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BTB Tournament: Juvy vs W-OLF

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Red Cold, Judge.

must be in by next Saturday, Midnight at EAT.
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Here's what should have happened at WrestleMania XX...

The flaming pyros go off and Slow Chemical begins playing. The seven foot, three hundred and twenty pound monster, Kane makes his way to the ring slowly. Kane climbs to the apron and then steps over the top rope. Kane now makes his way to the center of the ring, raises his arms in the air and then swings them with force to the ground to make his pyros go off once again in the ring. Kane grabs the microphone from Howard Finkel.

Kane: “My brother…The Undertaker…was buried alive at Survivor Series. The Undertaker is dead! Now it’s been said that the dead will rise again…but that’s impossible! I was there…I put him in that grave! And then…I gave him his eulogy speech…I finished the deadman off! Everything was finally put to rest…my feud with my brother was over…I was going to come to WrestleMania Twenty and face the world champion…but then that gong came!”

A gong sound echoes through the arena. Kane looks around and seems worried.

Kane: “I am sick…and tired…of these mind games! The lightning hitting the ring…the ring filling up with smoke…the casket with the urn in it…the burning cross…the ring shaking…I am sick of it! Then it always said the dead will rise again…the dead will not rise! The Undertaker is dead, dead, dead! Then after it always said the dead was returning…I would hear it. That gong!”

A gong sound echoes through the arena for a second time. Kane looks around and seems even more worried.

Kane: “Well tonight…all these paranormal activities…they stop! The dead will not rise…the Undertaker is not coming…nothing…is going to happen!”

The gong is played for a third time and this time The Undertaker’s classic music is played. Four druids walk out, wheeling a casket to the ring. When the druids reach the ring, the casket is placed so if a corpse was in there, it would be standing up. Now the lights go out and a spotlight is put on the casket. A gong is played once again and the casket lid opens with smoke coming out of it. Once the smoke clears, to everyone’s shock, Paul Bearer with the urn comes out of the casket and walks up the stairs. He grabs a microphone.

Paul: “Kane!…Kane!…You were warned…you were warned that the dead would rise again…but you didn’t listen! You ignored it…but you became paranoid…you aren’t sure what to think. Well this is reality Kane! The reality is that the dead WILL rise again! And here he is!”

A gong is played for the fifth time and now the Undertaker’s music plays again. This time more druids make their way to the ring holding torches that are on fire. There are at least fifty druids on the outside, surrounding the ring and making a path up the aisle for the anticipated return of the deadman. Lightning strikes the titantron and the Undertaker is brought up from a lift in the stage. The Undertaker now begins to slowly walk down the aisle, sporting a long black trenchcoat and a black rim hat. The Undertaker passes by the druids and walks up the steps. He raises both arms in the air and the lights return to normal instead of the black with purple smoke following The Undertaker to the ring. Taker goes through the middle ropes and gets his manager, Paul Bearer to remove his coat for him. The Undertaker is wearing classic style wrestling attire. He removes his hat and then stares blankly at Kane who is beside himself.

Kane: “This…is impossible! You’re a fake! That’s it…you’re fake! The REAL Undertaker got buried alive…you’re not real! You’re not my brother! (Kane walks right up to the Undertaker and stares him down.) The Undertaker wasn’t like this anymore…the Undertaker changed…the REAL Undertaker would be riding his little motorcycle to the ring. You’re not real! (Kane slaps the Undertaker right in the face. The Deadman doesn’t seem to be affected and just remains staring at Kane.) No! My brother is dead! You’re not my brother! You’re not…The…Undertaker! (Kane slaps Taker again.) Fine…you call yourself The Undertaker…then I’m going to just simply bury you again!”

