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Sorry it's late, I been hooked on Samurai X (Wandering Samurai) for the past few days and haven't been on much.


Date Due: Friday 28th January 2005

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Background Info: For over a year, Edge has been gunning for the Heavyweight Championship against Triple H. It all started at the Royal Rumble backstage, Edge was getting ready for the Royal Rumble and bumped into HHH. The Game told Edge even though he’s the final entrant, there’s no way he’s going to win the Royal Rumble because he was born to lose. Edge tried retaliating and was beating on The Game but Evolution broke up the fight then assaulted Edge. Evolution used the numbers to their advantage as all members: Ric Flair, Batista, Matt Hardy, Christian, and Tyson Tomko worked together to eliminate everyone. Finally when it came to the thirtieth entrant, Edge made his way to the ring with hesitation. He decided to go against all odds and races into the ring. He took down all Evolution members with punches and spears. Ric Flair got eliminated followed by Tyson Tomko. Matt Hardy and Christian followed not too long after, then came Batista. Triple H couldn’t stand his faction being taken apart by one man so he came out to the ring and distracted Edge on the outside. Batista eliminated Edge, who was devastated from coming so close to his dream. However, Edge now had a new purpose and that was to get revenge on Triple H and Evolution. The following Raw, Edge made his way to the ring during a Tag Team Championship Match and not only cost Christian and Tyson Tomko the titles, but broke Tomko’s leg with a steel chair. Edge then began speaking to Batista in private, saying that WrestleMania is going to be an emberassment if Batista were to lie down for HHH in the main event. Slowly, Edge began getting in the head of Batista and it all came with a good purpose when Batista left Evolution and showed his true feelings for the Cerebral Assassin by attacking him during a tag team match. Triple H didn’t like this and got Evolution together to try and take out Edge before anybody else tries to leave Evolution. Edge got through Christian and Matt Hardy in great matches but then came Ric Flair. These two showed so much hate towards each other that it resulted in a loser must retire match at WrestleMania. Edge was victorious and forced Ric Flair into retirement. Edge thought it was clear sailing for him to get a shot at Triple H finally but the timing was bad and Tyson Tomko returned from his injury and put Edge in the hospital after hitting him with a vehicle. HHH and Evolution didn’t stop there as they continued to insult Edge while he was away. On one Monday Night Raw, Evolution decided to visit Edge in the hospital and assaulted him again. During an Evolution assault on Batista, it was announced that Edge would return at Summerslam. General Manager, Eric Bischoff made a ladder match where if Edge would lose, he’d never get a Heavyweight Title Shot against HHH. And Edge’s opponent would be his brother, Christian. With the help of The Game, Christian won the match and Edge’s dreams seemed even farther away. But then came the Survivor Series where we saw Team Evolution versus Team Edge. Triple H along with Christian, Matt Hardy, and Tyson Tomko faced off against Edge, Batista, Randy Orton, and Shelton Benjamin. If Triple H’s team would win, they would take over Raw in place of Eric Bischoff for the rest of the year however, if Edge’s team were to win, then all his teammates would receive World Heavyweight Title shots. It came down to Edge and HHH with a shocking ending...Randy Orton came back down to the ring and delivered a thunderous RKO to Edge and costing him the match. Evolution was now running the show and decided to fire Edge so they wouldn’t be bothered with him ever again. The Game then decided to add insult to injury by bringing in Ledge, an Edge look-alike and had him lose match after match against Evolution. When the new year rolled around, Eric Bischoff was back in charge and was tired of Evolution’s antics. He brought back Edge who immediately put Ledge out of action and then took down Evolution members week by week. Edge once again had to fight for his dream as he faced off against Randy Orton and the winner would advance to the Royal Rumble later that evening as the last entrant. Edge survived the grueling match and then moved onto the Royal Rumble and was able to topple the Big Show and send him out of the ring to gain his shot at the title at WrestleMania. The Game tried to do everything in his power to stop Edge from facing off against The Game. He hired several big men such as Mark Henry, Big Show, Brock Lesnar, and Viscera to take out Edge but they all fell to the kid with a dream. The plan eventually backfired, and HHH was pitted against Edge for the title prior to WrestleMania as ordered by Eric Bischoff. It proved to be a simple test by the General Manager because every Evolution member interfered in that match to keep the title around their boss’s waist. Eric Bischoff knew this would happen so he made the match at WrestleMania a steel cage match so no members of Evolution would get involved in the match. HHH has been begging and pleading to get out of the match and Edge was been proving himself worth of the title. On the final Raw before WrestleMania, Randy Orton and company assaulted Edge to kick off the show. HHH gave a speech of how Edge will break under pressure because it’s his first WrestleMania main event. Edge returned to the ring and tried to go after HHH but The Game seemed to be too much and he pedigreed Edge and celebrated with the title. Will HHH continue his dominance as champion or will Edge’s boyhood dream come true?

World Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match:
Triple H (c) Vs. Edge

You think you know me...

The pyros explode and Metalingus by Alter Bridge echoes over the PA system as we are on site at WrestleMania. Over 60, 000 strong are cheering for Edge as the challenger makes his way to the entrance ramp. He takes a deep breath after gazing at the sold out crowd then begins jumping up and down in preparation for his match. Edge darts down the entrance now, tagging the hands of a few lucky fans and still soaking in the response he’s getting. He stops on the mats and looks around one more time before sliding into the ring and climbing all four turnbuckles and getting the crowd even more riled up.

Time To Play The Game...

The lights go out and the champion’s music begins playing. A loud chorus of boos echo throughout the arena as Triple H arrives in the arena. He pours some of the water from his bottle over his head and begins marching down the ramp alone. The fans start to aggrevate him a little with the comments they say and The Game starts mouthing off to them. Triple H eventually makes his way down the long entrance ramp and climbs onto the apron. The World Title is shimmering on his waste as he takes a last swig from his bottle and throws it into the crowd. He bows his head as he stands tall then waits for his cue and rises up in typical Triple H fashion. He spews the water into the crowd which gets a pop then steps through the ropes. He taunts on the turnbuckles with his belt then gets right in Edge’s face with it. The music stops playing and the officials signal for the cage to come down. It’s lowered from the rafters and the bell is rung for the match to begin. It’s the moment everyone has been waiting for...

