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Sorry it's late, I been hooked on Samurai X (Wandering Samurai) for the past few days and haven't been on much.


Date Due: Friday 28th January 2005

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We cut to the arena where fans are pumped as we prepare for possibly the most athletic and high-flying match of the night, TLC between Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio. A video package is show, displaying their rivalry up until now. Rey Mysterio’s music hits and he comes out to giant heat from the crowd. Rey stares at the ladders, chairs and tables and shakes his head. Then the Cruiserweight Champion, Billy Kidman’s music hits and the crowd erupt for their CW Champ. Kidman pumps up the crowd before sliding into the ring and smiling at Rey. Billy then charges at Rey and the match begins.

Cruiserweight Title Match
Tables Ladders and Chairs
Billy Kidman © versus Rey Mysterio

Rey and Billy slug it out, punch for punch until Billy starts to gain an advantage on Rey. Billy backs Mysterio into the corner and beats him to the mat. Billy uses his foot to choke Rey. Kidman then jumps on Rey until he stops trying to fight out. Billy hoists Rey onto the top rope but Rey was playing possum and shoves Billy back down. Kidman turns back around and receives a dropkick in the face. Rey lifts Billy up and slings him into the ropes. Kidman holds on and Rey misses with a hurricarana!! Billy heads over to Rey and stomps on him before lifting him to his feet, however Rey fights back with a right hand followed by a DDT.

Mysterio hoists Kidman back up and slings him into the ropes; Billy bounces back and ducks a clothesline. He bounces back again, and ducks yet another clothesline. Kidman bounds back out once again and lands a perfectly balanced drop kick to send Rey Rey back into the corner. Billy springs back to his feet and goes for a splash but Mysterio moves out of the way. Kidman bounces back out next to the ropes and Mysterio clotheslines him over the top. Kidman lands on his head and lies for a few seconds before crawling towards a chair. He picks it up, unknown to Rey, and as Mysterio goes to drag him back into the ring, he blasts him around the head with it!!! Mysterio falls back into the ring clutching his head while Billy gets back to his feet and slides into the ring.

Kidman waits for Rey to get to his feet before charging at him hitting a clothesline to knock the challenger to the mat. Kidman waits for the groggy Mysterio to get up and goes for the BK Bomb, but Rey wriggles out and hits a DDT. Mysterio climbs to the top rope and waits for Kidman, Billy rises and Rey goes for a hurricarana. Billy catches him however and goes for a powerbomb. Somehow Mysterio flips Kidman around as he goes o plant him into the mat and hits an almighty hurricarana!!!

Rey pounces on Kidman and beats on his head with a closed fist. Mysterio hoists Kidman back to his feet and hits a springboard dropkick to send Kidman back into the turnbuckle. Mysterio charges at Billy and splashes him, Kidman staggers out and Rey hits a big bulldog. Kidman rolls onto his back and Mysterio drops a knee into his ribs. Mysterio picks Kidman back up to the feet and hits a snap suplex. Rey waits for Billy to get to his feet, and then charges at him with a high knee. Rey then proceeds to lift Kidman up and apply an abdominal stretch. Kidman desperately tries to get out but Rey applies more pressure. Kidman eventually gives up fighting and relaxes.

Rey then releases Billy and rolls out of the ring. Mysterio grabs a chair from the side of the ring and rolls back inside the squared circle. Rey goes to plant Billy with the chair but gets kicked in the sternum and suplexed. Kidman kicks Rey in the head before picking up the chair. Billy goes to hit Rey but receives a low blow for his actions. Kidman rolls on the floor holding his manhood before staggering to his feet. Billy stands upright to receive a crushing blow with the chair to his skull!!! Billy flops to the mat and Rey rolls back out of the ring.

Mysterio looks around on the outside and decides to grab a table. Mysterio slides the table into the ring and follows himself. Mysterio props the table in the corner and walks back over to Kidman. Billy is prepared and fights back with some right hands. Rey backs into the ropes and Billy irish whips him to the other side. Mysterio quickly jumps onto the second rope and flips over into a Lionsault onto the helpless Kidman. Rey beats on Billy again before attempting to catapult him into the table. Billy struggles and manages to fight out before Mysterio can propel him into the wood.

