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Tag Teams
The FBI (Nunzio and Tony Mamaluke w/Trinity)
Le Resistance (Sylvan Grenier and Rene Dupree)
London and Kendrick (Paul London and Brian Kendrick
MNM(Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro w/ Melina)
The EEA:


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Opening Promo: Paul Heyman and Mick Foley come out on the first episode of the new ECW! Heyman announces a tournament for the Television Championship starting tonight! He also announces that these matches will all be contested in wait for it. Extreme stipulations chosen by himself! Mick Foley gets on the mic. Foley says that the Tag Titles up for grabs in a 3 team ladder. MnM vs London and Kendrick vs some EC-Dub Originals, The FBI. Foley adds onto what Heyman said, and says that in the Main Event, it’ll be CM Punk vs. Rob Van Dam, in the final tournament match of the night! The crowd erupts for the mention of Mr. 420!

Match 1 Sabu vs MVP: MVP makes his way to the ring with a mic as the crowd boos. MVP says he's facing one of ECW's Original Jobbers! MVP says that he's the MVP of EC-Dub! Sabu comes out with a trash can full of weapons. Sabu enters the ring and takes a kendo stick out of the trash can. The ref announces this match as falls count anywhere! Sabu starts to beat the hell out of MVP with the Kendo Stick till it breaks! Throughout the match, MVP's gotten the advantage without using any weapons. The two spar a bit until they're at the announce table. Sabu throws MVP on the table and goes to the turnbuckle. Sabu jumps off for a moonsault, but while he's in flight MVP Rolls off the table. Sabu crashes down on the table breaking it in the process. MVP goes over and pins the battered and beaten Sabu, winning the match! MVP brags after the match and stomps Sabu's face in showing no respect.

Winner: MVP

Match 2 Sandman vs Mr. Kennedy: The Sandman the ring for his match. The crowd chants EC-Dub as he comes out. He has a beer can with him waiting for his opponent. Mr. Kennedy...Kennedy comes out next. Kennedy calls for a mic. Kennedy says that ECW is not his thing but he's willing to get down and dirty tonight. Justin Roberts announces that the stipulation will be a Singapore Cain Match! The crowd how crazy with Sandman chants. Sandman still holding his cain begins to beat the hell out of Kennedy with it. Throughout the match Kennedy gets an upperhand taking the Cain and wrapping it with barbwired to hit Sandman with it. Without the ref noticing. However in the end, Sandman breaks a newer Cain over Kennedy's head and he pins him for the win.

Winner: Sandman

Promo 2: Josh Mathews is backstage with MVP, The Miz, Mr. Kennedy and CM Punk. Josh tries to excite everyone by saying that these up and commers have a huge announcement regarding their futures with ECW. The Miz is the first to begin to talking. Miz says there’s the ECW Originals and then there’s the future of ECW, and that’s what they are. Miz also says that this called Extreme will be coming to an end soon, for him at least. MVP says that he’s taking the same approach that Miz is taking. However he’s going to win the tournament to guarantee a win for them. Mr. Kennedy is the next on the mic. He says that he’ll go extreme, because he kind of likes the scent of blood. Kennedy says that Sandman won’t win jackshit! CM Punk is the last to talk. Punk says to everyone that they’re the future of ECW, and that while MVP and The Miz won’t get down and dirty. Him and Kennedy will, leading them into the new generation of ECW. Punk says that The Era of Extreme Attitude will win against anyone put against them! The four men hold up 4 fingers followed by an X, as they leave.