Both competitors stare at each other from opposite sides of the ring. Both seem pumped and ready for this confrontation as they begin inching towards each other. They lock up and HHH shows that he’s the stronger of the two by backing Edge up into the corner and hitting him with a knife-edge chop. The Game backs off and gets Edge to lock up with him again. Triple H again shows his dominance by shoving Edge to the mat. The challenger seems to be getting a little frustrated now as he gets back up to his feet. Both combatants begin circling the ring now and tie up. HHH applies a hammerlock but Edge counters it with one of his own and performs a drop toehold, continuing to apply the hammerlock submission. Edge holds it in position and gives a few knees to the arm of the champion. Edge continues applying pressure to the hold and Triple H eventually starts pushing himself upwards with his strength. The Game is able to get to his knees and delivers an armdrag takedown quickly followed by an armbar submission. Edge counters by sweeping the leg of The Game and applying a grapevine leglock. The Cerebral Assassin however, counters by shoving Edge away with his legs. Hunter tries getting up but Edgegoes right back for the leg and holds it up. The champion begs and pleads with Edge to not hurt him but the challenger delivers a single leg takedown and holds onto the limb. Edge begins delivering elbow after elbow to the leg then applying a leg lock to his opponent. HHH is in pain and he tries to break free of the hold. He eventually does so by pulling on Edge’s hair hard enough to make him fall back into a headlock by the Cerebral Assassin. Hunter applies as much strength as he can into the move but Edge still seems to get to his feet. The challenger gets a waistlock on the champion and brings Hunter down to the mat and applies a front face headlock. Edge wrenches the head and neck area of The Game as he tries to weaken the champion. Helmesley however, is able to power his way up to his feet and slaps the ribs of his opponent then applying a bearhug. Edge begins struggling for oxygen.

J.R.: “These two are trying to feel each other out here in the opening minutes of the bout.”

King: “They’re trying to find each other’s weaknesses is what they’re trying to do. What were you do if you were Triple H, J.R.?”

J.R.: “Well...Edge had that neck injury a while ago and that broken arm. That’s what I would work on. But if I were Edge...I’d work on the left leg of Triple H. That’s where that torn quadricep was.”

King: “See...that’s what each guy has to figure out. Right now they’re trying to ware down their opponents enough to be able to climb out of that cage.”

Edge now seems to be fading away from the lack of oxygen. Edge pulls the hair of The Game to give him some room to breathe then applies a headlock to his opponent. Hunter folds the leg of the challenger backwards and picks up his opponent then drops the folded knee across his leg. The Cerebral Assassin continues to hold the leg and now goes for a figure four. Edge kicks Hunter away and both men are up on their feet and mouthing off to each other in the center of the ring. The Game is the first one to cool off and asks for a test of strength with his opponent. Edge thinks about if for a while then locks up with his right hand. They now lock up with the left hand and both competitors seem to struggle at first. HHH gains the advantage early and brings his opponent to his knees. Hunter keeps applying the pressure and Edge can’t seem to get up. The fans begin chanting “Edge! Edge! Edge!” and he begins feeling the adrenaline. HHH wonders what’s going on as the challenger is beginning to overpower him and gets to his feet. Helmesley is beginning to get a little scared as Edge is overpowering him. Triple H takes a shortcut by kneeing his opponent in the mid-section. Hunter grabs the head and tights of Edge and sets up for a suplex but suspends him in mid-air to keep blood flowing to his brain. Edge is able to his momentum by swinging his legs and lands on his feet behind the champion and tries a German Suplex however, The Game is able to hook the leg of Edge to block the move. HHH performs the go-behind and attempts a German Suplex of his own but Edge rolls forwards with Triple H and gets to his feet. Edge grabs the leg of The Game and applies another leglock. HHH seems to be in a bit of pain now as he tries desperately to break the hold. The Game turns the hold over and gets out of it then rises to his feet at the same time his opponent does.

J.R.: “These guys have been pretty evenly matched so far.”

King: “I’m surprised this match hasn’t degraded into a fist fight yet. I thought these two would be going at it right off the bat.”

Edge and The Game start mouthing off again and Triple H slaps the taste out of Edge’s mouth.

J.R.: “I think we’re gonna start seeing your fist fight King!”

Edge answers back with a right hand to the face. HHH hits one of his own and the fist fight begins. Edge starts gaining the advantage so Hunter knees the challenger in the mid-section and whips him HARD into the turnbuckle. Edge is on the mat clenching his back as The Game makes his way over and brings his opponent to his knees. Edge hits a right hand to the mid-section and Hunter answers back with a boot to the face that sends him down again. Triple H now starts choking Edge in the corner and there’s nothing anybody can do about it because it’s No Holds Barred. Hunter thinks he has the match won after a while of choking Edge. The challenger seems to have passed out as Hunter begins climbing the steel cage. The Game uses the turnbuckle to get up quickly but Edge gets back up to his feet and sweeps the leg of Edge, making the challenger land uncomfortable on the top rope with his groin smashing the turnbuckle. Edge bends HHH down into the tree of woe position. The challenger boots Hunter in the mid-section a few times then backs up to the opposite corner. Edge picks up speed and spears Triple H upside down in the corner. The World Champion falls down to the mat as Edge gets the crowd riled up. Edge drags The Game to the center of the ring and applies his trademark Sharpshooter. Triple H screams in pain and struggles to break free but doesn’t seem to be succeeding. Triple H, out of desperation, pulls himself closer and closer to the cage. Eventually, Hunter grabs hold of the ropes but it still doesn’t matter because there are no rules in this match so there’s no rope break. HHH realizes this and releases the hold, giving up on trying. He takes in all the pain he can before passing out. Edge thinks he has finally won this match and does a little Triple H taunt to get a pop from the crowd before climbing the cage. Edge slowly pulls himself to the top and swings one leg over. HHH regains his senses now as Edge has both legs over the cage. The champion desperately springs to his feet and jumps onto the cage. Hunter frantically races up the side and grabs Edge by his hair. The challenger’s legs slip and the only way he’s not falling is by Hunter hanging onto his head. The Game pulls his opponent up a little higher now and sets him up for a suplex from the top of the cage. Edge tries to block it but fails and is sent up and over the side of the cage, back into the ring with a thunderous landing. Both competitors are out cold now from the fall.

