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This is the official thread for World Wrestling Entertainment, this is where shows official signed deals, not bidding and all to do with WWE.

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WWE Signings!

The WWE Head Writers would like to welcome to the WWE Family:

New Jack
Shark Boy
Generation Next(Roderick Strong, Alex Shelley, Austin Aries and Jack Evans)
The Mamalukes(Johnny Stamboli and Big Vito)

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Name: Homicide
Company: WWE
Date: December 22nd, 2004
Expires: August 22nd, 2005
Contract: 65,000

Name: B-Boy
Company: WWE
Date: December 22nd, 2004
Expires: August 22nd, 2005
Contract: 60,000

Name: New Jack
Company: WWE
Date: December 22nd, 2004
Contract: 75,000/ 7 months

Name: Shark Boy
Company: WWE
Date: December 22nd, 2004
Contract: 90,000/ 8 months

Name: Mordecai
Company: WWE
Date: December 22nd, 2004
Contract: 150,000/ 8 months

Name: Roderick Strong
Company: WWE
Date: December 22nd, 2004
Contract: 60,000 / 8 months

Name: Alex Shelley
Company: WWE
Date: December 22nd, 2004
Contract: 60,000 / 8 months

Name: Jack Evans
Company: WWE
Date: December 22nd, 2004
Contract: 60,000 / 8 months

Name: Rico
Company: WWE
Date: December 22nd, 2004
Contract: 80,000 / 8 months

Name: Johnny Stamboli
Company: WWE
Date: 22nd December, 2004
Contract: 175,000 / 8 Months

Name: Austin Aries
Company: WWE
Date: December 22nd, 2004
Contract: 100,000 / 8 months

Name: Big Vito
Company: WWE
Date: December 22nd, 2004
Contract: 50,000 / 6 months

Name: David Young
Company: WWE
Date: 23rd December 2004
Contract: 30,000/6 months

Name: Luther Reigns
Company: WWE
Date: 24th December 2004
Contract: 8 months/30,000

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WWE Official Roster

Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Rock
Shawn Michaels
Triple H
Kurt Angle
Vince McMahon
Linda McMahon
Shane McMahon
Stephanie McMahon
Chris Beniot
Chris Jericho
The Undertaker
Randy Orton
Shelton Benjamin
Eddie Guerrero
Christopher Daniels
Rey Mysterio
Billy Kidman
Elix Skipper
Matt Hardy
William Regal
Matt Morgan
Shane Helms
Shannon Moore
Low Ki
Michael Shane
Val Venis
Steven Richards
New Jack
Shark Boy
Roderick Strong
Alex Shelley
Austin Aries
Jack Evans
Johnny Stamboli
Big Vito
David Young
Luther Reigns
Dawn Marie
Bull Buchanan​

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It's been said that because of the large roster and needs of WWE that need to be catered to, the WWE writing team have acquired another writer to the team. As of now, Willie Williams is a member of the writing team.​

The Comeback Kid™
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So far, these matches have been slated for tonight:
-Matt Hardy vs. "Sugar" Shane Helms
Both of these superstar cruiserweights will go head to head tonight. Tune in tonight to see which high-flyer wins this this explosive match!

-The Undertaker vs. Luther Reigns
Tonight, the monster Luther Reigns will square off with The Deadman, The Undertaker. These two powerhouses will collide in what will be a great match.

-Main Event: Randy Orton and HHH vs. Chris Benoit and Steve Austin
In the main event tonight, The Rattlesnake and the Rabid Wolverine team up to face HHH and Randy Orton. Which team will find themselves on the winning end of what could be a five star matchup?

All this and more!

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sounds good, looking forward to it!

awesome sign BTW

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The Pyro goes off and the Raw theme hits throughout the arena

JR: Hello folks, I'm JR and I'm sitting here with my partner, Jerry "The King" Lawler

King: That's me.

JR: Tonight, is the first RAW of the new year! King, are you excited?

King: You bet your ass I am!

JR: Tonight, in the main event, we'll see---

JR's cut off in mid-sentence as "No Chance" blairs through the arena speakers. Some people pop, and some people boo. Vince struts out of the entrance like only he can. He mic in his hand and a grin on his face, he stands on the top of the stage and soaks in the crowd.

Vince: Well, first off, I'd like to welcome every since person in this arena to the very first RAW of the new year!

The crowd pops. Vince continues on,

Vince: And let me tell you, I've got some BIG news. See..I've got all of these pretty little gold titles sitting in my office, and I have no idea what to do with them. So in good ol' RAW fashion, do you people know what I'm going to do?

The people stir around in their seats, wondering what his announcement is.

