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this is where the partpicapates can post their shows. for rules go to the thread "new and improved booking game". You can also make comments on the shows here. each player has there own show and superstars so enjoy.

Raw- johncenaforgovenor

SD!- puckman

Nitro- Jenno

Thunder- faru

Here is jenno's roster and show

GM: Al Snow


Undertaker- Nitro Champion
A-Train- International Champion
Conway and Sylvian- tag Champs
Rene Dupree- Great British Champ

Male Superstars
Paul London
Garrison Cade
Hulk Hogan
A.J Styles

My first show is ready.


The show starts off with GM Al Snow in the ring.

Snow: I am GM. I thought I'd be commentator but I am General Manager. I'll introduce you to our announce team First coach.

Coach waves.

Snow: And Shane.

Crowd cheers. Shane gives Snow the finger.

Snow: Why are you so pissed off. Shane.

shane gets in the rign and confronts Snow.

Shane: I should be GM.
Snow: well I am GM and if you don't shut up I will fire your ass.
Shane: okay then I'll sit at that desk there but just to let you know I will come GM one day.

Shane: Rolls out the ring and sits in his chair.

Snow: Now I have four major matches lined up for you tonight. Firstly Rene Dupree will defend his great British titkle against Ultiomo Dragon. Then it will be the tag champs La Resistance defending agaisnt the team of Paul London and Billy Kidman. A-Train will defend his belt against Rhyno. The Undertaker will defendt the Nitro Championship against Kane. We will also have Goldberg Vs John Cena. Now could the three divas please come down to the ring.

All the diva Hiroko, Terri and Jacqueline come down to the ring.

Snow: Now sien you can't compete for a belt I see know need in keeping you here. That is why I am looking to trade you all away. I am doing this for the good of the show and you. This will be your last show so we are going to hold a leaving meal. Now go back and get your stuff packed.



Goldberg vs John cena

Finish: Cena has beeing laid out in the corner. Goldberg is eyeing him up for the spear. cena gets up. Goldberg charges. Cena moves out the way and Goldberg crashes into the ring post. Cena gets him out and gives him an F-U. Cena then pins 1...2... Goldberg kicks out. Cena lifts him up and gives him a piledriver. Cena pins 1...2... Goldberg kicks out. cena lifts Goldberg up and whips him into the top left corner. He then does the Goldberg taunt thing and then runs at Goldberg and deals him a spear of his own he then rolls him up and uses the ring ropes for leverage. 1....2..3

Winner by pinfall- John Cena

Aftermath: Cena celebrates in the rign nad then walks up the ramp smiling.



Undertaker is seen standing in a dark room.

Taker: Kane..., I will destroy youoo..... you will be nothing.... tonight is the night you die.


Coach: Well that was less than pleasing. But now lets get ready for the first title match.

Great British Championship
Rene Dupree vs Ultimo Dragon

Finish: Ultimo goes for a missile dropkick but Dupree catches and flings him into the now open turnbuckle. Dupree takes him out of it and deals him the French Connection. He pins. 1...2 .. Ultiom kicks out. Ultimo deals him a snap suplex and a hurricaranna. Ultimo then climbs up to the top rope and leaps at Dupree. Dupree gives him a side slam and then pins 1....2.....3

Winner by pinfall- Rene Dupree

Aftermath: Dupree gets the french flag and sticks a Union jack in the top left hand corner. Crowd heavily boo.



Tag Team Championship

Finish: Conway is laid out on the outside. Grenier is laid out in the ring he is th legal man. Kidman is on the top rope. He goes for the shoting star press and it connects. London the legal man goes up and goes for a shooting star press. Conway pushes down on the ropes and London falls to the turncukles groin first. Greneir has now crawled over and tagged in Conway. Conway brings London down from the turnbuckle and suplexs him. He pins 1....2.. Kidman breaks it. he locks in a sleeper hold. London elbos back and then whips him to the ropes. Conway comes abck and receives a DDT. London crawls to kidman and tags. Kidman jsut pins straight away. Conway is pulled down by London. ref counts 1....2....3

Winners and new tag champs-Kidman and London

After-Kidman and London celebrate as La Resistance walk back up the ramp shocked.



A-Train has his own locker room. Big Show is with him.

A-Train: Now its time to kick Rhyno's ass.
show: You'll do great.
A-Train: Thanks man.
Show: Sure. Now since we're gonna be a team we need a manager. We'll alos need another guy. Then we'll be unstopable. we need a manager whos done it all. A guys whoc ould lift me. i guy like. Wait a minute. I've got an idea of who it should be.
A-Train: who?
Show: You just go out there and beat rhyno. I'll get the manager and the other guy.

comemrcial-Don't try this at home.

International Championship
A-Train Vs Rhyno.