King: “What a move by The Game!”

J.R.: “How much do these two men have left after a fall like that?”

Cameras view replays over and over with different angles as both competitors are still down. After the replays, Hunter is the first one getting up to his feet however, Edge isn’t too far behind. HHH uses the ropes for leverage to run up to Edge and then he delivers a high knee to the head. The Game picks up his opponent and knees him in the mid-section. Triple H backs up into the ropes and tries for a knee to the face but Edge counters with a spinkick to take the champion by surprise. Edge slowly rises to his feet and picks up The Game. The challenger goes for a DDT but The Game counters with an atomic drop. Hunter drops to his knees and delivers a low blow.

J.R.: “What a cheap shot!”

King: “Haha! Brilliant move by the Cerebral Assassin!”

Triple H begins ascending the cage now and gets to the top turnbuckle before Edge is up and at him. Edge nails Hunter in the mid-section a few times and climbs up with him to the top turnbuckle. HHH nails a few right hands to the face and shoves Edge to the mat. The Game pulls himself up to the top of the cage and faces the crowd. The challenger gets right back up to his feet and leaps onto the top turnbuckle. He gets under HHH and gives him an electrifying electric chair drop from the top turnbuckle!

King: “Oh no!”

J.R.: “Oh my god! These men are real desperate to walk out of here with the title!”

The fans are chanting “Holy Shit!” as replays are shown again and again of the move just performed by Edge. After the replays, we see The Game and Edge on their knees and hitting each other with right hands. They rise to their feet as they continue to hammer away at each other with whatever they have left behind those punches. HHH gains the advantage and grabs Edge by the head. He attempts to throw his opponent into the steel cage but it’s reversed. HHH’s head bounces off the steel and slides gruesomely down the cage to the apron. Edge gets the crowd pumped up before going over to the champion and picking him up. The challenger clubs Hunter in the chest a few times before grating his face against the steel cage over and over again. HHH screams in obvious pain as the camera leers at the graphic site. Edge finishes off his assault by bashing his opponent’s face into the steel. The crowd is pumped up once again and Edge is getting ready to spear Triple H into the side of the cage. The Cerebral Assassin slowly rises to his feet, wearing a crimson mask of dark, oozing, red blood. Edge goes for the spear but Hunter slides out of the way and steps between the ropes. Edge’s face has smashes against the steel and is a little cut up now but nothing too severe. The World Heavyweight Champion picks up his opponent by the hair and slams his face once again into the steel cage. HHH picks up Edge and does it again to another side. Helmesley does this two more times to the other sides of the cage.

King: “Hah! It’s pay back time now for Triple H!”

Edge slowly rises to his feet as HHH waits patiently for him. We see that Edge is also wearing a crimson mask now as The Game sets up Edge for the pedigree. Edge hooks the legs of The Game and sweeps him to the mat. Edge looks to the crowd and then goes to apply the Sharpshooter however, Hunter is blocking it. Edge just kicks HHH in the face instead and starts heading out the door. He is able to step through the ropes however, The Game acts fast and grabs Edge by the tights and pulls him back in. Triple H goes for a right hand but Edge blocks it and hits one of his own. Edge hits a few more then kicks the champion in the mid-section and delivers the Edgecution! Edge decides to climb the cage rather than use the door just to show he has finished off HHH for sure. Edge reaches the top of the cage and taunts to the fans a little. He starts going over and is ready to jump off but HHH acts smart and kicks the door of the cage open and Edge, having jumped, lands groin-first on the door. Edge is hanging on the top of the door in a very uncomfortable position as Triple H climbs the cage and grabs Edge by the hair. The champion pulls Edge over the cage and onto the ropes with him. The challenger elbows Hunter a few times in the face then HHH delivers a Russian Leg Sweep to keep him down. The Game taunts the fans which receives a chorus of boos. Hunter picks up the challenger and delivers a devastating Pedigree!

King: “That’s it! Edge has failed again at being champion!”

Triple H orders the ref to open the door and he does. The champion makes his way down to the bottom step of the stairs then looks back at an unconscious Edge. He steps back up the stairs and through the ropes. He does a little “Suck It!” taunt to Edge and picks him up for another Pedigree. Edge counters by sweeping the legs of Triple H and catapulting him right into the steel cage! The Game is out on his feet as Edge bounces off the ropes and hits the spear! The crowd is on their feet as Edge looks around at the crowd and then begins his climb of the cage. “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair makes his way down to the ring and stops Edge from coming down after grabbing a steel chair and threatening to use it. He stands up and yells at the officials to get Flair out of there. Edge stands on the top of the cage and looks at Ric Flair with the steel chair then he looks at Triple H who is getting back up on his feet. Edge looks frantically back and forth trying to make a decision then leaps off the cage and spears HHH in the ring from the top of the cage!

King: “No!”

J.R.: “Oh my god! Edge just speared The Game from the top of the cage! It looks like they were just in a car wreck!”

The fans are chanting “Holy Shit!” as the replays are being played again over and over again. Both competitors are down for a couple of minutes and during that time, Ric Flair knocks out an official and gets into the ring. He begins dragging Triple H to the doorway until...

