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I'm not really a "forum person" but I just wanted to Talk about How WWE is handling Brock Lesnar against Triple H and How they handled him since his Return!!!

This may sound kinda Rude and may sound like a rant, some people will hate me for saying this BUT......

...If Brock Lesnar loses to HHH, I swear I will get WELL pissed off!!! :mad:

Smackdown 2003-2004 Lesnar Era was my Favourite Show EVER!!!!!!!!!!! My Childhood finally returned!!!! Every Screen time Lesnar had in 2002-2004 was AWESOME!!! :cool2

People tend to forget how Badass Brock Lesnar was!!!!!! Especially PG Fans, PG Fans don't know anything!!!!! I Laugh everytime they call lesnar a Coward and a Quitter on Brock Lesnars "Chatter" on WWE site :lol Also LOL at Lesnars Twitter!!!!

Brock Lesnar Kicks Major Ass and BEAT The stuffings out of your so called "PG era Champion" Cena and even beat the so called "Legend Killer" Orton They were nothing but Jobbers!!!! whilst Lesnar was feuding with Hulk Hogan,The Deadman Undertaker, The Rock, Kurt Angle etc!!! He had AMAZING Matches, He was the MAIN top guy!!!!!

Rookie LESNAR was a MONSTER!!!!
Rookie Lesnar Vs Cena: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5Ml4iqs1Ew
Rookie Lesnar Vs Orton: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKg9QqFAgH4

Brock Lesnars an AMAZING ATHLETE!!!!

Just because he Left WWE to Try Different things (NFL, NJPW, K1, UFC) the WWE feel they can simply use him as a jobber????:mad: I mean Stone Cold Left WWE when they needed him!!!!

When Lesnar returned the WWE made him LOSE to Cena, yes he Kicked Ass but he LOST!!! this isn't UFC!!!!! When Lesnar Lost to Mir, he still had momentum!!! WWE and UFC is completely Different!!!!! i mean WTF? WWE pay Lesnar loads of Money to Job to Goofy Cena???
Are you smoking cra*k WWE????:eek:

If Lesnar Loses, I will go on a Rampage (Something that Brock Lesnar needs to do!!) and F-5 and Kimura Lock ANYONE I SEE!!!!

The PG Era Annoying Fans need to be F-5'd and Kimura Locked!!!! Never in my whole Life have I been this pissed off:frustrate

I don't care anyomore!!! for once I started to get interested in WWE and they make Lesnar into a Jobber and a Joke, they will SCREW everything up if he Loses!!! it was BAD enough he lost to GOOFY cena and now HHH too? :confused:

I can't stand that and I'm not watching WWE EVER again if Lesnar Loses!!!! F*** you WWE and HHH :cuss: and Brock Lesnar "Ran away from Triple H"? WTF? Lesnar makes people Run away from HIM!!!!!

Brock Lesnar needs to use BOTH WWE Wrestling and UFC MMA Moves and be the man send HHH in the Hospital with HBK!!!

Brock Lesnar DESERVES RESPECT!!!!!!!!!! Hes The Ultimate Wrestler!!!! He has Almost ALL Attributes:
-Strength (Like the Big SHow)
-Speed (Like a Crusierweight)
-Endurance This Monster never gets Injured
-Stamina (Remember Iron Man Match)
-Technique (Like Kurt ANgle)
-Athleticism Shooting Star Press, Jumping of Forklift
-Charisma (Like The Rock)
-Ruthless Aggression (Like Undertaker, Austin)
-All types of Badass WWE Wrestling Moves!!!!!!
-Lethal UFC MMA Moves!!!!!

I admit Mic Skills are not too great BUT Lesnar is a SILENT KILLER, He Doesnt Talk, he just ATTACKS YOU!!!!! (Paul Heyman is a Good Manager & MouthPiece!!!)

He is the Next Big Thing!!!!! Baddest man on the planet!!!! The War Machine!!! The Animal!!! The Monster!!!!! The Beast!!! The Legitimacy!!!! The Anomaly!!!! The Perfect Storm!!!! The Monster!!!!! Brock Lesnar!!!!!!!


PEACE OUT!!!!! And I apologize If I offended anyone!!!

Even my Girlfriend and Sister LOVE Brock Lesnar and they don't really watch Wrestling!!!! :confused:I don't know what Vince's Problem is with Lesnar?????


btw im not a Cena Hater or Fan, I just hate the fact that Lesnar lost to him!!!!!!!! He just pisses me off now!!!!

Smackdown (2003-2004) >>>> Raw (2003-2004)

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