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Who would win in a Brawl For All Tournament with current WWE Superstars?

Here are the rules-

- No one over 300 lbs. is eligible. (my idea for this)
- Brock Lesnar is ineligible, just like Shamrock was.
- Match consists of 3 one minute rounds
- A cleantake down gets you 5 points
- Whoever lands the most punches in a round gets 5 points
- A knockdown is worth 10 points
- If you're knocked down you have an 8 count to get up, or you lose.
- Referee can stop the fight if he feels it's dangerous for you to continue.

Here are 8 current superstars that I know have a background in combat sports (martial arts, amteur wrestling, etc.) and randomly paired them.

Wade Barrett
Cody Rhodes

Santino Marrela
Dolph Ziggler

Jack Swagger
Daniel Bryan

CM Punk
Alberto Del Rio

How do you think the whole tournament would play out? How would each match end (TKO, KO, Points, or a Draw)

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Re: Brawl For AllTournament With Current Roster

Swagger would win by taking down everybody. Kind of like how Steve Blackman won his first match. If Blackman wasn't injured he would have swept through the tournament easy because of that ability. I think Swagger would probably do the same thing. Boxers/Fighters are really at a disadvantage. It's all about the takedowns.
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