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This thread will be dedicated to me booking TNA's product beginning with Genesis 2011 from Universal Studios In Orlando, FL...

AJ Styles
Alex Shelley
Amazing Red
Brian Kendrick
Brother Devon
Brother Ray
Chris Sabin
D'Angelo Dinero
Desmond Wolfe
Douglas Williams
Eric Young
James Storm
Jay Lethal
Jeff Hardy
Jeff Jarrett
Jeremy Buck
Jesse Neal
Kurt Angle
Matt Morgan
Max Buck
Mick Foley
Mr. Anderson
Orlando Jordan
Ric Flair
Robbie E
Robert Roode
Rob Terry
Rob Van Dam
Samoa Joe
Shannon Moore
Shark Boy
Stevie Richards
Tommy Dreamer
Angelina Love
Madison Rayne
Mickie James
Miss Tessmacher
Velvet Sky
Eric Bischoff
Hulk Hogan
Christy Hemme
Don West
Hector Guerrero
Jeremy Borash
Mike Tenay
SoCal Val
Willie Urbina

Here is my TNA Genesis 2011 card using the results from the latest PPV Final Resolution. Please let me know what you think...

TNA Genesis 2011

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Mr. Anderson

Should be a very solid main event here. Hatred should be obvious between each competitor. Give them about 20 minutes or so. Should contain quite a few false finishes but should be led up to properly through the use of psychology. In the end Anderson hits the Mic Check and looks to be finally closing in on the world title. The rookie ref, Jackson James, counts 1...2... then stops and flips off Anderson. After what has just happened sinks in, Anderson corners James in Anger but Hardy get the rollup for a fast count and retains. James celebrated with immortal. We later fin out he is actually Bischoff's son obviously.

Winner: Jeff Hardy (c)

Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle​

Match begins on the outside before the opening bell as Angle attacks Jarrett in anger. Hatted should be evident between these two men. By the time they reach the ring and the bell sounds Jarrett is busted open. About 20 minutes or so given here. Tons of false finishes in the end. Finally the ref is knocked out and Jarrett goes for a guitar shot but Angle ducks and then cracks it over Jarrett's head. By this time the ref is conscience and disqualifies Angle. Angle snaps and hits and Angle Slam and applies the ankle lock on the ref. He then goes for Jarrett who bails out through the crowd locking eyes with a vengeful gaze from Angle. This continues the feud between these two.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett Via DQ

Handicapped Match: Rob Van Dam, Samoa Joe, and Matt Morgan vs. Kazarian, Ric Flair, Gunner, and Murphy​

Fast paced/action packed match here. Goes about 10 minutes or so. Faces in control to start off however the numbers game soon catches up with then until a hot tag it made to one of their partners. In the end all men brawl to the outside which distracts the ref (Jackson James) allowing Flair to knock Joe out with brass knuckles and get the pin. This will set up a Joe/Flair feud.

Winners: Immortal

Monster's Ball: "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero vs. Abyss​

Tons of plunder and hardcore sports typical of any Monster's Ball match here. Match lasts for around 15 minutes. In the end Pope get the win to end the feud after placing Abyss stomach first in the corner with a barbed wire board propped up against him and hits the DDE to the board into Abyss.

Winner: Pope

TNA World Television Championship Rematch: Douglas Williams (c) vs. AJ Styles

Should be a tremendous match much like the original showdown. Great wrestling and eventually false finishes. In the end Williams retains the title with the Rolling Chaos Theory countering AJ's signature springboard moonsault into the inverted DDT.

