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Broken Arms a Plenty

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I just realized something.

This week alone we've seen three babyfaces due injury angles to their arms:

  • John Cena had his arm injured at Extreme Rules by Brock and then had it injured further at the hands of Johnny Ace & Lord Tensai the next night on Raw.
  • Triple H had his arm broken at the hands of Brock Lesnar during the opening segment of Monday Night Raw.
  • On Smackdown, Del Rio put the Cross Arm Breaker on Sheamus and, you guessed it, injured his arm.

WWE must really love the injury angle to the arm right now because its happened a lot this week, ha ha.
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I know. I just find it funny that in the span of 2 shows, we've had 3 big arm injury angles.

And technically it wasn't Brock that broke Cena's arm. It was Ace & Tensai. Brock just loosened the metaphorical pickle jar for them.

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And quite ironically, workout buddies got their 'broken arms' in the same week.
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