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BTB Tournament: Wolf Beast vs yankeesman77

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Deadline this saturday, EAT Midnight.

Showstopper, Judge, mate.
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This is a match that I did for kermack back at his ppv no mercy. Good Luck Wolf

US Championship Tripple Threat Match

RVD vs. Booker T vs. Haas

RVD’s music starts and he enters the ring

Booker T’s music starts as he does the same

Haas’ music starts as he and Mss Jackie come to the ring and Charlie enters the ring

The start: RVD, Booker T and, Hass enter the ring. The ref holds the U.S champion chip in the air. the ref rings the bell for the match to begin. Booker looks at RVD then Hass. All three of the men are trying to plan out what they are gonna dow when Booker runs towards RVD and starts hitting RVD with some punches to the Face sending RVD to the corner. Hass goes to the corner and helps RVD by pulling Booker away and Hass starts punching Booker. Hass throws booker to the ropes as Rvd tries to regain his breath. Hass delivers a standing Dropkick to the face of Booker. Booker gets right back up and Hass throws Booker t to the other turnbuckle. RVD runs towards Booker and Mokney flips him to the middle of the ring. RVD gets to the top rope of the turnbuckle. RVD jumps up high in the air and does the five star frog splash right on Booker T. RVD covers booker but then Hass pulls RVD right off him. RVD gets right back up and stares right in the eyes of hass. Hass throws a right and RVD throws a left the two start trading punches

Middle: RVD gets the upper advantage and with his punches shoves Hass into the corner. As the two are fighting Booker rolls to the outside of the ring. RVD starts to shoulder thrust his way into the midsection of Charlie Hass. RVD moves back a couple of steps and watches as Hass walks slowly to the middle of the ring and proceeds to do a ric flair fall. RVD covers Hass the ref counts the 1.... 2 Charlie then kicks out On the Outside of the ring Booker puts on some brass Knuckles. RVD runs towards the turnbuckles and jumps up to the top rope. Hass gets up slowly and RVD jumps up in the air and RVD connects with his foot hitting Hass in the mouth. Booker slithers into the ring. Hass rolls to the out side. Booker turns RVD around and kicks RVD in the midsection. Booker runs to the ropes and moves up to RVD where he jumps up in the air and does the scissors kick to RVD's head as RVD comes tumbling down. Booker instead of covering RVD looks at his hand and proceeds to do the spinaroonie. Booker covers RVD the ref counts the 1... 2... and from out of no where Hass comes in a saves the day for the moment as he stops booker from winning the title with a punch to the head. Booker gets off of RVD.

Finish: Hass picks Booker up and lifts Booker up in the air and does what seems to be a lift up drop kick as Hass lifts booker up in the air and booker falls with Hass’ feet hitting bookers mouth. The cameras then show Rene Dupree come out and on to the stage as he walks down to the ring as he is taunting Hass. Rene grabs Miss Jackie and starts walking off the stage with her. Hass runs out of the ring in pursuit of miss Jackie. Booker watches the feud by the ropes. RVD gets up and turns Booker around and lifts Booker up and gives Booker a bit of his own medicine by giving booker his version of the Book End laying booker out and on his back. RVD climbs the top ropes. RVD jumps in the air and connects with the five star frog splash. RVD covers booker for the 1...............2..............3. And RVD is the new U.S Champion. RVD celebrates by climbing the turnbuckle with his newly won U.S Championship. RVD gets out of the ring and celebrates on the ramp. RVD takes one last look at Booker as he leaves the stage as Booker starts to try to get up. Booker vows revenge. as he says.

Booker: This isnt over yet. No, Not by a long shot.

The Winner and new US Champion: RVD

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I was gonna wait until Friday to post this, but screw it. Here is my first round match.....