Winner: Douglas Williams (c)

TNA World Tag Team Championship 30 Minute Iron Man Match: Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs. Beer Money Incorporated​

Much like the past bouts between these two teams which were phenomenal, this should be no exception!
First fall goes to MCMGs in the first 30 seconds of the match after they sneak up of Beer Money during their entrance and hit the neckbreaker/frogsplash combo on Storm (1-0 Guns). For the next 10 minutes these two teams put on a great show as always. Beer Money evens the score eventually with a DWI on Shelly (1-1). At this point they wrestle for another 5 minutes, which bring us half way through the match, until MCMGs get another victory after Storm is disqualified after breaking his beer bottle over the head of Sabin busting him wide open (2-1 Guns) They beat on a vulnerable Sabin for the next 5 minutes eventually pinning him with a slingshot DDT combo (2-2). A hot tag is eventually made to Shelly who cleans house and eventually scores a pin on Rude with a Sliced Bread #2 (3-2 Guns). Sabin eventually comes back around and fights back with vengeance but is taken down hard with a superkick right to the laceration from Storm for the pin (3-3). Last 5 minutes the two teams battle some more with heart-stopping false finishes. Finally in the very end MCMGs hit three neckbreaker/frogsplash combos with near falls all except the last which gets them the win to retain the titles. Creates suspense as the clock ticks down in the end but the third finisher is hit for the pin with only a second left to spare if possible.

Winners: MCMG (c)

Brother Ray vs. Brother Devon​

5 minute match or so with a lot of Brawling on the outside. The ref counts them out as Brother Ray escapes through the crowd. Sets up for gimmick match in future.

Winner: No Contest​

TNA Knockout Championship 3 Way Dance: Madison Rayne (c) vs. Sarita vs. Velvet Sky

Traditional 3 way dance rules apply here which means elimination rules. After 5 minutes or so Rayne is eliminated after a Tiger Bomb from Sarita. This leaves Velvet and Sarita to a one on one showdown. Remember how Velvet can never beat Sarita. They wrestle for a few more minutes reaching a total or 7 or so when Sarita hits a Tiger Bomb to get the win and become new Knockout Champ.

Winner: Sarita (c)

TNA X Division Championship With Shark Boy As Special Guest Enforcer: Jay Lethal vs. Robby E (c)​

7 minutes match or so here. Shark Boy and Cookie involved in a few comedy segments throughout the match including Shark Boy biting her ass. Typical action between Lethal and Robby. In the end Lethal hits his finisher but the pin is broken up by Cookie. Shark Boy hints a stunner but shoves her over to Lethal who hits one of his own in the name on revenge. Robby charges at him but he avoids contact and rolls him up for the win. He wins back his title and this feud is officially over.

Winner: Jay Lethal (c)​

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Guys, let the mod do the moderating. Comments like that are useless.

You can go on with this thread. You're new and your other thread wasn't a real BTB. Welcome to the section, hope you like it.

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I like that you decided to make this a BTB. I think you should add some color and boldness to some stuff, you will learn overtime, good luck to you, glad Pope won! Mr. Anderson would have been a sick choice for TNA Champ but that can come overtime, right.

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I like that you decided to make this a BTB. I think you should add some color and boldness to some stuff, you will learn overtime, good luck to you, glad Pope won! Mr. Anderson would have been a sick choice for TNA Champ but that can come overtime, right.
Anderson will for sure be a future champ. I'm going for a rematch at Against All Odds where he's defeated again followed by a match with RVD at Sacrifice and then I'm probably going to have Robert Rude turn face and win the belt from Hardy at Lockdown.

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Here is the Impact and Reaction following Genesis from the Impact Zone in Orlando Florida...

Show opens with an enraged Mr. Anderson storming to the ring with no music and a led pipe in hand. He enters the ring and grabs a mic cutting a short promo mentioning how he was screwed at Genesis and demands that Immortal come out now. He is enraged. At this point Gunner and Murphy come out and have nightsticks in hand. Anderson charges at them, avoids shots from them, and takes them both out with the led pipe. He points toward the stage and calls out Immortal once again. He does this several times to no avail. He says since they won't come to him he'll come to them and then he goes to the back in search of them. The Impact opening is shown and we return to the Impact Zone the new X Division Champion Jay Lethal makes his way to the ring for the opening bout of the evening. His opponent, Amazing Red is already in the ring.