Both men are back to a vertical base and Billy lands a dropkick. Rey backs into the table without realising. Kidman pounces to his feet and darts at Mysterio. Rey has this scouted and lands a drop-toe-hold. Billy doesn’t go through the table but lands sharply on his face. Mysterio then dropkicks Kidman back into the table. Rey lifts Billy up again and tosses him to the mat. Mysterio then takes the table out of the corner and sets it up in the centre of the ring. Rey goes back over to Billy and pulls him up by the hair. Mysterio then lays Billy on the table and backs away from it. Mysterio then climbs to the top rope but Kidman jumps off of the table. Mysterio climbs back down from the turnbuckle and waltzes over to Kidman. Billy spins round with a standing enziguri!!!

Both men lay flat on the floor until Kidman crawls to his feet. He drags Mysterio up but fails to notice Rey has a chair in hand!!!! Kidman is too late to realise and gets planted with the steel!!!! Billy flops to the mat and Rey jabs the chair into the ribs. Billy rolls around in pain. Mysterio hoist Kidman into the corner and delivers some forearm smashes. Suddenly Billy reverses and spins Mysterio into the corner. Billy then climbs to the second rope and begins to 10 big punches. 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9, Mysterio grabs a hold on Kidman’s legs for a powerbomb!!! Out of nowhere Billy reverses again into a hurricarana that send Mysterio THROUGH the table in the ring!!!!!

Billy is flat out on the mat as Mysterio is motionless. Kidman rolls out of the ring and fetches a ladder. He slides it into the ring and sets it up, right below the gold. He begins to climb but Disco Inferno pulls him back down. Kidman brawls with Inferno but Disco gets the upper hand. Inferno hits a DDT onto the mat before taking down the ladder. Disco awakes Rey before attempting to hit Kidman in the face with the ladder. Billy ducks away from the ladder and trips Inferno, sending him nose first into the bottom step!!! Disco lays face on the mat before rolling over; he has blood pouring out of his nose. Kidman stays focused and lifts the ladder off the mat. He leans it in the middle of the ropes on the top. He then hoists Mysterio up. Billy then irish whips Rey into the steel. The crowd gasp as Mysterio goes clean over the ladder to the floor below!!!

Billy rolls out of the ring again and fetches another table but takes it round to where Mysterio landed. Billy sets up the table and then another next to it. He then sets up two on top of them to make a four table. Mysterio begins to stir on the floor and Kidman drags him to his feet. Billy slams Mysterio’s head into the ring barricade and rolls him back into the ring. Disco Inferno is still on the mat facing upwards with the blood pouring out of his nose. Kidman lifts Mysterio from the mat and whips him into the corner. Rey falls face first onto the mat in exhaustion. Billy sets up the ladder and begins to climb again.

Immediately Mysterio crawls to his feet and drags Billy back down. Mysterio slaps Kidman as his face builds with anger. Kidman reacts to this with a kick to the gut. He attempts a DDT but Disco Inferno hits a superkick to send Kidman staggering into the ladder. Billy stays on his feet but Mysterio hits a dropkick and Kidman falls out of the ring. Mysterio yells at Inferno to hold Kidman on the outside while he retrieves the gold. Rey sets up the ladder and slowly begins to climb. Once Inferno reaches the outside, he is met with a brutal chairshot. As Inferno staggers round he meets Paul London, eye to eye. London kicks Inferno In the gut and hits a tornado DDT onto the floor.