It’s Batista!​

He races down to the ring and climbs the ring steps into the steel cage. Ric Flair tries to bail when he notices the animal by climbing over the cage. Batista pulls him off the cage and gives him a devastating Powerbomb! He throws Ric Flair out of the steel cage and roots for Edge to get to his feet. Both bloodies combatants slowly begin getting up. Edge goes for the Edgecution but Triple H shoves his opponent away and attempts the Pedigree. Edge counters with a backbody drop. Edge is feeling some momentum as HHH stumbles to his feet. Edge goes for the spear...and misses! Edge smashes his head into the steel cage and Triple H goes for the Pedigree again but Edge shoves him away. HHH stumbles out the door and falls onto the ringsteps. The Game notices he’s close to winning so he gets to his feet and is on the bottom step of the stairs by the time Edge is also on the stairs. HHH gets turned around and decked with a right hand. The Game begins reeling so Edge grabs him in position for a suplex. Edge lifts Triple H up with the suplex and slams his mid-section on the guardrail. Edge looks to the crowd, trying to breathe in what’s about to happen. Edge leaps into the air and slams his feet onto the ground, making himself the winner. Edge right away, celebrates with the fans all along ringside. The cage is lifted at this time and Edge gets into the ring. The official gives him the World Heavyweight Title and he breaks down into tears before raising it above his head in victory. Cameras go to Triple H who is furious with his loss and leaves, ignoring the fans. Cameras then go back to Edge who continues to celebrate with confetti now falling from the sky. The celebration doesn’t end there as the fireworks explode to celebrate the dawning of a new era and the end to a perfect WrestleMania.

Winner: Edge

Fixed It. I hope everybody likes this one a lot better. I know I do.

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Taken from my WrestleMania XXI which was posted a little under two weeks ago, I know the pre match stuff doesn’t really count, but I added it anyways…

Lesnar - Austin Video Package;
- Clips from the Montreal screw job in 1997
- Fast forward to the Corpus Christi screw job last year at Judgement Day, when after interference from Brock Lesnar, McMahon defeated Austin, with a Sharpshooter, and Bret called for the bell despite Austin not tapping, leading to Austin losing his job.
- Bret regretting his decision, and eventually turning face on Vince.
- Bret beating Vince at Survivor Series 2004.
- Bret announcing that a man had been spotted buying tickets for the Royal Rumble in Texas, that looked very similar to Austin.
- Lesnar irate, and worried, thinking that Austin is coming for him.
- Royal Rumble, where Austin eventually showed up, and screwed Lesnar.
- Austin playing mind games with Lesnar, and screwing him out of a title shot at No Way Out.
- Lesnar demanding that the board of directors let Austin sign a contract to be allowed to come to the shows, and this eventually happens.
- Austin - Lesnar showdown, ending with the announcement that they will meet at WM, then Lesnar attacks Austin.
- Bret announces he will be in Austin’s corner at WM, to even things up, with Heyman in Brocks.
- Heyman then challenges Bret to allow Vince to be in Lesnar’s corner too, and Bret eventually accepts, then Austin gets revenge on Lesnar.
- Vince announces himself as Special Guest Referee.
Trio beat down Austin.
- Vince accuses Bret of being two faced, and claims that Bret will turn on Austin at WM.
- Austin attacks the trio three days ago, and ends the show accidentally hitting the stunner on Bret Hart…

Tony Chimel: Ladies and Gentlemen, to play the song “Mosh”, with the story of Austin vs. Lesnar, here is, EMINEM!!!

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America
And to the Republic for which it stands
One nation under God

I scrutinize every word, memorize every line
I spit it once, refuel and re-energize and rewind
I give sight to the blind, my insight through the mind
I exercise my right to express when I feel it's time
It's just all in your mind, what you interpret it as
I say to fight, you take it as I'mma whip someone's ass
If you don't understand, don't even bother to ask
A hero who has grown up with a heroless past
Who has blown up now to mat phenomenon that has
Or at least shows no difficulty multi-task
And in juggling both perhaps mastered his craft
Slash entrepreneur who has helped launch a few more in ring acts
Who's had a few obstacles thrown his way through the last half
Of his career typical manure moving past that
Mr. kisses ass crack, he's a class act
Rubber band man, yea he just snaps back

Come along follow me as I lead through the darkness
As I provide just enough spark that we need to proceed
Carry on, give me hope, give me strength
Come with me and I won't steer you wrong
Put your faith and your trust as I guide us through the fog
To the light at the end of the tunnel
We gonna fight, we gonna charge, we gonna stomp, we gonna march
Through the swamp, we gonna mosh through the marsh
Take us right through the doors (c'mon)

All the people up top on the side and the middle
Come together lets all bomb and swamp just a little
Just let it gradually build from the front to the back
All you can see is a sea of people some white and some black
Don't matter what color, all that matters we gathered together
To celebrate for the same cause don't matter the weather
If it rains let it rain, yea the wetter the better
They ain't gonna stop us they can't, we stronger now more than ever
They tell us no we say yea, they tell us stop we say go
Rebel with a rebel yell, raise hell we gonna let em know
Stomp, push, shove, mush, (c'mon)

Come along follow me as I lead through the darkness
As I provide just enough spark that we need to proceed
Carry on, give me hope, give me strength
Come with me and I won't steer you wrong
Put your faith and your trust as I guide us through the fog
To the light at the end of the tunnel
We gonna fight, we gonna charge, we gonna stomp, we gonna march
Through the swamp, we gonna mosh through the marsh
Take us right through the doors (c'mon)

Imagine it pouring, it's raining down on us
Mosh pits outside the oval office
Someone's tryina tell us something,
Maybe this is god just sayin' we're responsible
For this monster, this coward,
That we have empowered
This is Paul Heyman, look at his head noddin'
How could we allow something like this without pumping our fists
Now this is our final hour
Let me be the voice in your strength and your choice
Let me simplify the rhyme just to amplify the noise
Try to amplify the times it, and multiply by six...
Teen million people, Are equal at this high pitch
Maybe we can reach alqueda through my speech
Let the boss answer a higher anarchy
Strap him with an Ak-47, let him go, fight his own war
Let him impress himself that way
No more blood at all, he got his own battle to fight on our own soil
No more psychological warfare, to trick us to thinking that we ain't loyal
If we don't serve our own country, we're patronizing a hero
Look in his eyes its all lies
The stars and stripes, they've been swiped, washed out and wiped
And replaced with his own face, Mosh now or die
If I get sniped tonight you know why,
Cause I told you to fight.