Finish: A-Train goes for a backdrop but rhyno reverses and deals A-Train a russian leg sweet. rhyno is now in conrtol. He punches A-Train and then kicks him itnot he turnbuckle. he steps abck and gores him. Suddenly Big Show, Jonny Stamboli and Hulk hogan rush out the beat on rhyno and the ref ends it in a no contest.

No Contest

Aftermath: They continue to beat on rhyno until officials can break them apart. Medics take Rhyno away and all three men join hands and raise them.


Al Snow is in a big fancy hall. all the superstars except from Rhyno,Big Show, A-Train, Jonny Stamboli, Undertaker and Kane are there. The divas are near the top of the table with Snow.

Snow stands up.

Snow: Well I think I ought to say a few words now.


Shane: Hi in the arena now wwe only have me, Taker, Kane and me. The fans have left to see the divas goign away banquet. If I was GM i wouldv'e got more divas. Broke the rules went over the limit and have about 40 superstars. but no Snow ahd to be GM. Well I am dedicated to this and I will watch the match.

Nitro Championship
Undertaker vs Kane

Finish: Kane has just chokeslammed Taker. Taker sits up. Kane gets scared and is subjected to a Tombstone piledriver. taker pins 1....2....3

Winner by pinfall- Undertaker

aftermath: taker lifts Kane up byn hte neck and chokes him. he keeps on chking him. He drops him. Medics rush out. They check his pulse.

Medic: kane is dead.


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Ya like they said that sucked and check out Being The Booker its the longest running show there next to Grendrills Nitro I think and its awesome WWE Rise of Glory would work well too oh does anybody remember the last booking game the member legend killer had pathetic roster and his main eventer was sylvan grenier my roster lacks star power like Smackdown! but I ll be pushing the right people and hope I win this competition.

P.S.-Chainsaw WWE-The Thrill is good.

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i have plans for Kane. remember him and taker have a link.

Don't read on sopiler

kane's got a bit of dead in him after all hs father is Paul Bearer. Just hoping I last long enough. this now means Kane is off my roster so i can hire someone else until I bring him back if I do.

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Whats the deadline for the shows I ll have mine up soon and AtOmic I just thought I d say your rise of glory kicks ass and I am wondering if you know why Scott isn't coming on MSN.

P.S. Chainsaw i ll put you on the respect list if you tell me how to use bold and italics.

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on the top of the reply box there are icons. b=bold i=italics u=underline. just highlite the words u want in bold or italics and click on the buttons. for example FARU IS COOL






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the dead line for the shows is next week on sunday

if anyone would like to join this game when people get eliminated pm me and i will put u on the waiting list

Waiting List:
1- Angstrom (sp)

with only one person you could have a chance to join the game soon enough

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Jericho, Angle, Orton, Edge, Hurricane, Rosey, RVD, Jeff,Jindrak , Scotty, Moore, Noble, Nidia, Stacy, Sable, Vince, Heyman, Spyke, Shark Boy, Test,Flair,Long,Mack,Classic,Mark Henry

The titles are: Thunder Championship, tag team, Television Championship, X-Core Title

First Show-Cameron,North Carolina

"No Chance hits" and the crowd give a mixed reaction as the owner of Thunder comes out to the ring.

Vince grabs a microphone and is handed a suitcase by Howard Finkel.

Vince:"Ladies and Gentlemen I would like to welcome you to the first show of The Thunder Era",The crowd cheer.

Vince:"Tonight The Thunder championship will be decided in this very ring Edge will go one one with Chris Jericho",The Crowd cheer again.

Vince smiles and speaks again,

Vince:"That also brings us to the Tag Team Titles which will be decided in a Tri Way match in it we will see the team of Ric Flair(WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! chants go off and Vince smiles)and Randy Orton it will also include Hurricane and Rosey and last but not least Mark Jindrak and Rodney Mack".

Crowd give off a small pop for the match.

Vince:"And then we have The Television Title earlier tonight Test approached me(Boos are heard as Test wasn't a fan favourite)yes and he stated he deserves the title so without further adeau your Tv champion Testttt!".

"One A Kind"plays and the crowd jump to their feet as Rob Van Dam comes out instead of Test.

Vince:"Whats the meaning of this Van Dam"?... "I want an explanation and I want it now".

RVD:"Hey Vince so Test gets the tv belt huh look man WCW Thunder went down the drain cause of biast decisions like that so now uh I guess you want to see it go down again huh dude"?.

Vince:"Well DUDE!(in a mimic voice)I think Test will make a great TV Champ and as if a former drug addict has a better idea what do you say to that?"(huge heat is heard and the crowd start an A-Hole chant all over Vince)

RVD:"Uh Infact I do have an idea a champion that the fans would love and his name would be ROB VAN DAM"(The crowd chant along and cheer as they want RVD as the champion).