Kidman dives into the ring and yanks Mysterio (who is touching the gold) from the ladder. Kidman then hits a clothesline as London tosses another ladder into the ring. Kidman drags Mysterio to the corner and heads to the top rope. Meanwhile London sets up a table on the outside and tosses Disco on top. London then sets up a 20ft ladder next to the table. The crowd begin to get even more excited as London climbs to the top. As Kidman nails a Shooting Star Press on the downed Mysterio, London leaps off with a 450 Splash, BUT DISCO MOVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Giant “HOLY SHIT” chant breaks out as London crashes through the wood. Kidman looks on to the outside and holds his hair. He looks down at Mysterio before rolling out of the ring to attend to London. Disco notices this and rolls into the ring. Inferno then looks at Mysterio. He then begins to climb the ladder himself!!!!! Inferno climbs, step by step until he can just touch the gold. Mysterio looks up and sees this, looking a little angry. Rey’s eyes then move to look at Billy Kidman who is entering the ring!!! Kidman shoves the ladder over and Disco topples through the FOUR tables Kidman set up earlier!!!!!!!!

An even bigger “HOLY SHIT” chant gets going as Mysterio looks on in horror. Kidman turns to the crowd and raises his arm. He the sets up the other ladder next to the one that is leaning on the ropes. Kidman then beings to lift the ladder from the ropes, and places it about 2 metres from the other. Mysterio quickly rolls out of the ring and grabs yet another ladder!! Rey sets this one up and Kidman climbs the other two in a straddle position, with his back to his opponent. Mysterio then rocks the ladder and it tumbles towards the ladder on the right of Kidman. Mysterio then grabs a hold of this ladder and swings round to hit Kidman with a 6:19 from 10 feet in the air!!!!!!!! Kidman hits the canvas with an almighty thud!!!!!!!!!!

The crowd are in disbelief and Mysterio has a small smile on his face. As London and Inferno begin to stir, Mysterio crawls to his feet and slowly but surely, step by step, claw by claw climbs up the ladder and grasps a hold of the Cruiserweight Gold. Out of nowhere, Billy Kidman manages to shove the ladder over with his right foot. Mysterio crashes onto the ring ropes, and then onto the floor below.

The crowd go wild as Kidman sits up. But suddenly, Billy falls back down, completely out of breath and racked with pain. A “Let’s Go Kidman” chant breaks out and Billy raises an arm in recognition. Rey is motionless on the floor below and hasn’t moved since his fall. Both Disco Inferno and Paul London struggle to their feet and lean against the ring barrier for support. London staggers towards Rey and looks down at him, then at the lifeless Kidman in the ring. Suddenly Disco attacks him from behind and Paul crashes into the ring post!! Disco moves towards Rey and tries to wake him up, lifting him to his feet. Disco rolls Rey into the ring, then heads back to London.

Meanwhile Kidman is leaning up with one arm. VERY slowly, Billy claws his way up the ropes and tumble into the corner, still upright. Kidman walks towards the fallen ladders and lifts one up, placing it in the centre of the ring. Inferno stops his assault on London and slides into the ring to meet Kidman. Disco knocks him back with a right hand while Mysterio begins to stir and crawl up the ring ropes. Inferno tosses Kidman to the floor and Billy reaches out for a steel chair, he grasps it. Disco attempts to lift the Cruiserweight Champion up, but gets a vile chairshot for doing so. Inferno falls backwards out of the ring while Kidman lies on the mat.

Rey takes this opportunity and notices Kidman is down. Mysterio then flops onto the ladder and tries to climb up. He is inches away from the gold when his back is cracked with a solid steel chair, courtesy of Billy Kidman. Rey stops still and Kidman climbs up the ladder backwards. On the outside, Paul London is staggering to his feet and is setting up yet ANOTHER table. London backs away as Kidman gets Mysterio on his shoulders. The crowd sit in silence as Kidman tosses the challenger for his title over the top rope and through the table in an incredible powerbomb. Billy then flops back down to the mat in exhaustion.

Suddenly Paul London rolls into the ring and manages to hoist Billy up to his feet, he props him up against the ladder and tells him to climb. Kidman takes about 3 minutes before he takes his first step on the ladder. Billy takes a few seconds before his second step. The crowd are going wild as Paul London beats on Disco Inferno and Mysterio is motionless in the wreckage of the table. Kidman is three steps away, two, one!!! Kidman looks to the crowd with a trickle of blood coming down his face. Billy then grabs a hold of the Cruiserweight Gold and tugs it down. Kidman holds it up high as he wins an incredible contest.

