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Bret Hart Banner/Avatar Request

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Ok im looking for a awesome looking Bret Hart banner and matching avatar. Heres what im hoping it would look like if someone made it...


-Have a picture of Bret Hart with his trademark glasses and jacket in the middle of the banner. And if possible, have him with his glasses, jacket, and WWE title.

-On the right side, have a picture of him giving a opponent a sharpshooter. Have it look kind of faded out like on the banner I have at the moment.

-On the left side, have any picture of him either wrestling or making his entrance. Also have this look kind of faded out.

-On the bottom of the banner, have it say "BRET HART" in dark pinkish purplish color.

-And have the main background color either dark pink, purple, or black.


-Make the avatar just a picture of Bret Harts face on the banner.

If this is done correctly, rep will be added. Thanks in advance:)
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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