Vince:"That maybe but I dont care about the fans(A-Hole chants get louder)and Rob I have another idea tonight we will see the birth of the X-Core championship it is exactly like the hardcore belt but a 100 times more exreme and Rob tonight you will face Chavo Classic and Shannon Moore for the X-Core championship and not to worry about Test he will go toe to toe with Spike Dudley for the TV title good day to all of you"

Vince throws down the microphone and leaves but halfway up the ramp he yells at RVD to turn around Van Dam turns and Test appears and hits him with a big boot Test smiles and leaves as boos are rained down on Vince and Test.

Jamie Nobles them hits to some heat as Noble comes out and rolls into the ring."Turn it Up"plays and the crowd cheer and start dancing as Scotty 2 Hotty comes out he slaps some hands before climbing onto the tpo rope he throws his hat into the crowd and jumps down to face Noble.Vince Mcmahon is seen walking over to the announce table and is joined by Paul Heyman.

Scotty 2 Hotty vs Jamie Noble(See thats what happens when you are foolish and end up with no main eventers)

Scotty and Noble tie up and Noble applies a hammerlock Scotty elbows him in the face and DDT's Noble to the mat.Scotty whips Noble off the ropes and hits a drop toe-hold on him and he crashes into the ropes Scotty goes for a cross body press but Noble catches him and hits a rib breaker Noble lifts Scotty up and hits a backbreaker he quickly goes off the ropes and hits a knee to the back of Scotty who falls on his knees Noble quickly kicks Scotty in the back before another backbreaker.

Vince:"Noble working on Scotty's back here".

Heyman:"Mr.Mcmahon have you thought about the trade?".

Vince:"Later Heyman the match"

Noble whips Scotty into the turnbuckle and he is in immense pain Noble runs over and splashes Scotty in the corner before another shot to the back Noble lifts him up and perches him on the top rope then punches him then climbs up Scotty scores some shots to the ribs before hitting a DDT off the top rope Scotty gets up and goes for the worm but as he stands up the back effect plays in and he falls to his knees Noble gets up quickly and applies the trailer hitch Scotty is yelling in pain and Noble lets go he goes for tiger bomb but Scotty trips him and rolls over him one two three Scotty picks up the win.

Winner-Scotty 2 Hotty

Scotty celebrates but Noble attacks him from behind he stomps on him then lifts him up and hits a tiger bomb he leaves to some heat as Scotty is laid out in the ring.

Heyman:"Poor Scotty Noble has decimated him".

Vince:"Yes and I like that we have to take a commercial break and when we come back the tag match".


When we come back The Hurricane and Rosey are in the ring Vince Mcmahon has the tag titles with him as "Woooo"hits and out comes Ric Flair he struts down to the ring an
takes off his robe he stands on the apron when "Evolution" hits and outcomes Randy Orton he and Flair look around the crowd and show off they get into the ring and then Theodore Long's music hits much to the surprise of everyone he comes out and signals to the back Mark Jindrak steps out then Rodney Mack.

Three Way Tag Title match(Elimination).

Rosey runs and takes Mack over the top rope to the outside and pounces on him Jindrak seeing this runs out and attacks Rosey he rains down some right hands on the big man before hitting a yakuza kick on Rosey knocking him down Mack and Jindrak beat on him on the outside while in the ring Flair and Orton are double teaming Hurricane.Flair whips him onto an Orton backbody drop Flair then lifts him up and dumps him to the outside Flair and Orton then join in beating up Rosey as Mack smashes his face onto the steel steps Flair greets him with a hard right hand and Orton smacks his face into the apron and Jindrak throws him onto the barricade the big man is being stompped on when Hurricane climbs into the ring he hits a suicide dive to the outside knocking out Mack,Flair and Jindrak Orton grabs him and throws him into the ring then slides in and hits a picture perfect dropkick knocking Hurricane out he lifts him up and hits a sammartino backbreaker onto Hurricane.
Orton lifts him up and smacks him with a right hand Orton shows off to the crowd when Rosey slowly climbs into the ring he grabs Orton and hits him with a clubbing blow to the back Jindrak slides in and but gets knocked down by Rosey,Mack meets the same fate and Rosey is on fire Flair quickly takes him down with a chop block then gets up and struts around Hurricane then greets him with a running enziguri Hurricane climbs onto the top rope and Orton grabs him and hits him with a RKO off the top rope Orton goes for the pin but Mack breaks it up and applies the blackout on Orton Flair stops him and signals for the figure 4 but Jindrak grabs him and hits the Mark of Excelence on Flair Jindrak smiles and turns Rosey grabs him and delivers a complete shot Rosey is standing tall when Theodore Long climbs up the apron he dares Rosey to attack him.The S.H.I.T walks over to Long while Mack distracts the referee Long quickly goes for a punch and we see he has brass knucks on Mack walks over and Rosey ducks and Mack gets hit Rosey knocks Long off the apron and pins Mack to eliminate his team.Flair is up and low blows Rosey while Long is throwing a temper tantrum on the referee.Orton then grabs Rosey by the head and hits an RKO he goes for the pin but Hurricane breaks it up Flair goes for a right hand but Hurricane ducks and hits a tornado ddt on Flair Orton snatches one of the belts away from Vince and goes to hit Hurricane who kicks it into his face before performing a small package one two three The crowd cheer and Orton cant believe it Hurricane and Rosey hightail it with the belts as Evolution throw abuse at them all the way up the ramp.

