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WWE U.S Championship: 3 Elimination Stages
John Cena © v Rene Dupree v Mordecai v Booker T

John Cena makes the draw for the order of competitors and picks himself out first, much to his dismay. John picks out his opponent, Rene Dupree! Next John picks out Booker T to compete in the ladder match, and Mordecai in the cage match! Booker and Mordecai are chained to each ring post in order to prevent them from interfering in the first contest.

1st Stage 1 Fall Singles Contest
John Cena v Rene Dupree

John Cena comes out to the ring first, followed by Mordecai, who is chained to the ring post, followed by Rene Dupree who gets in the ring, followed by Booker T, who is chained to the opposite ring post to Mordecai.

Cena and Dupree begin a 30 second staredown before Dupree yells at Cena calling him pathetic and useless. Cena doesn’t react and stands firm. Dupree charges at Cena with a clothesline and nails it. Cena springs straight back up into a spinebuster that puts Cena down for a fair 5 seconds before he makes it to his feet. Dupree Irish whips Cena into the turnbuckle so he is facing back inside the ring. Rene puts 3 shoulders into Cena’s gut flowed by a splash in the corner. Cena falls to the floor and shakes his head in an attempt to wake himself up.

Dupree slaps Cena while he is on his hands and feet and then kicks his lower back. Cena crawls up the ropes and is about to be clotheslined over the top, but he has it scouted and Rene goes flying over the top rope. Booker T attempts to kick Dupree while on the outside but cannot reach. Cena then slides out of the ring and taunts Booker, daring him to hit him. Booker tries desperately before Cena signals “Word Life” and kicks Book, square in the nuts.

Meanwhile Dupree is recovering and attacks Cena from behind, slamming his head into the ring post while the referee checks on Booker T. The French Phenom pulls Cena up by the hair and throws him into the ring where he delivers a Russian leg sweep. The referee climbs back into the ring as Dupree slaps on a sleeper. Cena begins to fade and the referee begins the arm count. He lifts it up once… it falls down. Twice… it falls down. Thrice… Cena’s arm rises and his fist begins to clench. Cena shows immense strength and lifts Dupree clean off of the ground. He backs him into the corner and begins to climb the turnbuckle, with Rene still clinging on for dear life.

Eventually Cena reaches the top rope and turns around! He then leaps off of the turnbuckle to squash the Frenchman between the mat and John’s upper back! Both men are down and the referee begins to count to 10. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8… Cena begins to stir and makes it to his feet by the count of 9! The Dr of Thuganomics attempts to drag Rene to his feet but Dupree rolls Cena up for a LONG two count! Both men are slow to rise from the pinfall attempt and have to use the ropes.

They finally reach standing and Cena goes for a clothesline but Rene ducks and locks in an armbar! John screams in pain and crawls to the ropes but Dupree pushes the bottom rope away from Cena’s grasp with his foot. Cena is in immense pain and is about to tap when he finds one last ounce of strength and reaches the ropes. Dupree is forced to break the hold!

Both competitors rise to their feet and Rene Dupree gets the better of John, hitting a DDT. Dupree then heads to the top rope and goes for a tope rope splash onto Cena! He gets it! 1..........2.................... CENA KICKOUT!!!!!!!! Dupree is in complete disbelief!!!!!!! Rene decides that he has had enough and lifts Cena onto his shoulders to use Cena’s own F.U! Then suddenly John drops off of the back of Rene and hits his own F.U!!!
Cena progresses!!!!!

2nd Fall Ladder Match
John Cena v Booker T

With Cena already hurting and tired, Booker T looks a hot favourite to win the ladder match. Booker is unchained and he rolls into the ring where a hurting John Cena is propped up against the turnbuckle.

Booker immediately goes to clothesline Cena but John has it scouted and dodges the flying Book man as he smashes into the top turnbuckle. Cena kicks Book in the gut and hits a DDT. Booker actually gets up before Cena does and begins to put the boots to him. Cena groans in pain as Booker T pulls him off of the mat. Booker chops John in the corner and gets many “WHOOOOO”’s from the crowd in return.

Booker grabs Cena by the throat, picks him up and puts him on the top rope where he performs a superplex on the current U.S Champion. Booker taunts the crowd before going to the outside and fetching a ladder. Book sets up the ladder and begins to climb. Cena sees this and immediately crawls to his feet. Cena pulls Booker down by his tights and begins a slow brawl. Booker hits a knee to the mid-section and hits John’s head against the ladder sending Cena to the mat.

Booker lifts the ladder and folds it up. “T” then continually smashes the top of it into Cena’s intestines. Book then lays Cena on top of the ladder and delivers a vicious leg drop that shakes the ring. Cena has blood coming from his mouth and looks to have given all he can. Booker spits in Cena’s face and sets up the ladder. Booker T is about to reach the U.S Title belt when John manages to muster enough strength to shove the ladder and throw Booker off of it to the outside!!