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Chris Benoit vs. Triple H

Both men make their entrances, and once that ends, Benoit hands the title over to Earl Hebner. Hebner goes over the rules with both men, and asks for any questions. Neither man asks any, instead, they stare the other down. Eventually, they back away, Hebner hands the belt over to the outside, and signals for the bell to officially start the match.
Both men move around the ring, both bounce off the ropes to try and warm up, then quickly go into a tie up. Benoit goes behind, but Triple H wriggles free, and applies a hammerlock, but Benoit breaks the hold with a snap mare, and locks on a sleeper. Triple H though, quickly counters, and throws Benoit into the ropes, and try a clothesline, but Benoit ducks, the Benoit goes for a clothesline, but Triple H drops to his knees and rolls out of the ring.
He stands on the outside and smiles at Benoit then signals that he is smarter than Benoit. At the count of seven, he re-enters the ring, tentatively, and goes face to face with Benoit in the middle of the ring. They start a war of words with Hunter telling Benoit that this is the beginning of his worst nightmare. Benoit shakes his head, and they lock up again.
This time, they struggle around the ring, with neither getting an advantage on the other. HHH backs Benoit into the corner, and goes for a chop, but Benoit blocks it, and chops Triple H to the mat. HHH quickly rolls out, clutching his chest. Benoit this time, is the one smiling, and points to HHH that he is smarter. The Game is irate as the referee’s count reaches eight before Triple H gets back into the ring.
Triple H comes straight at Benoit, but is chopped down again, and again HHH tries to roll out, but this time, Benoit grabs his leg, and pulls The Game back in. He drops an elbow to the back, then tries to go for the cross face, but HHH quickly rolls to grab the ropes. Benoit tries to go right after HHH, but Hebner holds Benoit back in the ring.
Eventually, HHH gets up, and slowly moves around the ring, as does Benoit.
They both then put their arms in the air for a test of strength. They look set to lock up, but then, Triple H pulls away. Benoit shakes his head. HHH then goes to tie up again, but this time, it’s Benoit who pulls away, infuriating The Game. The crowd go nuts, as HHH goes berserk. He then tells Benoit to quit stalling and get on with it. Benoit agrees and says to bring it on.
They lock up, and Benoit immediately grabs the leg, and takes down HHH. He tries to lock in the Sharpshooter already, but HHH fights it, and eventually escapes. HHH then immediately scrambles to the ropes, and rolls out of the ring. He shakes his head and tries to think of what to do to get an upper hand over Benoit. Eventually he gets back into the ring, and goes to tie up with Benoit, but Benoit hit’s an arm drag, then HHH bounces up and walks right into another, and again. Triple H then rolls out again, and kicks the steps in frustration as Benoit smiles in the ring at The Games fury.
Triple H is about to get back, but changes his mind. He then jumps back down and gets into an argument with a fan. Benoit decides to take a chance and runs at The Game, going for a suicide dive through the ropes, but Triple H moves, and Benoit eats the barricade. Triple H laughs as Benoit is flat out. He points to his head as if to say he outsmarted the champion, then picks Chris Benoit up and whips him into the steel steps.
Hunter, then suplexes Benoit on the outside onto the unproductive mat. He then stomps on the champion and taunts the crowd. HHH then picks up the champion and whips him again into the steps, knee first!! Benoit rolls around the ground in agony as HHH smiles and starts to stomp on the leg of Benoit before rolling into the ring and back out again, breaking the referee’s count.
The Challenger, then takes Benoit to the Spanish announce table and knocks him down, then takes off all the monitors etc. from the table and rolls Benoit onto the table. He then gets up himself and goes for a suplex, but Benoit blocks it, he tries again, but again, Benoit blocks. The third time, Benoit counters and goes for a German from the Spanish Table to the floor, but Triple H quickly breaks it and jumps off the table, and gets into the ring. This gets major heat from the crowd, but HHH gives them a Fuck you signal, gaining even more heat. Benoit soon follows back into the ring, and they tie up.
