triple H throws the belt back down then covers The Rock. Flair comes down off the apron and the ref turns around to count 1-2-Rock gets his foot on the rope. Triple H goes crazy as does Flair.

Ric Flair gets in the ring and starts to argue with the ref. Flair shoves the Chioda, Chioda shoves Flair back then orders him to leave. Triple H is irrate as Flair has to leave, Flair goes to the back. Triple H argues with the referee and then goes over to The Rock. Triple H picks up The Rock and then starts delivering slow hard right hands, The Rock fights back with a right of his own. Rock starts hammering away at The Game with right hands. Triple H rakes Rock in the eye. Triple H delivers a few shots to the mid-section then takes Rock over to the ropes. Triple H goes for the Irish Whip but Rock counters then hits The 3rd Rock Bottom, in the centre of the ring. The Rock rolls over has he is out of breath, Rock crawls over to Triple H and then makes the cover 1..........2..........3

The Rock is the new champion, The fans go wild cheering The Rock, Rock celebrates on all 4 turnbuckles then leaves through the crowd

Winner : and new World Heavyweight Champion The Rock


There u go.

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Promo - 10 Out of 10 -

Length - 7 Out of 10 -

Flow - 8 Out of 10 (Does the match have a flow to it, or does it seem disjointed and hard to read?)

Realism- 8 Out of 10 (Is the match realisitc, or unrealistic as in a wrestler just getting straight up after a high impact move? etc.)

Enjoyment - 8 Out of 10 (Was the match enjoyable to read?)

Professionalism - 8 Out of 10

Overall 50/60


Promo - 9 Out of 10 - pretty good

Length - 9 Out of 10 - compared to others

Flow - 8 Out of 10

Realism- 10 Out of 10

Enjoyment - 7 Out of 10 (Was the match enjoyable to read?)

Professionalism - 8 Out of 10

Overall: 51/60
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