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Best Booker Of The Month:Wolf Beast(2 votes)

Best Thread Of The Month:Being The Booker-Wolf Beast(2 votes)

Best Newcomer Of The Month: Flyman30(Two votes)

Category 2:Shows

Show Of The Month: Tie Between RAW After WM(Wolf Beast), Valentines Day RAW(Showstopper),Summerslam(RAW)

Moment Of The Month: Tie Between Brock Lesnars contract signing(ROG) and Benoits Return(Afterlife)

Shock Of The Month: Tie Between DDP Returns(ROG) and D-X Returns(Afterlife)

Category 3:pPV-No Votes

Category 4:Matches

Match Of The Month: Tie between Three Stages Of Hell(The Main Event), Orton vs Cena(Wolf Beast),War Games(Red Cold)

Best Match Writer: Red Cold

Most Realistic Match Writer:Red Cold

Category 5:Feuds

Best Singles Feud: Tie Between Randy Orton vs Edge(Rise Of Glory) and Steve Austin and Goldberg(Afterlife)

Tag Feud:Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Hass vs America’s Most Wanted(Being The Booker)

Best Feud all Around:Tie Between Orton and Cena(Being The Booker) and Austin-Goldberg(Afterlife)

Category 7:promos

Best Promo Of The Month:Tie between DDP’s Debut(Rise Of Glory) and The Rock and John Cena(By Jeri-Tron 5000)

Best Promo Writer Of The Month:Tie Between Grendrill and Showstopper

Most Realistic Promo Writer: Grendrill and Showstopper

Category 8:Most Improved

Most Improved Writer: Tie between HBK NWO33,Mike Bibby and RKO_`1993

Most Improved Thread: Tie Between Mike Bibby and Infamous Canibus’s thread and WWE:Capt Charismas way

Most Improved Writing Style:No Votes

Category 9:Best New

Best New Thread Of The Month:Tie between Flyman 30 and Mike Bibbiy and Infamous Canibus

Best New Writer:Tie between Flyman30 and Mike Bibby
Best New Feud: Tie between DDP and Austin(ROG) and Rock vs JBL(Mike Bibby)

Category:10-Most Valuable

Valuable Writer:Wolf Beast

Valuable Wresler: The Rock-Being The Booker

Valuable Feud-Sting,Mysterio,Cena vs Evolution-Being The Booker

Yeah the numbers are messed up I rushed Lethal Killa didn’t tally up the votes.

I tried to make sure I didn’t make any mistakes.

The votes are also mostly one sided due to only 3 people voting

Congrats to winners

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I guess since that BTB is kinda dead, that's why these dont get anyone participating anymore in voting.

Heck, I only noticed this was up now, so I apologise for bringing back a dead thread, but I just wanted to say thanks to anyone who voted for me, and hopefully it's a little more active next month.

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Oh Mr.Wrestlemania you started your BTB show recently tho didnt you? not in march so...
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