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Breaking News: Ric Flair Injured

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Ric Flair learned today that he suffered a torn rotator cuff in his match with Doug Williams on Saturday night.

No other details are known right now.

More shortly but this is likely the reason he was not booked for iMPACT!.

source: ewrestlingnews.com
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Shit man, no Steiner/Flair confrontation.:(

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I was in attendance at the show where Flair was allegedly injured. He did not take any serious bumps and the match itself was slow and methodical chain wrestling; it certainly didn't appear as though he was injured therein. As some of you have suggested, this may well be just a way to save face, but given that Flair was said to have sorted out his on-tour difficulties with the company, I can't hazard a guess to what might be the problem now.
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