Winner: STILL Cruiserweight Champion, Billy Kidman

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It is currently 6:21 pm Thursday here where I am located in Ontario, Canada (eastern standard time). I am on exams at school right now so I have been busy with studying the past few days. I will have my match posted in less than 24 hours garunteed, which would still have me on time by my standards. Just wanted to inform you all so that I don't lose by forefit because of the fact I am located in a different time zone.

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Submission Match
Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit

Angle and Benoit lock up in a collar and elbow tie up. They jostle for an advantage and Benoit gets an early edge. Angle goes to his knees but battles back. Benoit breaks the hold with a knee to the gut of Angle and hooks him in position for a suplex. Angle counters and takes Benoit down into a front face lock. Angle is unable to fully lock in the hold before relinquishing his grip. Angle gets to his feet followed by Benoit. Angle goes for a chop block but Benoit side steps. Angle gets to his feet and turns into a running shoulder known down by Benoit. Benoit gets Angle up and directs him into the corner. Benoit delivers a couple of knife edge chops before Angle blocks and reverses positions. Angle goes to deliver a chop of his own but Benoit ducks under the arm and then delivers a release german suplex that sends Angle to the center of the ring.

Benoit heads over and attempts to lock in the sharpshooter but Angle kicks him away. Benoit turns around and is taken down by Angle. Angle starts pummeling away at Benoit but the ref calls for the break and Angle is forced to let Benoit to his feet. Benoit gets up and Angle takes him down with a chop block to the left leg. Angle quickly gets a hold of Benoit’s left leg and drives and elbow into. He follows up by driving a knee into it. Angle then drags Benoit over to the ropes and places his left leg on the bottom rope. Angle gets on the second rope then drops all of his weight down onto the left leg of Benoit. Benoit writhes in pain and Angle stalks him some before locking in the Ankle lock. Benoit struggles and makes it to the ropes after only minimal damage has been done.

Angle releases the hold and Benoit uses the ropes for help in getting to his feet. Angle stalks Benoit and tries an Angle Slam but Benoit counters and pushes Kurt in the back into the ropes. Kurt is up against the ropes and Benoit delivers a few knife edge chops before irish whipping Angle into the ropes. Angle shoots back and Benoit performs a high back body drop. Angle gets up and Benoit delivers a snap suplex on him. Angle slowly makes his way back up and Benoit stalks him. Angle finally gets to his feet and Benoit performs a release german suplex that sends Angle across the ring. Angle rolls to the outside while Benoit gets to his feet.

Angle walks around on the outside as he regroups. This also gives both men a chance at catching their breath. Angle walks up the steps and goes to enter the ring but Benoit charges at him and Angle hops back down the floor. Benoit talks trash to him while Angle paces on the outside. Angle tries sliding in the ring again but once again Benoit is right there to take advantage so Angle retreats. This happens once more until finally the ref tells Benoit he must let Angle fairly in the ring. Angle rolls into the ring while the ref keeps an eye on Benoit. Benoit quickly charges at Angle who sidesteps and then takes Benoit down with an arm drag. Angle tries locking in an arm bar but Benoit battles out. Angle gets to his feet just before Benoit. Angle tries a clothesline but Benoit ducks and takes Angle over with an arm drag of his own. Benoit quickly applies an arm bar and wrenches away at Angle’s shoulder. Angle rolls through and gets to the ropes causing the ref to call for the break. Both men get to their feet at the same time.

The men go into a Greco Roman knuckle lock. Benoit is winning the test of strength until Angle kicks him in the left knee, Benoit goes to his knees and Angle gains the advantage. Benoit breaks Angle’s grip by delivering a knee to the chest of Angle. Benoit then takes Angle down with a side headlock takeover. Benoit keeps the headlock applied and wrenches away at the neck of Angle. Angle delivers a series of elbows to the chest of Benoit which causes him to loosen his grip. Angle eventually gets to his feet and back drops Benoit. Both men get to their feet around the same time. Benoit tries a clothesline but Angle ducks and has Benoit in position for a belly to back suplex. Benoit performs a standing switch and hits a release german suplex on Angle. Angle gets to his feet and Benoit performs a snap suplex on him. Benoit heads over to Angle and attempts to lock in the sharpshooter but Angle kicks him away.