Winners-Hurricane and Rosey(Thunder Tag Champs)

Backstage we see Shannon Moore staring to the camera beside him is the lovely Stacy Keibler.

Moore grins and starts to speak.

Shannon:"You know something we all believe and respect in god and his knowledge he's never suppose to make a wrong decision but he did.He made my birth place this piece of trash called North Carolina" (HUGE BOOS GO OFF!).

Shannon:"People like me I am suppose to travel in limos with babes but I had to grow up as a southern hillbilly in this dump"(crowd continue booing him).

Shannon:"I got sick of it so I am having someone teach me the finer things of life Limos,Champagne and of course that person is the hottest diva outthere Stacy Keilber who will from now on be my manager and heh heh personal assistant".

Shannon puts his arm around Stacy's neck

Stacy:"Thats right and tonight when Shannon wins the X-Core Title me and him will have something to do ALL NIGHT LONG!"(The crowd boo and some minor chants of slut start up).

Heyman:"Well Shannon Moore might have a chance to win the X-Core Title tonight but Vince tell me who do you think has the biggest chance?".

Vince:"Well Heyman I'd have to go with Classic he has the experience and the high flying skills as well."

Heyman:"Well I disagree Classic has no experience in hardcore but RVD does and I would know that very well."

"Test Test This is a Test"Test comes out to huge heat as the TV champion slides into the ring he shows off his championship and stares at the entrance way."Underdog"hits and outcomes Spike Dudley he runs into the ring straight into a big boot.

Vince:"Test with the early victor.."

Heyman:"Spike hasn't been pinned yet he can take alot I recall when he fell off the apron through tables and got back up in a match against".

Vince:"Test will finish it right now right after the break."

Test vs Spike Dudley(TV Title.

Spike is laid out in the mat as Test places a foot over him one two Spike gets a shoulder up.
Spike hits some rights to the mid-section before performing the fists of fury(Fast punches thrown to the mid-section Jimmy Yangs move).Spike gets up to his feet and dropkicks Test he hits two more and the big man falls down.Spike does the caveman taunt then climbs up the top rope he hits a flying stomp on Test then sizez him up for the dudley dog as he goes off the ropes Test brings him down with a hard slam he lifts Spike up and goes for a pumphandle Spike goes off the other side and dropkicks Test and he falls in the corner Spike runs and stomps on his shoulders he plays off to the crowd but as he turns around Test hits a hard stiff boot to the face of Spike and picks up the win.


X-Core Title Match(RVD vsChavo Classic vs Shannon Moore

Test doesn't stop as he beats on Spike just then Rob Van Dam runs out to the ring he and Test go toe to toe when Chavo Classic runs down to the ring he smashes RVD in the back with a chair and he falls.
Classic taunts the crowd and smashes RVD over the head with the chair Classic pins him and another Referee runs out and counts the X-Core match is underway Shannon Moore and Stacy Keibler quickly run out Shannon drags Classic out and dropkicks him in the face.Moore slides in and heads to the top rope he hits a flying legdrop on RVD Moore then makes the pin but RVD gets a shoulder up Classic goes to smash Moore with the chair but he kicks it into his face Moore then hits a jumping ddt on Classic RVD slowly gets up and Moore knocks him back down Moore shows off to the crowd to heat then picks up Van Dam he goes for a suplex but Van Dam gets some shots in then hits a hard kick to the side of the head Moore is down.Classic comes running and RVD ducks a clothesline Classic turns and RVD hits him with a hard kick.RVD looks at the top rope and the crowd cheer Van Dam jumps up and hits a Five-Star Frog Splash on Classic one two thre Moore breaks it up he stomps on Van Dam then picks him up and slams his head into the turnbuckle.Moore slides out and takes out a ladder from underneath the ring he places it in the corner it backfires as Classic grabs Moore and tosses him into the ladder.Classic is smashed in the back with a chair from RVD who takes out a table he sets it up outside and drags Moore out he goes to suplex him but Moore hits him with a low blow Moore gives RVD a twist of fate on the outside.
Before he can go for the pin Classic hits him with a baseball slide Classic removes the covering on the outside and DDT's Moore he goes for the pin one two thre Moore gets a shoulder up and everybody is shocked Classic can't believe it and rolls Moore back into the ring he climbs the top rope when RVD pulls him off and he crashes to the outside .Van Dam gets in the ring where Moore has the chair he runs but RVD performs the Van Daminator he goes for the pin when Classic somehow drags the referee out Van Dam gets pissed and attacks Classic he places him on the announce table and goes for a body slam but Classic slips out RVD elbows him in the face and backdrops him through the announce table.RVD slowly crawls into the ring and Moore greets him with a ddt.Moore drags him outside and signals for something just then the lights go out when they come back on JEFF HARDY! is standing behind Moore with a chair he hits him and Moore falls on the table Jeff looks at the ladder and grins he climbs up and hits a swanton off the ladder through the table on Moore RVD then drapes an arm over him one two three.