Booker and Cena are both down for at least a minute and a half before Cena begins to awake and pull himself up by the ladder. Booker notices John standing above the folded ladder and quickly catapults the top of it into his face with a body splash on the other end. Cena falls to the floor screaming, he then rolls over and we see he is busted open BAD! Booker pulls himself into the ring and props up the ladder in the corner of the ring.

Booker attempts to Irish Whip John into the ladder but the Doc O Thuganomics reverses and Booker smashes head first into the ladder! Cena falls to the floor and the ring becomes a crimson mess. Cena eventually makes it to his feet and lays the ladder on the floor. John delivers a backdrop to Booker, on top of the ladder. Booker screams in agony! John rolls Book to the corner of the ring and then sets up the ladder.

With only one good arm John begins to climb the ladder, with his left arm almost completely limp. Booker is in no-mans land and looks to have to chance of defeating Cena. The Book Man shows tremendous courage and makes it to his feet, climbing the ladder! John is almost at the top of the ladder and is touching his gold when Booker delivers a hard right hand to the sternum. Cena leans over the top of the ladder and booker beats on his lower back. Booker then leans over Cena’s back and John hooks his arm around Booker’s leg!

Booker realises what position he is in and struggles to get out! John refuses to let go and uses every last ounce of strength he has to F.U Booker T from the top of the ladder, to the mat below! Cena looks up and through his blood covered eyes he just manages to see the title dangling aimlessly. John reaches for it and tugs it down!
Cena progresses AGAIN!!!

3rd Fall Cage Match
John Cena v Mordecai

Mordecai cannot believe his luck as he enters the ring to find John Cena bloodied and bruised and a reasonably fresh Booker T being escorted to the back.

Mordecai raises his arms and the cage begins to descend from the ceiling. Mordecai quickly goes outside and grabs his staff, a chair and the ring bell. He then enters the ring just in time before the cage is locked on to the ring posts.

Mordecai stares at Cena who is still motionless from the ladder match. Mordecai then simply walks towards the door, opens it and steps onto the ring steps. He then turns around to look and John Cena who is now just sitting upright with his middle finger pointing towards the man in white. Mordecai is enraged and storms back into the ring where he is met with a low blow!!!!!

This gives Cena some time to re-cooperate; however Mordecai is back up within 20 seconds. Cena attempts another low blow from the floor but Mordecai blocks this one and stamps on Cena’s left arm, making him squeal and squirm. John then bites Mordecai’s ankle and he releases Cena’s arm. John flips over sending Mordecai into the cage wall after letting go of John’s ankle! Like a flash of light John grabs a chair and makes it to his hands and knees.

Mordecai bounces back off of the ropes and straight into a shot with a solid steel chair! It doesn’t put the big man down but sends him back onto the ropes where he bounces straight back out. This time when Mordecai returns, Cena stabs the chair into Mordecai’s shin, which forces the white man to the floor. Cena immediately crawls towards the cage door but Mordecai is back up too quickly and drags Cena to the centre of the ring.

Mordecai drags Cena up by his hair and props him up against the turnbuckle. Mordecai delivers thunderous right hands to Cena’s skull and then hits a massive clothesline in the corner. The big man then grabs his staff and looks to the sky. He chants something before whacking Cena around the face with it! Mordecai then signals for the “Father, Son and the Holy Ghost” Mordecai throws his staff out of the door before stepping out himself.

Before Mordecai’s foot reaches the floor, Cena staggers over to the other side of the ring and yanks his hair. The man in white cannot believe it. He shakes his head and climbs back into the ring. Once there he begins to brawl with Cena, delivering right hands to the already blood covered skull of John Cena. John fights back and hits an eye rake before nailing the F.U!!!!!! The crowd go wild as John steps towards the door. Suddenly the Basham Brothers appear out of nowhere and slam the cage door on Cena’s head!!!!

The Bashams enter the ring to HUGE boos and Mordecai yells at them to beat Cena up! The Bashams take it in turns to spinebuster Cena before handing him over to Mordecai. The follower of the lord plants Cena into the mat with a Crucifix Bomb. The Bashams then hold up Cena and Mordecai clocks John around the head with the ring bell!!!!!! Just to make sure there is no escape for Cena, Doug Basham heads to the outside and grabs Mordecai’s staff. Danny props Cena up in the corner of the ring. Doug then puts the staff through one hole in the cage and back out of another, trapping Cena between the cage wall’s corner and the staff pole!!!

Mordecai then steps out of the ring with Danny Basham, to capture the WWE U.S Championship!
Winner: NEW U.S Champion Mordecai

Mordecai grabs a mic and speaks to the crowd.

Mordecai: You see what happens when you disrespect God!!!!!! HIS MESSENGERS DESTROY YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, “I” Mordecai, the NEW U.S Champion, along with The Basham Brothers, MY followers! Will bring peace and order to SmackDown! And just to prove to what lengths we will go to, we will make a sacrifice of JOHN CENA!!!!!

Bright lights shine on Cena as the cage is lifted, taking the trapped Cena with it! John struggles desperately but cannot do anything. The lights go out and three spotlights shine on Mordecai, Doug Basham and Danny Basham!