Vince: Well, I think this occasion calls for a good ol' RAW roullette!

The crowd pops loudly.

Vince: And you know what? ALL of the titles will be on the line next week!

The crowd pops so loud it seems like the roof is going to pop.

Vince: And I've got to thinking, I've decided on some of the matches. Tonight, we will have two matches, one on one, and the two winners will face eachother for the WWE Intercontinental title next week! Do you want to know who these competitors are?

The crowd roars in aproval.

Vince: Well, let me tell you. In the first match-up, you will see the rising young star, Shelton Benjamin, take on none other then Captain Charisma himself, Christian! And in the second matchup of the night, you will see Chris Jericho, facing the Latino Heat, Eddie Guerrero!

The crowd pops for both matches.

Vince: And with the RAW roullete, who knows what the stipulations for the matches will be!

The crowd is going nuts from the announcements.

Vince: But sadly children, I've got things to do now. So let those matches soak in, and enjoy the rest of the show!

"No Chance" hits and Vince struts backstage.

JR: Wow, King, those two matches for next week look great!

King: Slobberknockers, right JR?

JR: Damn right!

JR: Well King, our first matchup tonight is pitting two talented cruisweights against eachother.
King: It sure is JR.
Shane Helms music hits and he cockily walks out, his partner, Shannon Moore following behind him. The two walk down the ramp and Helms enters the ring.
JR: That boy is a blue chipper, let me tell ya'.
Next, Matt Hardys entertaining intro kicks off and Matt Hardy comes out of the entrance to a big pop from the crowd. He comes rushing down the ramp and slides into the ring. Sugar Shane quickly wastes no time as he begins drilling Hardy with kicks to the back while he's on the mat. After a flurry of kicks, the referee tells Helms to back off. Shane scoffs at the ref but backs away from Matt. Matt slowly stands and the bell rings. Helms quickly runs towards the ropes. He comes off, storming towards Hardy. Hardy thinks quickly and leaps over top of the charging Helms. Helms hits the opposing ropes and comes back to hit the un-ready Hardy with a missile dropkick. Hardy stands up as does Helms. Helms gives him a quick clothesline and stands up. He plays to the crowd but they boo at him. Helms readies himself and Hardy stands up. Both men lock up, and Hardy begins to take control. He quickly spins Helms around and connects a russian legsweep. Helms hits the mat hard and rolls out of the ring, attempting to catch his breath. He leans against the announcers table. Matt hardy looks to the crowd and they all cheer "V1!". He hits the ropes behind him to gain momentum as he charges across the ring. As he aproaches the other side he dives over the top rope, hitting a suicide dive right onto the resting Shane Helms!
JR: That boys got some guts.
King: This is ratings!
Both men clash into eachother and roll around on the floor. After a few moments of resting, Matt Hardy is the first man up. As if on que, Shannon Moore hops up onto the apron and begins screaming at the ref.
JR: What's Shannon Moore doing?
Matt Hardy picks up Helms, and in one motion, Helms gives Matt Hardy a big shot to the crotch! Matt Hardy hits the ground in pain, and Shannon Moore drops to the floor, realizing he's done his job. The recovering Shane Helms picks up Matt Hardy by the hair and rolls him into the ring. Helms gives Shannon a quick nod before rolling into the ring. He stands up, bringing Hardy up with him. Taking advantage of the situation, Helms locks up with Hardy. He swoops him up and hits The Vertabreaker.
King: Well JR, that's all she wrote.
Helms makes the cover.
Shanes music hits as Shannon Moore gets in the ring. Both men share a handshake before turning to Matt Hardy. Both men share a sadistic grin before unleashing a flurry of kicks to the downed Matt Hardy. After a few moments of the beat down, Rey Mysterios music hits the speakers and he storms out of the arena entrance. He zooms down the ramp and slides into the ring. Quickly, both Helms and Moore slide out of the ring and begin their walk back up the ramp, victorious.
JR: It looks Rey Mysterio came out for the save.
King:[/'b] Good thing he did, because it was looking grim for poor ol' Matt Hardy.
Rey Mysterio picks up Matt Hardy and both men exit the ring.

We Cut Backstage to see Eugene sitting in the lockerroom wearing a pair of foam hands next to William Regal, the lockerroom door opens up and Kurt Angle strolls in. Eugene stands up and starts pointing at Angle in shock.

