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Here is a step-by-step guide on how to write a great BTB show!

How to write the Project

This is here to provide newer writers with pieces of information that will take them from a decent newer product that experienced writers have seen too much of, to an exceptional product that will impress the entire forum.

Step 1 - Deciding on a project

The first thing you have to do is decide what kind of fed do you want to create, whether it be a simple WWE fed, or a created fed from your own imagination, or a deceased fed of the past like WCW, ECW, NWA or something along those lines, or even you want to create an Indy fed. If your not very knowledgable about these companies or indy wrestlers, I suggest sticking with a WWE or creating your own. Once you have done that, you need to pick an owner of the company and someone with booking powers (a General Manager, a Commissoner) or something like that. Or you could just the have owner as the GM, but it's good to have someone with booking powers.

Step 2 - Creating a Roster

A suggestion to a newer writer is to start off with 40 superstars, I believe 40 is a great number because you will be able to write special events like the Royal Rumble and have enough, while at the same time being able to use the majority of the superstars on your roster, so that nobody is left out, while not writing a six hour show each week. If your doing a split fed, then I suggest that both roster have 25 superstars, again it will be more than enough for special events, but it will be small enough so that no member of your roster is left out. Now, you might say how can I narrow it down to 40 superstars, well here are some helpful hints. First, separate that 40 into main eventers, mid-carders, cruiserweights, tag teams and jobbers. You should have 6-8 main eventers (title contenders that the headline the show), 10 mid-carders (guys that compete for the US or IC title, they fill in the gaps), around 5 tag teams (self explainatory, so 5 teams out 2=10), and around 7-8 Cruiserweights (guys like Mysterio, Billy Kidman and Ultimo Dragon) if you have a Cruiserweight division, guys that you can elevate into the mid-card area if it becomes stale or into the Tag Team Division for a short period of time. Finally throw in a few guys that you don't care about (Maven, Gene Snitsky etc.) that can be used to make your bigger guys look stronger.

Step 2 - Creating Your Titles

After you have your roster, its time to create your titles, normally I would suggest keeping the amount of titles down, lets say start with 4 championships, a World Title (most important, for the Main Event) a midcard title (say IC or US to use as a stepping stone) and the Tag Team Titles....finally ex it off with the Cruiserweight Title to add some flair into the show. Another title you could add is the Hardcore Title, or something along those lines, again you don't have to call them (Intercontinental Title) feel free to come up with something new like the Atlantic title, or something along those lines, after you've decided on that, it's time to move on. If you have split brands then having the IC and the US on opposite shows is always a good idea. The CW and the TV can act as the small titles on each show as well.

Step 3 - Begin Planning

First off, plan a few months ahead so you know exactly what you want to accomplish, for example if your starting a WWE fed, and you want to start at the beginning of the wrestling year (April), then first thing you should do once you have your roster and titles, is figure out what you want to do at the next PPV like feuds and such, and then work backwards, that way you will have an exact direction that you want to take your work. Have a few months planned out before you write, keep in mind that you can still make changes as you go, but having a general direction will help you keep your focus.

Step 4 - Developing characters and storylines

Once you have everything planned, and a basic outline of what you want to see happen, its time to start writing, over the first couple of shows is when you start building your storylines, highlighting your feature talent and establishing your champions, however just as important and most often ignored is character development. While it is difficult to do with a large roster, it is important that everyone on your roster have his or her own distinguished personality to set them apart, and when your roster is shortened (40 or especially 25) it's important to create distinction between each and every person on the roster. For example, you want to establish a monster, you use Kane, in a simple promo or act demonstrate that he is a monster with no conscience. Developing characters and pushing them correctly is the best way to get recognition for your project.

Step 5 - Writing the Show

Now that you have a good idea of your roster, a rough plan of what you want to do, its time to write your show, until you feel comfortable writing, I suggest using this formula.