Winner-Rob Van Dam new X-Core champion.

The crowd cheer as RVD helps Jeff up the two hug and raise each others hand they walk backstage with the crowd going nuts as the babyface RVD and hometowner Jeff Hardy walk backstage.

Heyman:"Vince you managed the trade Jeff Hardy is here on Thunder".

Vince:"Yes I managed the trade but what is Jeff Hardy playing at helping RVD he has no idea what is good for him".

Heyman:"None the less Vince it's all over the place that Mick Foley will be here next week and well everybodys telling you to watch out as Vince isn't happy about the way you treated him before".

Vince:"Foley's nothing Heyman next week folks the X-Core debut of the leader of the fin fans Shark Boy will go toe to toe with Rob Van Dam for the title".


Stacy is seen massaging Shannons back.

Stacy:"OOOO Shannon did he hurt you bad?".

Shannon:"Yes that coward Jeff Hardy attacking me from behind for no god dammn reason I tell you if he ever shows up again I will.."

Jeff:"You will what?"

Shannon turns to see Jeff standing there smiling

Shannon:"Uh Hey Jeff."

Jeff:"Save it Shannon you want to know why I attacked you?.Well you have been disrespecting our hometown we grew up here we went through hell here OMEGA,WWE Training Matches,TLC matches in Carolina they made us what we are today and thats how you show your respect calling up a slut to show you the finer things in life well Shannon.Mr.Big Shot how about the two of us go one on one in our first ppv in a NO HOLDS BARRED MATCH! so I can beat the living crap out of you and teach you some respect".

Stacy:"Listen trailer trash Shannon accepts at "Souled Out"you can have your match now get out of our locker room".

Jeff grins but right before he leaves he whispers something into Stacy's ears.

Stacy turns at Shannon.


Shannon:"Um it's actually pretty useful good luck in your match".


The cameras come back to the announce table where Heyman is laughing and Vince welcomes us to the next match.

Nidia's music hits and she comes out."Legs" hits and out comes Stacy Keibler she shows off her a** on the apron but Nidia gets pissed charges and knocks Stacy off the apron.The bell is rung

Nidia vs Stacy Keibler

Nidia rolls Stacy back into the ring and stomps on her she goes to whip her into the turnbuckle but Stacy counters and Nidia crashes back first Stacy runs but Nidia raises her foot and Stacy tastes boot Nidia runs and tackles her they roll around in the ring when Stacy gets the advantages and slams Nidia's head into the mat 3 times.Stacy gets up and shows off the crowd boo her as soon as she turns Nidia performs a small package one two thre Stacy manages to get out of it.Nidia walks over but gets blasted with a spinning kick to the face.Stacy shows off to the crowd giving Nidia time to recover Nidia slowly gets up and waits for Stacy to turn right as she does Nidia kicks her in the gut and hits a fisherman suplex one two Shannon Moore quickly runs down to the ring and drags the referee out and Nick Patrick smacks his face hard against the floor Moore comes in and goes to hit Nidia when Jeff Hardy runs out the two start brawling and go all the way to the back fighting.The distraction is enough as Stacy by the time rolls out of the ring and takes a microphone off Finkel she hits Nidia behind the head and Patrick comes into the ring ad counts giving Stacy Keibler the win.

Winner-Stacy Keibler

Heyman:"Well Vince Stacy cheats to win Vince reminding me off Dawn Marie off her ECW days and well it looks like Edge vs Jericho is up next".

Vince:"Yes my ingenious idea for a match right after the commercial folks"


"If you knew me"blasts over the public address system as Edge comes out to a good pop he slides into the ring and pumps up the crowd."King Of The World"by Saliva plays and Chris Jericho comes out to a huge pop as he slides into the ring the two men circle each other after Y2J's taunts and we are ready for the match.