Eugene: You.....You........Your Kurt Angle

Angle: Well spotted Eugene, well done

Angle puts his bag down on a chair and takes off his Olympic Gold Medals and leaves them on top of the bag. Angle then leaves the lockerroom with Eugene standing biting his lip, as soon as Angle shuts the door, Eugene heads over and grabs the Olympic Gold Medals

Regal: Eugene my dear boy put them down quick before Kurt Angle comes back

Eugene: But But I wanna wear the medals

Regal: Put them down quickly

Eugene puts them down and when Regal turns his back Eugene picks them back up and puts them on. Eugene then unzips Angle's bag and goes in, he finds a carton of milk and a packet of chocolate chip cookies, Eugene opens the milk and starts drinking it as Kurt Angle comes back in.

Angle: What the hell are you doing?

Regal looks around quickly then runs over

Regal: Come on Eugene give Kurt his medals back

Eugene takes a mouthfull of milk and spits it all over Kurt Angle

Eugene: Woooooooooo!!!

Angle looks at himself, completely covered in milk as Regal takes the medals from Eugene then rushes him out of the lockerroom.

We Cut Back to The Arena

JR: Up now Christian will take on Shelton Benjamin

King: What a match this is going to be


Christian makes his way down to the ring with his jacket on. He taunts on his way down the ramp pointing at all his peeps. He climbs the steps and then climbs into the ring. He climbs the turnbuckle and points at his peeps again before climbing down and taking off his jacket.


Benjamin’s pyros go up and he makes his way out to a huge pop. He walks down to the ring slapping fans hands. He climbs up the steps and into the ring. He climbs onto the turnbuckle and bends down; he starts slapping his head and then slowly raises his arms and gets back to a vertical base. He climbs down and starts walking around the ring in a circle. He looks at Christian while doing so. He then stops and stands still, the two competitors look at each other.

Semi Final of Intercontinental Title Tournament
Christian vs Shelton Benjamin​
The two continue to just look at each other and then Benjamin breaks the stare by walking over towards Christian. Christian kicks Benjamin in the midsection and then does an arm bar. Benjamin counters it through to an arm drag though and Christian is on one knee and looking up at Benjamin who is slightly jumping from side to side. Christian gets to his feet and goes over to Benjamin; he puts him in a headlock. Benjamin immediately counters it, bouncing Christian off the ropes and pushing him to the other side of the ring. Christian runs back and hits Benjamin with a shoulder block. Christian then runs against the ropes again and Benjamin lays low for Christian to run over, Benjamin then leapfrogs Christian when he runs back. When Christian runs back again Benjamin does an arm drag, Christian slides out of the ring straight after this move. Outside the ring Christian starts to look frustrated and he kicks the steps. The referee is up to a count of five and Christian slides back into the ring. Benjamin just stands looking on as Christian gets up. The two come towards the middle of the ring and Benjamin raises his arm for a test of strength but Christian kicks him in the midsection and throws him out of the ring through the middle ropes. Christian then quickly follows him and stomps on him a couple of times before picking him up. Christian gets Benjamin in a hammerlock and then pushes him shoulder first into the ring post. Benjamin falls to the floor and Christian breaks up the count. Christian then goes over to Benjamin and Irish whips him into the steel steps which Benjamin goes shoulder first into. Christian climbs back into the ring and tells the referee to start counting. The referee is up to seven and Benjamin is only just starting to get back up. But Benjamin suddenly leaps for the apron and manages to rolls into the ring at the count of nine. Christian stomps on Benjamin as he rolls into the ring and starts to slide him towards the ring post with his foot. Christian continues to push him with his foot despite the fact that Benjamin is already against it. Christian is using the ropes as both leverage and balance while crushing Benjamin against the ring post. Christian slides out of the ring and grabs Benjamin’s arm. He then smashes it against the ring post and slides back into the ring. Christian starts to choke Benjamin and lets go at the count of four, he does it again and once again lets go at four. He starts to punch away at Benjamin’s head and then gets to his feet. Christian drags Benjamin towards the center of the ring and starts to get him to his feet. Christian then hits his modified reverse DDT and covers, 1…2…….Benjamin kicks out! Christian gets up and looks frustrated. When Benjamin gets up Christian goes for the Unprettier but Benjamin counters it pushing Christian away. Christian flies into the ring referee though and when he turns around he walks into a T-Bone from Benjamin! But Christian manages to counter it by holding into the rope and then hitting Benjamin in the head a few times. Christian then low blows Benjamin and falls to his knees. Benjamin is rolling around on the mat holding his nuts. Christian then goes over to Benjamin and rolls him up, 1…2……Benjamin kicks out. Christian then rolls him again, 1…2……Benjamin kicks out again. Christian argues with the referee but to no success. Christian gets up and walks over to the turnbuckle, he removes the padding and walks back over to Benjamin. He Irish whips Benjamin to the corner, but Benjamin reverses it, Irish whipping Christian into the exposed steel. Benjamin then goes for the Stinger Splash but Christian moves he then does a school boy, 1…2…….Christian grabs the ropes! 3!! Christian wins it!
Winner: Christian

JR: Christian cheats to advance in the mini tournament

King: Very Smart move by Christian, it's not cheating if you don't get caught

We Cut Backstage to see Vince McMahon looking at the Roulette wheel with all the different match types on it. There is a knock at the door

McMahon: Come In

Kurt Angle walks in to huge heat from the crowd

McMahon: Ah Kurt, What Can I do for you?