Immediately, Triple H, drives his knee into the mid section of Benoit, then hit’s a snap suplex. He goes for a cover, 1...2...Benoit Kicks Out from the first cover of the match. HHH then waits for Benoit to get to his feet, and takes him down with a chop block. Triple H then yanks the leg of Benoit, drops an elbow onto the knee, and begins to kick at the leg and soon applies a leg lock.
Benoit scrambles as Triple H smiles, watching Benoit squirm in agony. Benoit eventually makes it to the ropes, but it looks like the damage has been done to the Champion. Triple H tries again to go for a chop block, but Benoit sees him coming and moves out of the way, then clotheslines The Game down. Triple H bounces back up, but is knocked right back down by Benoit. Again, he jumps up, but this time, Benoit bounces off the ropes and nails HHH with a forearm, hit with such velocity that Triple H falls out of the ring.
Benoit follows him out, and bounces Hunter’s head off the steps. He chops Triple H, and he falls down, then Benoit hit’s a snap suplex to HHH on the outside. He then gets him onto the Smackdown announce table, and goes for a German, but just like before, The Game blocks it, and elbows free, then goes for a Pedigree on the champion, but Benoit wriggles out and goes for a Pedigree himself onto The Game, but then Triple H counters with a back body drop, sending Chris Benoit straight through the Spanish announce table!!!!!
A Holy Shit chant erupts as Benoit is flat out and HHH is pretty much out of it too. Triple H gets to his feet, and drags Benoit back into the ring. He gets a cover for a sure three count, 1.….2.….BENOIT KICKS OUT!!!!! HHH cant believe it. He argues with the ref saying it was three, and eventually head butts and punches the mat in anger, before pounding on Benoit continuously before being eventually pulled off by the referee.
Triple H then drags Benoit to his feet and backs him into the corner, pounding on him relentlessly. He then picks up Benoit to the top rope and goes for a Superplex, but Benoit fights back and shoves him to the mat. Benoit then goes for the Swandive Headbutt, but Triple H gets his foot up, and Benoit eats boot. He falls into the ropes as Triple H gets to his feet, and the champion walks right into a Spinebuster from The Game. He covers Benoit, 1.…2.…BENOIT JUST KICKS OUT BEFORE THREE!!!
Triple H tries to keep calm. He picks up Benoit and tries to go for the Pedigree, but Benoit breaks free, and cradles HHH, 1...2...KICK OUT!! HHH gets back up immediately, but Benoit then goes for a backslide, 1.…2.…ANOTHER KICK OUT!!! Again, Triple H jumps up, but Benoit rolls him up, 1.…2.…KICK OUT AGAIN FROM HHH!!
HHH then gets up, but grabs a rope, meaning Benoit cant attack. This infuriates Benoit and the Toronto crowd, but Triple H doesn’t care.
Eventually, he lets go of the ropes and ties up with Benoit, but Benoit backs The Game into the corner, lets go slowly, then attempts a chop, but HHH ducks out of the way just in time, then clotheslines Benoit down as he comes back around. He then drags Benoit into the centre of the ring and applies the Figure Four.
Benoit screams out in pain as Triple H cranks the pressure on him, Benoit’s shoulder’s fall to the mat, 1...2...Kick Out. Soon though, his shoulders fall again, 1...2...Kick Out. Then, Benoit has a sudden second wind, and begins to reverse the submission. He turns over Triple H, who immediately screams out in agony. Soon, though, Triple rolls over, putting the pressure on the Champion again. This time, Triple H uses the ropes for leverage, but the referee spots this and right away, tells Hunter to break the hold. He does so with much grievance and argues with the referee.
This gives Benoit time to recover and he then grips Triple H from behind and nails a German suplex. He hangs on and hit’s a second, then a third. Surprisingly, he hangs on and hit’s a fourth, followed by a fifth, then a sixth. It looks like he is ready to let go, but decides to hang on still. He hit’s a seventh, and goes for an eight, but Triple H tries to break it, however, he is unsuccessful, and Benoit delivers his eighth German, followed by a ninth, which by this stage the crowd are counting along with, and he hit’s a tenth German Suplex, to a roaring reception from the Toronto faithful.
