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It's been well documented that in 1988 Independant Television (ITV) cancelled British professional Wrestling, removing from the airwaves an institution that had been part of British popular culture for over three decades. The knock on effect of this cancellation was felt throughout the industry, with the Mountevans' style that had been a staple of the British game for years falling by the wayside, in favour of the All-in American style of the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE) that was launched on Sky in 1989.

The Mountevans' style set British Wrestling apart from the other styles of wrestling in other parts of the world. Mexico had Lucha Libré, Japan had the Strong style, America had it's All-In and Britain had Mountevans'. As well as bringing enjoyment to millions every week in halls and on television, Britain's unique style attracted wrestlers from all over the globe to come and learn the job. World renowned wrestlers graced the British wrestling rings, from Fuji Yamada (Jushin 'Thunder' Liger) to the Hart Brothers. Now Mexico still has Lucha Libré, Japan still has the Strong style, America still has the All-In, but Britain...

In recent years multiple attempts have been made to reinvigorate mass interest in domestic Wrestling in the UK, as well as attempts being made to reintroduce the Mountevans' era (or World of Sport) style, capitalising on the resurgence in awareness through the appearance of classic matches on Youtube. The forms these attempts have taken have differed, with some showcasing new British talent in the All-In American style, some using legendary retired wrestlers in the old style, and others on-occasion breaking out the old rules for stipulation matches between modern stars. These methods have been successful to a point. We, however, want to go further. We want to give British Wrestling it's identity back.

Beginning on May 26th, Infinite Promotions, along with it's associates, will be hosting matches for the British Wrestling Premier League. All matches will be fought under a variation of Mountevan's rules. They will be contested over five four-minute rounds, with two pinfalls, two submissions or one knockout deciding the winner. Public warnings prior to disqualifications will also be in effect. The results of these matches will earn the combatants points for their respective teams (the teams and the wrestlers who make them up will be expanded on in a later post). Representatives from the two teams with the most points after the alotted matches will then face off in a longer match (six five-minute rounds). The winner of this final will see their team declared the winners of the inaugral season of the British Wrestling Premier League.

For this inaugral season, eight teams have been assembled. The first three announced in the video above are:

London - Zack Sabre Jnr., James Mason (Captain), Marty Scurll - Manager: Melanie Price

Leeds - Martin Kirby (Captain), Robbie Bell, Kris Travis - Manager: Des Robinson

Wigan - Jack Gallagher (Captain), Danny Hope, Joey Hayes - Manager: Ciarán McConnell​
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