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Well seeing as it seems BTB is getting some new faces in and we're getting some vet's back, so I suppose it's only fit for us to hold a new BTB Tournament to welcome us to 2005.

Rules are as the usual, for those of you who don't know...

* You write a match, put it in against your opponent, if you win you move onto the next round, and you submit a new match. If you lose your gone.

* Any type of match will be used in this, and special match or tag match or singles.

I need at least 4 but hopefully we can get 8 or 12. Also I need 2 judges for the tourney.

1) Juvy (At the Moment)
2) Wall Jon

1) Grendrill
2) Heroes
3) evolutionrko
4) AllCanadian66
5) Limit
6) highlight reel
7) orton17
8) The Main Event
9) Red Cold
10) Juvy
11) hbk_nWo33
12) The Showstopper
13) TheUnholyDragon
14) Wolf Beast
15) ShAn0n
16) Yankeesman77

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I would like to be a judge but if I'm not qualified enough I would be happy just to enter!

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i'm up for it! i'll enter!!

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that's the spirit!! what is there to lose......

well for me there is the contest :D
1 - 20 of 62 Posts
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