Chris Jericho vs Edge(Thunder Title)

Y2J chants start up but are slowly matched by the edgegeads chanting "Lets go Edge" both men shake hands to a good ovation but Jericho turns it into a clothesline and the edgeheads boo.Jericho stomps on Edge then quicky lifts him up and hits a snap suplex Jericho shows off then lifts Edge up again and hits a second he signals for the third but Edge blocks it with his foot and suplexes Jericho.Edge gets up pumps up the crowd Y2J gets up and Edge hits a running ddt and makes the pin he gets a 1 count as Jericho kicks out.Edge goes for a spear but Jericho moves Edge is about to crash into the corner but manages to stop himself Jericho thinks Edge crashed and taunts the crowd Edge quickly surprises him with a spear one two Y2J gets a shoulder up much to Edge's shock.Edge goes for a third spear Y2J slowly gets up and Edge goes for the spear Y2J jumps over him and goes for a sunset flip but Edge puts his knees down and hooks his legs for a 2 count.Y2J scrambles to his feet and goes for a clothesline Edge does too but they both knock each other out Dave Hebner starts a count as it reaches 6 Edge gets up and walks over to Jericho only to be rolled up for another two count.Edge gets mad and jumps on Y2J pouncing him with punches to the face.Edge gets up and heads to the top rope he goes for a crossbody but Y2J ducks down and Edge crashes to the mat Y2J stalks Edge and hits a running bulldog Jericho goes for the lionsault but Edge puts his knees up Y2J clutches his ribs in agony.He slowly walks to the corner where the crowd cheer him on Edge gets up on the other corner and the crowd cheer him to they both look around before Jericho offers his hand again they shake but this time Edge whips him into the turnbuckle Jericho hits chest first and falls backwards awkardly Edge picks him up and whips him into the other corner and the same thing happens he throws him in the other but Jericho jumps up to the top and hits a standing moonsault onto Edge he hooks the leg and gets another two count.Edge slowly gets up and they start trading right hands.Edge takes the advantage and hammers away on him Y2J grabs him by the hair and forces him into the corner and starts hitting some knife edge chops he hits 3 before Edge grabs him and throws him back into the corner and punches away Jericho fights back and outsmarts as Edge goes for a punch Jericho stops and applies the walls of jericho.
Edge is itching for the ropes but falls short he is about to tap but the edgeheads chant for him keeping him into it he musters up the power of the edgehead army and throws Jericho off he runs at him for the spear but Jericho moves and Robinson gets speared Edge is shocked but as he turns around Jericho charges at him Edge ducks a clothesline before he can attack though somebody comes out of the ring and trips him he quickly runs and grabs a chair and slides in we see it's none other than...Kurt Angle who hits Edge over the back Jericho walks over and gets it driven into his gut Angle hits him with the angle slam then picks Edge up and he meets the same fate Kurt walks outside and takes the Thunder Title.Robinson is up and calls for a no contest he goes to take the title back from Kurt who hits him with a right hand then walks off eating up the heat from the crowd he holds up the Thunder Belt as"I dont suck"plays through the PA system.

(No Contest due to Angle attack)

Heyman:"NO! NO! NO! Kurt Angle ruined the main event why did you let him get away with it Vince?... what are you playing at?"

Vince:"Heyman Kurt Angle has just made himself clear and I know what that means at Souled out he will face either Jericho or Randy Orton as the two will face off in a no1.contender match next week."

Heyman:"You cannot leave Edge out he fought so hard."

Vince:"Spoil Sport but fine Edge will be entered into the match."

Heyman:"Well that wraps up this edition of Thunder night folks".

The show goes off the air after the show ends we see 2 videos(first is crap and not related but the second is"

First one-One Million year back a group of robots fought for the security of another race The Mini-Cons from the evil Decepticons will they make it it's up to you Transformers for Ps2.

Second-A souled out video plays it ends with a picture RVD holding a chair which is the official poster of Souled Out.

The End

P.S. Kermack can I have the first ppv in 3 weeks thunder time it's Souled Out the reason I want to is cause of Foley and Jenno i am waiting to see Steiner as champion.

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Main Event actually i have nothing to do with the shows.

The first ppv is in 3 weeks on sunday. everyone can do there own ppv if they wish

great show faru congarts. great use of your stars. i like the whole moore and jeff angle

thanx faru and chainsaw66, it is nice to be noticed for this stuff

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Uh is cena or puckman ever gonna post and I smell elimination for Jenno.

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For those of you who don't know, I have taken over SMACKDOWN!, and I will be posting the first show now.

Notes: SMACKDOWN!'s Titles are; WWE (SMACKDOWN!), US, Tag-team, and Oprtional. All Championships are vacant. Current storylines apply. Test & Christian will be returning as a team together on my show.

General Manager





ROCK(Hulk Hogan instead, if Jenno accepts my offer)








WWE SMACKDOWN! Episode 1 (Invasion)

SMACKDOWN! Kicks off with a brand new opening video & piro followed by Eric Bischoff entering with a mic. in hand…

Fans: Boooo!!!!!