Angle: You need to sort Eugene out, that kid shouldn't be in wrestling he should be in a mental unit or something

McMahon laughs

Angle: It's not funny

McMahon: What's he done now

Angle: He spat milk over me

McMahon laughs again

Angle: Stop laughing, I want Eugene right here tonight

McMahon: I'm afraid I can't do that

Angle: Why the hell not?

McMahon: Simply because I don't want to....however next week you can face Eugene

Angle: Thanks, I'm gonna end his career once and for all

Angle goes to walk away

McMahon: Wait, Where are you going?

Angle walks back

Angle: What do you mean?

McMahon: I've still got to decide what type of match it's going to be.

Angle: How you going to do that?

McMahon: The Roulette Wheel of course, here we go

Mr McMahon spins the Roulette Wheel and it gradually slows until it stops on Submission

McMahon: Great, Next Week on Raw, Olympic Gold Medal Winner Kurt Angle, against Eugene in a Submission Match

Kurt Smiles.

McMahon: That'll be all

We Cut Back to JR and King

JR: Eugene against Kurt Angle next week.

King: That's a huge match but I feel sorry for Eugene, do you think he even knows what a submission match is?

JR: I would think he does King, up now Luther Reigns takes on Undertaker.

King: Say it JR

JR: This is going to be a slobberknocker, not for the weak of heart!

Undertaker vs. Luther Reigns

The Undertaker flips his eyelids and points at Luther as he stands in the corner. Luther doesn't seem the slight bit scared as he jocks for position. Both men slowly walk into the center of the ring and begin exchanging words. Both big men, they decide to start the match with a test of strength. Both men intertwine their hands and lock up. Immediately the two begin pushing at eachother with all of their strength. Almost instantly, Luthers legs begin to buckle and the big man is slowly pushed down towards the mat. The Undertaker grins as he shoves Luther further and further down towards the mat. At the very moment that it looks like Luther may fall back, somehow he finds the strength to pull him back up to a vertical positon, shocking The Undertaker!

Both men begin shoving eachother once again. Reluctant to find himself in the same position, Luther lets go of 'Takers arms and gives him a big knee to the gut. 'Taker keels over and Reigns steps backwards. He hits the ropes behind him and uses the momentum to hit a knee directly to the face of The Undertaker! The brutal looking move caused 'Taker to stumble back, but he quickly shook out the cobwebs. Luther charged forward to take advantage but Undertaker stood his ground, hitting Luther with a shoulder bump knocking him flat onto the mat. Undertaker quickly begins stomping a mudhole into Luther. Luther can do nothing but take the stomps as he flops on the mat in pain. After a few more kicks, 'Taker grabs Reigns by the back of his neck and brings him to a vertical position. Luther stumbles around, trying to re-gain composure. Before he can even do so, Undertaker bounces off the ropes and levels Luther with a big boot to the face! Undertaker goes for the pin. 1...2...Reigns kicks out.

Undertaker stands up, bringing the dazed Luther up with him. Taker walks over to a turnbuckle, bringing Reigns with him. Holding his arm, Taker scales the turnbuckle and stands at the top. Slowly and carefully, he walks across the top rope and comes back down, hitting Reigns right in the face with his trademark Old School! Reigns spun around before hitting the mat and flipping sideways. Undertaker motioned to the crowd that this was the end of the line for Luther Reigns. Luther slowly stood up and tried shaking the cobwebs at. Unknowing, he spun around to a readied Undertaker. 'Taker gives him a swift kick in the gut, then flips him upside down. With one solid motion, Taker stads up on the tips of his toes before landing on his knees, connecting his signature Tombstone Piledriver on Luther. 'Taker crosses Luthers arms on his chest and flips his eyelids to make the pin. 1...2...3!

Winner: The Undertaker

JR: Undertaker picks up a very impressive win.

King: He does indeed JR.

Suddenly, the WWE tron screen flickers on. The screen shows none other then HHH standing in the middle of a rather lavish looking room. Standing across the room from him was Randy Orton, who was pouring champagne into a small glass. He glares over to HHH and both of them share a grin. HHH paces over to a leather chair close by and takes a seat into it. The camera zooms up on him.

