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I was bored and thought this up, I'm wondering what people think of it.

- Angle comes out at the end segment of Raw or maybe the opener with a big old briefcase/bag or whatever looks good
- He cuts a promo about how things need shaking up, too many men not enough titles blah blah and takes the old hardcore belt out of the case and places it over his shoulder.
- He explains the rules
1. You can be pinned anywhere, anytime as usual. Anything goes. Normal hardcore match rules (obviously toned down for PG)
2. ANYONE can make the 3 count, no ref needed. This eliminates how silly it looks having a ref in a guys bedroom for instance. It will also make for interesting situations and you could even get some storylines out of it.
3. The Hardcore champion must agree to have a cameraman literally film his every move and live with him. Announcers would remind the viewers of this as much as they can. It's a caveat of being hardcore champion, its part of his contract. This eliminates how stupid it looks when a cameraman is in someone's kitchen for instance. (obviously kayfabe )

- Angle asks a referee to come out and tells him to walk to up to the top of some of the stairs in the crowd, quite high but a clear run from the barricade to the ref.
-Angle places the belt in the middle of the ring and says any superstar that wants to be hardcore champion has the opportunity all they have to do is come out and take the belt to the ref at the top of the stairs.

- ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE (obviously) !!! Book the 'match' however they want with as many superstars as the bookers think is necessary.
- The belt travels around a bit during the 'match' but never makes it to the stairs.
-The superstars after some crazy spot fest are all playing dead in the ring, belt is lieing in the middle of the ring again (hopefully crowd are popping)
-The Miz comes out (I say the Miz because he is the only person guaranteed to get booed in this situation) runs down the ramp, slides in the ring, grabs the belt and jumps the barricade beelining for the ref ( crowd should be booing this intensely)
-AMBROSE who hasn't been in the match is in a simple disguise sitting a few metres down from the ref jumps up and dirty deeds Miz on the steps, turns round and walks to the ref, hand raised as Hardcore champion.

Why did I choose Ambrose? Because I think that a decent storyline of him defending the Hardcore championship and having to do more and more crazy shit could be what is necessary to finally make Ambrose into the lunatic he is apparently supposed to be. It would also be fun!

Just my little idea. I know it's unrealistic that wwe will bring back the Hardcore belt due to PG but they can get around that. I don't want to see the Hardcore belt return to see ecw style hardcore matches but because I think the 'anything can happen, anywhere' nature of the belt takes wrestling out of the arena and adds some unpredictability to the show, even if it is only a few small segments.
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