Match 3: The Miz comes out with Mr. Kennedy for his match. The Era of Extreme Attitude get a tremendous amount of heat for their previous promo. Paul Heyman appears on the titantron and says that Miz doesn’t like Extreme. Well then he’s going up against one of the most Extreme wrestlers in ECW History! The Innovator of Violence, Tommy F’ing Dreamer! In a Barbwire Match! Tommy Dreamer comes out with a hunk of Barbwire wrapped around his shirt. Miz begins to quiver in here but Kennedy pats him on the back. Tommy Dreamer runs down and reaches under the ring for a baseball bat. Dreamer wraps the baseball bat with Barbwire and hits Kennedy with it before pushing Miz in the ring. The ref rings the bell and Dreamer and massacres Miz with the bat. The match is short lived with Dreamer choking out Miz with the barbwire. After the match, Dreamer escapes as Miz looks on disappointed.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer

Promo 3: Sandman, Sabu, Tommy Dreamer and RVD are backstage. Sabu gets mad and begins to punch the wall exclaiming that random things about The Era of Extreme Attitude. RVD calms Sabu down by saying that it wasn’t any of our faults that they came. RVD says that they should teach them a lesson the Extreme way! Dreamer says that him and Sandman will make it the finals, to make sure that those idiots won’t. Sabu looks at Van Dam and pats him on the back and says to make it to the finals, because MVP’s a pussy. The 4 Originals all hug as they point out to the crowd.

Match 4 MNM vs London and Kendrick vs The FBI: Triple Threat Tag Team Ladder Match for the Tag Team Titles. The first team to come out is the FBI. Huge ECW Chant from the original ECW fans in attendance. Nunzio looks a bit jacked as he comes out where as Tony Mamaluke looks smaller. MNM comes out without the other M though. Nitro looks tired for some reason and Mercury looks really energetic. Brian Kendrick and Paul London are next out. The two are dragging around ladders and look really happy to be out against some of the best tag teams today. FBI and London and Kendrick shake hands, and MNM cheap shots them both. Throughout the match, Mercury’s putting on a great match, same goes for all of them but Mercury stands out the most. Ladders snap in half and a ton of blood is shed everywhere. Everyone but Nunzio’s bleeding at the final moments. Everyone’s laid out except for MNM. Both of them climb the ladder together and retrieve the titles to become the new Tag Team Champions! Melina comes out and makes out with Nitro as the new champs go back. DH Smith and Lance Storm come out of nowhere to beat down the rest of the teams. Smith and Storm massacre, London/Kendrick and FBI with chairs before heading back.

Winners: MNM

Promo 4: Paul Heyman and Mick Foley are in their GM rooms discussing plans for next week. They’re met by CM Punk. Punk says that he knows that they don’t like him and that he doesn’t like them. Heyman says that’s true. Punk puts out a deal for them, if he wins tonight then he gets a by to the finals. But if he loses then he’ll face Sabu, The FBI and Mick Foley in a hardcore rules handicap match. Paul Heyman is about to say no but Foley accepts. Punk leaves satisfied. Paul asks Mick why. Mick says that there’s no way Punk will win and that he can’t wait to beat the hell out of him.

Main Event CM Punk vs RVD: Rob Van Dam comes out by himself for this Tables match. RVD does his taunts and waits for CM Punk. CM Punk comes out with no one which surprises RVD. RVD asks where his goons are and Punk just shrugs. Out of nowhere from the crowd, The Miz and MVP jump the barricade to attack RVD. Miz nails a Mic Check and MVP executes a Play Maker. MVP gets a table from underneath the ring and Punk rushes the ring. MVP sets up the table by the turnbuckle. The ref rings the bell as RVD gets to his feet. Punk rolls Van Dam on the table and climbs on the table via the turnbuckle. CM Punk brings RVD on his shoulder and nails the GTS putting RVD through the table first! The ref rings the bell and The ECW Originals pile in through the crowd. Nunzio, Tony Mamaluke, Sandman, Sabu and Tommy Dreamer beat down The EEA. Kennedy comes out and tries to help but gets beat down too. On this Day, I see Clearly plays. Edge comes out and runs to the ring! Edge begins to do mini spears to all the originals. Edge goes over to check on the EEA and raise them to their feet. Edge gets on the mic and puts over The EEA. Edge says that he’s the coleader of The EEA along with CM Punk. CM Punk’s theme plays as Edge and Punk hug to almost end the show. Randy Orton’s theme plays and he comes out down to the entrance ramp with a mic. Orton says that he’s coming for Edge and The EEA. The crowd erupts with cheers to end the show.

Winner: CM Punk
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