HHH: You know, this whole ratings war with ECW, TNA and WCW has left me with a sour taste in my mouth. Everything was going great for me until the respective owners decided to crap up all of their brands by trading off wrestlers, firing and hiring different ones. See, now I find myself in a difficult situation. On RAW just a few weeks ago, I was on the top of the top, with my closest friends.

HHH nods over to Randy Orton.

HHH: Even though my main man Randy Orton is standing over there living the good life on RAW with me, I'm missing two of my comrades. As all of you dirtbags may or may not have noticed, two members of Evolution are missing. Batista...Ric Flair...both gone.

HHH takes a breath of air.

HHH: But, you have to adapt to new surroundings. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. So, Randy and I searched through the new talent that entered WWE in groves. We, the two best superstars on RAW, have chosen two young men to take under our wing.

Randy Orton walks over and stands next to HHH.

HHH: These two men will skyrocket to the top with Randy and I, under our wing of course.

Suddenly, two figures appear behind HHH. One looking very tall and muscular, the other rather small, resembling a cruiserweight.

HHH: All of you fans don't deserve to even see this, but here our are two new members.

The camera slowly pans up, revealing Matt Morgan and Micheal Shane! They both grin before the camera pans back down to HHH.

HHH: We are....THE ELITE!

All four men laugh as the camera fades....

JR: Wow, what an announcement!

King: Matt Morgan and Micheal Shane are the newest members to the established stable, renamed as "The Elite"!

JR: This is insane.

King: If these four play their cards right, they could all be on the top very soon.

JR: Well, moving on, we've got one helluva match coming up as 'Y2J' Chris Jericho takes on 'Latino Heat' Eddie Guerrero!

King: That's right JR, and this one is to advance to the finals of the Intercontinental Championship Tournament and face Christian next week, on Raw!

Y5J...Y4J...Y3J...Y2J! Break the walls down!

A huge explosion lights up the stage, as the camera zooms on the titan-tron. Chris Jericho struts out from backstage with a cocky smirk on his face. He turns and raises his arms into the air before spinning on the heels of his feet. He fixes the shirt on his shoulders and starts walking towards the ring. The fans go wild in response as he slowly makes his way down the ramp, strutting for the fans. He high fives a few of the fans before walking to the steel steps. He climbs them swiftly and walks to the half way point on the ropes, before spinning towards the fans. He stretches his back before spinning and climbing through the ropes. He walks around the ring a few times before stopping to rest against the ropes, looking towards the stage.

JR: Chris Jericho looking confident as always.

King: It's not confidence JR, it's cockiness, and that's why he's gonna lose.

Viva la raza...

Eddie Guerrero's lowrider comes from backstage as the fans erupt in a chorus of boo's. He stops it at the top of the ramp and starts showing off its hydraulics, before starting down the ramp again. He stops it half way down thee ramp and jumps up in the seat, and starts taunting the fans, setting them off into a booing frenzy. He hops out of the car and struts to the ring, once again setting the fans off. He rolls into the ring and stares down Jericho.

JR: Eddie Guerrero showing no respect for the fans.

King: Why should he JR? He's the next Intercontinental Champion, he doesn't owe these fans anything!

The ref checks both me for weapons before signaling for the bell. Eddie rushes in at Jericho, but gets caught in a drop toe hold for his efforts. Eddie jumps up and spins to look at Jericho, a scowl on his face. He runs at Jericho again and ducks under Jericho's weak right hand. He grabs Jericho and takes him down with a big German Suplex. Eddie gets right back up and jumps over Jericho's downed body, rolling him into a quick pin.




JR: A quick kickout by Chris Jericho.

King: I tell ya JR, he's just delaying the inevitble.

Eddie jumps up again and starts planting quick stomps on the lower back of Jericho. The ref steps in front of him and gives him a warning, giving Jericho time to get to his feet. He runs up behind Eddie and spins him, landing a quick Inziguri. He rolls Eddie over and hooks the leg.




JR: A very close call for Eddie Guerrero there.

Jericho gets up and turns towards the ref, arguing his case. The ref signals two and Jericho turns to see Eddie crawling towards the ropes. Jericho gives pursuit and grabs Eddie by the boot. Eddie pushes him off and rolls to the ouside of the ring, as Jericho chases him to the outside. Eddie stands and begins to walsk away from Jericho, holding his head. Jericho catches up with Eddie and grabs his shoulder, spinning him around. But Eddie catches him off guard with a right, then a left, followed by another right. He grabs Jericho's head and rolls him into the ring, following in after him.

