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Who else thinks that WWE might end up having a new stage next year for Raw and SD.

The HD stage looks cool and the minitrons are great too, but I think WWE should alter the stage abit so that the minitron stuff is still here, but the stage for Raw and stage for SD looks diff.

The stages used to be diff for several years but once ECW came back, WWE slowly just changed the stages so all 3 shows had the same one so it'd be easier to set up and stuff because there were 3 shows.

With Tough Enough coming back next year, it seems like WWE will only have Raw and SD again(and superstars, but nobody really cares bout how the stage looks seeing how they did have old school superstars type look last week)

Like I said though, keep the minitrons and stuff, but just change the stage abit so Raw and SD stages look diff and it brings back the different show type of feel instead of just the same stage set but one says raw and is red and the other says smackdown and is blue
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