Come along follow me as I lead through the darkness
As I provide just enough spark that we need to proceed
Carry on, give me hope, give me strength
Come with me and I won't steer you wrong
Put your faith and your trust as I guide us through the fog
To the light at the end of the tunnel
We gonna fight, we gonna charge, we gonna stomp, we gonna march
Through the swamp, we gonna mosh through the marsh
Take us right through the doors (c'mon)

And as we proceed,
To Mosh through this desert storm,
In these closing statements, if they should argue
Let us beg to differ
As we set aside our differences
And assemble our own army
To disarm this Weapon of Mass Destruction
That we call our President, for the present
And Mosh for the future of our next generation
To speak and be heard
Mr. Austin, Mr. Lesnar
Let the fight...begin...[laughing]

**“No Chance”** fills the arena, and we see the special guest referee for the upcoming match, Mr. McMahon walk to the ring, wearing his own referee shirt, as an Austin chant begins already**

Tony Chimel: The following contest, is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, making his way to the ring, he is the special guest referee, and he is, the chairman of the board, Mr. McMahon!!!!

**McMahon tries to make fun of the rattlesnake, going to each turnbuckle, and giving the bird at each one**

Michael Cole: What a way to round off the Smackdown side of WrestleMania!!! McMahon, Hart, Lesnar, Austin. All involved at the same time. This has the makings of a Wrestlemania classic. The build up has been emotional. It dates back to last May, when Lesnar screwed Austin out of his contract, Austin came back at the Rumble, and since then, it has been a war to say the least!!!

Tazz: This match, has had such a huge build up, so much history, that it can only end, here at this event.

**Here Comes the Pain plays and Brock Lesnar makes his way to the ring, accompanied by his agent, Paul Bearer. Lesnar wears an Austin jacket to the ring, which gets a lot of heat**

Tony Chimel: Introducing first, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing in at 295 pounds, being accompanied by his agent, Paul Heyman, BROCK, LESNARRRRRR!!!!!

**Lesnar shakes hands with Vince, as does Heyman, and Lesnar then rips the Austin jacket in pieces and throws it into the crowd**

Michael Cole: Well, I don’t like this. I was afraid that this might be the case here tonight. Lets hope, McMahon doesn’t let his ego get in the way, and we get to see Austin and Lesnar go at it, one on one.

Tazz: Cole, I am ready to put my fingers in my ears, because very soon, the glass will shatter, and the roof might come off this arena!!!

**Bret‘s music plays, and the Smackdown GM makes his way to the ring, suited up, and getting a mixed ovation from the on looking crowd, considering the allegations made last week on Smackdown**

Tony Chimel: Introducing, the general manager of Smackdown….Bret, HITMANNNNN Hart!!!!

**Bret decides not to get in the ring, but pulls out a pair of sunglasses and hands them to a kid in the front row, then takes off his jacket, and rolls up his sleeves**

Michael Cole: Bret Hart looks ready for action Tazz. He knows that he may need to be called into action tonight.

Tazz: You just know that Hart would love to get his hands on McMahon Cole. That issue is still far from over in my opinion, and it never will be.

**The crowd quietens down, and then….*GLASS SHATTERS* and Steve Austin strolls to the ring, to arguably the biggest pop of the night, as he walks to the ring with a purpose**

Tony Chimel: And introducing, from Victoria, Texas, weighing in at 256 pounds, STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN!!!!!

**Austin walks around the ring, and takes a look at Bret, but says nothing, then gets into the ring and goes to each turnbuckle**

Michael Cole: Oh my!!! This folks, is what they call a WrestleMania moment!!! Stone Cold, back in action. This match, in my opinion IS WrestleMania twenty one!!!

Tazz: Cole, sit back, and lets watch history unfold…

With Special Guest Referee; Mr. McMahon:
Brock Lesnar w/Heyman vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin w/Bret Hart

Austin then comes off the top turnbuckle, and as soon as he touches the ground, he takes his jacket off, throws it in the face of McMahon, and goes straight at it with Brock. Austin starts out beating Brock to the corner, laying into him with right hands, but Lesnar strikes back, and fights out of the corner with some big time shots of his own, but Austin then drives his knee into the midsection of Lesnar, and backs him back into the corner, and begins to stomp wildly at Lesnar, stomping a mudhole and walking it dry!!!
Stone Cold is relentless in his attack, but is pulled off Lesnar by McMahon. Austin then is set to punch Vince but McMahon then points to his referee’s shirt, and lets Austin know he will disqualify him. Austin and McMahon go face to face, and Stone Cold flips the bird at McMahon, but then Brock steams in from behind, with a strong blow to the neck of Austin, sending the rattlesnake to his knees. Lesnar smiles at McMahon, then picks up Austin effortlessly, and hit’s a Belly to Belly. He then goes for a cover, and McMahon immediately drops to the mat, and quickly counts, 1.2...KICK OUT!!!

Bret Hart immediately jumps to the apron, yelling at Vince, asking what that was all about. McMahon responds by smiling at Bret, then flipping the bird!!! Hart is irate, but decides for now to keep his cool, and calmly tells McMahon to call it straight. Meanwhile, Lesnar begins to go to work on Austin, and stomps Stone Cold on the neck, then picks him up, and rams Austin into the corner, then begins to wear out Austin’s mid section, with six consecutive shoulders to the gut, then he stomps Austin to the ground. Lesnar picks Austin up again, effortlessly, and nails a second Belly to Belly on the Rattlesnake. McMahon tells him to go for a cover, but Lesnar shakes his head, and says no, then smiles. He chokes Austin in the corner with his foot, and McMahon doesn’t do a thing to stop him. Lesnar uses the ropes for extra leverage, as Austin tries to push the foot away. Eventually, Lesnar releases Austin, but then drops an elbow to the back of the neck. Brock gets down beside Stone Cold and trash talks, asking Austin if it was all worth it, and we hear Austin tell him back, “Hell Yeah it was”. Lesnar smiles, and then drops another elbow to Austin, before leaning over the topes to start trash talking Bret. He tells Bret that at this rate, it doesn’t look like he’ll need to screw Austin, but Bret replies to him to keep his mind on Stone Cold.
Lesnar laughs, then turns around, and picks Austin up, but Austin comes back at the opponent. He fires with right hands at Lesnar, and rocks the big man, then whips him off the ropes, and drives his knee straight into Brock, sending Lesnar down like a ton of bricks. Austin bounces off the ropes, and drops a Fuck You elbow, but before he can do anymore damage, Brock rolls out of the ring to try and recover. Austin then goes to attack him, but McMahon then stands in Austin’s way. Stone Cold looks totally fed up at this stage, and looks around the arena, with everyone desperate to see him hit McMahon.