Benoit gets up and heads back over to Angle. Angle takes Benoit down with a single leg take down. Angle pummels away with rights and lefts until the ref pries him off of Benoit. Benoit slowly gets to his feet while Angle stalks him. Angle tries an Angle Slam but Benoit counters and pushes Angle away. Angle turns around and tries a clothesline but Benoit ducks. Benoit delivers a german suplex and keeps him grip locked in. Benoit hits a second consecutive german suplex and goes for a third but Angle won’t let go off the top rope. Benoit releases his grip and connects with a clubbing blow to the back of Angle. Angle falls to his knees and Benoit lays the boots to him until the ref call for the break since Angle is in the ropes. Angle uses the ropes for assistance in getting to his feet. Benoit charges at Angle and clotheslines him over the top rope to the outside.

Angle slowly gets to his feet and when he is up Benoit bounces off the ropes for momentum and dives through the second and third rope nailing Angle with a tope suicide dive. Both men are down on the outside and they slowly struggle to their feet. Benoit gets to his feet before Angle and helps Angle up. Angle catches Benoit with a back elbow and softens him up with a few shots to the head. Angle takes Benoit over to ring steps and smashes his head off of them. He tries for a second time but Benoit blocks with his hands and then elbows Angle in the stomach. Angle backs off and then runs at Benoit who drop toe holds him face first into the steps.

Benoit rolls Angle back in the ring and quickly locks in the crossface but Angle easily grabs the bottom rope. Benoit gets to his feet and gets Angle up positioning him in the corner. Benoit connects with a series of knife edge chops and Angle falls to the mat. Benoit gets Angle up and tries a suplex but Angle counters into a suplex of his own but Benoit lands on his feet and sweeps out the legs of Angle. Angle gets up and Benoit performs a dragon screw on him. Benoit finally manages to lock in the sharpshooter on Angle. Angle writhes in pain and battles his way to the ropes. He manages to get a hand on the bottom rope forcing Benoit to break the hold.

Benoit regains his breath while Angle uses the ropes to get to his feet. Angle heads towards Benoit who charges at Angle. Angle sidesteps a clothesline and knocks Benoit down with a clothesline of his own. Benoit quickly gets up and Angle whips him into the corner. Angle runs at Benoit who sticks up his elbow and Angle runs head first into it. Benoit positions Angle for a suplex but is unable to execute the move because Angle is grasping the second rope. Benoit connects with a few shots to the stomach of Angle before irish whipping him. Angle bounces off the ropes and shoots back but Benoit knocks him down with a shoulder block. Angle gets up and Benoit whips him into the corner. Benoit charges at Angle but Angle moves and Benoit goes hard into the turnbuckle.

Benoit staggers around until Angle takes him down with a chop block. Angle rolls Benoit towards the corner and heads to the outside. Angle grabs a hold of Benoit’s left leg and pulls him up against the ring post. Angle pulls Benoit’s left leg back and then swings it hard into the ring post. Angle does this twice more before Benoit kicks him away with his right leg. Angle gets back in the ring and quickly locks in the Ankle Lock and wrenches away at the left ankle of Benoit who is in extreme pain. Benoit guts it out and eventually manages to get a hold of the bottom rope. Angle drags Benoit back to the center of the ring and tightens his grip on the left ankle of Benoit. Eventually Benoit manages to roll through and kick Angle away and more importantly releasing the Ankle Lock.

Angle gets up and heads towards Benoit who is struggling to get to his feet. Angle stalks Benoit who is using the ropes for assistance in getting to his feet. Benoit finally gets to his feet and Angle delivers the Angle Slam smashing Benoit to the mat. Angle goes for a cover but the only way to win is by submission so he stops the pin and heads to the top rope. Angle leaps off and executes a picture perfect moonsault but Benoit rolls out of the way at the last possible moment. Both men and down and out on the mat barely moving. Benoit begins to stir first as he crawls towards the ropes. Angle is still down as Benoit uses the ropes to get up. Benoit signals the end is near and heads to the top rope. Out of nowhere Angle pops up and double arm suplexes Benoit from the top rope.