Eric Bischoff: Welcome to SMACKDOWN! Tonight is the beginning of a new WWE era. I am the General Manager of SMACKDOWN!, and I will make my first announcement as SMACKDOWN! GM. I will be having a match for the WWE Championship tonight! It will feature; the Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels…

Fans: HBK, HBK, HBK!

Eric Bischoff: Versus…Bret Hart!

As Bischoff says this Bret Hart makes his way to the ring & grabs a microphone…

Bret Hart: I came out here to tell the fans, I have just signed a brand new contract with the WWE! Why the hell are you still in the ring Eric?!

Eric Bischoff: Hey, I 'm giving you a title shot!

Bret Hart: You didn’t give me anything, the title shot is in my contract!

Tazz: Wow, what a bombshell – Bret Hart back in the WWE!


Tazz: Well I’ve been joined by my fellow commentator & General Manager, Eric Bischoff. Well Eric ready to call some action?!

Bischoff: Ready as I’ll ever be! It’s been awhile since I’ve done color commentary. This is gonna be fun!

Brock Lesnar shocks everyone when he makes his way to the ring and grabs a microphone…

Brock Lesnar: Bret Hart isn’t the only one who is making a return to wrestling. I’m also making a return tonight. I’m not waiting to fight, I want some action now!

As Brock Lesnar says this Eddie Guerrero makes his way to the ring and accepts Lesnar’s challenge by punching Lesnar several times without saying a word…

Brock Lesnar vs. Eddie Guerrero

Finish: Lesnar takes the advantage by reversing Guerrero’s suplex into a suplex of his own. Lesnar dominates Guerrero, with several suplexes & German suplexes. Lesnar then military presses Guerrero & punishes him with a powerbomb. Lesnar pins Guerrero in what looks to be the end, but Guerrero kicks out at two. Lesnar is shocked by this & F5’s Guerrero. Lesnar trys to add some insurance to victory when he attempts another F5, but he receives a DDT in a reversal by Guerrero. Guerrero then gets Lesnar up & hits the hat-trick with 3 suplexes. Guerrero goes up top and hits the Frog Splash followed by apin to get a two. Guerrero goes to the top turnbuckle to attempt another frog splash, but Lesnar nips up while Guerrero climbs. Guerrero instead goes for a cross body, but Lesnar catches him and throws him above his head, catches him in the F5 position and F5’s him. Lesnar pins Guerrero to win his first match back.

Winner via pinfall: Brock Lesnar

Tazz: Well that’s a good start for a come back!

Bischoff: Yeah, Lesnar is a great asset to the show.

Backstage: William Regal & Eugene are shown talking…

William Regal: Well Eugene, your Uncle has granted us a #1 contendership match for the Tag-team Cahmpionships tonight. Are you ready?

Eugene: Yeah, I’m ready. We gonna win. We gonna win the tag titles, huh?

William Regal: We will as long as we win tonight, and in the Tag-Team Championship match. Let’s go Eugene, the match is next.

Backstage: Shawn Michaels & Bret Hart are shown talking…

Shawn Michaels: Hey Bret, Listen, I know we have quite a storied passed, but let’s put that aside and have a fair, non-controversial, wrestling match tonight.

Bret Hart: That sounds fine with me. I want to forget our past tonight. Good luck Shawn.

Shawn Michaels: Thanks for understanding, good luck Bret.

Both men stare each other down and shake hands as SMACKDOWN! goes to commercial.

Tazz: That’ll be a classic WWE Championship match tonight.

Bischoff: It’ll be an unforgettable one, that’s for sure!


Tazz: Well, you signed this match Eric.

Bischoff: Yeah, I did. Let’s see if Regal & my nephew Eugene can win this one!

Test & Christian vs. William Regal & Eugene – Tag-Team #1 Contendership
Finish: Eugene surprisingly takes control of the match, when he gives a spinebuster to Test. Christian trys to attack Eugene, but Eugene stays in control by giving a close-line to Christian. Chritian then gets up only to receive another close-line from Eugene. Then Eugene picks Christian up and throws him over the top rope. Eugene then taunts Christian, as Test gets up. Test gives Eugene a big boot, and tags in Christian. Test delivers the pump-handle-slam to Eugene and punches Regal off the apron before leaving the ring. Christian gets Eugene up & DDT’s him. Christian pins Eugene for a two. Christian then hits the Un-prettier, and pins Eugene only to have William Regal break the fall. Christian gets Eugene up and attempts a suplex, but Eugene lands on his feet and gives a neck-breaker to Christian. Both Eugene & Chritian slowly get to their partners, making tags at the same time. Test immediately attempts the big boot, but Regal ducks & hits a close-line. Christian attacks Regal from behind, but Eugene then gives Christian a German suplex. Eugene then throws Christian out of the ring as Test & Regal get up. Test & Regal exchange blows as they both punch each other several times. Test eventually gets the upper hand with a scoop slam. Test signals that the end is near & attempts the Pump-Handle-Slam, but Regal gets out of the move. Regal then kicks Test in the stomach and hits the Tiger Driver. Regal pins Test to win the match!

