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Booker T v Benoit Best of Seven ...

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Anyone here remember the series of 7 matches these guys had ... I really enjoyed them. I believe this was only a qualifier for some mid-card title. (Back when they used to book titles with some worth.) Anyways, what did you guys think of this? Did you think it was a good idea? Pointless? Sound off ....
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Yeah, they feuded over the TV title and had a great series of matches. Booker also said this was the high point of his in ring career in an interview in 03.

Booker pegged his 1998 feud with Benoit that culminated in a "best of seven"
series as the high point of his in-ring career.

"The best of seven is what made Booker T, as far as the fans seeing me as
someone who could be in a main event," he said. "They should put it out on tape
and make some of the young wrestlers watch it, because it was almost like
old-school wrestling. There was no babyface, no heel, just two guys who went
out and wrestled hard. There was some question, too, in the company, as to
whether we could go out and do seven matches, but each week, it turned out the
ratings were higher than last week. It was like, it didn’t matter if they
were usually watching ‘Nitro’ or ‘Raw.’ They wanted to see what would
happen next with Booker T and Benoit."

They had the same best of 7 series over the US title in late 05 until Booker got injured.
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