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Nice match Red Cold and I liked the Basham Brothers following Mordecai.

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WcW Title
Sting © vs Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Benoit

Sting looks at Eddie and gives him a dirty look. Chris also looks at Eddie and he looks like he wants to kill him. Eddie is just carrying on and acting all arrogant thinking he is the man. Benoit goes up to Eddie and starts throwing right hands. Sting now comes up and pushes Benoit away and now he throws right hands. Eddie pushes him away and now he is willing to take on both of them on his own and Benoit and Sting block it. They now are double teaming on Guerrero and they throw him into the ropes. He comes back and a vicious elbow to the head of Guerrero by both Sting and Benoit. Guerrero is down and now Sting attacks Benoit throwing right hands to the head of Chris and now Chris is blocking them with right hands of his own. Now Chris backs him up into the corner and he begins those vicious chops to the chest of Sting. Guerrero now gets up and a forearm to the back of the head of Benoit. Eddie now gaining control over Benoit with right hands and now Eddie with a kick and a suplex. Eddie is getting up and sting flies out of nowhere with a clothesline on Guerrero. Sting now kneeling over and throwing shots to the head of Guerrero as Benoit gets up and rolls up Sting and a cover 1…2… and a near fall. Guerrero now straight on the attack and he is punching Benoit continuously whilst he is blocking them. Guerrero gets up and he is all happy. He goes after Sting and throws him into the corner. Guerrero now lifts up Sting as if he were going for a Superplex. Guerrero now getting ready and a Superplex off the top rope and now Guerrero with a cover 1…2… but Benoit breaks the pin. Benoit now grabs the legs of Guerrero and he is looking to hooks that Sharpshooter but Guerrero with a low blow. Guerrero gets up and he picks up Sting and throws him to the outside. Eddie follows and now he grabs Sting’s head and slams it against the ring post and now against the steel stairs and Sting just falls to the floor. Benoit is running between ropes and now Benoit with a Baseball slide to the head of Guerrero. Benoit gets up and he throws Guerrero on the table and the crowd loves it as they are chanting in Benoit’s favour. Benoit gets up on the table and he is going from behind. He will German Suplex him right through our table instead. OH MY GOD!!! GERMAN SUPLEX THROUGH THE TABLE!!! The crowd has begun to chant “Holy Shit”, “Holy Shit”. Benoit is all smiles which isn’t a pretty sight. Sting now gets up and realises all the carnage that has just happened and he wishes to take advantage of that. Sting just grabbed a chair from under the ring and OH MY he nails Chris with it and now Eddie with it. Sting throws Eddie back into the ring and he goes for the cover


And Benoit pulls Guerrero from underneath. Sting is pissed off at that and now Benoit comes back into the ring whilst Eddie is still on the outside. Sting throwing right hands to the head of The Wolverine and now Sting kicks him and a Inverted Atomic Drop and now Benoit is on the floor. Sting grabs his legs and he is signalling the end. Sting wraps his legs around Benoit, all he has to do is turns it over and he does. Benoit in a world of pain getting closer and closer to the ropes. Benoit is in so much pain and he is so close and he gets it but Sting drags him back to the middle of the ring and now it starts all over. Benoit is in a world of pain and he has raised the arm and he is about to tap out. He’s going to do it………….. FROGSPLASH!!!! Out of nowhere Eddie Guerrero with a FrogSplash breaks the hold. Sting is slowly getting up and so is Eddie while Benoit is still trying to get it together. Sting and Eddie are trading right hands and Eddie with a kick and yet another Suplex. Eddie gets up and Benoit from behind a German. He is going for another and he gets it and now he is going for the hat-trick and he nails it and now Benoit is signalling the end. Benoit goes up top and he is going for the Flying Headbutt. He jumps and Eddie moves at the last second, nobody home. Sting now gets up and he is smiling and he goes to the outside. He gets his Steel Chair yet again and now he brings it in the ring. Sting is winding up Benoit. Benoit gets up, he turns around and Sting nails him. Sting now waiting for Guerrero. He turns around and Sting swings but Eddie dodges it and Eddie turns around a kick and a DDT on the Steel Chair. Eddie is in a world of pain but he wants to capitalise on this and he goes to the top rope. Eddie is singaling the end and he goes for the FrogSplash. He nails it on the Stinger and now Eddie with a cover




Winner: New WcW Champion Eddie Guerrero

Benoit breaks the pin too little, too late

Guerrero celebrates in the middle of the ring and is crying because of his first ever WcW Title Victory

This is not in conjunction with my WcW

Chopped Liver
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Okay, I know the deadline hasnt passed, but both matches are in, so what the hell...

---------Red Cold -------------------Goldberg0069-----------
Length: ----10--------------------------8------------
Flow: ------9 --------------------------9------------
Realism: ----9 --------------------------10-----------
Finish: -----9 --------------------------8------------

Totals: ----37--------------------------35--------------

Congratulations to Red Cold on your win, unlucky Goldberg0069. It was a good match, but Red Colds just edged it out. Better luck next time though.

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