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The following show has movie , tv show , and video game characters

Toad: Welcome to Flame Time Friday

Knuckles: Yes welcome to Battle Zone's first show FTF

Toad: Its me Toad ya Im the the best

Knuckles: And me Knuckles and Toad you better keep wishin

Toad: Just because you wrestle as much as the big stars doesn't mean anything

Knuckles: Well I want the fans to be happy so here we go the first match of tonight is to determen the Intercontintal Champion

Toad: Introducing first the fan favorite in this match Captain Falcon

Captain Falcon - walks out and stops in the middle of the walkway then he jumps up and does a Falcon Kick into the ring

Knuckles: Now introducing his oppenent Ganondorf

Ganondorf - walks into the ring and then hands his cape and sword over to a reffere standing out side of the ring

Captain Falcon - takes off his helmet and hands it over to a kid in the front row of the crowd

Fans - start saying Falcon over and over

Captain Falcon - walks back into the ring

Refferee - holds up the belt and then sigles for the bell

Ganondorf - jumps onto Falcon and starts punching him in the head then lifts him up and punches him in the head again making Captain Falcon fall to the ground and then Ganondorf goes to the corner and stand on on the second turnbukle raising his arms

Captain Falcon - runs over to him and gives him a Super German Suplex then rolls him up for a pin

Refferee : 1 2

Ganondorf - kicks out

Toad: wow I though it was over

Captain Falcon - runs into the ropes and runs back giving Ganondorf a bulldog

Captain Falcon - gets on the top rope does a Elbow Drop to Ganondorf then pins him

ReDead ( one of the zombies from Zelda Ocarina of Time ) - gets on the apron distracting the Refferee

Captain Falcon - gets up and walks over to the ReDead

Ganondorf - low blows Captain Falcon and pins him

ReDead - gets off the apron

Refferee : 1 2

Captain Falcon - kicks out

Ganondorf - goes and grabs a chair and the Refferee takes it from him

Captain Falcon - does a Instagurie to Ganondorf and waits for him to get up then grabs him and jumps up giving him a Jumping Piledriver

Knuckles: He did it he did is finisher the Rising Impact its over

Captain Falcon - pins Ganondorf

ReDead - distacts the refferee again

Captain Falcon - gives the ReDead a drop kick then gets on top of the thrid rope and does a moonsault to ReDead

Captain Falcon - comes back into the ring

Ganondorf - kicks him in the stomach and grabs his neck

Captain Falcon - counters by doing a DDT then pins Ganondorf

Refferee : 1 2 3

Knuckles: The winner of this match and the Interconital Champion Captain Falcon

Toad: Yahoo wow what an amazing victory I though he was screwed for sure

Knuckles: Well ladies and gentlemen watching this show on The 4th of July we will have the Pay-Per-View event Indepence Day

Toad: Yes thats right watch the show when we come on Fridays and Sundays for updates on the Pay-Per-View event

Knuckles: now its time for the Tag Team Championship Match introducing first the team of Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong the Kongs

Donkey, Diddy - walk out and Donkey Kong gets on the middle turnbukle and hits his chest while Diddy gets on the oppistie side's top turnbuckle and flips backwards onto his feet

Toad: and their oppenents Wario and Waluigi the Wario Brothers

Wario and Waluigi - come out in the Purple Lowrider then walk into the ring

Refferee - holds up the title belts and the bell rings

Knuckles: ok they will be starting off with Diddy Kong and Wario

Diddy - runs over and crossbodys Wario and pins him

Referre - 1

Wario - kicks out

Diddy - runs and does another crossbody

Wario - catches him and powerslams him then throws him into the Wario Bros. corner and tags Waluigi then they stomp on Diddy Kong's face

Waluigi - grabs Diddy Kong and gives him a Suplex then pins him

Referre - 1 2

Diddy - kicks out

Waluigi - makes 2 fist then puts his thumbs toghther and puts his pointing fingers up making a "W" then he picks up Diddy Kong and puts him ontop of a turnbuckle grabs his head and does a neckbreaker

Diddy - holds on to the ropes making Waluigi slam himself onto the mat then he does a 450 Splash

Waluigi - puts his knees up making Diddy hit his stomach onto them

Diddy , Waluigi - crawl to their corners

Waluigi - tags wario

Wario - runs into the ring and a pulls Diddy away from a almost tag with DK and puts him on his shoulders giving him a Cyclone

Diddy - puts his fand out while getting the Cyclone and tags DK before getting slammed face first onto the mat

Wario - pins Diddy

DK - grabs Wario and sets him up for the powerbomb

Diddy - crawls then rolls out of the ring

Wario - does a DDT to DK then he climbs ontop of the turnbuckles and does a back splash onto DK's face and pins him

Refferee - 1 2

Wario - gets off DK and tags in Waluigi

Waluigi - puts DK onto the top turnbuckle and does a neckbreaker to him off of it

Toad: The Waluigi Slice its over

Waluigi - pins him

Refferee - 1 2 3

Wario - goes out of the ring and gets a table out from under the ring and sets it up then he lifts Donkey Kong's leg up

Waluigi - picks Donkey Kong by the neck then they put him over the table and in one instant they move twist the body part their holding and drop back slamming Donkey Kong threw the table

Wario - grabs a microphone and his and Waluigi's tag team belts

Wario: Let me be the first to say we will glady love to put these titles on the line at Indepence day and we will do it in a No Dq Elimnation Tables match against any team

Wario Bros. - hold up their belts and get into their Lowrider driving it out of the arena

Knuckles: Wow what a coment they will put their belts on the line on the 4th of July in a No Dq's match

Toad: I think it will be the Mario Bros. vs the Wario Bros.