Non Title: Jay Lethal vs. Amazing Red​

The two have about a 7 minute match or so really showcasing what the X Division is all about. Back and forth action throughout. In the end Lethal Retains after hitting his finisher cleanly. This brings us to out first commercial break.

We return to Impact and see Mr. Anderson with led pipe in hand yelling for immortal in the back. He goes to their lockerroom and kicks the door in to find they aren't there. This brings us to our second match of the evening.

TNA Knockout Championship: Sarita (c) vs. Madison Rayne​

This is Rayne cashing in her automatic rematch clause after loosing the title belt. Match is given about 5 minutes really focusing on Sarita's talent although both Women are heels. After Sarita gets the pin with the tiger bomb finisher, Velvet Sky runs out and spears her on the ramp way and they eventually get separated by security. Velvet gets the best of Sarita. Velvet motions the title around her waist and says she can beat Sarita.

We now go backstage once again and Mr. Anderson is still looking for Immortal furiously backstage. He asks several backstage crew members if they've seen them to no avail. This brings us to the next commercial.

We return and are shown a recap of what went down at Genesis once again between Team 3D. At this point we see Brother Ray come out of the small entrance in the back of the arena retreating but not for long as he is followed by Devon who is beating on him. The two brawl all over the Impact Zone through the crowd for 5 minutes or so using chairs, beer cups from the fans, and such. Finally they make it back to the ring and Devon slides in a table. He measures Ray for a move through the table however Ray sees him and then slides to the outside. Devon gets on the mic and calls Ray a coward. Devon tells him to fight like a man. Ray comes to the ring and acts like he's going to enter the ring to fight but he they motions that Devon can kiss his ass and leaves the arena area. Devon is furious now and is kicking at the turnbuckles. The ref tried to calm him down but an enraged Devon gives him a spinebuster through the table! He motions that the ref is going to be Ray as his theme plays.

TNA World Television Championship: Douglas Williams (c) vs. Desmond Wolfe w/Brutus Magnus and Chelsea​

Williams enters the ring and issues an open challenge for the belt to prove how he is a fighting champion unlike Immortal. Wolfe accepts the challenge. This will be a very competitive match as will many matches for the TV title from now on. This match will go around 15 entire minutes. A commercial is to be taken half way through the match which is concluded after the commercial. In the end Magnus interferes but holding Williams in the corner and then Wolfe charges but Williams moves causing Wolfe to hit Magnus with a European uppercut knocking him off of the apron. Wolfe then goes for a lariat but Williams moves, hits the Rolling Chaos Theory, and gets the win. After the match he gets on the mic again and says he will face any member of Immortal, any time for the title. He says if they want some to come on and get some.

We now cut backstage where Anderson enters a boiler room yelling for Immortal. He verbalizes that they must be hiding and to come on out and fight like men. Suspense is created several times when things fall and startle Anderson. After he looks for a minute and a half or so we go to another commercial break.

Backstage Anderson asks yet more staff members if they've seen Immortal to no avail. We go to another commercial.

We return as Kurt Angle enters the ring. He cuts about a 5 minute promo talking about how person the war was between himself and Jarrett was going into Genesis and how they two had a war. He talks about how the finish was a bunch of bullshit and how he can't rest until he beats Jarrett literally to death! He said he'd call Jarrett out for a rematch but Jarrett's hiding with the rest of Immortal like a bunch of pussies! He vows to get payback on Jarrett. He ends the promo but stating... "paybacks' a bitch Jarrett... just like your gutter-slut of a wife!" His theme hits with a very intense look in his eyes as we head backstage.

Backstage we see Robby E and Cookie headed to the Impact Zone fuming about the loss ay Genesis. We go to a commercial.

Robby E vs. Shark Boy​

Robby E is in the ring when we return with Cookie and calls out Shark Boy after being cost the title at Genesis. Shark Boy comes out and the match is on. Just about 3 minutes or so for this one. Most of the match Robby beats on Shark Boy but in the end Shark Boy comes back with a flurry of offense. Robby cuts him off and Cookie gets up on the apron and sprays hairspray aimed at Shark Boy but he ducks and goes into the eyes of Robby. Shark Boy hits the stunner for the pin. After the match Robby refuses help getting up by Cookie and walks out on her. Friction should begin to develop now between the two.

