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Bret Hart Quits On Raw Jan 97 great work shoot

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This was a work shoot from Raw during 1997. I really thought this was a great piece of worked but the stuff Bret said he really felt at the time. I mean look at Vince Mcmahons face he has no idea what Bret is going to say next.

I thought this was one of the best interviews done on Raw in a long time. I am sure many new fans have never saw this and only saw Bret when he returned recently and a few times before.

This video also shows just how good Bret Hart is on the mic.
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Ah the good old days. I think the great thing about Bret was that he was very believable, in the ring and on the mic. I always believed he genuinely had beef with whomever he was feuding with at the time. I know he wasn't golden on the mic, but he certainly wasn't as awful as some people make out.

I love the rant he gave after he was screwed (again!) after a cage match just before WM13, I think it was. Man, did he let VM have it!! Rep who ever finds me the vid of that.
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I disagree show the proof .
Im posotive Bret said that in his fucking book :rolleyes:
Show the proof get a photo of the page upload it here

Well, i have lent the book out so no go there but im confident im right so that is enough for me...
When u get the book back post the proof or tell the page it was said on and I will look it up 2moro at my local library
You can DL the book here if you want it, great read btw:


Then just search for mic or something, i cba to scan the book tbh...
I have his DVD he only said early in his career he was worried about mic work not later in his career
The point of this little bloody pointless conflab is Bret getting better at his mic skills throughout his career , which what you originally questioned he said :rolleyes:
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