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Bryan will never be the face? / He -Man over Ram-Man

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Last days i thought alot about why Daniel Bryan isnt the face/ nr1 in wwe. First i said to myself he has to be the guy, he is so fucking over. Also he sells good amount merch and is by far the best worker in wwe , maybe together with Seth R.

Are they holding him back or is it a storyline in which at the end he will be the shining winner? ( i still hope it but dont think it will end this way in the long run)

I guess the reality about wrestling is, its first of all, watched by the younger audience and most wrestling fans start watching it when they are about 5-8 years.

So WWE needs characters who are on the surface reflecting what young kids are looking up to/ or what understanding of the world they have.

When i started watching wrestling i was a warrior fan. Iam still today but in fact he represents the staff i dislike today. Warrior couldnt wrestle , couldnt sell and was booked like super hero. Ok he was over as fuck , so thats diffrent.

My point is when little kids , the main focus of audience, tune in for the first time it is really important for WWE that they quickly find a "hero" to who they gravitate to . ( sorry for my bad english hope u get it)

Why its so important ? Bbecause the long time wrestling fans are recruited in a really young age.

Of cuz DB is over as fuck , of cuz he puts on magic matches and of cuz the kids like him. But he is not the role model kids look up to and want to be.
He is not what kids want to be in later life, because they are insecure about themself and value diffrent things than adults.

In other words kids would chose superman over caveman. Christiano Ronaldo over Frank Ribery. He-man over Ram Man. Because of the look and what they stand for.
Maybe not the perfect example but i would never be fallen for a guy like skinner with that look.

Same staff is whith punk, he looks cleaner than Bryan put he stands for a rebell that cares about himself. He doesnt fit the image, the majority of wrestling-newcomers ( and than lifetimefans/buyers) are looking for. He is to "controversial"...

So it has to be at this point Cena after Cena after Cena in the spotlight because nobody else is fitting into this spot.
Well of cuz its wwe fault that they didnt creat a new face but why should they when they have a guy that hooks the newcomers.
Guys like punk and bryan are where they are because of their overness( wrestling skill promo fun factor) and they are loved by alot of wrestling fans young and old. I fear, they never will fit in that hulk hogan, rock , cena spot.

And therefore Cena has to shine each and every time and absorb everybodys heat. He has to come out on top in the long run because future longtime viewers dont follow fallen heros.

your thoughts? u think bryan or someone new can enter the nr1 spot? wwe to scared or are they smart? (sorry for spelling etc)

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Nope :piper1

more like a question how the nr1 spot works with the example of bryan. but nice try .

Didnt even flam on cena, didnt cheer up bryan he has to be nr 1.

Just some views which iam not sure about and want to talk about.

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Kid's are smarter than you think.

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After Monday night, I doubt anyone on the roster gets a reaction like that ever again in this modern era. To the people, Bryan is already the face of the WWE....who cares if management is too stupid to see him that way! LOL at them preferring Orton, when he fucking still throws tantrums back stage.

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Daniel Bryan is so shit it makes me sick

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Sorry man but i don't agree at all with your post/thread.

EVERYONE loves D-Bry. He is one of the only guys to get cheered by smarks and kids at the same time and in my book that makes someone a big deal. So many people on the internet (guys like us) hate faces in the WWE these days yet Daniel Bryan is just naturally a guy you want to root for and that's even before i mention how good a wrestler he is. If they gave the guy a chance to speak his mind and be completely himself on the mic then i actually think he could go up another notch which is insane to think of.

If WWE do not give the fans what they deserve/demand in making D-Bry a legit main eventer then they are only shooting themselves in the foot. They can push all the guys they want but they need to give us something back, it's not as if we are demanding Zack Ryder be pushed to the moon, we are talking about potentially the best wrestler in the world here and because of his height and look they don't seem to be that keen on him.
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