We now cut backstage where JB has a word with Samoa Joe. Joe cuts a promo and gets all fired up vowing to destroy Immortal one by one beginning with Ric Flair who knocked him out with brass knuckles at Genesis. We go to commercial.

We return with a backstage interview featuring Pope. He reinforces that he took Abyss out at Genesis and he's coming for the rest of Immortal.

We see a video package showing the entire feud between Anderson and Hardy and how it has developed and what went down at Genesis.

We then go to the parking lot where Anderson is still in a rage looking for Immortal. He screams for them to come out and smashes several car windows with the pipe. He then stops for a moment and acts like he's thought of something and heads back into the building. To commercial now.

Main Event Handicapped Match: Mr. Anderson vs. Gunner and Murphy​

Anderson comes to the ring to his theme determined. He gets on the mic and says that if Immortal won't come out and face him he'll take their lackeys, Gunner and Murphy, on all at once. After hesitation they come out and the match begins. Anderson beats them silly for a bit until the numbers game catches up with him. In total this match goes for about 7 minutes or so. Anderson ends up coming back in the end and hits the Mic Check getting the win. He then motions to the stage and out come Samoa Joe, Pope, Morgan, and Rob Van Dam. They end up all stomping and beating the holy hell out of Gunner and Murphy hitting all their finishers as well. They handcuff both men to opposite corners of the ring. Impact ends here and we go into Reaction as Anderson goes for the mic.


Anderson basically says if Immortal doesn't come out and fight they will continue to beat the holy hell out of Gunner and Murphy. Anderson calls them out and with no answer they continue to beat them down. Eventually they end up cracking both men over the head with steel chairs busting them open. Van Dam hits the Vandaminator onto one as well with a chair. Finally after Anderson grabs a pipe to use Immortals music hits and they all hesitantly come out onto the stage. All the faces charge after them and they all run away. They bring Gunner and Murphy along as well The chase is shown backstage featuring Immortal all leaping into the limo and speeding away. The faces leap into separate cars with Gunner and Murphy both in a trunk handcuffed and speed after them.

Reaction this week focuses on several different storylines, those of which include the Team 3D feud, a segment where Douglas Williams talks about how he's a fighting champion now that he has left Immortal, Robby E and Cookie on how they're loosing everything and Robby also talks a bit about how Cookie screwed things up for him tonight with Shark Boy, the feud between Velvet and Sarita, and so on. We also get a special section in which we take a look back at the ENTIRE tag team career of the Motor City Machine Guns culminating with their HUGE retain at Genesis which commentary from both Sabin and Shelly. Yet another segment focuses on getting us more familiar with the character of Mickie James showing her childhood home and more talking about how she got into wrestling, grew up watching it, etc. Throughout the entire episode of Reaction we go to segments featuring the chase between Immortal and the faces. Segments include the faces stopping at a gas station asking if anyone's seen Immortal ending with them beating the owner for being a smart ass, Immortal stopping at a diner asking to be hidden to no avail, and finally in the ending segment to Reaction the faces and Immortal end up side by side at a red light and the faces jump out of the car and smash several windows but Immortal speed away and the faces jump in their cars and chase them as well. Reaction ends here.

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Anderson will for sure be a future champ. I'm going for a rematch at Against All Odds where he's defeated again followed by a match with RVD at Sacrifice and then I'm probably going to have Robert Rude turn face and win the belt from Hardy at Lockdown
They better be some sick storylines to keep me reading, because you just spoiled your main event picture revealing what you're going to do.

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Anyways, in my opinion, don't talk about any specific angles that you plan on doing for your BTB. If you want advice, talk about them loosely in a manner of "what would you think about....", but definitevely don't talk about your probable main event plans out of a "I think Mr. Anderson could be champion" statement.
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