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Brands Warfare 2013

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Jan 31, 2013 King of The Ring (RAW) (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Feb 28, 2013 TNAROHRoulette (TNAROH) (Dover, Delaware)
Mar 31, 2013 Flashback (Smackdown) (Reading, Pennsylvania)
Apr 30, 2013 When Worlds Collide (Cross-Brand) (Manhattan, NY)
May 31, 2013 Extreme Rules (RAW) (Quebec, Canada)
Jun 30, 2013 Showcase 2013 (TNAROH) (Overseas) (Sponsored by US Marines)
Jul 31, 2013 SummerSlam (Smackdown) (Overseas) (Sponsored by US Marines)
Aug 31, 2013 Royal Rumble (Cross Brand) (United Kingdom)
Sep 30, 2013 Hell In A Cell (RAW) (Germany)
Oct 31, 2013 Victory Road (TNAROH) (Greenland)
Nov 30, 2013 Layeth A Smackdown (Smackdown) (Newfoundland)
Dec 31, 2013 Brand Warfare I (Cross Brand) (Providence, Rhode Island)

King Of The King features the King of the Ring Tournament
TNAROHRoulette features a spinning wheel to decide the match /or match stipulations
Flashback features a legend match either battle royal or 6 vs. 6
When Worlds Collide is the Grand Daddy of Them All
Extreme Rules is all extreme rules matches, including the divas
Showcase is a small tournament where rookies fight for a contract mixed with regular matches
SummerSlam is the 2nd best PPV featuring mostly celebrity appearances
Royal Rumble features the Royal Rumble
Hell In A Cell features all Hell In A Cell Matches
Victory Road is where all matches van collide
Layeth a Smackdown is where two matches of 5 vs 5 are led by two Smackdown legends
Brand Warfare I is where the legendary 8 vs 8 vs 8 elimination for brand supremacy

News, Titles and Shows will be posted soon.
1-3-13. The time of desperate measures is now. WWE, TNA, ROH, all mix together to save money or all of professional wrestling will be D-E-A-D. Now this may be unreal, but, the profit wasn't sufficient for either promotion. They decided to combine the promotion and have a new schedule change, ppvs and rosters. There are 3 shows Smackdown, Raw and Impact. As of 1-3-13 FCW combined with WWE and each roster will have individual specific sizes. WWE has about 40. TNA/ROH has about 30. There's three shows, RAW, Smackdown and TNAROH.

Theres going to be a huge roster pick that takes 4 hours. IT will be hosted by Smackdown. For now there is no rosters but the PPV's and other stats have been released below.
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Its interesting. One down two to go, eh?
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