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I have been making my own Raw's, Smackdown's, Heat's and P.P.V's since 1999. My WWE has been throw a lot of changes over the years. We Had the Ivastion, nWo invation, Shanes and Steph's take over. and many more major storeylines i hade made. i have all so have had many titles as well. i will list my curent champs at the bottem it will all so include, the titles that we did have that i decided would be best to retier.

WWE Champion: Kevin Nash
World Champion: Kevin Nash
ECW Champion: Huko (2001-2002)
TV Title: Edge
LHW: Jerry Lhynn
Women's: Torrie Wilson
WWE Tag Champion's: Harlem Heat
IC: Scotty 2 Hotty
Hardcore: Kane
European: William Regal
US: Curt Hening (2001-2003)
Women's Tag Champion's: Torrie Wilson & Stacy Keibler

Asu can tell i did not go with the draft thing so mu titles are on all show's. My WrestilMaina is looking big this year as one of my major storey lines will be ending in a shock to a lot of people that follow my shows thanx to e-mail updates. I will post my WrestilMania in a e-mail to u if u wish to follow my show e-mail me at. [email protected] and every show u will get a show report with the results backstage stuff and 1 or 2 diva pic's.

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wtf is your problem West Coast Pop 619 heres to hoping you were joking

Right this looks interesting but what you should do is break away from e-mailing and just post here right.

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Pretty much what Faru said......... Post it here instead of emailing.

Also don't forget to use Bolds and Italics for the shows, it makes it a whole lot easier to read, believe me.

Also, check your spelling before you make your post, makes it a whole lot better presented.

Hope you stay for a while.

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Brad's WWE(WWF) 1999-2005 1st Raw posted on W-E Fourms

I hope u enjoy and if ur confused about the story lines just ask and i will explain for ya.
The fire works are going off all over the entrance stage.

J.R: Lady's and Gentlemen. Welcome to Raw.

King: It's gonna be big tonight J.R. We are gonna see a Preview of Wrestilmania right here.

J.R: Thats right King. Tonight we will see Big Show and John Cena vs Kevin Nash and Scott Hall in a tag match.

Stone Cold's Music begins Playing out of the speakers.
J.R: It's the Commissioner making his way to the ring.
King: I wonder if he is going to Fire any one Elise tonight.

Stone Cold Poses and taunts the fans as the fans boo him.

Stone Cold: Shut up the lot of yours. I have come out here tonight to talk about what happened on SmackDown. Last week I decided that I would fire any one that got involved in the World Title match. So what happens
Chris Jerico, Chris Benoit & Kurt Angle decided that they would attack Rikishi on his way to the ring.

Fans: BOO, BOO, BOO, BOO. U Suck, WHAT, U Suck

Stone Cold: Shut up the lot of you. I did what I sead I would do and Thats final. I all so came out here to say that tonight’s Tag match Involving Nash and Show will have a stipulation to it.

Fans: ...................

Stone Cold: If Big Show and John Cena win the match i will promise him a title Rematch right here on Raw after WrestilMaina. If Kevin Nash wins I will promise him a title rematch after Wrestilmaina on SmackDown.

Fans: Cheering.

Stone Cold: Thats all

Stone Cold makes his way backstage.

1st match. Farooq vs The Godfather

Match Summery: Farooqq wins thanx to the Dominator and the Godfather is taken out in a Wheel Chair.

Add brake.

We return to see the Door to JBL's Locker room. IC Champion Scotti 2 Hotty makes his way to the door and knocks.

JBL: Come in, Hey Scottie

Scottie: Hey JBL. I know u have helped me win and retain my IC title thank to my payments.

JBL: Yeh

Scottie: Well at Wrestilmania as u know im am agents your tag partner and Evolution Leader Triple H.

JBL: Oh....Yes you are to...mmmmmm

Scottie: Well I was wondering how much I would need to pay you to help me retain my title or are you not gonna help me.

JBL: Hold on Scottie. Farooqq, Orlando, O'Hair. Can you guyz leave us for a minute.
Farooqq, Orlando, O'Hair leave the room.

JBL: Now Scottie I think that I might not be able to in this match. I mean if I help you then my plan to get Triple H to join my cabinet instead of being in the Evolution will be ruined. Im Sorry but I can’t help.

The camera zooms out of the Room to see Triple H standing out side the door.

Match 2. Trish vs Torrie Wilson

Trish makes her way to the ring. Waving to the fans and giving high 5's to the front row fans.

Torrie Wilson music begins to play as the fans begin to boo her.
"On her way to the Ring, The Women's Champion and one half of the Women's Tag team Champion's." "Torrie Wilson"
They boo her as she shacks her ass all the way down to the end of the enterace ramp. Then from the back Stacy Keibler makes her way down the Ramp and Removes the night gown from Torrie's back to Show her Titles belts strapped around her waist. Trish starts making signs to tell Torri to bring it. Stacy then removes the Title belts of Torrie waist. Then Torrie walks up the steel Stairs and then gets pulle over the Ropes by Trish.