Austin looks around, and we see him start to get really fired up as McMahon smugly smiles at Austin, daring him to hit him. Austin swings back, then flips McMahon with a double bird. McMahon’s smile fades, and he starts to look pretty mad. Austin now smiles at McMahon, who is now the one getting riled up, but whilst all this happens, Brock has recovered and picked up a chair from the outside. He gets back in, and tries to attack Austin from behind with the chair, but Austin notices Bret signal to him to move, so he does just in time, and Lesnar ends up nailing McMahon!!! He stops in shock, then turns around, and is met with a STUNNER!!!! Austin covers Lesnar, and MIKE CHIODA runs down to make the count…




Heyman then puts Chioda down with a right hand, and looks pleased with his actions, then he turns around, and sees Bret closing in on him. Heyman then hightails it, and jumps the barrier into the crowd, running from Hart, who comes in pursuit of him.
In the ring, Austin furiously unloads on Lesnar, showing his total hatred for Brock, not showing any remorse. Brock even has a slight cut above his left eyebrow from the shots. Austin then whips Lesnar to the opposite corner, but Brock reverses the whip, and Austin hit’s the corner. Lesnar runs at towards him, but the Rattlesnake gets a foot up, and follows up on this with a clothesline, knocking Lesnar down. He then bounces off the ropes and drops a knee to Brock, but doesn’t bother to cover, with there being no referee present. He picks Brock up, and whips him off the ropes, but Brock reverses and then goes for a clothesline, but Austin ducks, then hit’s a Lou Thesz press on Brock, followed with a barrage of right hands to the temple.

Austin then jumps up, and salutes the crowd, then picks up the steel chair, and pulls back to nail Brock, but McMahon grabs the chair, and stops Austin, but Austin drops the chair, and goes for a stunner, but McMahon pushes Austin away, into Lesnar, and Lesnar nails Stone Cold with a humungous clothesline, turning Austin inside out. Austin rolls around the ring in agony, clutching his head, as Lesnar and McMahon share a joke. We are now seemingly in a two on one situation in this match, with McMahon’s siding to Lesnar.
Brock drops an elbow, then a second, and a third. He then gets up, and begins to stomp Austin square in the face. He then decides to go for a demeaning cover, and McMahon counts, at a normal speed, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Lesnar smiles again, and tells McMahon that this is where we have some fun.

Lesnar picks Austin up, and whips him off the ropes, then hit’s a flapjack, dropping Stone Cold, throat first, onto the ropes, choking Austin, who bounces off the ropes, and is booted down by Brock. McMahon claps the Lesnar offence, as Brock begins to step his game up, and it looks like Austin may not have much left in the tank. Lesnar picks Austin up, and gets him up for a fisherman suplex, but then holds up in the air, almost like a torture rack, then drops Austin to the mat, who falls like a sack of potatoes.
Brock kicks Austin in the head, then decides to take a break, and lies on the top rope, whilst McMahon tries to humiliate Austin, by counting him out as he lays on the ground.



Austin then pulls himself up on McMahon, but Vince slaps him to the ground, and boots at his back trash talking along the way. He picks Austin up by the face, and slaps him, but Austin then shows his fighting spirit, and knocks Vince with a stunning right, then uses the ropes to get to his feet, and he then blocks a shot from McMahon, and hits one of his own again. Austin then begins to tee off on McMahon with rights, but Lesnar then notices Austin gaining some momentum, and drops off the ropes, and goes toward Austin, but Austin blocks a punch, and levels Brock, then hits Vince, then hits Brock, Vince, Brock, Vince, Brock, Vince, Brock, Vince, Brock, then grabs both their heads, and rams them together. The two men then stagger around the ring, and Austin looks set to hits Vince with another right, but stops, then kicks him in the gut, then clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor. Lesnar then runs at Stone Cold, but Austin meets him with a knee to the gut, followed by a Russian Leg Sweep. Austin then drags in Chioda to make the count,



……KICK OUT!!!……

Austin gets up, and spots Vince dragging himself up on the ropes, and knocks him off again, then delivers a clothesline to Lesnar. He covers Brock again, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Austin drags Lesnar up in the corner, and chops him, then Lesnar chops back. Austin then stomps, but Lesnar punches back, then head butts Austin, who staggers away, then Lesnar comes toward him, but Austin pokes Lesnar in the eyes, and hits an atomic drop, followed by a chop block to the knee, putting Lesnar down. Austin then yanks the leg, and scores with three pin point elbows to the knee. Austin then rams his knee into the knee of Brock, and stomps at the leg, wearing and tearing the muscle on Lesnar. He then drags Lesnars leg to the apron, and rams it against the ring post, and Lesnar rolls around the ring, clutching his leg. Stone Cold smiles, and brings the steel steps into the ring. Austin pushes Chioda out of the way, then stomps at the leg again, before dropping the steps on the knee of Brock. He the slams the steps against Lesnar’s leg again, and applies a figure four on Lesnar.