JR: Eddie Guerrero taking control of this match.

King: As I predicted would happen.

JR: But the match ain't over until the fat lady sings.

King: Where is your sister at anyways?

JR: Hardy-har-har.

Jericho slowly gets to his feet as Eddie approaches behind him. Eddie spins him and lands a hard kick to the gut, making Jericho double over. eddie grabs Jericho and raises him in the air, before dropping him on his back. Eddie spins his hips and raises Jericho again, before dropping him once more. Eddie repeats the process once more before hopping up and taunting the fans. He walks over to the turnbuckle and ducks under the ropes to the apron, before climbing.

JR: Eddie Guerrero going up top here.

King: This is gonna be it. I can feel it!

Eddie taunts once more before steadying himself on the turnbuckle and jumping. Before he can hit Jericho rolls out of the way, causing Eddie to knock himself out on the canvas. Eddie grabs his ribs and rolls onto his back, kicking his legs. Jericho stands and pulls his hair back over his forehead, before looking at the Eddie. He looks at the ropes, then Eddie again, before bolting for the ropes. He jumps up, springboards, and hits the Lionsault! He hooks Eddie's leg.



Winner - Chris Jericho by pinfall

JR: Ohmygawd! Jericho wins! Jericho moves on to face Christian next week on Raw.

King: Where he will get the hell beat out of him.

Jericho continues to celebrate his win, as Christian runs from backstage. He slides in the ring and hits Jericho in the back of the head with his forearm. He pounds Jericho with stomps to the back. He lifts Jericho and hooks his arms, before spinning himself and Jericho, and dropping Jericho with an Un-Prettier!

JR: What the hell?! What does this punk think he's doing?

King: He's doing exactly what I just predicted, beating the hell outta Chris Jericho!

We Cut Backstage to See Vince McMahon standing next to the Roulette wheel with Referee Earl Hebner

Vince: Now is the time you've all been waiting for, it is time to make the draw to determine the match type for the World Heavyweight Championship Match next week, so Earl could you please spin the wheel

Hebner spins the wheel as the camera zooms in on the possible option, it goes by Hell in a Cell, Ladder and Last Man Standing Matches and after slowing down it came to a hault on Elimanation Chamber

Vince: So next week, the WWE Title will be decided in an Elimanation Chamber Match

The Crowd Erupts in the background as the camera's go back to JR and The King

JR: What an announcement, we understand the competitors will be selected later on in the show

King: I can't wait for this Raw Roulette next week, so many big matches

JR: Up now is our final event of the evening as Triple H teams with Randy Orton to take on Stone Cold Steve Austin and Chris Benoit

King: The Elite!!! JR, they are the future of wrestling

Main Event:​

Stone Cold Steve Austin & Chris Benoit vs. Triple H & Randy Orton

All four men stand in the ring. Triple H and Orton decide that Hunter will start the match. HHH shouts across the ring at Austin and Benoit that it is time to play the game. They then make the decision that Austin will start off for them.

Austin circles the ring, as does HHH. Triple H goes face to face with him, but Austin right away slaps him in the face. Triple H then staggers, and Austin takes advantage with a big clothesline. Austin then pounds on HHH in the corner, before whipping him off the ropes, and meeting him with a back elbow. He goes for an early cover, 1...2...HHH kicks out!!

Triple H rolls to the outside, trying to get himself together, but Benoit then comes from behind, and whips him into the barricade, before throwing him back into the ring. Austin then hit’s a vertical suplex to The Game, gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out. The Rattlesnake then whips Triple H off the ropes, but The Game ducks a kick, and comes back with a High Knee, taking Austin down. Triple H then brings Stone Cold to the corner, and tags in Orton.

Randy beats on Austin in the corner with kicks and stomps. He then goes to whip him off the ropes, but Austin reverses and puts Orton down with a knee to the gut. He then tags out to Benoit.


(We return with highlights of what happened during the break. Benoit dominated Orton, who then tagged out to HHH, but Benoit took down the Game too, before both men made tags, with Austin on top. He has just tagged Benoit back in)

Benoit runs in with a number of quick clotheslines to Randy, then bounces off the ropes, but Triple H sneakily drives the knee into his back as he comes off the ropes, and Orton follows up with a sidewalk slam. He gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out!! Randy then drags the wolverine to the corner and tags in Triple H. They then double team Benoit with a double suplex, and HHH gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!