Ding, Ding.
The bell sounds as Trish begins to beat Torrie in the gut. 4-7 kicks in a row then torie eye rake's Trish. Torrie poses and Stacy claps to approve the move. Torrie then pulls Trish up and slaps her and kicks her. She hit's DDT. Cover, 1, 2, Kick out. Torrie begins to ague with the ref. Trish gets up and uses a roll up pin. 1, 2, Kick out. Slaps and kicks continue for a while then Trish finally Super Slaps Torrie. Torrie is out cold on the mat. Stacy gets in the ring to try and hit Trish but Trish slides in-between her legs and pull's her by her hair and hits a backward x-factor on Stacy. She Then pins Torrie 1....2...3
The fans got nuts and Trish celebrates her win. She takes her top of to show the male fans her Red Bra and gives her shirt to a 3-year-old kid in the front row and walks off backstage. Torrie and Stacy are in the ring shocked that Trish beat her. Trish comes back out from the enteric with a mic.

Trish: Torrie I hope you are ready Wrestilmania because I have gone a brought the best bikini I could find just so I can with the belt from you, and end your 5 month rain as the Women’s champ,

The fans cheer loudly

Trish leaves finally. Torrie and Stacy finally start walking back.

Add brake

J.R: Welcome back every one, We are now about to have a Tag match Between Lo’Down and the stable leaders of 2 very powerful stables. JBL the leader of The Cabinet & Triple H the leader of The Evolution

Match 3, Triple H and JBL vs Lo’Down
“Oh you better recognize”
Chaz, D’low Brown and Mark Henry make there way to the ring poses and talking to each other on the way. All 3 pose in the ring and then Henry jumps out.

Triple H makes his way to the Ring with Rick Flair, Batista and Randy Orton. They stop at the Ramp as then JBL and Farooqq and Orlando Jordan make there way to the ring as well. JBL & Triple h get in the ring and pose. They start the match JBL the legal man agents Chaz. Kicks, knees, For arm smashes and punches are exchanged. A Irish wipe from JBL gives him a chance as he gose for a shoulder block and Chaz hits a drop kick. JBL crawls to the other side of the ring as Chaz poses. JBL gets back as the fighintg continues. JBL hit’s a Close Line From Hell on D’lo Brown who is now the legal man. 1….2…..the pin is broken by Triple H. JBL stands up and looks at The Game in shock. Triple H smiles then kick JBL in the guy And Pedigree. Chaz gets in and roll’s D’lo over to cover JBL. 1.2…3!
The Bell sounds as The Evolution come into the ring and start beating JBL up. Ortin and Batista take out Farooqq & Jordan out. Then Flair grabs a chair and hit JBL with it. Every one leaves cocky and posing to the Crowds shock.

The 2 time winner of “Queen of the Ring” Terri Runnels is walking towards Trish’s Locker room.
She knocks on the door.
Trish: Come in

Terri: Hey Trish I have been watching your match’s lately and I know we are in the same Bikini contest at Wrestilmaina for the women’s belt.
Trish and…

Terri: Well if Lita and The Kat loose I was wondering if you want to team up and Challenge Torrie and Stacy for there Tag titles.

Trish: Well I will think about it but I guess I can work if you can not fight with me.

Terri: I think so

The door closes with….as we go to a add brake.

JBL has barged threw the door of Stone Cold office.

Stone Cold: What do you want

JBL: I wont a chance at revenge

Stone Cold: ok well since I her that you want just helping Scottie 2 Hotty because of friendship I have decided that im gonna throw in to the match and make it a Triple Threat IC Title match at Wrestilmania.

Fans: Cheer

The camera switches to The Evolution locker room. Triple H, Orton and Batista in shock while Ric Flair is dance around and Wooing.

Add Brake

J.R: Well every Body its time for the Main Event

“Well it’s the Big Show”
The Big show makes his way to the Ring with John Cena. They pose and taunt the fans and crowd
The fans cheer him

J.R: Well king I don’t think we will have enough time for a full match.

King: Well we have been wating for the Outsiders for a while now to come out.

Stone Colds theame comes on.
Stone Cold: Big Show I am afraid that this match has been canceled
Big Show: Why????
Stone Cold: Because Kevin Nash and Scott Hall have been found knocked out in there dressing room. Which is not bad news for you Big Show because I am giving you a Title rematch on Raw after Wrestilmaian because I think that Nash and Hall are faking it.

The fans begin to boo

From the back of the ring comes X-Pac with a metal pole and knocks Cena and Big Show out.

J.R: O MY GOD!!!!!!. X-Pac has returned and has made a impact the minute he gets here

Stone Cold: WHAT the hell did you think your doing

X-Pac: Im healping a friend

Stone Cold: Ok if your gonna help friends then how about you help them on SmackDown when your gonna have a handy cap match agents Big Show and Cenaa.btbhrn


Kevin Nash and Scott Hall attack Stone Cold from behind and throw him in to the Raw Titerntron.

Nash: Take this

J.R: BY GOD NO!!!!

Kevin Nash Jackknife’s Stone Cold of the Raw stage threw a Table with Speakers on it.

Nash: Take that Stone Cold. This olney hapend because u pissed me The Champ off.
And im…….

Nash, Hall, X-Pac: JUST TO SWEET.

Nash, Hall, nd X-Pac leave the stage and Raw ends with a shock.
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