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When I first heard of Andrew Jackson it was down in Booker's wrestling promotion PWA. Booker T is now in the WWE, and is there any chance he may have him re-debut with him on Smackdown after Booker T settles in at commentary? Think of how much of a name Booker is for the WWE, and he isn't some Tyson Kidd.

Perhaps Booker T introduces Jackson Andrews to Nash, and asks Nash what he thought about the kid. I'm sure Nash, and Booker can both get him over if not just Booker by himself. Then I could see someone turning on the other setting up a match with Diesel vs Jackson Andrews? Andrews beating Diesel with Booker T as the guest referee.

Granted Jackson hasn't done much to merit any type of call up just yet. He needs more time, and I think Smackdown would be better suited for him rather than the live stage. Booker trained this man, and I think he could work well with this guy on the road. Get him back on the scene once he learns more of the ropes.
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