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Booking WWF 2001- Weden Style!

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:rolleyes: Knarly subject lines SO rule. :rolleyes:

No backstory or anything needed here, just pure booking of the WWF after Wrestlemania X7 ....In 2001!

RAW up soon :)
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Yup, i guess they hit their peak at WM X-7...anyway, i've got a show to write :)


A spectacular pyro opening greets us as J.R and King scream at us through their ever-useful headsets.

J.R:Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to RAW!

King:What a night it was last night!

J.R:What a night indeed! Bodies were battered, legends were made, and dreams were ended! One hell of a night!

King:And what a hell of a night tonight will be, when we have The Rock vs. Triple H vs. Chris Jericho in a number 1 contendership match!

J.R:Could Jericho have the chance to become a double champion? Find out tonight, on RAW!

Singles Match
Raven vs. William Regal

A complete styles clash as Raven and William Regal went at it, with Regal going for technical holds and Raven going for an all out brawl. After a few awkward minutes, with Regal focusing on the arms and legs, Raven managed to pull out an Evenflow DDT when Regal went for a diving clothesline.

Winner: Raven

J.R:A well-earned victory by Raven after his Wrestlemania defeat!

King: Well-earned? Hah! Regal should've won that... and Raven besmirched him!

J.R: Well, if that's what you think...


Castrol GTX

Nintendo 64



We come back to see Rock standing tall backstage with Michael Cole.

Cole: Rock, i was seeing if i could get your thoughts on Last night, and how Stone Cold...

Rock:Shut up you little piece of monkey crap, and let The Rock speak!

Cole:Go ahea...

Rock:I said shut up! The Rock thinks that the two jabronis that are going to be sitting there shivering, waiting for the Great One to come down and kick their puny little anuses as the people chant "Rocky, Rocky, Rocky!" as I lay the smackdown!

The Rock then struts off pissed as the crowd do indeed chant "Rocky, Rocky, Rocky!"

King: Strong words by The Rock there!


We cut to a video package, displaying how Austin and Vince helped each other and how Austin beat Rock for the title.

J.R: What a vile display, a sickening show of hatred!

King: Oh don't get all up-tight about it! It's time for the next match!

J.R(Sadder than usual):For the tag team titles...

Tag Team Titles
Edge & Christian vs. The Hardy Boys

Christian and Jeff start off with a brief staredown, before Christian dives forward and they trade arm drags, before both kip-up at the same time to a brief ovation.

J.R: Both competitors evenly matched here!

King: That's more than you can say about you and me! Hah!

Christian takes over on Jeff as he and Edge make quick deliberate tags and wear Jeff down to no-end. They whip him into a seperate corner, when all of a sudden, two hands rip through the canvas and drag Jeff down, as Matt runs in to save him, he is dragged down as well by the same pair of hands!

J.R: What the hell!?

Edge and Christian then roll to the outside and crawl under the ring of their own accord, as the ref, puzzled, calls for a draw.

Winner: No-one (Edge and Christian still champions)

J.R: I-I'm lost for words!

King: Something fishy is going on...Oh well, it's time for our main event!

J.R: The Rock vs. Chris Jericho vs. Triple H, for the number one contendership of the WWF title!

We cut to another video package, showing each man's finishing manouver one after the other, before we cut to the words:

"The Time Has Come..."

J.R(Puzzled): What was that all about? Oh well, let's get on with the match!

Triple Threat No. 1 Contendership Match
Triple H vs. The Rock vs. Chris Jericho

The match started off with a three-way staredown before Rock and Jericho lock-up as HHH watches on, grinning. They see this, and let go of each other and go straight after Triple H, who tries but fails to stop the double-team. They finally stopped the endless onslaught when Jericho "accidentally" "missed" a punch and hit The Rock square in the jaw. They get up in each other's faces before HHH gives them both a low blow and goes for a cover on Rock... for two. Jericho then jumps up as Triple H rolls off of Rock, then gives HHH a lionsault... for two again! Jericho gets up frustrated and nearly pulls his hair out, before Rock rolls him up.. 1!...2!...Jericho rolls through...1!...2!..3!!!!

J.R: Jericho vs. Austin at Backlash! What a match that'll be!

King: Finally, something i agree with!

Austin comes out on the ramp as Jericho and him lock eyes, as Austin starts grinning as the show goes off of the air....


And do you prefer long or short match results?

Anything else?

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It was good. Hope you follow up in some way on The Rock being screwed at WM X7 with revenge on McMahon or Austin. Matches were good, but there should be more of them. Also its nice to see Jericho getting pushed and its interesting with what happened in the tag matches. Good job.