HHH then goes for a side slam, but Benoit fights out, and punches at The Game, then hit’s a German. He holds on, and nails another, and holds on still and delivers a third German to Triple H. He then goes to make a tag, but Orton runs in and hits him with a clothesline to the back of the head. Austin then tries to get in, but the referee holds him back. The Elite then take the opportunity for some more double team moves, with a double clothesline, and Orton holding up Benoit for HHH to pound at. HHH then tags out to Orton. Orton then pounds on Benoit with forearms to the back, and applies a chin lock.

Benoit then fights back up, but Orton then drives his knee into the mid section and hit’s a neckbreaker, followed by an elbow. 1...2...Kick Out. Orton then talks some trash to Austin, and knocks down Benoit with a clothesline. He makes the cover, 1...2...Broken by Austin!! The referee then takes the Rattlesnake to the other corner to get him back out, but Austin replies with a bird, before exiting back to the apron. Meanwhile, The Elite take advantage by hitting a double sidewalk slam. Triple H then stays in, without making a tag, gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out from Benoit!!

Benoit then starts to fire out right hands at HHH, but just as he looks to be getting the upper hand, Orton pulls him down by the hair. Triple H then tags out and Orton comes in with a cross body from the top rope, 1...2...Kick Out!! Orton then goes for the RKO, but Benoit counters into a dropkick. He then crawls for a tag, but HHH then distracts the referee and he misses the tag being made.

Stone Cold looks to get some offence on Randy, but he is restrained by the ref and brought back to the apron. He is absolutely irate, and tells the referee to keep an eye on the match.

The Elite once again take advantage and double team, then make a tag. HHH hit’s a spinebuster, then gets another cover, 1...2...Broken by Austin again!!! Triple H then talks some smack to Austin, and he looks to get in the ring, but is again stopped by the referee, giving The Elite the chance to take advantage, by pulling Benoit into the corner and choking him. They tag again, and Orton tells HHH to hold up Benoit. Orton goes for a dropkick, but Benoit ducks and Orton hits HHH!! Benoit then goes for a German suplex, but Orton blocks it, elbows out, and pushes Benoit into the ropes and goes for the RKO, but Benoit counters into a neck breaker. He then crawls to his corner, as does Orton. Benoit tags Austin, and Randy tags Hunter!!!

Austin then knocks down HHH, knocks down Orton, hit’s a Lou Thesz press on HHH, Lou Thezs press on Orton, then a spinebuster on HHH, followed by a big time clothesline to Orton, knocking him out of the ring. Austin then bounces off the ropes and nails an elbow onto Triple H. He gets the cover, 1...2...ORTON BREAKS THE COUNT!!! Chris Benoit then re-enters and clotheslines Randy over the top rope, going over himself to the floor.

Austin then sizes up Triple H and nails him with the Stunner!! Cover,




Austin cant believe it. He gets up, and sizes Triple H up for another stunner, and goes for it, but Triple H counters at the last second and hit’s a neck breaker, with both men going down.

On the outside, Orton nails Benoit with a DDT, then gets back in and takes the groggy Austin by surprise, nailing the RKO. Triple H then crawls over and gets the cover,




All four men brawl in the ring with The Elite on top. HHH goes for a Pedigree on Austin, but he counters with a back body drop, sending HHH to the outside. He then follows to the outside, while Benoit goes at it with Orton. Benoit backs him into the corner, and chops away at him, six chops in total. He then hit’s the triple Germans to Randy, then the cut throat taunt. He scales the ropes, and goes for the Swandive Headbutt, but Orton moves out of the way. Both men are down, but the referee decides not to count, as neither are the legal men.

On the outside, Austin and The Game brawl around ringside, with Stone Cold getting the best of the action, banging Triple H’s head off the steps, and rolling him back in the ring. Meanwhile, the referee manages to get Orton and Benoit onto the outside apron.

Austin pounds Triple H down in the corner, and stomps a mud hole, walking it dry. He flips Orton the bird, then takes down Triple H with a clothesline. He drags The Game to the corner and tags in Chris Benoit.

Benoit comes in, and fires off four chops on HHH, then a snap suplex, followed by a cover, 1...2...Kick Out. He picks up HHH again and whips him off the ropes, but puts his head down, giving HHH the chance to hit a face buster. Benoit then flops back, and HHH immediately goes on the offensive. He stomps away at Benoit, choking, breaking at the count of four. He argues with the referee, taking his attention of Benoit, and as he turns back to him, he is met with a stiff clothesline from the Wolverine. Benoit then grabs the leg, and tries to lock in the Sharpshooter, but Triple H fights it off, kicking Benoit away. Triple H then tries to cradle Benoit, but Benoit rolls through, and cradles the Game, 1...2...ORTON PULLS OUT THE REFEREE!!!

