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I thought it would be interesting to see how this would work here, but like the rest of you I am a wrestling fan and while I really enjoy quite a few current wrestlers the attitude era was my favorite.

Thanks to some hard work from guys over at Frank and Son Collectible show, they have had quite a few past and present wrestlers and divas come in live and do meet and greets with the fans including autographs (which aren't free but aren't super expensive either).

A few weeks ago they had HBK and Kevin Nash along with Nicole and Bri, formerly known as the Bella twins and more along with Jimmy Hart and other past guests included Winter, Angelina Love, Maryse and the list can go on.

This Saturday (6/2/2012) Bret Hart, Shane Douglas, and HackSaw Jim Duggan will be in person to do a meet and greet as well as autographs with the fans, and we thought we might do something else for the fans.

For the first time ever we will also hold a live stream with all 3 wrestlers at different time through the day, possible starting at 10am when Bret arrives since tickets are almost sold out for him.

The times aren't completely final yet, but we plan on starting at 10am when Frank and Son opens going on til 4pm and will be posting times as we get them, we do this so fans can ask questions on stream or via twitter and give live answers.

If you are interested in seeing them in person and live in southern California you can head over to Frank and Son Collectible show at:

19649 San Jose Ave.
City of Industry, CA 91748

and if you can't make it you can watch it live at justin.tv/nukethefridge starting at 10am, make an account and post your questions on the chat, but be warned sometimes it may be missed due to high volume of posting, so you can also head over to twitter.com and follow @nukethefridge to post your questions.

Hopefully this will have plenty of people interested and participating on stream so we can invite more wrestlers and guests on in the future.
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