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Here ya go!


The pyros greet us as we hear Tazz and Cole greet us to Smackdown!, nearly impossible to hear due to the defeaning pyros.

Cole:Hello and welcome to another edition of Smackdown!

Tazz:What a rocket-buster of a night we've got here!

Cole:What the hell does rocket-buster mean!?


Singles Match
Perry Saturn vs. Test

With Test wanting revenge on Perry after his Wrestlemania defeat thanks to him, this wasn't very pretty. Test unleashed practically everything he had, hitting 5 big boots in a row! Just when he finally decides to show mercy and go for the cover, someone drags him out of the ring... and it's Sean O' Haire! The referee see's and can do nothing but call for the DQ, giving test the win, but when Sean drags Perry out as well and beats on them both, he declares it a draw. Sean continues the beating on both of them, until the Radicalz come out for the save... but are taken out by Mark Jindrak, Chuck Palumbo, Mike Sanders and Shawn Stasiak!

Winner: Draw due to interference of Sean O' Haire.

J.R:What the hell is going on here!

All of a sudden, Shane McMahon comes out for the suspected save... But shakes hands with the group, who are known as The Natural Born Thrillers!

King: I don't believe it!

J.R: Neither do I!

We cut to a commercial break, and when we return we are set-up for a rematch of the drawn tag match last week.

J.R: Let's hope this one ends properly!

Tag Team Titles
Edge & Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz

The match starts off as it did before with the cruiserweight display, until the lights go out, and a circle of fire lights up the middle of the stage...and the Sandman look-a-like Gangrel comes up!

The in-ring action suddenly stops as all four suddenly drop the their knees... and bow down to Gangrel!

J.R: What the hell!?

Gangrel makes a few arm movements, before Jeff pins Edge without any resisting for the three and the titles!

Winners: Hardy Boyz

The 5-some then leave together, with the two tag teams almost mystefied by Gangrel's presence.

King: It's like me in a women's bathroom!

J.R: With you as the teams?

King: Very funny!

J.R: Why thank you!

We cut to The Rock backstage again, who is about to cut an interview before Vince walks up to him to MAJOR boo's.

Vince: You know what Rock? You're entitled to a rematch...and a rematch you'll get! It's you going to be you vs. Austin... in a series! A different match every week, until at Backlash, we'll have the finals if needed!

Suddenly, Chris Jericho walks up to them both.

Jericho: Hey! What about MY title shot!? What about Jericho!?

A quick mixed reaction after the copied catchphrase...

Vince: You heard that i said the finals would be at Backlash if needed? Well you'll face the champion at that time!

Jericho is still puzzled.

Jericho: But what if there ARE finals!?

Vince grins.

Vince: I'll tell you if i need too...

Chris Jericho stares at him confused, as does the Rock, as he walks off...

European Title Singles Match
Eddie Gurrerro vs. Raven

Another styles clash, however both men tried cheating many times in the match, nearly trying to out-cheat each other. Half-way through the match however, a huge rip ran right down the ring, however the referee didn't notice until he administered the three-count, making Raven the new European champion!

J.R: We've got a new European champion, but what the hell has happened to the ring!?

King:I'm as clueless as you J.R! It's like a ring-destruction crew is following us around... under the ring!

We cut to more commercials, and come back to see both Rock and Austin standing by the ring confused, which still has a huge rip running through it!

The show then cuts out early, as the crowd and people at home are sitting puzzled, wondering what the hell has happened to the ring and more importantly the company!



Wondering about the ending?

Anything else?

Post your thoughts!

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Not sure what to think about that finish. Could need to be explained better. Also, Cole and Tazz started the show, but King and J.R took over after the introduction. Was the natural born thriller thing the start of the invasion. I liked The gangrel thing as well. Best had to be The Rock getting his rematch, but where is Taker, Kane, Big Show and the Dudleyz. The shows need to be longer!! Its still got a lot of promise and I think you will improve.

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I like it, but you should have updated superstars

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All the hype for this... ;) RAW up tommorow....



Bull Buchannan def. Bubba Ray Dudley by interference for the RTC.

D-Von def. Steven Richards after Bubba interfered. RTC ran down afterwards, but were beaten down after Spike ran in.

Mike Sanders def. Rhyno by using the tights on a rollup.

Raven def. William Regal to retain European Title after an Evenflow DDT.

Heh... short i know. All HeATs are going to be like this though. RAW up tommorow :D

Any more comments about RAW or Smackdown!?
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