Austin loses his cool, watching Orton cockily smiling, and goes after him around the ringside area. He catches him and then knocks him down with a huge clothesline, then stomps him into oblivion.

In the ring, Triple H goes for the Pedigree, but Benoit counters it into the Crossface!!!!!!!! He locks it in, and The Game screams out in pain. He rolls through, but Benoit still has it locked, refuses to let go. Austin sees the submission, and throws the referee back into the ring. Benoit pulls back on HHH, who desperately claws, but cant make it. He tries to break the hold, but Benoit’s grip is too strong, giving HHH no choice but to TAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Winners: Chris Benoit & Stone Cold Steve Austin

Benoit has his arm raised in the air, and celebrates the victory, going to the top turnbuckle and saluting his fans, then jumps down, and is met by Steve Austin. Austin and Benoit have a short stare down, then Austin turns away and calls for a beer, giving two to Benoit, and taking two himself. They toast to each other, then go to separate corners to celebrate.

Triple H and Orton start to stagger up the ramp in defeat, while the celebrations continue, looking back at their opponents from tonight, as they slowly leave.

Benoit then stops, and looks to the timekeepers table, and spots the WWE Championship belt. He gets down, and rolls out to the timekeepers table, and takes the Championship belt. He looks at it, and gets a huge pop, then raises it high in the air, to another huge ovation. Austin spots this on the outside, and doesn’t look too pleased. Just as he is set to confront Benoit……

**No Chance** fills the arena, and Mr. McMahon confidently makes his way onto the stage, with a mic on hand, while Austin and Benoit turn their attentions to the boss.

McMahon: Sorry to interrupt the celebration, but right now, I have a VERY important announcement to make. Earlier this evening, I’m sure you all saw the spin of the roulette wheel, and I’m sure you all saw that next week, in THAT every ring, six men will compete inside the ten tonne structure, known, quite simply, as the Elimination Chamber!!!

Crowd Pop

McMahon: However, the all important announcement, of WHO will compete inside the Chamber for the WWE Championship has yet to be made…until now!!!

Crowd Pop

McMahon: Next week, inside the Elimination Chamber, for the WWE Championship will be…Triple H!!!

Crowd Boo’s

McMahon: ………Randy Orton!!!

Crowd Boo’s

McMahon: ……H-B-K, Shawwwwn Michaels!!!

Crowd Pop

McMahon: THE ROCK!!!!

Crowd Pop

McMahon: (Points to ring) Chris Benoit!!!

Crowd Pop

McMahon: And…..(Looks down, then up. Then looks to the crowd, who begin to chant Austin. Vince then in a forced manner announces the final competitor) Stone Cold Steve Austin!!!

Huge crowd Pop

McMahon then looks to the ring at Benoit and Austin, then shakes his head, and leaves, as Austin and Benoit stare each other down, with the show going off the air…

End of Show

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nice show!! I love the Christian-Benjamin match, for some reason i recognise it. HOW THE HELL DID I WRITE A MATCH FOR WWE?! Twist_of_Fate made me write that and email it to you, and you have the cheek to put it in your show?! WWE shouldn't win this weeks Ratings War because they cheated!!! They have used MY match, that I wrote!! I wrote the Christian vs Shelton Benjamin and they should be disqualified this week for cheating!!!!!

i still have it saved on my computer!!!! I sent it to Red Cold last night, so he'll back me up.

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HBK_nWo33 said:
nice show!! I love the Christian-Benjamin match, for some reason i recognise it. HOW THE HELL DID I WRITE A MATCH FOR WWE?! Twist_of_Fate made me write that and email it to you, and you have the cheek to put it in your show?! WWE shouldn't win this weeks Ratings War because they cheated!!! They have used MY match, that I wrote!! I wrote the Christian vs Shelton Benjamin and they should be disqualified this week for cheating!!!!!

i still have it saved on my computer!!!! I sent it to Red Cold last night, so he'll back me up.
I've been busy so I asked twistoffate to do my match, it's not cheating and I didn't know he would ask you to do it, bloody fardeen.

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but it s still cheating to ask Twist_of_Fate to do it, you're already a four man team!!! There was three others you could of asked!!!!!! IT IS MEANT TO BE DONE BY THE TEAM!

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HBK_nWo33 said:
but it s still cheating to ask Twist_of_Fate to do it, you're already a four man team!!! There was three others you could of asked!!!!!! IT IS MEANT TO BE DONE BY THE TEAM!
If you can prove it's cheating by asking Twist of Fate to do it then go ahead but yo I bet you can't find a rule that says you can't do it :)

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we'll ask Grendrill when he comes on!!
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