Winners via pinfall: William Regal & Eugene (Regal pinned Test)

Tazz: Your nephew won!

Bischoff: (sarcastically) Wow, cool.

Backstage: Rey Mysterio is shown knocked out in the locker-room…

Tazz: What happened to Mysterio?!

Bischoff: I don’t know, he needs medical attention! Get someone back their!


Bischoff: Well it’s time to decide a new United States Champion!

Tazz: That’s right it’s time for the US Championship match that you signed!

Matt Hardy vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. – United States Championship

Finish: Hardy gives Guerrero a suplex & pins him for a two. Hardy trys to get Guerrero up, but Guerrero locks Hardy into a roll up. Guerrero gets a two. Hardy gets up and gives a vicious close-line to Guerrero. As Guerrero sits up he receives a dropkick to the face. Hardy gets Guerrero up and DDT’s him. Hardy gets Guerrero up once again, only to get kicked in the stomach and suplexed for his efforts. Guerrero gets Hardy up and gives him a Hurricanruna & pin for a long two. Guerrero gets Hardy up & attempts Hardy’s own Twist of fate, but Hardy punches Guerrero and hits the Twist of Fate himself. Hardy hits his signature second rope leg drop accompanied by a pin to win the United States Championship!

Winner via pinfall and new United States Championship: Matt Hardy

Tazz: Matt Hardy is the new US Champion!

Bischoff: Yeah, wow!

Backstage Brock Lesnar is shown talking with Shawn Michaels…

Brock Lesnar: If you win tonight, you’ll give me a shot at the title, right?

Shawn Michaels: If you’re the #1 Contender, Yeah. Brock you have to earn your Title Shots in this business. I know your young, but that’s something you need to learn. I know you already are a 3-time WWE Champion too. You excelled to the top fast, when you debuted. You need to prove yourself again. You have potential to become the biggest star ever. I have to get ready, but remember what I told you.

Brock Lesnar: Well, I’ll see you later then.


Backstage: Matt Hardy is shown knocked out in the locker-room…

Tazz: Who is attacking people backstage, that’s the second person layed out backstage tonight!

Bischoff: I don’t know, but it’s time for the main event. We have to try and focus on the match Tazz.

Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart – WWE Championship

Finish: Michaels attempts the Sweet Chin Music, but Hart ducks and gives a few chops to Michaels. Hart scores a suplex on Michaels, and locks in the Sharp Shooter. Michaels quickly escapes, grabbing onto the ropes. Hart is backed off by the referee as Michaels slowly gets up. Hart starts walking towards Michaels only to get kicked in the face as a result of the Sweet Chin Music from Michaels. Michaels pins Hart for a two. Michaels hits an Assai moonsault on Hart as he gets up. Michaels gets another two. As Michaels gets Hart up the arena hears an audio glitch.

Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart - Draw (WWE Championship is still vacant)

“New...New World Order…New World Order”, NWO music fills the arena as Shawn Michaels & Bret Hart look in confusion. The lights go out in the arena. As the lights turn back on the referee, Shawn Michaels, & Bret Hart are all layed out in the ring, Michaels a bloody mess. NWO music starts again as Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash & Scott Hall emerge as the attackers. Scott Hall grabs a microphone from the ring announcer…

Scott Hall: Hey yo, the NWO is here to take over SMACKDOWN!. We don’t care what any of you fans think about it either!

Kevin Nash then grabs the microphone…

Kevin Nash: We are invading the WWE, and we are gonna take it over. We’re starting with Bret Hart & Shawn Michaels tonight. We’ll be getting more people each week, until the entire SMACKDOWN! Locker-room is gone!

Hulk Hogan then grabs the microphone as Eric Bischoff arises from the announcer’s table with a mic. in hand & makes his way to the ring…

Hulk Hogan: What the hell do you want Eric, the NWO is back jack, and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it, brother!

Eric Bischoff: Oh yeah?!

As Eric Bischoff says this, he starts kicking Bret Hart, revealing that he is the one behind this. Kevin Nash then grabs the WWE Championship and nails Bret Hart with it, as Scott Hall delivers the Razor’s Edge to Shawn Michaels. It’s revealed that Bret Hart is busted open as Kevin Nash rolls him over and spray paints, NWO on his back. Scott Hall does the same to Shawn Michaels as Eric Bischoff smiles…

Hulk Hogan: What you’ve just seen, is the resurrection of the NWO, and the beginning of the end of the WWE, brother!

nWo stands triumphantly over the bodies of the bloodied Bret Hart & Shawn Michaels as SMACKDOWN! signs off the air.

(The End)

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