Angle takes a while to get up and by the time he does Benoit is barely moving. Angle heads over to Benoit and goes to help him up when out of nowhere Benoit applies the crossface to Angle. Benoit tightens his grip while Angle writhes in pain in the near center of the ring. Angle struggles and eventually manages to get a foot on the bottom rope but the damage has been done.

Benoit slowly gets to his feet while Angle struggles and only makes it to his knees. Benoit gets Angle up and plants him with a german suplex. Benoit keeps his hands locked and hits a second german suplex. Benoit pops his hips before delivering a third german suplex this time with a release. Benoit slowly gets to his feet winded after delivering three consecutive german suplexes. He slowly climbs to the top rope while Angle lies motionless on the mat. Benoit leads off and delivers a flying headbutt to Angle ala the Dynamite Kid. Benoit gets to his feet and locks in the sharpshooter on Angle. Angle battles and comes within a hair of grabbing the bottom rope when Benoit drags him back to the center of the ring. Angle is in excruciating pain but refuses to tap out. Angle struggles and manages to finally make it to the ropes.

Benoit releases the hold and Angle rolls to the outside. Benoit catches his breath before proceeding after Angle who is down by the announcers table. Benoit exits the ring and heads for Angle. Benoit reaches down for Angle who out of nowhere nails Benoit with the ring bell. Benoit goes down as does Angle. Both men are down on the outside but the ref can do nothing as he has no ten count to utilize. Angle begins to come to before Benoit who appears to be out cold. Angle gets Benoit up and rolls him in the ring.

Angle slides back in and locks in the Ankle Lock. Benoit is in excruciating pain and quickly struggles to the bottom rope. Angle breaks the hold and lowers his straps while Benoit struggles to his feet even with help from the ropes. Benoit finally gets up and Angle delivers a german suplex to him. Angle keeps his hands locked and pulls off a second german suplex. Angle gets Benoit up and plants him with a third consecutive german suplex. Angle amazingly still has his grip in place and executes a fourth german suplex. Angle pops his hips once again and plants Benoit with a fifth consecutive german suplex. Angle has his hands still locked and manages to nail a sixth german suplex in a row. Angle struggles to his feet again before planting Benoit with a seventh german suplex. Angle keeps his hands locked and pops his hips once more before executing an eighth consecutive german suplex to Benoit.

Angle releases his grip and both men are motionless on the canvas. Both men crawl to the ropes and use them for assistance in getting to their feet. Angle runs at Benoit who backdrops Angle but he lands on the apron. Benoit tries a clothesline but Angle ducks and performs a hangman. Angle slides back in the ring and nails Benoit with the Angle Slam. Angle locks in the crossface but Benoit is able to make it to the ropes.

Angle gets Benoit up and whips him into the corner. Angle charges at Benoit who moves and Angle goes shoulder first into the ring post. Benoit gets Angle from the corner and executes a fisherman suplex on him. Benoit heads to the top rope and leaps off nailing Angle with a diving headbutt. When Benoit gets to his feet he heads over to Angle who is still down and locks in the Ankle Lock. Angle struggles towards the ropes and is almost there when Benoit drags him back to the center of the ring. Angle rolls through and kicks Benoit away but the damage has been done to his ankle. Benoit comes back over to Angle and positions him for a german suplex. Angle performs a standing switch and hits the Angle Slam on Benoit. Angle then proceeds to lock in the Ankle Lock. Benoit struggles towards the ropes but Angle grapevines the leg of Benoit stopping his progress. Benoit reaches for the ropes but can’t get to them and he finally is forced to tap out.

Your Winner- Kurt Angle

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Flow: 7/10

Realisim: 10/10

Length: 9/10

Finish: 8/10

Total: 34/40

Highlight Reel:

Flow: 9/10

Realism: 10/10

Length: 8/10

Finish: 8.5/10

Total: 35.5

Sorry I didn't give reasons but I'm really busy and I was asked to do this as well. Congrats to the winner Highlight Reel and good luck in the finals.
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