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Your Favourite Thread: (Please state Why.)
Your Favourite Booker: (Please state Why.)
Your Favourite Show:
Your Favourite PPV:
Least Favourite Thread:
Least Favourite Booker:

I'll fill mine in later.

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Is this just not really a big rip off of BTB awards? Meh, anyways I'll reply.

Your Favourite Thread: Being the Booker (I Ran it alone for over six months, two shows per week, then it got too much) :sad:
Your Favourite Booker: Tie- A-Dust and Grendrill :argh:
Your Favourite Show: Grendrill's RAW :)
Your Favourite PPV: Orton17's Unforgiven (Major props to anyone who writes an IronMan Match. I will do that one day, I hope) Plus, any PPV I have ever done;) :D
Least Favourite Thread: Would be plain rude to answer such a question, plus I dont have one. :p
Least Favourite Booker: Any assclown that starts a thread that only lasts one show, then never comes back. :frustrate

There ya go, my survey reply.

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Your Favourite Thread: At the moment it's got to be RoG became both bookers are tremendous.... but it used to be Being The Booker!!!
Your Favourite Booker: Wolf Beast, purely for his original storylines and matches...
Your Favourite Show: Limit's SmackDown! (The Eugene/Cole promos are incredible!!!)
Your Favourite PPV: I LOVED Wolf Beast's Survivor Series in Being the Booker
Least Favourite Thread: None
Least Favourite Booker:I'm sorry to say that i find Jennovulution's shows too over the edge....sorry!!!

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Your Favourite Thread: (Please state Why.) - New Generation Wrestling. It's so unpredictable it's just really great. Followed by RoG
Your Favourite Booker: (Please state Why.) - Everyone. I don't want to single anyone out for 'special praise' when all of you are brilliant.
Your Favourite Show: - WWE Raw in RoG
Your Favourite PPV: - My SummerSlam. Cos' I wanted to read the Smackdown! bit of it as well as the Raw bit which I had written.
Least Favourite Thread: Kermack's. It's not my type of thread....
Least Favourite Booker: - Dunno. There's quite a few crap ones....you know who you are. (The ones that give up after 1 show.)

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Your Favourite Thread: WWO Because i really am in the centre of that organisation.
Your Favourite Booker:TIE:Loverboy04 and Grendrill.
Your Favourite Show:Grendrills Raw.
Your Favourite PPV:loverboy04's AGGRESSION.
Least Favourite Thread:All of the ones that i started which everyone hated.
Least Favourite Booker:That's just unfair to name the actual person.

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Your Favourite Thread: WWE Rebirth - Just the best shows there from WB and RC.
Your Favourite Booker: Wolf Beast, just really like every show I've read of his.
Your Favourite Show: Raw by Wolf Beast
Your Favourite PPV: Vengeance by Wolf Beast
Least Favourite Thread: Evolution by LK, just because it's wrote by recaps.
Least Favourite Booker: One show people.

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