Scene 1 - Opening Promo
Scene 2 - First Match
Scene 3 - Small Promo/Mid-card Match
Scene 4 - Promo to Set-up PPV match
Scene 5 - Tag Team Match
Scene 6 - Promo to set-up match next week/IC Title Match
Scene 7 - Main Event
Once you gain some comfort and confidence, you will be free to break away from this, start with match at the beginning, or end the show with a promo, but for newer writers I suggest it because it covers everything you need, and sets up for the next show. Now for match writing, now I suggest not writing full matches, just providing the ending of the match and aftermath, although I suggest for PPV's writing the full match, cause just the ending of a Wrestlemania main event wont cut it


One of the greatest feds I have ever read was one where the matches themselves weren't necessarily 5 stars, but because the storylines were so unique, it was an instant hit. Be creative, and be original, take these characters that you have created and moulded and throw them through situations, like friendship, betrayal, depression, manipulation, loss of faith and much more.....experiment with characters, find out what works and what doesn’t, what works for one writer doesn’t work for another, find what works for you.

Important Final Notes

Learn from your mistakes, as a beginniner nobody is expecting you to be the best booker, or a legend in your first month or so, just learn from your mistakes and from the advise that others give you, And remember to use proper grammar and organization. NOTHING throws readers off like bad grammar and disorganized work, use of bold, italics and underlines will save you a lot of trouble and even some colour thrown in there would add a little touch every once in awhile, make your work look good, take some pride in your work...because if you don’t show some pride in your work, how can you expect us too?

How to Review a Fed

Reviewing a fed is very easy, the first thing you should do is, oh I dont know read the work that you are reviewing, dont fly on the seat of your pants because the author will catch you

The first thing you should do is write down key points that you liked or did not necessarily like. Be honest, if you enjoyed their work, let them know, if you didn’t enjoy it, tell them what you believes needs to be improved, don't bash them for their effort, help them improve on, be polite, but also be sincere in your reviews.

If you wish to add a grade or a percentage on your review, here is probably the best way to do it.

Matches 25% - Did the matches flow. Did they make sense, good use of selling, psychology, storytelling etc.

Promos 25% - Did the author stay in character with the superstar (ie not having Chris Benoit try and be The Rock), did the promo make sense, did the promo do it's job, was it entertaining or boring, all things you should take into consideration when you review.

Storylines 25% - Did the booking of the show make sense, how predictable was it, were previous storylines continued or ended properly, is the author pushing talent correctly and so on...

Miscellaneous 25% - This is for the extra things like punctuation, overall presentation of the writing, development of characters, proper use of roster and so on, all the little things that turn decent writing into excellent writing.

All in all just have fun at this. Don’t take something personally if somebody didn’t like your show, learn from it that’s what everybody is here for, to help each other. I hope this little hand book helped some of you guys realize what BTB is all about. Before I forget DO NOT make more then one post for a show. What I mean is don’t go to commercial and then post it and then post then next bit it looks very unprofessional and I will just merge the show anyway. Just remember this is all in fun and not a competition.


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Some nice stuff there, and definately would be some use to a new 'up and coming' booker.

I always use this next quote, but it has helped me in 6 months get to where I am now...

''Never give up on what you are doing....keep working at it...and you will get your rewards'' :D

Good stuff nevertheless. Newbies and even veterans take note.

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I'm new so I'm not sure if this is the place to ask questions but it is something to do with creating my own fed.

I am going to start writing a totally made up a Fed with every character make believe so I will have to work hard on building characters and gimmicks. I really need some advice about how to go about creating gimmicks, I don't have enough idea's for 40 different gimmicks. What should I do?

Also, what kind of things can start major storylines, once I get a storyline going I am fine but my trouble is getting them started. Could anybody give me a few options for starting a major fued.

Thanks for any help, appreciate it!

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Hi. I am also new here but I have followed those guidlines which were very helpful and I have started my own federation. I dunno where to put it if anyone wants to see it or anything.
Oh and a good way to get a feud started is to have the bad guy cheat to win a tag match against the good guy. The good guy gets annoyed and work it from there.
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