Kane winds up and is about to strike the Undertaker but the Undertaker blocks the punch and begins nailing his younger brother with a series of rights and lefts in the head and mid-section. Kane stumbles his way into the corner where he continues to be bombarded with flying fists of fury. The Undertaker attempts to whip Kane into the opposite buckle but Kane reverses it. Kane goes for a closeline in the corner but Taker gets his boot up and into the face of Kane. The Undertaker launches Kane into the corner and then begins choking the life out of his opponent while rolling his eyes. The referee begins the five count…one…two…three…four…The Undertaker lets go and begins stalking the official slowly. Undertaker turns around and Kane stick a thumb into the eye of the Deadman. Kane now throws the Undertaker into the corner and nails him with right hands to the head. Kane now backs off from the corner and attempts a closeline but the Undertaker moves out of the way. The Undertaker wrenches the arm of Kane and then climbs to the top rope. The Undertaker balances himself and makes his way to the center of the area and then drops the elbow across the arm of Kane. The Big Red Machine is down as The Undertaker signifies that it’s the end for his younger brother. The Undertaker now picks up Kane from the mat and delivers a headbutt. Undertaker lifts Kane up and attempts a tombstone but Kane is able to escape the grasp of his brother and then slides under the ropes. Kane attempts to walk up the aisle but Paul Bearer gets in the way of his son. The Undertaker goes to the outside and goes to meet Kane in the aisle as Kane grabs Paul Bearer by the throat. Kane turns around and gets a right hand from the Undertaker. Paul Bearer drops to the ground now, just barely escaping the wrath of the monster. The Undertaker whips Kane, causing his spine to smash against the side of the ring. Kane now comes back and Undertaker is attempting to backbody drop Kane on the concrete but Kane counters with a boot to the bending down, Undertaker’s face. Undertaker just seems to be furious about this as he stares back into his younger brother’s eyes. Kane grabs the Undertaker by the throat and then throws him into the ringpost. Kane now slides back into the ring, clearly with an advantage. Meanwhile, The Undertaker is lying down on the mats as the referee’s count reaches five. Taker sits up and gets back up to the apron by the count of eight. Kane takes advantage of the weary Undertaker and knocks off the apron and into the guardrail. Kane goes back to the outside and whips his brother with force into the steel steps. The Undertaker now is sitting up against the steps and doesn’t seem to be moving. Kane grabs the casket that was brought to the ring and begins wheeling it around the ring. He picks up some speed and tries ramming it into the head of the Undertaker, when the casket nails the steel steps, The Undertaker is nowhere to be found. Kane is worried now about what just happened. He begins looking around for the Undertaker and begins checking by the announcer’s tables. Meanwhile, The Undertaker crawls out from under the apron on the opposite side of Kane. The Undertaker runs in the ring, leaps over the top onto Kane who has just turned around and closelines him from high up in the air. The Undertaker gets up and places his younger brother on the Spanish announce table. Undertaker now slowly makes his way up the steps, runs on the apron and leg drops Kane through the table. Both competitors now lie still on the floor with no signs of movement. Both The Undertaker and Kane sit up at the same time and raise to their feet. They nail each other with thrusts to the throat as Paul Bearer is arguing with the referee. Kane gains the advantage with a thrust to the throat and then whips The Undertaker into the guardrail. Kane goes over to his opponent to attempt to continue the assault but Taker throws Kane into the fans. Undertaker now slowly gets back in the ring and awaits his younger brother. Paul Bearer is told to open up the casket as Kane gets back in the ring when the ref’s count reaches seven. Undertaker picks up Kane and attempts to whip him to the ropes but it’s reversed. Undertaker goes to the ropes and ducks a closeline from Kane. He goes to the ropes for a second time and now jumps in the air and nails Kane with a massive closeline. Paul Bearer now gets the casket opened with Undertaker trying to place Kane in the casket. Kane grabs Undertaker by the throat and launches him over the top and into the casket. Kane shuts the lid, drops to his knees and begins laughing sadistically. Undertaker explodes out of the casket and gets back in the ring. Kane is in shock from The Undertaker who is now standing in front of Kane. Kane gets back to his feet and is backing away from his older brother who is stalking him now slowly. Kane knees The Undertaker in the mid-section and then delivers a Last Ride which causes the crowd to boo very loudly. Kane goes for the cover…one…two…kickout! Kane awaits Undertaker to get up and then chokeslams him three times. Kane now begins mocking Paul Bearer as The Undertaker lies still. Kane goes towards the Undertaker and he sits up! Kane is in major shock once again. Kane goes for another chokeslam but Undertaker puts Kane’s arm down. The Undertaker attempts to tombstone Kane again but Kane gets out of it and shoves Taker into the referee. Kane tombstones The Undertaker afterwards and then grabs a steel chair. Paul Bearer gets in the ring with the urn and nails Kane with it. Kane turns around being not too pleased at his father. Paul Bearer backs away as Kane stalks him. The Undertaker sits up and then tombstones Kane on the chair. Undertaker goes for the cover but there is no official to count. The Undertaker now begins attempting to revive the referee. Paul Bearer, to everyone’s shock, nails The Undertaker with the urn across the head. The Undertaker turns around and chokeslams Paul Bearer. Kane sits up now and tombstones The Undertaker on the chair as the referee begins getting up. Kane throws the chair out of the ring and goes for the cover…one…two…kickout! The Deadman sits up and Kane can’t believe it. Kane goes for a tombstone but Undertaker counters it by leaning onto Kane. Undertaker lands on his feet and delivers a jumping tombstone to Kane then goes for the cover…one…two…three!

Winner: The Undertaker

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Looks like your moving onto the next round.
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