Knuckles: Ya just because you are a friend of the Mario Bros. so lets get the next match on

Toad: the main event ladies and gentlemen is for the Light Heavyweight Championship introducing first Yoshi

Yoshi - in a egg comes rolling out intel he hits the ring side then he jumps up into the ring and does the piece sign with both hands

Knuckles: and his oppenent holy sh*beep* its Rufuss

Rufuss - drops from the sky into the

Referre - holds up the belt ( which looks like it could kill Rufuss if he even tried putting it on ) the rings

Yoshi - gives Rufuss a headlock

Knuckles: pour Rufuss that little naked mole rat head will be smashed ha ha ha

Toad: your evil

Knuckles - punches Toad in the face knocking him out

Yoshi - lets go

Rufuss - runs behind Yoship and climbs up his back dropkicking him in the head then jumps up and Elbow drops his backs then gets off rolls him over and pins him

Referee: 1

Yoshi - kicks out and does another headlock to Rufuss

Rufuss - bites Yoshi but the referee can't see it

Yoshi - trys to show the Referee where he got bit

Rufuss -comes from behind and kicks Yoshi in the back of the leg then climbs up Yoshi's back and kicks him in the back of the head then pins him

Referee : 1 2

Yoshi - kicks out

Rufuss - climbs up the top rope and does a Elbow Drop

Yoshi - catches him with his tongue and then eats him then lays an egg which hatches with Rufuss very dizzy coming out of it Yoshi then climbs up the top rope and does his finisher the Yoshi Bomb then he pins Rufuss

Referee - 1 2

Rufuss - gets his shoulder up

Yoshi - waits for him to get up then sets him up for his second finisher the Yospinebuster but Rufuss jumps up and kicks Yoshi in the stomach then pins him

Referee - 1 2

Yoshi - kicks out making Rufuss go across the ring

Rufuss - jumps to his feet and waits for Yoshi to get up

Yoshi - gets up and jumps at a Rufuss who charged at him and jumped

Rufuss - hits his head off the ringpole

Yoshi - pins Rufuss

Referee - 1 2 3

Knuckles:well that it folks watch on Sunday to see USA Championship, Women's Championship , and Battle Zone Championship matches

Mario - comes over to Knuckles

Knuckles : hey Mario whats up

Mario - attacks knuckles

Knuckles - fights back

Mario - grabs Knuckles by the legs and spins around then throws him into the wall next to the entrance way then he helps Toad up and gets the Hospital members to come and help Toad who has 2 holes in his head from Knuckles glove

Knuckles - goes threw the entrance way

Mario - goes backstage after him and looks around for him

Knuckles - comes from behind with a kendo stick and hits mario in the back with it then breaks it over Mario's back then walks away

Mario - gets up holding his back then runs after Knuckles and sees him then runs towards him

Knuckles - puts his fist out

Mario - ducks and slides under Knuckles' fist then trips him and jumps on his back and punches at Knuckles' head

Knuckles - puts his spikes out

Mario - punches his spikes which get stuck in his hand then he starts pulling them out

Knuckles - grabs a sledge hammer

Mario - gets the spikes out and grabs the hammer from Knuckles and hits him in the side with it and drops it

Knuckles - holds his side and punches Mario in the head with his over hand then punches him in the stomach and grabs a lighter and lights a 2x4 on fire and smacks it on Mario's face and drops it on his face

Knuckles - leaves Mario

Mario - pulls the 2x4 off his face and chases after Knuckles

Knuckles - turns around and pushes trash cans on the floor making Mario trip then he picks up Mario and throws him into a dumpster and locks it down with a forklift then he smashes the engine of the forklift and breaks the key in half

Battle Zone

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Yeah, I have to agree. THIS IS STUPID! it should get closed. You have to use wrestlers not your little super smash brothers characters. Its a wrestleing website, not a video game website. Grade= NEGATIVE1,000,000/10

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Re: Battle Zone Wrestling

ok thats tight with him i was just trying it I will just continue with my WWE Unrostered

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Wrestling is Wrestling. If he wants to continue this he can. Have you guys ever heard of CAW wrestling? People use video game characters and superheroes all the time in video games. They make storylines, character changes, mega events, it's really entertaining. You guys should check it out some time. It would be better if this was in video format though.

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There was nothing wrong with the show someguy for you to get sooooooo upset!!!! Destiny is near started Monday night mutiny and he did succeed for 2 mths when he himself decided to opt out of the btb. But then again red it will be better if you use more colors, fonts and increase the length of your matches which will make the shows more attractive
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