Brock screams out in pain, after taking a huge amount of punishment to the knee, but fights on, and scratches and claws his way to the ropes, eventually making them, but Austin has no intention of breaking the hold. Chioda tells Austin to break it, but Austin smiles, flips the bird, and bounces his head side to side, ignoring the referee. Chioda eventually breaks the hold himself, and Austin is not happy. He points at Chioda, and tells him that they are gonna have words later on. Stone Cold goes right back to work on the leg of Lesnar, stomping at the leg, and drops another few elbows. Brock though, kicks Austin away, and takes a moment to take a breather, but Austin doesn’t, and gets right back up, and grabs the steel chair from earlier, and nails Lesnar with a blistering shot to the head of the next big thing. Austin covers,




McMahon stands over Chioda, as Austin looks up irate. Vince tells Austin that only he can make the count, no on else. Austin gets up, and chases McMahon around the ring, but as the chase goes on, Lesnar rolls to the outside, and as Vince runs past, Austin follows, but doesn’t see Brock, and he is met with an overhead Belly to Belly suplex on the unproductive mats!!!
Lesnar celebrates the cunning move he and Vince have just made, and then grabs the steel steps as if they were a football, and hoists them up into the air, and nails Austin between the eyes…AND AUSTIN IS BUSTED WIDE OPEN!!! Austin has been busted open, and busted open badly. He pulls himself up on the barrier, then turns around, and is met by Lesnar, who picks up Austin, and hits three rib breakers, before dropping Austin to the ground. Brock picks Austin up, and slams his bloody head off the steel steps, then whips him, face first into the ring post, and follows up with a clothesline. Brock then pounds down the beaten and bloody Rattlesnake, and rubs his forearm all over the face of Austin, as an act of total disrespect.

Vince meanwhile, instead of trying to get the action back into the ring, is directing traffic, giving Brock ideas of what to do to the Rattlesnake. Lesnar picks Stone Cold up on his shoulders, and hit’s the snake eyes onto the barrier, then hit’s a German Suplex, onto the prone neck of Steve Austin. Brock then drags Stone Cold back into the ring, and immediately hit’s a looonnngggg back suplex. He thinks about the cover, but decides against it, and picks up the steel chair, then tells McMahon to watch this. He begins to drive the chair into the sternum of Austin, then slams the chair against his ribs, hits him on the head, the legs, the body, the head, legs, body, head, legs, body, and head, then drops the chair, after handing on the punishment. McMahon nods, loving what he is seeing. He then tells Brock to get the chair again, and he does. McMahon holds Austin up, and Lesnar levels the motionless Rattlesnake with the chair. He gets a cover, and McMahon makes a quick count…

McMahon pounds the mat in frustration, and Lesnar clenches his fist in fury. He bounces off the ropes and hit’s a running knee lift on Austin, then sits him up again for the same move, but as Lesnar comes back off the ropes, he is met with a spine buster from Stone Cold!!! Austin then sets Lesnar up for the Stunner, but McMahon comes from behind and nails Austin with the chair to the back of the head. McMahon then drags Lesnar on top of Austin, but this takes quite a while, and eventually he does, then makes another quick count…
…1.2.KICK OUT!!!!
McMahon flops to the mat in shock. He cannot believe the heart of Stone Cold, and takes his frustration out on the battered Rattlesnake. He pounds Austin with right hands, but Austin seems to get a fourth wind, and starts to strike back at Vince, fighting up to his feet, and knocking back Vince with right hands, into the corner, then he begins to stomp the boss down, but Lesnar then runs over hit Austin with a corner splash, but Austin moves out of the way, and Lesnar nails McMahon instead. Lesnar then turns around, and Austin goes for a stunner, but Brock drops down to his knees and low blows Stone Cold, and follows up with a devastating F5!!! Brock hooks the leg, but Vince is unable to count too quickly, due to having just been beaten up…




Lesnar tries to not let this affect him, and he picks up the steel chair once again, and throttles Austin with another blow to the head, dropping the Bionic ******* to the mat again. Vince tells Brock to go for the cover, but Lesnar says he has a better idea, and picks Austin up, before applying a bear hug!!
The blood from Austin’s head drips onto the shoulder, and down the back of Lesnar, and he synchs in the hold, and instead of asking IF he wants to give up, Vince tells Austin to give it up. Austin seems to be fading fast, as Lesnar continues to apply pressure, gripping Austin and even adding in a head butt here and there. Austin looks to have totally faded, and possibly passed out, then Lesnar just drops him to the ground, and stomps on his bloody head adding insult to injury. He picks Austin up, and slaps him down, picks him up, and slaps him down. Then Austin uses the ropes to get up, and tries to kick back at Brock, but the kick has no effect, and Lesnar slaps Austin again. Austin uses the ropes to stay up, and then comes at Brock, but Brock slaps him down to one knee. Austin refuses to give up though, and continues to rise to his feet, infuriating Lesnar further.

Brock backs Austin into the corner, and unleashes a series of right hands, but Austin fires some right back, and fights out of the corner, but Lesnar then drives a knee to the midsection, and sends him into the ropes, and then puts his head down, but Austin holds the ropes, and Lesnar is still waiting for Austin to come back. He then looks up, and sees Austin standing by the ropes, flipping the bird again. Brock then runs at Austin, but Austin hit’s a back body drop, sending Lesnar to the outside, leaving just McMahon and Austin. Austin goes for McMahon, and McMahon, again tries to get away, but Austin catches him, and drags him back to the middle of the ring, then starts to choke him, showing his pent up anger at the referee. However, Brock rescues McMahon, and comes from behind to put down the bloody Rattlesnake once again.
Lesnar then picks up Austin from the ground, but again, Austin refuses to take the beating, and comes right at Lesnar. He gets the best of the fist fight, then bounces off the ropes, but Lesnar then meets him with a spine buster, but again decides not to cover Austin, but instead smiles at Vince, who smiles back, and then Brock applies the SHARPSHOOTER!!! McMahon immediately calls for the bell, but everyone around the timekeepers desk sit where they are, look at McMahon and shake their heads saying no. Vince is furious!!! He tells them that after tonight, each and every single one of them are fired.

