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Booker T on his expectations for The Rock at the Royal Rumble: “I just think that The Rock moment — at this stage of The Rock coming back as far as his wrestling career — it’s going to be in a singles match or a tag match. I don’t think it’s going to be in a Rumble.”

On his Royal Rumble prediction: “I can see Sami Zayn winning just because he’s had that lighting-in-a-bottle effect. We’ve been able to actually see how good this guy is. His entertainment is over the top. He can go out and perform with anybody in the business.”

Booker's prediction have gone wrong many times but here I think he could be right about 2 predictions

Although I just think Sami might not win the Rumble just because Elimination chamber is in Sami Zayn's hometown Montreal

And rumored match there is that he will face Roman for the title

So for me if Rock returns then Rock will win the Rumble or else Cody Rhodes

Seth Rollins has decent chance but he already had his Wrestlemania moment

So for me top 3 order are

1) Cody Rhodes

2) Sami Zayn

3) Rock
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