He then does the cut throat taunt which gets a cheer and soars to the top rope, and nails the Swandive Headbutt!!! Benoit slowly crawls toward Triple H, and eventually, he gets a cover on the challenger, 1.….2.….FOOT ON THE ROPE!!! Benoit is in shock. He starts to stomp on the Game, and pulls him to the corner and nails him with a five hard chops to the chest. Triple H then rakes the eyes in desperation, and follows up with a DDT.
The Game takes a moment to get his head together, then drops an elbow on Benoit. He gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out. Triple H then whips Benoit hard into the corner and Benoit walks right into a high knee from the challenger upon his return. Triple H then bounces off the ropes and hit’s a knee drop. He gets a cover, 1.….2.….Kick Out!!! Triple H starts to look a little angrier as Benoit refuses to lay down. He drags Benoit to his feet, but Benoit starts to fight back. He throws a number of right hands, then bounces off the ropes, but as he comes back, HHH hit’s the face buster, followed by a neck breaker. Triple H gets a cover, 1.…2.…Kick Out!! Benoit still refuses to go down!!!
Benoit drags himself to the corner, but Triple H follows and stomps on the World Heavyweight Champion in the corner. He then sets up Benoit in the corner and runs toward him for a splash, but Benoit moves out of the way, and Triple H runs right into the corner. Benoit then hit’s a side suplex on HHH, then goes for the Sharpshooter, but Triple H fights it, and kicks Benoit away. Benoit then goes for a clothesline on Triple H, but, Triple H ducks and kicks him in the gut, then goes for the Pedigree, but Benoit counters and takes down HHH and this time, locks in the Sharpshooter!!!
Triple H tries to get to the ropes, but cant get there. He tries to power out, but Benoit wont release. The Game looks set to tap, but in one last effort, he grabs the leg of Benoit, and counters the hold. He then locks in the Sharpshooter on the Champion, to a huge chorus of boo’s. Benoit tries frantically to crawl to the ropes, but cant. He tries to counter, but Triple H stops him, and he isn’t strong enough to power out. Eventually, he crawls slowly, slowly, slowly, and grabs the ropes!!! Triple H is irate and eventually has to let go of the submission hold at the count of four.
Triple H, then starts to stomp on Benoit’s knee. He then goes to kick Benoit, but Benoit grabs the leg. Triple H then tries to hit an enziguri, but Benoit ducks, and HHH falls onto the mat. Benoit then drops down and locks in the Crossface!!!
The Game seems to have no where to go, but out of nowhere, counters the hold into a pinning combination, 1.…2.…Benoit releases to escape the pin. Both men jump up and both duck each other, then Benoit goes for another German, but Triple H counters and pushes Benoit into the referee, knocking the referee down. Benoit then looks at the referee trying to help him up, but Triple H nails a low blow on Benoit!! He then sets up Benoit for the formality of the Pedigree, and nails it!!! He revives the referee and gets a cover, the referee makes the count, 1.…….2.…….BENOIT KICKS OUT!!! BENOIT KICKS OUT!!!! Triple H is in total shock!!!
The Game then whips Benoit into the referee on purpose, knocking the ref out again, then goes to the outside and picks up the Sledgehammer!! He brings it into the ring and sets up Benoit for it. Benoit never sees it coming, and is flattened by a Sledgehammer shot. Triple H hides the weapon, and again revives the referee. He makes the cover, 1.……………2.……………BENOIT GETS A FOOT ON THE ROPE!!!! The crowd goes nuts!!! Triple H grabs the referee by the shirt and threatens him. He then goes for another Pedigree to the lifeless Champion. He goes for it, but then, Benoit counters into the Crippler Crossface!!!!!
Triple H screams out as Benoit clamps in the submission, HHH tries to roll through again, but Benoit keeps it on. HHH then tries to crawl, but Benoit stops him from crawling!!! The Game then tries one more time to roll through, but this only makes things worse and he is dead centre in the ring!!!! Triple H has no other choice left, and TAPS OUT!!!!! BENOIT WINS!!!! BENOIT RETAINS!!!!!
Chris Benoit then celebrates with his home country fans, as Triple H rolls out of the ring, clutching his arm, looking in total shock as to his loss, as Benoit stands tall in the ring, looking at HHH, and tells him he is for real!!!!


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You're toast Yankee but your match was still pretty good and yours was great as well Wolf Beast!
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