In the ring, Lesnar still has the Sharpshooter applied, but Austin refuses to tap to the submission. He scratches and claws his way to the ropes, and eventually makes the ropes to break the hold, but McMahon shows his true colours, and kicks Stone Cold’s arms off the ropes, and Lesnar drags him back to the centre of the ring. McMahon then gets down, and into the face of Austin, taunting him, telling him that he has to tap, but Austin responds by slapping Vince, despite being in the Sharpshooter. Vince then gets up, and kicks Austin in the head repeatedly, irate with Austin’s will to win. Brock, also frustrated, releases the hold, but immediately picks up Austin, and goes for the Bearhug again, but Austin fights it, and hit’s the STUNNER on Brock. He then goes for Vince and pounds him down in the corner, unloading on the boss.
Then Ford Field erupts, as we see a figure run down the aisle, chair in hand, but as they realise who it is, they begin to boo, as the person is PAUL HEYMAN, who runs down the aisle, looking back, probably because Bret is still after him. He runs into the ring, and hits Austin from behind with the chair. He then helps Vince up to his feet, and then…HEYMAN CLOCKS VINCE WITH THE CHAIR!!!!!!!! Ford Field goes berserk, as Heyman turns on McMahon. He stands over Vince and we can hear him screaming at Vince, “This was all my plan, but you ruined it!!! I only wanted you in Brock’s corner, but YOU had to be better. I’m sick of you, and sick of you always trying to outdo me!!! I’m Paul Heyman, don’t forget that!!!”

Paul then looks around the ring, and sees Austin going to cover Lesnar, and Chioda getting in to count. He then smashes the chair against the back of Stone Cold, and the cheers turn to boo’s for Heyman, as it becomes clear he is still on Lesnar’s side, but against Vince. He then nails Chioda with the chair, sending him to the outside again. He helps Brock up, and hands him the chair, then Ford Field erupts again, as Bret Hart comes through the crowd, and jumps into the ring, and spears down Heyman, pounding him down, but then as he gets up, he is met with an F5 from Lesnar!!!
Brock then nails Stone Cold with the chair again, and revives McMahon to make the cover,






Brock lies flat out on the mat, totally spent from Austin’s unbelievable courage in this unreal match. He and Vince then decide to double team Austin, and eventually drag him up, whip him off the ropes, but Austin ducks a double clothesline, and nails both men with a double clothesline of his own, but all three men are down.
Twenty seconds pass with little movement between any of the men, but eventually all three begin to try and get to their feet, while this happens, Bret also recovers, and picks up the chair. He looks around the ring, at the three men, first at Lesnar, and the crowd cheers for him to hit Brock, then at Austin, but the crowd boo, and tell him not to, then he looks at McMahon, and the arena goes nuts wanting him to nail McMahon. Bret then points at Vince and goes toward him, but instead of nailing him with the chair, BRET HELPS VINCE TO HIS FEET, AND HANDS HIM THE CHAIR!!!

Vince smiles, takes the chair, then gives Bret a playful slap to the face, and the two men hug!!! Ford Field is ready to blow, as the hug breaks, but Bret’s smile then turns to a scowl, and he NAILS MCMAHON WITH A LOW BLOW!!! McMahon drops to his knees, holding his mid section, but Bret doesn’t see Brock coming, and is taken down with a clothesline from the 295 pounder!!!
Heyman now gets back into the ring, and jumps Austin from behind, stopping Stone Cold from getting Lesnar. Brock then gets Stone Cold up on his shoulders, and goes for the F5, but Austin lands on his feet, and goes for a Stunner, but Lesnar pushes Austin away, but Stone Cold clotheslines Heyman, then comes back, but is met with an F5!!! He gets a cover, but there is no referee available to make the count. Lesnar slaps Vince awake, then sees Austin getting up, and goes for the F5 again, but Austin fights out, ducks a clothesline, and NAILS THE STUNNER!!! He covers…



Austin then grabs McMahon by the shirt, but Brock NIPS UP, and comes from behind to Austin. He then kicks him into the corner, and goes to run at him, but Austin moves out of the way, and Lesnar bounces out…INTO THE STUNNER!!!!
Austin covers again…



Vince shakes his head refusing to count, then walks backward, and then walks into someone behind him…he slowly turns around, and its BRET!!! Hart clotheslines Vince, then locks in the Sharpshooter…Austin still has a cover, and McMahon in the Sharpshooter has no choice but to…

TAP ONCE (Crowd: 1)


TAP TWICE (Crowd: 2)


TAP THRICE!!!! (Crowd: 3!!!!!!!)



Austin goes to each turnbuckle in celebration, as Brock and Heyman help each other up the ramp, and McMahon is flopped out on the outside. Austin is bloody, battered, and beaten down, but he is the winner!!! He calls for two beers, then hands them to Bret. At first, Bret refuses, telling Austin is isn’t happy with him from Smackdown for stunning him, but Austin convinces him, and Bret eventually agrees. Austin then calls for two beers of his own, and they toast in the ring, and celebrate this awesome victory.

Michael Cole: I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!! An unreal match, with the most bizarre pinfall finish. McMahon said that he must make the count, on his own, with his will, and HE DID!!! Against all the odds, Austin has done it!!! Despite facing an athlete in his prime, despite being out of the ring for ten months, despite facing his biggest enemy of all time as the referee, Stone Cold, has overcome all the odds, and along with Bret Hart has had the last laugh!!!

Tazz: This my friend, was a classic. The build up was so intense, the anticipation was so high, but it all delivered!!! From the action between Brock and Austin, to Heyman nailing Vince, to Bret making us all think he was siding with McMahon, What a rollercoaster, what a rocket buster!!! I have never seen a finish to a match quite like it Cole!!!

Time to judge then Scott...

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Realism: 10/10

Length: 7/10

Finish: 6/10

Total: 32/40

Wolf Beast:

Flow: 9/10

Realism: 10/10

Length: 10/10

Finish: 10/10

Total: 39/40

Good job to both men but in the end only one man could win and Wolf Beast moves on into the finals. Good Job Juvy.

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I was screwed! I wrote the greatest match in BTB history and Rob couldn't even recognize it from his unmentionables! He's just jealous because I beat him in the opening round! Rob will pay for this...and I'm going to do so by making War Zone way better than Mayhem each and every week in the EWF! He's not going to get away with this! And even though I hate to say this...good job Wolfbeast and good luck in the final round...I'm...rooting for ya.

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Juvy, your match was great, but lets put it this way, Wolf-Beast's match was one of the if not the greatest match in the BTB history!!!!!! not yours. you got beaten fair and sqaure so accept it, be a man and stop sulking, jeez.

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i only read the start where you said "I got screwed" lol! now ive read the entire message it was obvious! anyways, congrats Wolf-Beast, unlucky Juvy!
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